Chapter 215: Returning Journey (part two)

The dusk thickened, Long Yi wandered around somewhat absently on the small path of the mountain behind Holy Magic Academy, and Barbarian Bull was quietly following behind him. They two had just eaten a dinner, and Long Yi had basically wanted to call Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er, but they weren’t in the dormitory, and he didn’t know where they went.

Long Yi was feeling indescribable feeling towards returning to Soaring Dragon City in his heart. The reason why he wanted to return on the instruction of Ximen Nu was because he was looking for more excitement.

When Long Yi was lost in thought, his heart suddenly skipped the beat, and a sharp aura pounced him head-on. After that, Long Yi suddenly stopped, then looked towards the dense forest of the right side with squinted eyes.

“Boss, what’s wrong?” Barbarian Bull as if sensed nothing, confusedly asked Long Yi, seeing him stop all of a sudden.

The squinted eyes of Long Yi slowly returned to normal, then said to Barbarian Bull with a smile: “You can return first, I still have something to do.”

Barbarian Bull hesitated, although he will not defy the instruction of Long Yi, but sensing that sharp blade like qi emitted by Long Yi just a moment ago, he clearly knew that that was Long Yi’s instinctual reaction towards danger.

“There is my friend over there, not enemy, you can rest assured.” Long Yi smiled and patted the shoulder of Barbarian Bull. Compared to the first time he had met Burly, now he was much matured.

“Oh, then I will leave first, be careful, Boss.” Barbarian Bull felt relieved, then turning around, he left.

Long Yi smirked, then as if a roc, he shot towards the dense forest of the right side. And when he landed on the ground, he saw a shadow going towards the summit of the mountain, and Long Yi naturally followed after.

Not long after, this shadow stopped above the large stone of the mountain’s summit, then slowly turned around, revealing a still attractive face.

“Big sis, out for a walk?” Long Yi smiled and asked. This mysterious female Sword Saint was looking for him, but he didn’t know why.

Female Sword Saint smiled faintly and said indifferently: “I heard you are returning tomorrow, is that true?”

Long Yi nodded his head. He was not surprised about why and how she knew. But, if she didn’t know then that will be the surprising matter.

Female Sword Saint fixedly stared at Long Yi, and a trace of recalling hue appeared in her eyes.

“Big sis, do I look like my grandfather?” Long Yi smirked and said.

Female Sword Saint came back to her senses, then lightly smiling, she shook her head, and as if she was self-mocking, she said: “No, you and your grandfather do not look alike at all, but your temperament as well as smiling appearance are very alike.”

“Hehe, is that so? I want to ask you a question, why didn’t you and my grandfather come together?” Looking at female Sword Saint, Long Yi asked.

Female Sword Saint was startled, then gently sighing, she said: “At that time, your grandfather was just like you, elegant and unrestrained. But he was too promiscuous, and I can’t bear to share my husband with other girls. Like that, we finally fell out.”

“Are you regretting now?” Long Yi asked. He was secretly alert in his heart because the example of love giving birth to hate could be found everywhere.

“Regret? Merely have sorrow, but if you ask me to choose again, then I will still choose to leave him.” Female Sword Saint faintly said. Then suddenly sighing, she said with a smile: “What am I doing saying you these things. I was looking for you to give you something.” Female Sword Saint said, then taking out a silver-white necklace from her neck, she gave it to Long Yi.

The moment Long Yi took the necklace, he felt ice-cold in his hand, and dazzling radiance spilled out of this necklace. Moreover, a silver moon of the sky was engraved on it.

“This is?” Long Yi asked.

“This is Wall of Revolving Ice, a divine rank defense magic accessory. At that time, I used it to reflect your lightning and thunder.” Female Sword Saint indifferently said.

Long Yi was startled. This was a peerless treasure. Such treasure that was able to completely reflect the enemy’s attacks as sudden as a flash of lightning, he feared that it was difficult to find the second one in the entire world.

“This……why?” Long Yi muttered. This thing was truly too precious, and she was giving this to him for no reason, so his heart was somewhat uneasy.

“Treat it as a fate which brings people together and accept it with ease. You don’t need to worry about Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen, I will protect them in secret. Moreover, Long clan and Ximen clan each have powerful experts protecting them in secret. They will absolutely be fine.” Female Sword Saint said.

Since she had said so herself, making an excuse to not accept it would be too unreasonable. So, Long Yi wore this necklace around his neck. And having heard the words of female Sword Saint, he suddenly recalled the incident of that time when Ximen Wuhen was nearly sullied by the second prince of Proud Moon Empire in the woods, so he immediately said: “If someone is really protecting her in secret, then my little sister wouldn’t have suffered the incident of that time.”

Female Sword Saint was dumbfounded, then she suddenly smiled and said: “Are you talking about that night when you arrived at Mea Holy Magic Academy for the first time? If you hadn’t gone to save there, then someone else would have.”

The complexion of Long Yi changed, so this means, at that time, there was someone around, but he was unable to sense their presence at all. Although at that time, his strength was far from his current strength, but ordinary people would still be unable to approach him without him sensing their presence first. This shows, this world really had hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

“Well, it’s getting late, you should return.” Female Sword Saint waved her hand, then turning around, she stared towards the distant place, no longer talking to him.

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Long Yi looked at Female Sword Saint’s that missing expression for a while and then flew away.

“Xiao Yi, why aren’t you sleeping this late at night?” Tyrant Bear returned after drinking wine with his comrades, and seeing his younger sister Xiao Yi was standing in the middle of the courtyard, looking towards the sky and thinking something just after opening the door, he asked.

Xiao Yi looked over and her transparent pupils restored a little bit of warmth and said indifferently: “I wasn’t able to sleep, so I came out to take a breather.”

Tyrant Bear approached Xiao Yi, then carefully looking at his younger sister, feeling familiar and again somewhat unfamiliar. It was very hard for him to understand what she was always pondering like this.

“Big brother, why on earth are you looking at me like this?” Seeing Tyrant Bear was fixedly staring at her, she questioningly asked.

Tyrant Bear smiled and patted the little shoulder of Xiao Yi. He wasn’t stupid and had already sensed that something had happened between Long Yi and Xiao Yi. But he also didn’t know what exactly happened. When he asked Xiao Yi, she would say no more than a single word.

“Xiao Yi, my subordinates reported me that Young Master has returned today, when do you think he will lead us away?” Tyrant Bear asked.

“Soon, maybe in next few days.” Xiao Yi looked up towards starry sky. She knew that that unusually dazzling star that was encircled by many stars was Long Yi’s fate constellation.

Tyrant Bear nodded his head. Now he was somewhat excited and he tightened his grip on the huge sword, as he, Tyrant Bear was about to set foot on a journey to realize his dream.

Suddenly, as if she sensed something, Xiao Yi covered her rapidly beating heart, then muttered: “Came, he came.”

Tyrant Bear was dumbfounded, and before he had time to react to the words of Xiao Yi, a figure descended from the sky and stood in front of them.

“Young Master, Tyrant Bear pays respect to Young Master.” Tyrant Bear immediately bowed and greeted.

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Xiao Yi also paid her respect, while standing alone on one side.

“Tyrant Bear, we’ll be leaving early in the morning tomorrow, notify brothers to make preparations.” Long Yi indifferently said, and his tone contained powerful might.

“Yes, Young Master.” Tyrant Bear immediately ran out just like a gust of wind.

Now, at this moment, only Xiao Yi and Long Yi remained. And after being silent for a long time, Xiao Yi said: “Master, please come inside and have a cup of tea.”

“Call me Young Master just like your big brother.” Long Yi said, then passing by Xiao Yi, he walked into the hall.

Xiao Yi brewed a kettle of tea, and after quietly pouring a cup of tea for Long Yi, she stood behind him without speaking.

“Xiao Yi, your Young Master’s shoulders are stiff, help me massage them.” Long Yi indifferently said. He always had a knot in his heart towards Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi was startled, still biting her lower lip, she placed her little hand on the shoulders of Long Yi, then lightly kneaded. Despite some resistance in her heart, she however discovered that a warmth was coming through his body, making her feel warm. While kneading, Xiao Yi suddenly recalled every aspect of the time she had with Long Yi. Before their relation was not like this. At that time, unsociable and eccentric her had a little bit of girlish longing towards Long Yi, this man who had intruded in her life. But now, the relationship between them however had gone completely bad.

Unconsciously, a teardrop slid down from her transparent pupil, and fell onto the collar of Long Yi, quickly permeating and wetting his skin. This made his heart to tremble a bit. Long Yi and Xiao Yi possessed the relation of blood contract, so he was naturally aware of her current chaotic state of mind.

Long Yi also wanted to forgive Xiao Yi, wanted to treat as if everything had never happened, and again get along with her just like before. But was this possible? No, what happened after all was, she had used his trust on her, and he was unable to dismiss this from his mind.

The state of mind of Long Yi got chaotic, and suddenly getting up, he shook off the hands on his shoulder. And because the strength of shaking off was great, Xiao Yi was unable to bear and tumbling few steps back, she fell to the ground. Then she looked at him with a pair of grieved transparent eyes.

Long Yi lightly sighed, then walking to the front of Xiao Yi, he helped her to stand up, but Xiao Yi as if had lost all of her strength leaned on his bosom. And only after hugging for a long time as if a pair of a lover, Xiao Yi lightly pushed Long Yi away, then with her transparent eyes flashing all of a sudden, in this instant, Long Yi seemed to have seen a shrunk version of the universe. And before he was able to understand what was going on, he suddenly felt a soft and warm thing on his lips, so he immediately retreated.

“What are you doing?” Long Yi asked in surprise.

“Kissing you, Young Master.” Xiao Yi lowered her head and answered.

Uh……Long Yi was speechless. Anyway, he felt there was something not too normal, but feeling a bit, he again didn’t see anything different with Xiao Yi.

“It’s already very late, how about staying here for the night, Young Master?” Xiao Yi raised her head and softly asked.

“No, I’m leaving, prepare for tomorrow.” Long Yi confusedly looked at Xiao Yi, then disappeared from that place.

Xiao Yi straightened up her body, then slightly opening her lips, a white light came out from her mouth and floated in the air. This unexpectedly was a small bead.

“Young Master, there will come a day when you will forgive Xiao Yi, but at that time, you might have to miss Xiao Yi.” Xiao Yi muttered, then raising her hand, she grabbed the white colored bead.

Just after entering the dormitory, Long Yi heard Barbarian Bull’s that heaven shaking snoring sound. If it was not for comparatively better sound insulation barrier between the dormitory rooms, then this snore of Barbarian Bull would have already arisen public indignation. While laughing inwardly, Long Yi suddenly paused all of a sudden, then turning around, he couldn’t help laughing and thought: “This girl, I knew that you will absolutely come here.”

Long Yi pushed open the door of the bedroom and saw Long Ling’er was sleeping on the bed with brocade quilt covering her body, and her pitch-black smooth hair was spared out like a waterfall on the pillow.

Long Yi lightly walked over to the edge of the bed, and with the help of moonlight, he carefully looked at that peaceful beautiful face.

“Worthy of being I, Long Yi’s woman, even while sleeping, she is so beautiful.” Long Yi mumbled. There was an unspeakable sense of pride in his tone, and he felt very lucky to have such woman belonging to him.

Long Yi didn’t want to wake up Long Ling’er, so he went to the bathroom and take a bath. And after bathing, he lied down naked and entered inside her quilt. And then, he discovered that Long Ling’er was also stark naked inside.

“The hell, this girl is intentionally seducing me tonight.” Long Yi yelled in his heart. Then his little brother touched Long Ling’er’s pert buttocks, immediately declaring a war.

And while Long Ling’er was still asleep, as if she sensed approaching Long Yi and smelled that familiar smell, she turned over and stuck in the bosom of Long Yi. This, in turn, made little Long Yi to easily poke at the soft place between the legs of Long Ling’er.

With the charming body of Long Ling’er sticking close to him, Long Yi ** became boiling hot, and his waist involuntarily moved forward.

“Ng, Long Yi.” The eyelash of Long Ling’er moved slightly and she muttered as if she was still in between half-awake and half-asleep state.

The lower part of the body of two people rubbed against each other, and Long Ling’er also cooperated subconsciously. And when the waist of Long Yi was pushing forward, he charged into a warm place. He had unexpectedly intruded into a forbidden area.

The entire body of Long Ling’er suddenly quivered, and she immediately opened her eyes with fear. But seeing Long Yi, the fear disappeared and was replaced by dense passionate **.

“Smelly Long Yi, you dare to attack me sneakily. Look, how I will take care of you.” Long Ling’er turned over and pushed down Long Yi, then climbing over, she sat on the waist of Long Yi with Long Yi’s little brother inside of her, then she began to move up and down. With master control in her hand, it looked like she wanted to compete with Long Yi as if she had already forgotten about the consequence of the battle with Long Yi of that time.

While Long Ling’er moved up and down, her snow-white buttocks rose and fell, and her chest’s pair of ** also flew up and down, instantly enchanting people.

Long Yi wanted to seize back the control quite a few times, but Long Ling’er firmly pushed him down.

While punishing him with **, Long Ling’er had already reached close to ** quite a few times, and finally, with a loud and long moan, she limply fell to the bosom of Long Yi, then her charming body quivered.

“Now, are you on the point of dying? Who asked you to try to be brave?” Long Yi smiled and thought to turn over and showcase the man’s integrity, but hearing muffled sobbing of Long Ling’er on his chest, his suddenly cooled down.

“Long Yi, I don’t want to leave you, I don’t want to leave you.” Long Ling’er sobbed in the bosom of Long Yi.

Long Yi’s ** disappeared, then hugging the head of Long Ling’er, he felt anguished seeing her face covered with tears. He felt that he was a bastard for always making his women shed tears.

Long Yi tuned over while hugging Long Ling’er, and just when he thought to withdraw his still burning hot hard-on, Long Ling’er pushed down her waist and muttered: “Don’t, don’t, just stay within my body, so that I can feel that our souls are fused together.”

Having heard what was said, Long Yi stopped his movement, and two people stayed together while tightly hugging each other.

“Don’t forget me, be sure to not forget me, I will always be waiting for you here, waiting for you to come and meet me here.” Long Ling’er muttered as if she was talking in her sleep, and her hands firmly grabbed the sturdy back of Long Yi.

“I will not, Ling’er is my darling, how can I ever forget you?” Long Yi lightly patted the back of Long Ling’er and said.

Hearing this, Long Ling’er showed a slight smile, then tightening her hold, she muttered: “Then, come to look for me as quickly as possible, okay?”

“M-hm, there will come a day, when I will wear golden armor and saint clothing, then treading on the rainbow-colored auspicious clouds, I will come and marry you before all the people, and you will become I, Long Yi’s wife forever, even in next life and the next life after that next life.” Long Yi warmly said in the ear of Long Ling’er. This sentence seemed to be the actor’s line of the certain famous movie in his past incarnation.

Long Ling’er’s smile slowly widened, and her face which was full of tears revealed a big happy smile as if she was thinking of the circumstance stated by Long Yi.

Time passed little by little, but Long Yi didn’t feel sleepy at all, and as for Long Ling’er, she had already fallen asleep in his bosom.

Finally, the sky brightened, and the time to part arrived.

“Ling’er, wake up.” Long Yi lightly called out to Long Ling’er in his bosom, but she didn’t react, still had her eyes closed.

And even after he called out again, she still had her eyes closed without any intention to wake up, yes, no intention, Long Yi already knew that she woke up long ago. It might be assumed that she was unwilling to face the emotional parting.

Long Yi sighed, then sit up on the bed, but he unexpectedly felt the little hand of Long Ling’er was firmly catching the hold of his arm.

“Long Yi, I beg you…I beg you, please don’t hurt my father emperor, regardless of anything, please don’t hurt him.” Long Ling’er still with her eyes closed said in a trembling voice.

Long Yi was startled all of a sudden. She as a princess of an imperial clan, how could she don’t have this small amount of political sensitivity? She already knew about Ximen clan and her Long clan’s open strife and veiled struggle, and also knew the undercurrent of Soaring Dragon City, merely she always pretended to know nothing in front of him, because she was unwilling to face the choice between her clan and her love. This was the most difficult choice ever in this entire world.

After being silent for a long time, Long Yi made a decision in his heart, and said softly: “I promise you, if the matter reached the degree where it cannot be put in order, I will absolutely try my best.”

The little hand of Long Ling’er catching the arm of Long Yi slowly loosened. Although she was not very clear about the words of Long Yi, but she already obtained the answer of her wish.

Long Ling’er retracted her little hand inside the quilt, then pretended to be asleep again.

“Take care, Ling’er.” Long Yi bend over and kissed her, then wearing the clothing, he opened the door of the bedroom. After that, take a look at Long Ling’er for the last time, he walked out and closed the door.

Already prepared Barbarian Bull was standing in the hall waiting for Long Yi. And when he saw Long Yi coming out, he immediately said excitedly: “Boss, aren’t we setting out?”

“Yes.” Long Yi nodded his head, then after looking at this dormitory room where he had so many memories once again, he led Barbarian Bull and walked out of the dormitory building.

“Second brother.” Just after he walked out, he heard Ximen Wuhen’s crisp voice.

Long Yi turned his head and saw Ximen Wuhen was standing not far away, and beside her, there was Shui Ruoyan, this beautiful woman.

“Damn Long Yi, weren’t you going to leave without informing me? If it were not for me asking Wuhen, then I wouldn’t have known you would leave this morning. Are you thinking of abandoning me?” Shui Ruoyan stepped forward, then fiercely pinching the soft flesh of Long Yi’s waist, she said. She was obviously very discontented with the way he was doing things.

“No, I don’t. I was only unwilling to see your crying face, moreover, it’s not like I will not return.” Long Yi begged for mercy, frankly telling his thoughts.

“Cry, who will cry, do you think I am so frail?” Shu Ruoyan angrily said.

Long Yi looked towards the sky for a bit, then stepping forward all of a sudden, his used his big mouth to seal her little mouth. And this long suffocating kiss made Shui Ruoyan’s eyes misty. And seeing this, Ximen Wuhen got jealous.

After Long Yi let go of Shui Ruoyan, Ximen Wuhen pinched the sleeve of Long Yi’s robe and said: “Second brother, I want it too.”

Long Yi couldn’t help laughing looking at Ximen Wuhen, then stepping forward, he kissed her left cheek, but who would have thought that Ximen Wuhen would suddenly turn around, causing her soft lips to touch intimately with the lips of Long Yi.

“Little sister, you…” Long Yi was stunned, looking at the beautiful face of Ximen Wuhen flushed with red. He had never thought that Ximen Wuhen would make such moves.

“What you, smelly second brother, I lost greatly this time. I only wanted to ask you where Ling’er is, but who would have thought that you would come to kiss me like this?” Ximen Wuhen glared at Long Yi and said angrily, pushing all the blames to Long Yi.

Long Yi rolled his eyes, then raising his head, he looked up. Although he wasn’t able to see inside the magic glass, but he was sensing a figure was affectionately looking at him from inside.

“Ling’er is above, you all also go there, you don’t need to send me off.” Long Yi sighed and said, then grabbing Barbarian Bull, he soared away.

At this moment, the window of the dormitory room suddenly opened, and Long Ling’er bore out her head, then looking towards the disappearing figure in the sky, she became dazed.

In the eastern city gate of Mea Principality, Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group had already gathered together and were standing in a proper formation, they were waiting for the arrival of Long Yi. Each and every one of them was riding a sturdy unicorn. And behind them, there was a gorgeous carriage, and Xiao Yi was inside the carriage.

Long Yi carrying Barbarian Bull appeared out of thin air in front of this organized troops. And seeing the appearance of Long Yi, Tyrant Bear immediately stepped forward two steps, then fell down to one knee, and hundreds of mercenaries behind him also knelt down with a thunderous noise, and said in unison: “We pay respect to Young Master.”

This action of Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group stunned the on-looking people as well as the guard soldiers all around them. They had thought that Tyrant Bear Mercenary Group was about to set out on a mission, but as it now seems, they belong to this youngster. This however was a big news in mercenaries’ world.

The mercenaries’ world had a rule, once mercenary group became affiliated with any force or any individual, then that mercenary group could no longer participate in the ranks of mercenaries’ realm. And this Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group was a B ranked mercenary group, and as long as they complete the upcoming promotion mission, they however would have become A ranked mercenary group, but now they could no longer be ranked. Naturally, they could still participate in this Mercenary Conventio and complete the mission to obtain only the reward.

“No need for formalities.” Long Yi indifferently said, and his voice was clearly transmitted into the ears of everyone.

Long Yi introduced Barbarian Bull and Tyrant Bear to each other. And these two people compete in hand power as soon as they meet, and the result was a draw, no-one occupied the advantage. Then with them two admiring each other, they quickly became close.

Long Yi looked towards the sky, and again looking at the onlookers around them, he waved his hand and shouted: “Set out.”

The entire group of people simultaneously mount on their horse, then with the surge of smoke and dust, they disappeared from the eastern gate of Mea Principality.

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