Chapter 216: Nangong Xiangyun

“Lord, Lord, young master is already outside the city gate.” In the east area of Soaring Dragon City, inside the residence of Ximen clan, a person that looked like a servant was running through the courtyard, while shouting all the way.

The Ximen residence immediately seethed with excitement as if a frying pot and people never stopped talking. Second Young Master Ximen, Ximen Yu had left home for more than two years, and he suddenly returned at this moment. And his returning was about to make chickens fly and dogs to jump again.

A number of newly arrived maids within these two years were very flustered, and especially those who acknowledge themselves as good looking immediately thought that now it will be hard to avoid this devil’s clutches. But after hearing the words of various veteran maids, although Ximen Yu was very famous in Soaring Dragon City, and his name was spread throughout the entire Blue Waves Continent, but he was nice towards the servants of the residence, and he also had never touched any maids of the residence, because only God knows either it was like a rabbit doesn’t eat the grass near its own hole, or he held them in contempt.

At this time, Dongfang Wan was drinking a tea with noble ladies at the garden. And hearing that servant’s shouting voice, her entire body trembled, and the teacup on her hand involuntarily fell down, then shatter with a bang. After that, she immediately got up and was wild with joy. Yearning to see her son return for such a long time, she was already exhausted both mentally and physically. In these two years, she didn’t have a good night sleep for even a single day, and she always feared whether her baby had met with some kind of accident or not.

“Lady Ximen, congratulations, it seems the joyous occasion of yours and Nangong clan is very close.” A beautiful woman who seemed to be 30 in age was sitting opposite to Dongfang Wan. She was the principal wife of the present General of Violent Dragon Empire’s Right Path Military Force, Ye Wufeng. This Ye clan and Ximen clan had boarded the same boat of interest.

“Yes, our Soaring Dragon City has not been lively for a long period of time, and nowadays there are turmoil and chaos of war, so we should borrow the happy event of Yu boy to liven up the atmosphere.” And on another side, there was a Lady who was similar in age with Dongfang Wan. Although her look was average, but her noble aura was absolutely not average. She was the cousin of Dongfang Wan, Dongfang Ying. According to the seniority, Ximen Yu had to call her aunt.

“Ying’er, entertain Lady Ye in my place, I am going to the city gate to welcome Yu’er.” Dongfang Wan said. She wanted to urgently go and see her son, so she didn’t have time to entertain them two. And after speaking, she urgently rushed towards outside in a state of excitement with two maids.

The news of the return of Ximen clan’s second Young Master Ximen quickly spread. Hearing this news, the entire Soaring Dragon City shook, and a number of somewhat good looking girls began to get anxious and restless. And especially after two years, a lot of still unripened little apples of that time had already ripened, so, many people estimated that a lot of these little beauties would be soiled.

Long Yi rode a fine unicorn and was wearing a white noble long gown. His long black hair was neatly tied on the back of his head, and his starry showed a smiling yet not smiling expression, really looked elegant and handsome, peerless noble son. And behind him, there were several hundred various profession mercenaries of Tyrannical Mercenary Group. This mercenary group was different from other mercenary groups, as they were completely disciplined. Tyrant Bear had learned from the military management style to manage them, so these several hundred mercenaries of Tyrannical Mercenary Group were able to work together so harmoniously.

At this time, there were many pedestrians on the road towards Soaring Dragon City’s city gate. But seeing this group advancing towards Soaring Dragon City, all of them involuntarily got out of their way.

Looking at Soaring Dragon City that was getting nearer and nearer, a kind of cordial feeling involuntarily appeared in the heart of Long Yi.

Very quickly, Long Yi and his group arrived in front of the city wall. And at this moment, in front of the city wall of Soaring Dragon City, there were two rows of powerful soldiers, surrounding the nearby common people. And this city gate was temporarily sealed because Long Yi had returned.

Several luxurious carriages with Ximen clan’s crest engraved on them were stopped right in front of the city gate entrance. And Ximen Nu wearing purple robe was standing erect in the front, and beside him, there was excited Dongfang Wan.

Long Yi waved his hand, then pulled the reins, causing the unicorn to neigh and come to stop raising its front legs, beautifully executing the sudden breaks. After that, Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group behind him also stopped simultaneously.

Long Yi dismounted from the horse, then looking at Ximen Nu and Dongfang Wan, he hesitated for a little while, then stepped forward with a large stride.

“Yu’er, my Yu’er.” Before Long Yi opened his mouth to pay his respects, Dongfang Wan rushed over and hugged him.

Being hugged by Dongfang Wan, he immediately felt a dense affection of Dongfang Wan. This made Long Yi’s nose to turn sour and his eyes also unexpectedly became red. One truly couldn’t blame him, as he basically couldn’t control this kind of feeling. This kind of family love that was ingrained in flesh and blood was inherent, and since the time he occupied this body, he was destined to be a member of Ximen clan.

Dongfang Wan retreated a step back, then began to carefully size up Long Yi. Seeing those firm and persistent outline, bright eyes, as well as the powerful aura of Long Yi, she felt happy as well as sorry. Her son has finally grown up, but she didn’t know how much hardship he had to suffer for this.

Dongfang Wan stretched her hand and stroke Long Yi’s as if sharp blade outline and muttered: “Yu’er, why are you so thin? You must have gone through many hardships, right?”

“Well, are you mother and son going to talk here the entire time?” Seeing more and more common people were coming to see, Ximen Nu coughed and said.

Dongfang Wan put down her hand, then turning around, she walked over to Ximen Nu.

Long Yi looked towards these two familiar and again unfamiliar parents, then as if awakening from a dream, he greeted them with courtesy: “Your child pays respect to father and mother. It’s already been a long time since I saw you last time, are you well?”

Ximen Nu stroke his bread, then looking towards Long Yi and several hundred mercenaries of Tyrannical Mercenary Groups behind him who had already dismounted, he nodded his head and said: “Let’s return first, then we’ll talk.”


“Xiangyun, be obedient and make a trip with mother to the residence of Ximen, I heard Ximen Yu is back.” A beautiful woman was anxiously persuading her daughter. This young girl had an oval face, and her head was filled with braids. She wore a pink and green colored skintight swordswomen outfit, and her appearance was very beautiful. Moreover, her skin was healthy wheat colored which was rarely seen among beautiful women, and her big eyes were filled with proudness.

“I am not going, you can go yourself, seeing that scum will make me feel like vomiting.” Nangong Xiangyun didn’t have even a bit of noble lady’s manner. Sitting on a soft, she had placed her legs on the table in front of her, simply paying no attention to the worries of this beautiful woman.

“How can you speak such words, very soon, Ximen Yu is going to be your husband, so you have to pay him a visit as a necessary courtesy.” This beautiful woman angrily said.

“Humph, that’s what you all said, I never agreed to this marriage.” Nangong Xiangyun snorted.

“You…do you want your mother to die from an excess anger?” The plentiful breast of this beautiful woman violently rose and fell, and her beautiful eyes firmly glared at Nangong Xiangyun. And seeing such appearance of her mother, Nangong Xiangyun stood up and hugging this beautiful woman from the back, she said: “I’m sorry, but mother, don’t you also know what type of person is that bastard Ximen Yu? Sending your daughter to marry him, isn’t that deliberately shoving your daughter into a fiery pit?”

The beautiful woman patted the little hand of Nangong Xiangyun, then sighed: “This is the agreement made by your father and the patriarch of Ximen clan, so this engagement is set, and it is impossible to back out.”

Nangong Xiangyun stamped her foot, she naturally also knew that in Violent Dragon Empire, and especially in the upper-class society, this kind of political marriage for the benefit was very difficult to cancel.

“In any case, I will not marry him. Mother, go and repeatedly urge father, don’t tell me that he really has the heart to see his daughter having the life where death is better than living?” Nangong Xiangyun let go of beautiful woman.

The beautiful woman sighed: “Well, I will talk to your father this evening, but now, you must go with me to Ximen residence.”

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“Really? You are truly nice, mother. Then let’s go to see that disgusting fellow. If worst comes to worst, I will just skip the dinner.” Nangong Xiangyun trembled and said very reluctantly.

“This child, now quickly go and freshen yourself up, we’ll leave right away.” The beautiful woman said. But her eyes were flashing with sympathy, as she knew that even if they knelt before patriarch Nangong, this marriage will absolutely not be canceled. This marriage was a big event for Nangong clan and was also a major event to change the fate of entire clan.

“Dress up for what? Your daughter, I am an outstanding beauty, even like this, I am very good-looking, I guarantee that that pervert will have his eyes stuck at my curves.” Nangong Xiangyun said with a smile.

The beautiful woman knocked the forehead of Nangong Xiangyun, and said: “No, if you go there dressed like this, then what will elders say? Quickly change into noble lady’s outfit, and also untie your braids.”

Nangong Xiangyun reluctantly returned inside her room, and for the sake of her future, she endured.

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When Nangong Xiangyun was letting her maids help her dress up, the door of her lady’s bedchamber opened, and a twelve or thirteen years old little boy came in.

“Third big sister, I hear you are going to see brother-in-law, congratulations.” This little boy happily smiled and said while walking over to Nangong Xiangyun. He was the younger brother of Nangong Xiangyun born from the same parent, Nangong Nu.

“I am just going to see, why are you making an uproar, just see how I, your third sister will fix that fellow.” Nangong Xiangyun angrily said.

“Third big sister, to tell you the truth, I actually admire him, he however is my idol, even princess was not spared…..aiyo, third big sister, why did you hit me?” Nangong Nu covered his head that was hurting and hissed.

“You are so small in age, but you are already learning from bad examples. Do you believe I will not tell father and make him punish you by making you face the wall for three months?” Nangong Xiangyun helplessly looked at her younger brother. The atmosphere of nobility was not always good. This younger brother of hers, being influenced by what he saw and heard, actually was maturing early, and he understood something even better compared to herself.

“I’m sorry, please don’t tell father.” Nangong Nu begged for mercy. Then sitting beside Nangong Xiangyun, he suddenly laughed and said: “Third big sister, just now on the street, I saw the glimpse of brother-in-law. He truly was too handsome. With that bearing and that looks, if I speak honestly, then him marrying third big sister is wronging him.”

Having heard what was said, Nangong Xiangyun jumped and gave him a firm knock on his head and shouted: “What did you say? Me marrying him, that good-for-nothing is wronging him? If it was not for the protection of Ximen clan, then he would have already gone to see his forefathers.”

“Third big sister, don’t be so violent, okay? I was just speaking the truth, he is really different compared to before. He is too awe-inspiring, and he furthermore led several hundred experts under his leadership.” Nangong Nu said.

“Looks impressive but lacks real worth, that’s all. You are still small, what do you know about this rubbish covered in gold and jade? Hereafter, be sure to learn nothing from him.” Nangong Xiangyun also carried the responsibility of elder sister, so she naturally couldn’t let her little brother become just like that rotten fellow.

Nangong Nu just mumbled, clearly was endlessly dissatisfied with the arguments of his third big sister.

“Smelly brat, what are you mumbling about? Are you discontented with your third big sister?” Nangong Xiangyun glared at him and said.

“Who dares, I am just asking whether I can go with you, I also want to see how third big sister will fix him.” Nangong Nu smiled and said.

“Is that so, then I will allow. I will let you see how your third big sister takes revenge on the behalf of princess Long Ling’er.” Nangong Xiangyun clenched her fist and said with a smile as if she was already seeing the miserable fate of Ximen Yu.

The residence of Ximen clan was busy and buzzing with activity thanks to the return of Long Yi. When Long Yi arrived, all the maids and servants simultaneously came out and greeted him, respectfully calling out second young master.

Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group was arranged to stay on the training ground of Ximen clan. And now it was only Barbarian Bull and Xiao Yi, who was not permitted to leave his side, following after him. At first, the transparent eyes frightened Dongfang Wan husband and wife, but they, after all, were experienced and knowledgeable personage, so they were not excessively surprised, and they indistinctly felt that Xiao Yi was not ordinary.

“Yu’er, this is your former courtyard. It’s cleaned every day. Mother have brought you some clothing, furniture and other articles of daily use, if you need anything else, tell mother, I will buy you those things.” Dongfang Wan pulled his hand and brought Long Yi at the courtyard where Ximen Yu used to stay.

“Thank you, mother. And as for everything I need, I am sure that mother is definitely clear about them.” Long Yi was touched. He who had never had motherly love, now, felt a kind of dense affection from the bottom of his heart.

Long Yi sized up this extravagant courtyard. This probably was the most expensive courtyard in the entire residence of Ximen clan. Inside the courtyard, birds sang and flowers gave forth fragrance. There were rockery, flowing river, pavilions and kiosks. And all the pavilions were two-storied buildings. Moreover, there were carvings of various kinds of lifelike flowers, birds, fishes as well as soaring dragons. Calling them gold and jade in glorious splendor was not enough to describe this scenery.

Dongfang Wan pulled Long Yi and entered a room, but Barbarian Bull and Xiao Yi were left behind inside the courtyard.

“Yu’er, now that you have returned this time, don’t leave again. You don’t know how much your mother missed you these past two years.” Dongfang Wan said and her eyes got red.

Long Yi stumped for words, then muttered: “I’m sorry.”

“Well, listening to your father, I heard you were very romantic outside, but why didn’t you bring back even a single daughter-in-law this time?” Dongfang Wan changed the subject and asked.

“Eh…this…all of them are quite busy, there will be a chance in the future.” Long Yi smiled and answered. Thinking about it now, it was strange, why didn’t he bring back anyone of them? Lu Xiya stayed in Elven Forest, Yu Feng returned to Phoenix clan, Feng Ling and Leng Youyou also returned to Dark Church. And as for Si Bi, he had not seen even a trace of her. Wushuang was still in Origin Ice, and Shui Ruoyan and Long Ling’er were at Holy Light Academy, truly was surprising.

“Well, Yu’er, you have grown up and is no longer a child. Do you still recall the marriage arrangement of yours and the third girl of Nangong clan in your childhood? That girl has also returned some days ago, so I discussed with your father, thinking you two should get married as quickly as possible. Your mother, I also want to hold my grandchild very quickly.” Dongfang Wan said with a smile.

The scalp of Long Yi tingled, just returned back and he was already being forced to marry, it seems he had returned at the wrong time. His impression on Nangong Xiangyun has she hated him to the bones, so if he married this girl, then wasn’t that just looking for a hard time? Besides, he had already forgotten how Nangong XIangyun looked. Moreover, it was hard to pull together two people without feeling, so what should he do now?

“Mother, this, isn’t it too early for you to be holding a grandson. Look yourself in the mirror, you look just like a teenage girl, so wouldn’t it be too odd to be holding a grandchild?” Long Yi helplessly said.

“Hehe, your mouth is getting sweeter and sweeter. I was 16 when I married your father and at 17, I gave birth to you. Now you are 21, and I am also 38. People in my age already have quite a few grandchildren.” Dongfang Wan smiled happily and said. Having her son praising her made her very happy.

“Mom, you also know that the third Miss of Nangong family hates me very much, so how will I be able to happily pass the coming days facing her cold eyes every day?”  Long Yi continued to try.

Having heard what was said, Dongfang Wan stopped smiling, then sizing up Long Yi, she said: “Mother didn’t dare to say before, but now, that girl of Nangong family will definitely get infatuated to death just after seeing you. Which family has a son that is as handsome as my family’s Yu’er?”

Long Yi helplessly shrugged his shoulder and said: “As long as she agrees to marry, I am also fine.” If she really married him, then even if she hated him, that would not be a big problem. If worst comes to worst, then he will leave her in the home as a nominal wife. He believed that this would make that girl Nangong Xingyan very happy.

At that time, a maid came and informed them that Lady Nangong together with her daughter as well as son came to visit in person.

“They have come at just the right time, Yu’er, come and meet with your soon to be mother-in-law and your wife.” Dongfang Wan smiled and brought Long Yi out. And as for Barbarian Bull and Xiao Yi, they naturally followed after Long Yi.

Arriving at a drawing room, Long Yi saw a beautiful woman with noble temperament as well as a young girl that appeared very wise and virtuous sitting on the sofa. They were talking with Ximen Nu with a smile. Meanwhile, a 12 or 13 years old boy was restlessly wandering inside the drawing room.

Is this Nangong Xingyun? How come she is too different from his impression? Long Yi confusedly thought in his heart. Then seeing her secretly rolling her eyes, he immediately smiled understanding the situation.

“Aunt, long time no see, aunt is still beautiful as ever.” Long Yi stepped forward, then greeted the beautiful woman. Only gods knew that he had already forgotten that her appearance was round and flat.

Lady Nangong was startled looking at Long Yi, and she was somewhat confused for a long time, then said in surprise: “Is this Yu’er? You have changed so much that it’s hard for aunt to quickly recognize you.” Lady Nangong sized up Long Yi, and seeing his calm and confident temperament as well as leisurely smile, she knew that he was extraordinary. After leaving the house for two years, Ximen Yu was no longer the previous Ximen Yu.

“Noble sister, how are you doing?” Long Yi turned his head towards Nangong Xiangyun, then winked at her.

“Very good, you don’t need to worry about me.” Nangong Xiangyun ferociously glared at Long Yi and said. It would be a lie if she said that she was not surprised at all, but she absolutely couldn’t show it. Moreover, it was impossible to reverse that deep-rooted impression of Long Yi all of a sudden.

“Brother-in-law, when are you going to greet me?” Nangong Nu trotted over to Long Yi and said.

“Little Nu, you have grown so big, come, let’s shake our hands.” Long Yi smirked and stretched out his hand.

Nangong Nu also extended his hand. Then suddenly winking towards Nangong Xiangyun, when he was holding the big hand of Long Yi, suddenly a light blue light came out from his hand.

Long Yi secretly smiled. He already knew that this kid was Intermediate Water Magician, moreover was a genius at it.

“Aiyo, cold, very cold.” Nangong Nu screamed loudly and quickly retracted his hand. Now his little hand was unexpectedly covered with a layer of cold ice.

“Little Nu, why are you so careless?” Long Yi worriedly stepped forward, then placing his hand between his palm, he used true qi of AoTianJue to immediately melt this layer of cold ice.

“Wow, brother-in-law, you are so awesome.” Nangong Nu immediately began to worship Long Yi. He didn’t know why his magic backfired, but he knew that this was definitely the work of Long Yi.

Dongfang Wan was Master Magician and seeing the performance of her son, she was pleasantly surprised in her heart. She had never thought that her son’s progress was so big. After some thought, she said: “Yu’er, don’t bully Little Nu. Now take Xingyun for a short walk everywhere, we adults want to talk about other matters.”

Long Yi turned over his head and said: “Noble sister, what about a walk?”

Nangong Xiangyun gracefully got up, still pretending to be a wise and virtuous girl.

Long Yi led Nangong Xiangyun out for a walk. And Nangong Nu as if shadow followed after them. He hadn’t forgotten about her third big sister saying she would fix this seemingly very powerful brother-in-law. But he vaguely felt that his third big sister should not fight him, although his third big sister was also powerful.

After exiting the hall, Nangong Xiangyun who was walking in small steps, suddenly stretched out her body, then holding her waist, she said: “That truly was smothering me to death.” Finished speaking, she looked at Long Yi and said: “Good-for-nothing, do you dare to come alone with this Miss.”

Long Yi smiled, looking at this girl, Nangong Xiangyun was truly interesting.

“Boss, should I beat her?” Hearing Nangong Xiangyun was cursing Long Yi, Barbarian Bull glared at her with hostile.

Nangong Xiangyun suddenly blanked out for a moment, then all the fine hairs on her body stood erect as a cold and bloody killing intent instantly surrounded her. She didn’t understand how this simple and honest looking beast-men possessed such fierce bloody killing intent. One should know that Barbarian Bull however followed Long Yi and had experienced incomparably bloody battles. So his killing intent was incredibly dense, and moreover, this burly didn’t understand holding back.

“She is just an insensible child, forgive her.” Long Yi smirked and said, nearly making the lungs of Nangong Xiangyun to burst with rage.

“Ximen Yu, do you have guts to come alone with this Miss or not?” Nangong Xiangyun was so angry that she stamped her foot, then turning around, she walked away.

Looking at Nangong Xiangyun walking away in large strides, he couldn’t help but muttered: “Truly doesn’t have a woman’s flavor.” After that he signaled Barbarian Bull and Xiao Yi: “You two, stay here, your Young Master will go and regulate this wife.”

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