Chapter 233: Beauty Shop’s spring scenery

This was a shop decorated and filled with pink color. It was divided into two floors. The first floor sold various kind of women’s jewelry and pendants, and the second floor sold the superb collection of exquisite lingerie. This store had a kind of undergarment that covered both the chest and abdomen, and also had many modern styles undergarments too, truly was very fascinating.

The fame of Beauty Shop was very resounding in Blue Waves Continent, so, it was the first choice of all Miss and noble ladies. This moment, the second floor of Beauty Shop was like an oriole trilling or a swallow twittering, many Misses and Madams were shuttling back and forth selecting their most intimate clothing. And the arrival of Long Yi and his group startled all of these Misses and Madams, shortly afterwards, avoiding his gaze, all of them quickly walked away. With a man coming to female’s underwear shop, which woman had the face thick enough to select her underwear in front of a man? And especially in front of the world-famous sex field Ximen Yu, these Misses and Madams naturally avoided him as if the plague.

The owner of this Beauty Shop was a beautiful woman whose actual age couldn’t be seen. At first, she seemed to be twenty-something, but carefully looking, she again resembled teenagers. She had two completely different temperaments mixed together, one was a mature charm and another was pure and pleasant, so she easily gave rise to an illusion.

Seeing her business was disturbed, this proprietress walked over swaying her willowy waist. To be able to open a female boutique in such flourishing commercial quarter of Soaring Dragon City, this woman naturally had a certain background. Her discernment was also very sharp, just a quick glance and she roughly knew the identity of these people. She naturally knew Second Young Master Ximen, and two great beauties with different temperaments beside him also unintentionally emitted their noble aura, so they definitely were Misses of rich and powerful noble clan. And she just happened to know their identity too, one was eldest Miss of Dongfang clan and other was Third Miss of Nangong Clan. As for Xiao Yi, Barbarian Bull and Li Qing standing behind Long Yi, she was able to tell that they were mere servants.

“Yo, isn’t this Second Young Master Ximen? What brings you here, Han Yan really feels extremely flattered ah.” This woman called Han Yan leisurely came over, and fawned Long Yi with a smile. Now she unexpectedly had a taint of pure and innocent flavor, this kind of woman truly can take human life.

“Han Yan? Good name.” Long Yi ecstatically inhaled a mouthful of fragrant air. To his surprise, the mistress of this shop was such a great beauty, but how was she able to escape the eye of Ximen Yu?

“Second Young Master Ximen is flattering me, did you come to my small store this time to choose underwear for these two devastatingly beautiful beauties beside you?” Han Yan had a smile and happy face on the surface, but only God knew how much she was cursing in her heart.

Long Yi however sized up that fiery figure of Han Yan, and he dared to confirm that this woman absolutely was truly capable. Want breast, then she had breast, want buttocks, then she had buttocks. And especially that flirtatious behavior, any man who saw her would be attracted to her.

When Long Yi was unscrupulously gobbling ice-cream, a pain suddenly came from his waist. Dongfang Kexin and Nangong Xiangyun were ruthlessly pinching him from both sides. It was easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter this fellow’s character, just saw a beauty and he stopped walking.

Long Yi came back to his sense, then holding the little hands of two women, he teased the center of their palm with his thumbs. The charming body of both of them immediately trembled, then they shyly took away their hands.

It seemed this move was still most effective to deal with women. Long Yi smirked in his heart.

“Han Yan, all the newest model, sexiest and most revealing lingerie you have here, take them out for me.” Long Yi smiled and said to the proprietress. His eyes however were still staring at her protruding hot breasts. And thinking about the appearance of women wearing sexy underwear in front of him, he heart heated up.

“Second Young Master Ximen came at the right time, a batch of new goods arrived just today. Every one of them is of very high quality. Each piece of them can increase the charm of a woman by 200%. I’ll immediately bring them here.” Han Yan turned around, and swaying that slender willowy waist, she entered a room not far away. After she turned around, a trace of surprise flashed in her eyes, as although Long Yi was looking at her with lecherous gaze but he gave her an unfathomable feeling.

Long Yi stared at Han Yan’s that perfectly round pert buttock which was wrapped by a skintight skirt, and he revealed a smile. This woman was not simple.

Not long after, Han Yan came back holding an exquisite bag. After that, taking out a piece after piece of lingerie from inside that bag, she laid them out on the sofa.

“Regardless of the material used or workmanship, these lingeries are the best. Miss Dongfang and Miss Nangong, feel free to choose, any one of them will definitely satisfy you.” Han Yan said with a smile.

Long Yi raised his brows, and his eyes flashed with a sharp light. Dongfang Kexin and Nangong Xiangyun had returned to Soaring Dragon City not long ago, so very few people recognize them, but the proprietress of this small lingerie shop however pointed out their identity, so saying she is just a simple character, even a ghost will not believe it.

“Ah, so thin, no, isn’t there a little thicker one?” Nangong Xiangyun picked a piece of nearly transparent small cloth, and her beautiful face reddened as if a baked wheaten cake. These clothing, what’s the difference between wearing and not wearing them?

Dongfang Kexin was also very shy in her heart, but her body already belongs to Long Yi from 13 years ago, so it was no big deal showing her body in front of her sweetheart. Thinking this, she retorted: “This is sexy enough, like this, cousin can correctly judge whose figure is the best.”

Long Yi smirked, then turning around, he said: “Barbarian Bull, Li Qing, you two go down and guard the staircase, don’t allow anyone to come up here.”

Two people immediately turned around and walked down the stairs. Even after that, Long Yi still didn’t feel too safe, so waving his hand, he created an opaque barrier surrounding the entire second floor.

A hint of surprise flashed in the eyes of Han Yan. Laying out a magic barrier without chanting any incantation, the performance of this Second Young Master Ximen was too surprising.

“Well, I, the referee am announcing the official start of the competition. Ladies, you two can start.” Long Yi smirked and said, while his eyes were continuously shuttling back and forth between these two women’s body.

When it was really the time to start the match, both women couldn’t help but hesitate, when all was said and done, both of them were late blooming virgin maiden, so wearing such transparent and sexy lingerie in front of a man was a little hard for them.

Finally, Dongfang Kexin gritted her teeth and picked up a set of seemingly not so transparent pink * sexy underwear, and entered a fitting room. And seeing the action of Dongfang Kexin, Nangong Xiangyun also took a deep breath and selected a set of green underwear and entered another fitting room.

After that, the gaze of Long Yi turned towards proprietress Han Yan, then suddenly walking over to her side, his wolf claw lightly held her waist.

The body of Han Yan slightly stiffened, but very quickly revert back to normal, then with a bewitching smile, she took the initiative to lean on the body of Long Yi. Then pressing her outstanding ** on the body of Long Yi, she lightly smiled and said: “You are really a bad fellow, eyeing what’s in the pot as one eats from one’s bowl.” [T.L: eyeing what’s in the pot as one eats from one’s bowl (idiom) – feel not satisfied with what has already been obtained, and be still insatiably avaricious to get more]

Long Yi suddenly sense the spirit fluctuation of Han Yan had begun to rise unnaturally, and his heart cooled down. This actually was Advance Charming Magic, and this involuntarily made him recall Fox clan’s that charming magic.

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“Heh heh, Han Yan, you are truly charming, wait until you truly savor I, this big brother, then you will not speak like this.” Long Yi smiled and said, then his eyes began to become somewhat absent-minded, and his big hand however fell to the perfectly round pert buttocks of Han Yan, beginning to grab and pinch it. That truly felt terrific.

Han Yan forced a smile, she had just used her ** magic on him, so he should have calmed down, but how come he still was like this, could it be that the intensity wasn’t enough? Han Yan thought this and her spirit fluctuation became even more intense.

“Beauty, I want you.” Long Yi suddenly whispered as if he was sleep talking and his one hand suddenly as if lightning poked neck of Han Yan, and his other hand however kneaded the big breast of Han Yan.

Han Yan was panic-stricken and wanted to scream, but her entire body limped, and she unexpectedly couldn’t utter a sound. Now she could only let this sex fiend dally with her body. Suddenly, she felt the big hand moving about on her bosom sliding downward, directly entering her pants, and stroked her forbidden area between her legs.

Just then, Long Yi suddenly pushed her away as if awakening from a dream, and seeing Han Yan was frenetically arranging her clothes, he asked in confusion: “Han Yan, just now, did I do something disrespectful? How come I don’t remember anything at all?”

Han Yan however could only grit her teeth and swallow her anger. She closed her eyes, and after opening her eyes again, she had a smiling expression as before and appeared as if nothing had happened just a moment ago. She didn’t know what had happened just now, whether her ** Magic had a totally different reverse effect to Long Yi or he basically was not affected at all and everything was merely his acting.

When Han Yan wanted to look for a pretext to beat around the bush, the door of the fitting room suddenly opened, then Dongfang Kexin with her beautiful face completely red slowly walked out, step by step, she walked to the front of Long Yi.

The pupils of Long Yi instantly enlarged, and he unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Now more than half of Dongfang Kexin’s that pure white skin comparable to elephant’s tusk was revealed, which emitted attractive luster. Her bosom was merely enclosed by a piece of translucent pink bra, and a very big pair of ** squeezed together to form an enchanting cleavage, moreover, on the top of pink lingerie, there were two small peanut kernels sized bulge, truly was intense enough to cause people to have a nosebleed. Then looking down, there was a graceful little waist, and it was so thin that it provoked a tender feeling of people. And there, pink translucent little panties wrapped that mysterious triangle area, but because of a hole in the front, a handful of pitch-black hair could be seen coming out from that opening.

Gudong, gudong, Adam’s apple of Long Yi continuously moved up and down, and his nose began to heat up, moreover, his little brother also stood erect throwing out its chest to show the praise.

“This is demanding a human life, ah, demanding human life.” Long Yi continuously said in his heart. But his eyes couldn’t leave the jade-like body of Dongfang Kexin.

Dongfang Kexin sensed that burning gaze of Long Yi, and feeling his gaze scanning on her sensitive places, her entire charming body began to redden, and feeling as if he was caressing her entire body, she felt as if something flowed out from her private parts, so she involuntarily clamped her thighs.

“Yes, turn around and let me see.” Long Yi took a deep breath, and said with lust.

Dongfang Kexin bashfully turned around, and a burst of admiration welled up within the heart of Long Yi. She simply had perfect curves. That smooth back and that snow-white perfectly round little buttocks, all shook the soul of Long Yi.

“Cousin, is it beautiful?” Dongfang Kexin bashfully asked.

“Beautiful, not a common type beautiful, cousin’s figure is truly terrific.” Long Yi smiled and said.

At that time, Long Yi looked towards the fitting room where Nangong Xiangyun had entered and said: “Little girl, still not coming out quickly, let me see and determine whose figure is the best.”

“I am not coming out.” Nangong Xiangyun didn’t have the courage to come out at this time, besides she didn’t like this fellow, so showing him her body was truly a big loss for her.

“Could it be that you are admitting the defeat, and accepting your figure is inferior to Dongfang Kexin?” Long Yi said with a smile. He really wanted to see how Nangong Xiangyun would look in sexy lingerie.

Nangong Xiangyun became silent for a little while, then said: “Yes, I am admitting defeat, my figure is inferior.”

A smile appeared on the face of Long Yi, honestly speaking, even though Nangong Xiangyun had decided to withdraw at this final critical juncture, he really wasn’t unhappy, instead, he was somewhat happy, as, like this, this at least proved that Nangong Xiangyun was still a girl with sense of propriety. She clearly didn’t like him, so if for the sake of face and useless vanity, if she had stripped naked in front of the man she didn’t like, then although his eyes would have a feast, perhaps a little bit unfavorable view would have risen in the heart of Long Yi.

But Long Yi wasn’t a gentleman, he was truly somewhat unwilling to not look at the appearance of Nangong Xiangyun in sexy underwear. He smirked, then waved his hand. Suddenly, the plank boards used to make the fitting room fell apart. And at this moment, Nangong Xiangyun was about to change into her normal clothing, so Long Yi was able to see more spring scenery than he had expected.

Nangong Xiangyun’s back was facing towards Long Yi, moreover, she had already removed the sexy bra, revealing her smooth back without any obstruction, and one could indistinctly see a bit of her breasts too. And the most fatal was, since she was about to take off her panties, the greater half of her perfectly round pert buttocks was visible. This truly was too erotic.

Nangong Xiangyun screamed and squatted down. Even using her toe to think, she would be sure that this was the doing of Long Yi.

“Ximen Yu, you bastard.” Nangong Xiangyun picked up her clothes and covered her exposed body, then roared towards Long Yi.

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“Accident, this is purely an accident, you can continue, I have turned around, absolutely will not peep.” Long Yi smirked and turned around then said.

Just at that time, Dongfang Kexin came out after changing her clothing, and as for that lingerie, she naturally would buy, as that underwear still had some wet marks.

After both women had finished changing, Long Yi pointed at that pile of lingerie the proprietress had taken out and said: “I will buy all of these, you two, slowly wear these after returning.”

“Then I will pack immediately, please wait a moment, Second Young Master Ximen.” Han Yan assumed a pleasantly surprised expression, then picking up those lingeries, she went to one side to pack.

Nangong Xiangyun was still glaring at Long Yi with a murderous gaze, this fellow was truly too hateful, even though she had already admitted the defeat, he still saw her spring scenery. And now, seeing his current complacent expression, she truly wanted to bite off a piece of his meat.

“Cousin, whose figure is the best among me and cousin-in-law?” Dongfang Kexin hugged the arm of Long Yi and asked.

Eh, ……the figure of both of them truly had their strong points, but it was truly hard to determine whose figure was comparatively better. When Long Yi thinking, he suddenly heard a noisy fighting sound from downstairs.

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