Chapter 234: Yu Feng arrives

Although the barrier he had laid out had sound insulation effect, but he could roughly sense energy fluctuation outside the barrier and knew what was happening outside.

Long Yi frowned, then waving his hand, he removed the barrier, but the fighting sounds disappeared all of a sudden. After that, he floated downstairs and saw the first floor was a big mess, moreover, Barbarian Bull and Li Qing had their weapon out.

Three women and Han Yan also walked downstairs and seeing the circumstance of downstairs, all of them were simultaneously flabbergasted.

“Goddamn, who acted wildly in this old woman’s shop?” Han Yan shouted feeling anguished.

Just then, the breathing of Long Yi suddenly stopped, then walking over to the front of the wall, he carefully looked at the mark of burning.

“Phoenix douqi?” Long Yi muttered, then suddenly shouted: “Li Qing, explain what happened here.”

“Replying to Young Master, just now, two about late teenage girls entered the shop, they insisted on going upstairs, so I and Barbarian Bull had a conflict with them. And just after we fought a little, another young girl with golden hair wearing a fiery red leather armor came in. She seemed to be the master of those two girls. She shouted at them to stop, then leaving behind a few Amethyst coins, she left with those two girls.” Li Qing answered.

Wearing fiery red leather armor and possessed golden hair, now, Long Yi was sure that this person was undoubtedly Yu Feng. And those two girls must be the two maids among those four arrogant maids. He suddenly became excited, he had been apart from Yu Feng for such a long time, so he was really missing her, this heroic and vigorous girl, very much. At that time, she risked her life to accompany him to Origin Ice. This affection, he will never forget in his lifetime.

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After being dazed for a good while, Long Yi woke up and instructed: “I still have an important matter, Barbarian Bull, Li Qing, escort these two Misses back to their residence.”

“Cousin, Cousin……” Dongfang Kexin wanted to follow after him, but after instructing, Long Yi disappeared without a trace, so this Saintess could only stomp her leg in anger.

Looking at the place from where Long Yi had disappeared, Han Yan’s expression fluctuated slightly and she muttered in her heart: “Can it be that he really grasp the lost space magic? But, why didn’t I sense even a hint of magic fluctuation?”

Long Yi urgently flew in the sky and searched for a good while, but he still wasn’t able to find the trace of Yu Feng. This couldn’t help but made him somewhat disappointed. Suddenly, Long Yi hit his own head and cursed himself inwardly for being a blockhead. Since Yu Feng had come to Soaring Dragon City, the place she would be staying would definitely be Phoenix clan’s inn. Just going there to look for her and wouldn’t he find her?

Long Yi arrived at Phoenix Inn and asked the manager about Yu Feng. But, but who would have thought that this shopkeeper would mistakenly believe he, this Second Young Master Ximen, was converting their Miss’s beauty. So, he told Long Yi nothing, and even the intimidation and bribery were useless. He truly was a loyal subordinate.

Long Yi was helpless, in this big Soaring Dragon City, there were five or six Phoenix inns, and the distance between them was also very large, so he couldn’t keep eyes on all the inns simultaneously. But even though he didn’t know where Yu Feng was staying, that wasn’t a problem, as even though the manager said nothing, there inevitably will be other people that had seen. So Long Yi asked several guests that walked out of this Phoenix inn, but no-one had seen such girl coming here, this meant, she wasn’t here.

Long Yi used this method in all other Phoenix Inns of Soaring Dragon City too, and he finally determined where Yu Feng was staying, so Long Yi went inside that Phoenix Inn and sat on the sofa of the hall, waiting for the return of Yu Feng.

But what Long Yi didn’t know was, when he was waiting for Yu Feng, Yu Feng however was looking for Ximen residence. She missed her sweetheart so much that she was almost about to go insane. And when she heard Long Yi had already returned to Soaring Dragon City, she looked for a chance to persuade her mother to let her go to Soaring Dragon City, and finally, she got this chance with great difficulty. So, she naturally wanted to give her sweetheart a surprise. But, who would have thought that, when she excitedly reached Ximen residence, the servant informed her that Second Young Master Ximen was out, so she had no choice but to stay inside the hall of Ximen residence, waiting for his return.

The sky gradually became dark, and multicolored magic lamps illuminated the streets of Soaring Dragon City. Now the entire city looked charming and magnificent. This was a bustling city, but also a lonely city, different people played the part of different roles here, some people cry while some people laugh here.

A pair of lovers, in order to meet each other, were waiting in each other’s place. Perhaps God was unhappy to see their reunion, he made a small move to hinder them.

The sky got increasingly darker, and the air also gradually become cold. As it was already an early winter, the difference in temperature of day and night was very big, so the number of pedestrians on the street decreased drastically, only some money-squandering dens were still bustling.

Looking at the lanterns which were being blown by the wind, Long Yi knitted his brows, and muttered in his heart: “Where did this girl go, so late but still not coming back.”

“Manager, where did you family Miss go, why isn’t she coming even though it is already this late?” Long Yi stood up and asked.

“I also don’t know. How can we, mere servants dare to meddle in the matter of our Miss?” The manager bowed and answered. But in his heart, he was hoping for their Miss to not return, as, if this sex fiend took a fancy upon her, then that wouldn’t be a good matter.

At that time, in the residence of Ximen, a maid wearing purple robe entered the hall.

“Zi Zhu, what did they say, did their Second Young Master Ximen returned?” Yu Feng anxiously asked.

“Replying to Miss, they said Eldest Young Master has returned, but Second Young Master hasn’t returned yet.” Zizhu answered.

“Miss, I think we should come back tomorrow, son-in-law might not return today.” Another maid wearing red robe said.

Yu Feng looked towards the sky and gritting her teeth, she said: “Let’s wait a little longer, maybe he’ll be back soon.”

Just then, Yu Feng suddenly saw a beautiful woman with noble aura wearing a snow-white fox-fur robe walking in with two maids. Sharp-eyed Yu Feng immediately was sure that this beautiful woman was the mistress of this Ximen residence, so she hastily stood up and greeted.

This beautiful woman was naturally Dongfang Wan. She had just heard that a beautiful girl was waiting for Ximen Yu in the hall for a long time, so she was interested to come and take a look at her. And just when she had reached the entrance, she heard that maid addressing her son as a son-in-law, so she immediately understood that this girl was her son’s woman.

Dongfang Wan fastidiously sized up Yu Feng, and after a good while, she nodded her head in satisfaction. This girl gave her a good first impression. Her figure was very tall, and she also looked very beautiful, moreover, that golden hair of hers was very attractive. Furthermore, that red leather armor and huge sword made her look very heroic, giving her a kind of bold and brave feelings.

“Might you be from Phoenix clan?” Dongfang Wan asked.

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“Yes, auntie, my name is Yu Feng. Today, I came to look for Long…Ximen Yu.” Yu Feng courteously said.

“Who are you to Yu’er?” Dongfang Wan sat down and emitting a majestic aura, she asked.

The beautiful face of Yu Feng reddened, however, she answered firmly: “I am his woman, I wonder who auntie is?”

The clear-cut answer of Yu Feng won the goodwill of Dongfang Wan. Now, she liked this brave and not sloppy girl. And hearing her question, she smiled and said: “I am……Yu’er’s biological mother.”

“Ah, auntie, hel…hello.” Although Yu Feng had already guessed this in the beginning, but when she truly heard the identity of Dongfang Wan, she still panicked a little.

“Don’t be nervous, sit down.” Dongfang Wan smiled and said. This girl was truly lovable.

“Since you are the woman of Yu’er, that naturally means you are my daughter-in-law, so I will call you Feng’er from now on, is that okay?” Seeing Yu Feng had sat down, Dongfang Wan said.

Yu Feng was delighted in her heart, as to her surprise, Dongfang Wan had easily accepted her, so she happily said: “Of course you can, auntie.”

“Feng’er, I like you very much, but there is something auntie needs to say up front.” Dongfang Wan slowly said.

“Auntie, please say.” Yu Feng was somewhat nervous, wondering what Dongfang Wan wanted to say.

“I heard a little about the rules of your Phoenix clan, it is absolutely impossible for Yu’er to marry into and live with your Phoenix clan. Furthermore, Yu’er and Nangong clan’s Third Miss are already engaged and they are getting married very soon, do you know these matters?” Dongfang Wan said.

Yu Feng was startled hearing Long Yi was about to marry Nangong clan’s Third Miss. Immediately upon hearing her sweetheart was getting married very soon, moreover the bride was not herself, her heart was naturally hurt and also astringent, but Yu Feng was an understanding girl with a sense of propriety. She knew long ago that she couldn’t have Long Yi for only herself, moreover, she knew that it was impossible for Long Yi to avoid this kind of political marriage.

“I know, I will not ask him to marry into my Phoenix clan, and I also don’t mind him having other women.” Yu Feng somewhat bitterly said. She was a woman, so how could she truly not have any ill-feeling?

Dongfang Wan naturally saw the bitterness of Yu Feng. As she was also a woman and Ximen Nu was also a licentious person, who was full of affection, when he was young, therefore, she completely understood the plight of Yu Feng.

Dongfang Wan sat beside Yu Feng, then lightly patted her shoulder to console and said: “Feng’er, now it’s already very late, today, Yu’er might not come back, how about you stay here for the night?”

Yu Feng shook her head and said: “Auntie, I have to go back, but I will come back tomorrow again.”

Yu Feng led two maids out of Ximen residence. As she cultivated Phoenix douqi, and also had Phoenix Jade to warm her body, she didn’t feel cold.

Lightly sighing, Yu Feng walked forward. Just then, suddenly snowflakes floated down from the sky. Snow-white, translucent snow fell.

“Snow, it actually snowed.” Yu Feng muttered. One should know that Violent Dragon Empire lied in the east, so although it had four seasons, but the overall weather was warm, as a result, snowfall was very rare.


Long Yi who had just come out from the Phoenix Inn also looked up, then looking at the snowflakes falling down, he was lost in thoughts. He recalled the border city of Proud Moon Empire, Kaifeng City, where he and Yu Feng were reunited in such a heavy snowfall day. After that, they had spent nearly sixty days in the snow,

Will we meet again on this snowy night? Long Yi caught a snowflake with his hand, and he smiled. After that, he used Soaring Magic to fly towards Ximen residence.

Long Yi, Feng’er miss you very much, no matter where, will you come to find me? Yu Feng muttered in her heart, and with her golden hair floating in the air, she walked towards Phoenix Inn.

Sometimes, a meeting was destined, was a fate and also was a destiny. During heavy snowfall, on the street in late night, a man and a woman, one in the sky and another in the ground, fixedly stared at each other. This instant the time froze, becoming eternal for these two people……

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