Chapter 235: Phoenix Jade = Raging Flames Jade

In the middle of a heavy snowfall, Long Yi looked at that fiery red figure on the ground and seeing her two sparkling and crystal-clear bright eyes, his nose suddenly turned sour, and he felt his sentiments entangling in his heart along with blood flowing all over his body. And a feeling of happiness and joyous appeared in his heart.

Long Yi slowly descended, and couldn’t help but got agitated in his heart. Then with his lightly trembling hoarse voice, he called out: “Feng’er.”

The whole body of Yu Feng quivered, and tears slid down from her eyes. They were the tears filled with missing sentiments.

“Long Yi.” Yu Feng murmured, then with a beautiful smile on her face, she suddenly rushed into that open bosom of Long Yi.

Yu Feng jumped into the air, and just like a koala, she hung on the body of Long Yi. Then, she felt she was beginning to spin and fly up.

He he he, Yu Feng with tears on her face happily laughed. The happiness came so suddenly and also so quickly that she was almost unable to differentiate whether this was a dream or a reality.

Long Yi stopped spinning and tightly hugged a beauty in his bosom. Moreover, smelling that familiar fragrance, he felt full. This was a kind of warm feeling that made him very comfortable. The fate of these two people was firmly tied together after going through life and death trials and tribulation together in Origin Ice, so for Long Yi, Yu Feng wasn’t only his woman……also was his dear ones.

Yu Feng also tightly hugged Long Yi just as Long Yi was tightly hugging her. That unique manly aura that belongs to only Long Yi filled her heart which had become empty after being apart from Long Yi.

In the late night, the snowfall became heavier and heavier. But the two of them embraced each other without the slightest sensation of coldness. They just hugged each other as if they were in their own world.

Zi Zhu and Hong Xiu looked at each other and saw admiration in the eyes of each other, then nodding their head to each other, they disappeared, leaving behind only Long Yi and Yu Feng, as at this very moment, they were superfluous.

In the luxurious suite of Phoenix Inn, two people were enthusiastically hugging, kissing and panting.

“Long Yi, love me, I want to become your real woman.” The little hand of Yu Feng entered inside the clothing of Long Yi, then she caressed his sturdy body.

Long Yi however didn’t speak, he replied to the request of Yu Feng with even wilder kiss and caressing. He sucked the small fragrant tongue of Yu Feng, while his big hands wandered around the charming body of Yu Feng. Big breasts, pert buttocks, willowy waist, and her smooth back, Long Yi caressed practically all of the sensitive places of Yu Feng.

Two people while hugging and kissing walked towards the bedroom. Long Yi kicked open the door of the bedroom, then pushed down Yu Feng on the bed. After that, he stopped his movements and looking at the beautiful face of Yu Feng under the dim light. That originally heroic face……now was already very red, even her pure white jade neck had a layer of rosy color, which emitted a kind of inexplicable charm.

Yu Feng opened her blurred eyes and seeing Long Yi’s those passionate eyes, her body slightly trembled, and she unexpectedly felt somewhat unbearable.

“What are you looking?” Yu Feng grumbled in a flirty manner.

“Of course, I’m looking at my little darling Feng’er. I want to look at you so that I can remember every inch of your skin.” Long Yi used his hoarse voice filled with ** to answer. Then retracting his big hand located on Yu Feng’s **, he gently caressed Yu Feng’s that profound outline, arched eyebrows, autumn eyes, jade nose, and finally her lips.

Yu Feng closed her eyes, and feeling Long Yi’s that caressing full of affection, she suddenly opened her pink lips, and took the finger of Long Yi located on her lips inside her mouth, then began to suck and tease with the tip of her tongue just like that night when Phoenix Matriarch had caught her red-handed in Kaifeng city.

The breathing of Long Yi instantly became even more passionate. This action of Yu Feng had pleasantly surprised him. Could it be that this girl truly has a hidden talent to become a seductive woman? Long Yi’s another hand began to caress the full and round breast of Yu Feng, and his little brother had already beaten the war drum long ago and now was pressing against the softest place between the legs of Yu Feng.

Yu Feng who was already embarrassed, receiving this sudden stimulation, couldn’t help but grit her teeth, forgetting a finger of Long Yi was in her mouth. Long Yi hissed in pain and immediately retracted his finger. Now there were two very deep bite marks on his finger.

“I’m sorry, Long Yi, does it hurt?” Hearing the hissing of Long Yi in pain, Yu Feng was startled awake, then apologetically holding the wounded finger of Long Yi, she gently blew.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Long Yi said with a smile. But suddenly thinking if it was his little brother in the mouth of Yu Feng instead of his finger at that time, then wouldn’t…… Thinking this, he couldn’t help but sweat profusely.

“Long Yi, if you are fine, then why are you sweating so profusely?” Yu Feng asked curiously. Could it be that this was really so painful?

“This is because……I want to eat you.” Long Yi with an evil smile pounced onto Yu Feng once again. Then began to quickly strip the leather armor Yu Feng was wearing.

Yu Feng also passionately swayed her charming body as if a snake, and frequently using her hands to remove the clothing of Long Yi.

Long Yi took off the clothing of Yu Feng one after another, and instantly she was stripped naked.

And seeing Yu Feng’s that slightly quivering **, Long Yi was very impatient to eat her. But just then, from the corner of his eyes, he suddenly saw a piece of red jade lying on the golden hair behind the jade neck of Yu Feng. Because Yu Feng was lying this jade had slid to her nape. Long Yi startled, then reaching out his hand, he picked this warm red jade. The shape of this jade immediately stunned him, as this jade unexpectedly had……exactly the same shape as Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade.

Yu Feng had closed her eyes waiting for her sweetheart’s kiss and caress, but even after waiting for a while for the arrival of that divine moment, her sweetheart however suddenly became mute, so she opened her eyes in confusion, and saw he was holding her Phoenix Jade and was watching it in a daze.

“Long Yi, what’s going on? Does that Phoenix Jade looks better than me?” Yu Feng waved her hand in front of the eyes of Long Yi and said in dissatisfaction. She however had waited for this day for a very long time.

Long Yi came back to his senses, but still holding this red jade, he asked with stern countenance: “Feng’er, where did you obtain this Phoenix Jade?”

Seeing the rare serious expression of Long Yi, Yu Feng knew that he must have found something important, so she stopped that little girl mood, then taking off this Phoenix Jade from her neck, she handed over to Long Yi and said: “Phoenix Jade is my most important thing after my mother gave it to me. They say this Phoenix Jade is the keepsake of our Phoenix clan, moreover, because of it, I was able to persist in Origin Ice for so long at that time.”

Long Yi couldn’t help but recall the first time he had seen Yu Feng, at that time, she was wearing an ornament which emitted powerful fire magic energy, and he didn’t understand why she was wearing a magic accessory even though she was a Swords Master.

It seems that fire magic accessory he had sensed at that time was this Phoenix Jade or calling it Raging Flames Jade was more appropriate.

“On that day in Kaifeng city, why didn’t I see it?” Long Yi confusedly asked. That night, they almost had intimate **, but because of the sudden intrusion of Phoenix Matriarch, they had to stop at the final moment. But at that time, he didn’t notice this Raging Flames Jade hanging on the neck of Long Yi.

Yu Feng thought for a bit and said: “That night when I and my mother were chatting in the room, the Phoenix Jade suddenly send out a red light, but it disappeared immediately afterwards, so my mother took it to study it for the time being. As a result, I was not wearing it when I came to your room.”

“So, it was like that.” Long Yi nodded his head, then he suddenly recalled that he had taken out both Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade earlier on that night to study them. Could it be that the changes on Raging Flames Jade had occurred due to his action?

“Boy, you are truly lucky enough, now with this Raging Flames Jade, god beast Fire Qilin’s strength will increase by several times.” Just at that time, a voice resounded within the sea of consciousness of Long Yi.

“Hey buddy, from next time, please greet me first when you are here, okay? Don’t you know I am in the process of carrying out an important matter of mankind?” Long Yi wasn’t angry, but he immediately used the quilt to wrap the naked charming body of Yu Feng. And as for Yu Feng, she was unable to make head or tails out of this action of Long YI.

“Do you think I want to see this? I just sense the aura of Raging Flames Jade, so I came out, otherwise, even if you want me to come out, I would be too lazy to come out.” The shadow lightly snorted.

Long Yi pondered for a little while, and said within his consciousness: “Buddy…, I think you should know a little about these jades, in the end, what are the uses of these jades, I am still confused till now.”

The shadow quieted down and said after a long time: “These jades are the spirit tablets, they truly contains astonishing power within them, but I cannot tell you everything now. I’ll tell you everything after your strength reaches the certain level.”

Finished speaking, this shadow disappeared from his sea of consciousness, and even after Long Yi called out for a long time, he got no response. His strength reaches a certain level? Long Yi was somewhat confused, could it be that his current strength was still not enough? Even without relying on other things, he should be able to deal with Sword Saint without any big problem. As for that Female Sword Saint of Holy Magic Academy, Long Yi admits that he wouldn’t be able to defeat her, but Long Yi estimated that that female Sword Saint had long ago stepped out of Sword Saint realm, and perhaps had already stepped into Sword God realm. And hearing the manner of speaking of this shadow when speaking about such strength, it appeared as if Long Yi was still very far away from the level the shadow was speaking. Then what strength level should he reach to be counted as qualified? Sword God? Magic God?

“Long Yi, what happened? What problem does this Phoenix Jade has, please tell me.” Seeing Long Yi blankly staring at her Phoenix Jade, she hugged the waist of Long Yi and anxiously asked.

Long Yi sighed, and he was somewhat at a loss. After arriving in this world, one mystery after another mystery appeared before him, and now he didn’t know from where he should start handling them. After that, waving his hand, he set up a powerful barrier.

“Feng’er, if I said Phoenix Jade is the spirit tablet of Fire God, then will you believe?” Long Yi asked.

“Fire God? Spirit Tablet?” Yu Feng was somewhat shocked, but she knew that Long Yi will not shoot an arrow without a target, and since he said that, there must be his reason.

Long Yi didn’t say anything and simply took out Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade from his space ring, immediately after that, the three jades simultaneously emitted rays of light and began rotating in the air.

“Can it be that these are legendary Holy Light Jade and Dark Magic Jade that are supposed to possess infinite light magical power and dark magical power respectively?” Yu Feng being experienced and knowledgeable was able to guess the origin of those two jades.

“Correct, these are those legendary spirit tablets of Light God and Dark God respectively, and your Phoenix Jade is the spirit tablet of Fire God.” Long Yi looked at the mutually resonating three spirit tablets and said slowly.

“Our Phoenix clan has faith in Fire God, but I didn’t expect that the spirit tablet of Fire God is unexpectedly Phoenix Jade, this truly is too unbelievable.” Yu Feng muttered.

Long Yi looked at Yu Feng for a long time, then decided to tell her everything. Now she was his woman, but she still didn’t know the matter of him being a dark magician as well as a necromancer. He wondered how she would react after she knew these matters.

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“Feng’er, I wonder how you regard the dark magic?” Long Yi suddenly asked.

Yu Feng was stunned for a bit, she didn’t understand why Long Yi suddenly asked such question. But she still answered honestly: “I have never come into contact with dark magic, but I heard the people who cultivate dark magic are cruel and ferocious in nature, moreover, they sell their soul to Dark God to obtain power.”

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Long Yi made a wry smile, what else should expect in this continent which was enveloped in the radiance of Light God? Some people believed in dark magic just like the people believe in light magic, but was there any difference between the people casting dark magic and other magic? Perhaps some dark magicians used dark magic to do many evil deeds, but this was not a big problem, as weren’t there also many scums that cultivate light magic that did many evil deeds under the banner of Light God.

Yu Feng noticed the expression of Long Yi and with her heart suddenly tightening, she exclaimed in surprise: “Long Yi, can it be that you…you are also……”

Long Yi shrugged his shoulder, then a black light flashed on his hand as he threw Corrosion Magic towards a chair beside their bed. After that, the chair instantly turned into a pile of black water.

“You guessed it right, I also cultivate dark magic, do you think I am a cruel, bloodthirsty and inhuman person?” Long Yi stared straight at the eyes of Yu Feng and said.

Yu Feng was surprised in her heart, then holding Long Yi, she shook her head, and thinking Long Yi will hate her because of her earlier response, she anxiously said: “No, even if the people of the entire world says otherwise, I will always believe in you. I don’t know about other people, but I know that you are definitely not like that.”

Long Yi became happy in his heart, and he took Yu Feng into his bosom with a smile.

And Yu Feng, placing her chin on the shoulder of Long Yi, muttered: “Just a moment ago, I was really afraid that you won’t want me anymore, but now I am actually very happy. You telling me such a big secret, I really am very happy.”

“Well, among my women who are not dark magicians, Feng’er, you are the first one to know this secret.” Long Yi said with a smile, other than Leng Youyou and Feng Ling, Yu Feng really was the first girl he had told this secret.

Having heard what was said, Yu Feng was pleasantly surprised, didn’t this explain that she had an extremely important place in the heart of Long Yi. One should know that, in Blue Waves Continent, all the people had maximum prejudice against all dark magician, still, her sweetheart told her such a life and death secret. This moved her greatly.

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