Chapter 236: First time, the true might of Phoenix Douqi

Three spirit tablets floated in midair, and three colored, black, white and red, radiances shone against each other as if they wanted to seep into each other, and this as if hazy neon lights illuminated Long Yi and Yu Feng.

With the action of Yu Feng, the affection of Long Yi got even denser. And this moment, under the illumination of the magnificent radiance of spirit tablets, the atmosphere of this room became ambiguous. Now, Yu Feng was also passionate, no matter if it was her body or her mentality, all of them had already reached the peak. She began to squirm restlessly in the bosom of Long Yi and her aura also became incomparably passionate. After getting interrupted several times just a moment ago, the accumulation of ** made her body become very sensitive.

“Feng’er, I……”

Before Long Yi could finish speaking, Yu Feng pushed down Long Yi on the bed and interrupted his words with her fragrant lips. Now, she no longer wanted to listen, just desired to become his woman.

How could Long Yi be willing to be pushed down by a woman, he naturally revolted and easily changed their offense and defense positions. He was a veteran of such battlefield, so he naturally understood the feeling of Yu Feng. As a result, he put aside the matter of summoning Fire Qilin for the time being.

Now, Yu Feng was very passionate as if fire, her little hands began to tear the clothing of Long Yi. She loved skinship without any obstruction, so she naturally hated this layer of clothing which were in her way.

Feeling the eagerness of Yu Feng, Long Yi quickly took off all his clothing, and finally, both of them were stark naked together. Long Yi sucked Yu Feng’s that delicate ** while his hands were simultaneously moving around her body. One moment, his hands would climb hills and mountains, and another moment, his hands would explore secret mysterious places, teasing the sensitive places of Yu Feng.

Now the entire body of Yu Feng had a layer of pink luster because of aroused passion, appearing very tempting.

Suddenly, the manly little brother of Long Yi felt tight, falling into a warm jade hand.

“Ya, it’s so hot.” Yu Feng exclaimed, still she bit her lower lips and moved her hand up and down.

The ** of Long Yi had already reached the critical point, and with the movement of Yu Feng’s little hand, he suddenly felt extreme pleasure as if a tide. He immediately spread open the thigh of Yu Feng, wanting to stick his spear into a cave, but to his great surprise, Yu Feng however firmly held his little brother without letting it go.

“Feng’er, stop playing.” Long Yi immediately teased the private parts of Yu Feng, making her grasp for breathing.

“No, don’t play a dirty trick.” Yu Feng curiously looked at the very large thing in her hand and said. She was truly curious about how a soft little thing suddenly changed into this scary appearance in a moment?

Long Yi however was unable to bear, so he immediately teased the sensitive places of Yu Feng with both of his hands, making her body to go limp all of a sudden, and her grip also loosened.

After that, Long Yi pushed down Yu Feng, and just when he wanted to take action, Yu Feng opened her eyes and hugging the neck of Long Yi, she whispered in his ear: “A bit gently. You are so big, so be sure to not break Feng’er.”

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The heart of Long Yi softened, and his movement also got gentler. But since this was her first night, the pain was unavoidable. When Long Yi finally tore open that layer of a membrane which symbolized chastity, the tears of Yu Feng also flowed down as if in the commemorate of her transforming into a woman from a girl.

Several flowers bloomed and fell, letting the pleasant sensation of both heart and body of two people reach the pinnacle. In the complete harmony, the feelings of these two people obtained a qualitative sublimation. Sex and love were completely inalienable, when the feelings reached a certain level, sex would naturally occur. And having sex in love let the people in love with each other achieve a perfect agreement in spiritual and physical level.

Yu Feng was lazily lying on the bosom of Long Yi, and her long and slender jade finger was subconsciously making a circle on his chest. This seemed to be a kind of subconscious action of girls after the joyous event of love, but Long Yi didn’t understand what this represents.

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“Feng’er, why aren’t you resting?” Long Yi gently bit the earlobe of Yu Feng and said.

“I’m not sleepy. Although my body is aching and also limp, but my spirit is very energetic. Probably because I’m too happy.” Yu Feng mischievously fiddled Long Yi’s that very soft and small ** and said with a smile.

“Happy? Weren’t you still shedding tears because of pain just now?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Yes, I am very happy. I finally became your woman, and also finally given you my everything, hereafter, you have to bear me for the lifetime, so from now on,  I can sleep peacefully, aren’t these enough for me to be happy?” Yu Feng giggled and used her tongue to tease Long Yi’s **.

“Don’t tease, ignite I, your husband’s fire and I will not let you go even if you beg for mercy.” The little brother of Long Yi was again ready to make trouble due to the teasing of Yu Feng, but he knew that Yu Feng had just had her first time, and she wouldn’t be able to endure another round of his conquest, so he warned her.

Yu Feng smiled and didn’t dare to tease again. If she let Long Yi attack again, she feared she would have to stay in the bed for ten to fifteen days to recover.

“Feng’er, how long will you stay in Soaring Dragon City?” Long Yi asked. He was unwilling to separate from the beauty he was holding in his bosom.

“Roughly for half a month, and I have to tell you, now, I have to take care of basically all the matters of Phoenix clan, now you say, isn’t Feng’er amazing?” Yu Feng said, showing off her achievement to her sweetheart.

“Of course, my darling Feng’er is amazing, is the most amazing woman in this world.” Long Yi praised with a smile.

“That’s natural, whose wife do you think I am?” Yu Feng proudly said leaning on the bosom of Long Yi.

Long Yi smiled and lightly patted the buttocks of Yu Feng.

“My husband, after I return from Soaring Dragon City, I will be going to Flames Mountain with my mother. Mother said that that place hides many things left behind by Raging Flames Villa, and perhaps we might also find the secret manual with a complete record of Phoenix Douqi.” Yu Feng said.

“What? The current Phoenix Douqi of your Phoenix clan isn’t complete?” Long Yi asked curiously.

“M-hm, mother said that our Phoenix Douqi was called Raging Flames Douqi in those days, and it was divided into two fractions and three ranks. After the conflict of Raging Flames Villa and Ice Palace, only rank 1 of one fraction was passed down to us. Mother said that if we are able to train in rank 3 version, then as a Great Swords Master, we can achieve the strength of Sword God.” Yu Feng said with yearning complexion.

At this time, Long Yi suddenly recalled that picket leader of Violent Dragon Legion, Chou Fu, whom he had a match with. The property of his douqi was very similar to the property of Phoenix Douqi, so he asked: “Feng’er, after that great war of your Raging Flames Villa thousand years ago, aren’t there other people who survived?”

Yu Feng shook her head: “I also don’t know, but mother said that only we possess the bloodline of Raging Flames Villa now.”

“A few days ago, in Violent Dragon Legion, I met a person who used douqi that was very similar to Phoenix Douqi, moreover, the might of his douqi seemed even stronger.” Long Yi said.

“Really? Was that person a man or a woman?” Yu Feng asked in surprise.

“Man.” Long Yi answered.

“Man? But our Phoenix Douqi is only suitable for women, unless……” While speaking, Yu Feng suddenly opened her eyes wide, and suddenly jumped up from the bosom of Long Yi.

“Aiyo, Feng’er, do you want to end your good sex life today?” Long Yi shouted in pain.

“What happened?” Yu Feng lowered her head and asked nervously.

“Look where you are stepping on.” Long Yi creased his eyebrows and said in extreme pain. Naturally, the greater part was only acting.

Yu Feng looked towards her leg, ah……., screaming, she immediately retreated one step. As it turned out she was unexpectedly stepping on Long Yi’s family jewels. She naturally knew the importance of that place of a male and was really afraid that her step might have ruined it, so she immediately squatted down and used her little hands to hold it, and then after caressing and blowing, she directly placed it inside her mouth.

With such stimulation, how could the little brother of Long Yi not show any changes?

“Fortunately, there is no problem.” Seeing the little brother of Long Yi was standing normally, Yu Feng patted her chest in relief.

“Little fox-spirit, do you truly want to take your husband’s life?” Long Yi pulled Yu Feng into his bosom, then forcibly suppressing his fire of lust, he whispered.

“Hee hee, I am a little fox spirit, only my husband’s little fox spirit.” Yu Feng said with a smile while thinking that the teachings of her mother were correct. One should use every small means to charm a man.

The words of Yu Feng suddenly made Long Yi recall the little fox Bertha and that coquettish and enchanting Mea Empress of Mea Principality, those two really were……peerless great beauty. But Long Yi didn’t think about them for too long and recalling he had interrupted Yu Feng while she was speaking, he asked: “You were saying unless what?”

“What I mean is, unless there are other descends of Raging Flames Villa. In those times, Raging Flames Douqi were divided into two factions, one was suitable for a female to cultivate, and the remaining one was suitable for a male to cultivate. I think the person you are talking about might be from another faction of Raging Flames Villa.” Yu Feng said.

Long Yi nodded his head, but at that time when he had asked Chou Fu whether he was related to Phoenix clan or not, Chou Fu however had resolutely said that he didn’t have any relation with Phoenix clan.

“My husband, if it is not too much, then can you let me meet with this person?” Yu Feng asked.

“Fine, I’ll take you to meet him when I get a chance.” Long Yi promised her, but he was not too optimistic about their meeting, as from the tone and reaction of Chou Fu, it seemed he didn’t have any good opinion of Phoenix clan.

At this time, the sky outside was already bright. Since there was a heavy snowfall last night, everything was covered with snow. In the streets, people were frequently cheering in a pleasant surprise, as, for Violent Dragon Empire, it was very rare for a snowfall, and snowfall was the auspicious sign too. So with a harvest festival coming very soon, this was a very good omen.

Yu Feng looked at the window covered in frost as well as the roof covered with a thick layer of snow of the opposite building, and suddenly said: “My husband, let’s make a snowman.”

“Snowman? But when we were in Origin Ice, why didn’t you make it there?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“At that time, I was about to freeze to death, how can I have the thoughts of making a snowman? My husband, please.” Yu Feng sat up, and shaking the arm of Long Yi, she acted coquettishly. And seeing the swaying jade breasts of Yu Feng, Long Yi drooled.

“Alright, aren’t I agreeing with you? Dress up first, then I will summon fire god beast Fire Qilin and look at his reaction.” Long Yi was unable to defend the coquettish offense of Yu Feng and was forced to agree.

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