Chapter 237: Super Snowman

Long Yi and Yu Feng finished putting on their clothing. Long Yi wore creamy white silk gown as before, and Yu Feng also wore her signature fiery red skintight leather armor.

“My husband, don’t you feel Feng’er has become more beautiful today?” Looking at the beautiful reflection on the magic mirror, Yu Feng asked in surprise, as she shouldn’t have this kind of demeanor.

Long Yi mischievously smiled, then hugging Yu Feng from the back, he said: “Of course, you have become beautiful, furthermore, you will become more and more beautiful hereafter. With I, your husband moistening you every day hereafter, Feng’er will definitely become an unrivaled great beauty.”

“Hateful, didn’t you say you were summoning fire god beast Fire Qilin?” Yu Feng rolled her eyes and said, but in her heart, she was indistinctly looking forward.

Long Yi nodded his head, then looking at those three spirit tablets still floating in the air, he silently chanted the incantation, then with a flash of red light from the blood-colored skull mark in the palm of his left hand, Fire Qilin, Violent Lightning Beast, tiger cub Little Three, 18 super skeletons as well as 5 Seven baleful puppets appeared simultaneously in this bedroom.

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Sensing the aura of spirit tablets, Fire Qilin and tiger cub Little Three roared in unison, then those three spirit tablets floating in the air instantly separated, giving out an intense radiance. After that, Raging Flames Jade flew towards Fire Qilin, and the Dark Magic Jade as well as Holy Light Jade flew towards Little Three. Three spirit tablets emitted rays of light which enveloped two god beasts, and the power of two god beasts spread in all direction with them as the center. The things in the room began to shake and cracks began to appear. Violent Lightning Beast and others involuntarily retreated. Even the strong barrier Long Yi had laid out actually began to fluctuate. If this goes on like this, then solely their power would break the barrier of Long Yi.

“F***, spirit tablets, return. Really is the fart of immortal, they are too outstanding.” Long Yi muttered, then with a wave of his hand, the three spirit tablets fell into the hand of Long Yi, and two god beasts also changed back to their pocket-sized appearance. And together with similarly pocket-sized Violent Lightning Beast, they happily ran over to the leg of Long Yi and fawned upon him.

Seeing the affection between Long Yi and these three little fellows with terrifying combat ability, Yu Feng entered the absent-minded state. It seemed these pets of Long Yi were too universally shocking.

After a good while, Yu Feng slowly came back to her senses. She already knew about Little Three and Violent Lightning Beast, but seeing those 18 pitch-black skeletons behind Long Yi, she was frightened.

“My husband, did you also learn necromancer? Did you summon these scary skeletons?” Yu Feng pointed towards those 18 super skeletons and said.

“Yes, don’t you feel their might? Your Husband, I can summon different plane’s Corpse King too, do you want to see?” Long Yi smiled and said. He had not seen these super skeletons for a period of time, and their bone armors appeared to have gotten thicker, but he didn’t know whether that was his misconception or not.

“No, don’t, these skeletons are already scary enough, just look at that one in the front, it is holding a bloody death scythe.” Yu Feng was not accustomed to seeing these bones, and especially sensing their dark and bloody aura of death, she felt a chill in her heart.

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Long Yi turned around and seeing Long Two standing on the front, he suddenly had a strange feeling in his heart, then he subconsciously called out: “Long Two.”

Those pitch-black pupils of Long Two suddenly flashed with a red light but disappeared immediately afterward. This greatly shocked Long Yi, and a ridiculous feeling appeared in his heart, which was, Long Two seemed to have responded to his call.

“Long Two.” Long Yi called out again, but even after a long time, Long Two had no reaction.

“My Husband, are you calling this skeleton as Long Two? It doesn’t have consciousness.” Yu Feng couldn’t help saying.

Long Yi pondered and shaking his head, he asked: “Feng’er, did you saw a red light flashing in the eyes of Long Two just now?”

“Nope, there was no reaction at all.” Yu Feng strangely looked at Long Yi and said.

“No reaction, then was that just my misconception?” Long Yi pondered for a while, then gave up on thinking. Whether this was his misconception or not, he will know later for sure. In this world which was full of strange things, who said the skeletons would not give rise to consciousness?

Long Yi waved his big hand, then 5 Seven Baleful Puppets and 18 super skeletons were returned back to his dark dimension space. As for Little Three, Violent Lightning Beast and Fire Qilin, they refused to go in. Inside dark dimension space, they were bored to death, so now that they had finally come out, how could they return back without playing enough?

“If only I had brought Snowstorm Divine Marten, it would have definitely loved this snow.” Seeing three mischievously playing three god beasts, Yu Feng suddenly said.

“Oh, that’s right, I have forgotten about it, why didn’t you bring Snowstorm Divine Marten?” Long Yi asked.

“A few days ago, I don’t know what happened but it became violent and restless. It frequently attacked at random, so I brought it to a cold storage, and it loved that place. So, I left it inside, but when I went to see it later, it was unexpectedly frozen solid. Mother said that it might be evolving.” Yu Feng said with concern.

“Don’t worry, Snowstorm Divine Marten is a super magical beast, how could it easily meet with a mishap, listening to what you have said, it should be cultivating.” Long Yi hugged Yu Feng and consoled.

Leaning onto Long Yi, Yu Feng nodded her head, then suddenly seeing the sky outside was already bright, she swept clean the gloomy mood, and pulling Long Yi, she said: “My husband, let’s quickly go out and make a snowman.”

When Yu Feng came out from inside the room with Long Yi, the manager and workers had their eyes wide open in shock. To their great surprise, their Miss was intimately holding the hand of Second Young Master Ximen who was known as the most perverted person in Blue Waves Continent when walking out of her room. Didn’t this mean, last night these two people……

“This is bad, I have to send a message to Mistress as soon as possible, I can’t let this sex fiend take advantage of our Miss.” The manager muttered, then immediately commanded people to prepare ink and paper so that he could write the message to their Mistress.

At this moment, the sky outside was still somewhat cloudy, and little snowflakes were still floating down. But because of the heavy snowfall last night, the accumulated snow on the street could reach up to the ankle of a person. Many children were piling up the snow to make a snowman and some were having a snowball fight, but everyone was having a lot of fun.

Long Yi and Yu Feng found an open and spacious place. In that place, many young masters and misses were already playing in the snow. And the arrival of Long Yi and Yu Feng as well as three extremely cute little fellows immediately attracted the gaze of everyone. Everyone naturally knew the appearance of Second Young Master Ximen and also his reputation of sex fiend, so those young master and misses immediately retreated far away. Some ran away then and there, and some curiously looked at him from far away, after all, Long Yi was elegant and handsome, and had an extraordinary temperament. That handsome face accompanied with that slight smile yet not a smile expression of Long Yi possessed strong lethality towards ladies.

In fact, although their looks weren’t bad, but compared to Yu Feng beside Long Yi, they were not up to much.

“My husband, how big of a snowman are we making?” Yu Feng was very excited, and with a big smile, she asked.

“Well, your husband will make a snowman that will surpass all others of its kind before and since for you.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Yu Feng excitedly smiled looking at her sweetheart in the middle of the snow.

Long Yi walked to the middle of this open and spacious place, then emitting a powerful energy, he began to dance slowly. All the people curiously looked at Long Yi’s slow movements. They didn’t know what he was doing.

More and more onlookers began to gather, and a number of peddlers actually began to hawk in this place. Moreover, their business was unexpectedly not bad.

“Hey, let’s quickly go and see, I hear Second Young Master Ximen is flirting with a girl over there.” A passerby said to another passerby on the road.

“Hey, let’s quickly go and see, I hear Second Young Master Ximen took off the clothing of Li clan’s Miss over there. My cousin saw this personally.” Another passerby said to others.

It had to be acknowledged that the creativity of the masses was astonishing. With more and more people on that side, the rumor got more and more outrageous. Later, some people actually said that Second Young Master Ximen was raping a young girl in public on the snowland. Moreover, the status of that young girl wasn’t low and was the daughter of a certain prince.

As a result, because of Long Yi, the scene of the whole town turning out appeared in Soaring Dragon City. Watching the excitements, there were angry people and there were also people who were running everywhere shouting to add the oil.

Looking at the dense crowd around him, Long Yi was stunned. Wasn’t he just making a snowman? Why were there so many people interested? Although he was surprised in his heart, his action however wasn’t urgent but leisurely as before, for him……this kind of publicity, the more the better. Moreover, this limelight satisfied that small vanity of Yu Feng too, so what can he have against it?

Suddenly, the wind blew and the snowflakes on the ground floated. With the hands of Long Yi making circles one after another, snowstorm also began to roll up. The onlookers used their hands to cover their eyes one after another, and in their heart, they didn’t understand why such big wind appeared here all of a sudden.

At that time, in this place of Soaring Dragon City, a marvelous spectacle appeared. With Long Yi as the center, a big snowstorm tornado rose and now the figure of Long Yi was practically not visible.

The tornado rolled up and the accumulated snow on the ground began to condense in the middle. The onlookers opened their eyes, and when they saw this wonderful spectacle, they were greatly surprised and had their mouth were so wide open that practically an egg could be stuffed in their mouth. This scene was truly too spectacular.

“Wow, rape also can be made into this, admirable, Second Young Master Ximen is truly our role model.” In the distant place, a certain young master who had heard the rumor, seeing this snowstorm tornado, said with infinite admiration. At this time, he made a determination in his heart, hereafter he will do his best to become Second Young Master Ximen level sex fiend.

The width of snowstorm tornado got smaller and smaller, but its height however got higher and higher. Now it was already more than 90,000 li in height, and people could no longer see its end point.

Suddenly, that tall rotating tornado stopped with a screech. Seeing this kind of extreme movement coming to a complete stop all of a sudden, it made people particularly uncomfortable.

After that, people exclaimed in admiration one after another. The tornado stopped, but those snowflakes which were taken to the sky along with the tornado also stopped all of a sudden. Looking at it, now it was a sky-high snow-white chimney-like structure, was very beautiful.

But this kind of situation didn’t last long. A few seconds later, this snow-white chimney began to subside from the bottom to top. This scene was something that couldn’t be described with words.

Snowflakes splashed all about, but in the middle of the pile, there was a nearly 20 meters snow stack. And at that time, people discovered that all the accumulated snow on this open and spacious ground were gone, exposing the bare ground.

Hong, Long Yi jumped from the snow stack, and while sprinkling the water on the snow stack, he glided to the ground. This posture of Long Yi was extremely elegant.

Pa, pa, pa, no one knew who took the lead but everyone clapped in applause. And this clapping sound resounded as if thunder and was so loud that even Long Zhan inside the imperial palace heard it clearly.

“Reporting to Your Majesty, subordinate has already investigated it, that tornado of just now was the doing of Ximen Yu. They say that he was making a snowman that will surpass all others of its kind before and since.” An imperial guard urgently walked ran over and reported.

“What? Making a snowman? How come there is such a big movement just to make a snowman? Do all the common people have nothing to do and watch a person making a snowman? Furthermore, are you sure Ximen Yu made that tornado?” Long Zhan with solemn complexion fired a number of questions in a single breathe.

“This subordinate is also unaware, but this subordinate can use my life to vouch that that tornado was absolutely created by Ximen Yu.” The imperial guard answered with cold sweat.

Crack crack, Long Zhan clenched his hand so tightly that his bone made cracking sounds. He naturally knew how much of a catastrophe it would be if that tornado was used to attack. Could it be that that fellow was unexpectedly the legendary wind magician? This was too shocking, if they didn’t control him quickly, then this boy would definitely become his greatest threat in days to come.

But Long Yi over this side didn’t know that his this move to make a snowman had unexpectedly given a jolt of surprise all around. This moment, he was waving his hand towards the common people thinking that he might be able to change the bad impression the common people had in their heart about him by making this snowman.

“My husband, you are excellent.” The face of Yu Feng reddened due to the excitement.

Long Yi smiled, then he began to jump all around that 20 meters tall snow stack, dazzling the onlookers. Snow powders scattered in all directions and the appearance of entire snow stack slowly changed.

Time slowly passed while all the common people watching this were enjoying. Although they couldn’t clearly see what Long Yi was doing, but Long Yi’s that incomparably exquisite footwork while freely moving in the sky in itself was a kind of enjoyment. At this time, they came to realize that this good-for-nothing profligate son of rich parents of before had unexpectedly become so powerful.

In Blue Waves Continent, all people deeply respect the strong. Ximen Yu of before didn’t have any ability, and he depended on the power of his clan without having a strength of himself, so although people didn’t dare to not speak their mind, but in their heart, Long Yi was a trash without any ability. But now that Long Yi had become so powerful, moreover, hadn’t conducted any evil deeds after returning, a little change appeared in the mentality of people.

Finally, after one hour, Long Yi stopped running around and sized up the masterpiece he had created while floating.

And at this moment, the onlookers were also able to see what kind of snowman was created by Long Yi, that unexpectedly was a pair of lifelike man and woman hugging each other. Moreover, rather than it was made out of the pile of snow, it looked as if it was carved out. The man was Second Young Master Ximen, and the woman was that young girl wearing a fiery red armor. Snowman Ximen Yu’s big hands were coiled around the waist of the snowwoman young girl, and was staring straight at her. And the snowwoman young girl’s hands were around the neck of snowman Ximen Yu. She was looking at snowman Ximen Yu with tender feelings. The expression of both of them was vivid to the extreme.

Everyone was amazed looking at this huge snowman. It indeed was a snowman that surpassed all others of its kind before and since. A snowman could actually be created like this.

Long Yi floated down, and Yu Feng immediately threw herself into the bosom of Long Yi. And at that time, Yu Feng felt a murderous gaze from the midst of the crowd.

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