Chapter 239: Fierce Ximen Nu

Soon, more and more people came to watch the excitement, simply becoming a sea of people. Yu Feng once again looked at that huge snow sculpture, then looking at Long Yi, she said: “My husband, there are too many people, let’s go back.”

Long Yi nodded his head, then hugging the slender waist of Yu Feng, they flew as if a roc, instantly disappearing from the view of all people.

Very quickly, two people appeared in front of Ximen residence.

“My husband, are you going to take me to your house?” Yu Feng said feeling somewhat embarrassed. The visit of yesterday was one thing, but today her sweetheart was personally bringing her his home, so the significance of this visit was certainly different.

“Yes, I am taking you to meet my mother, she will definitely like you.” Long Yi said with a smile. He really didn’t know that Yu Feng was late yesterday because she was waiting for him to return at Ximen residence.

“Actually, I have already met her yesterday.” Yu Feng said.

“Meet? How was it? Was my mother good to you?” Long Yi asked with interest.

The beautiful face of Yu Feng became red, and she replied in a low voice: “M-hm, your mother was very good to me, moreover, she is very beautiful, so beautiful that I feel inferior.”

Long Yi smirked and spanking the pert buttocks of Yu Feng, he said: “Silly girl, you are also equally good. Let’s go down.”

When two people just landed in the courtyard in front of the hall of Ximen residence, Dongfang Wan happened to be waiting for him with two maids.

“Stupid boy, why are you in a daze? Still not bringing Feng’er inside the house.” Dongfang Wan had naturally seen the good play of his son, and she sighed in her heart. Her son’s womanizing techniques had truly risen. With this kind of skill, which girl could escape the reach of his hand? But thinking like this was merely thinking. She as his mother was very proud of him.

Long Yi smiled and enter the hall holding the little hand of Yu Feng, then comfortably sat on the sofa. But Yu Feng kept on standing and feeling restless, she refused to sit, so Long Yi just held her waist and pull her down. Yu Feng exclaimed in surprise and involuntarily sat on the thigh of Long Yi.

“My husband, don’t……don’t do this.” Yu Feng said in a panic, and her beautiful face became so red that it appeared as if blood would start dripping at any time. She had never expected Long Yi would be so mischievous in front of Dongfang Wan, so she struggled to stand up.

“Yu’er, don’t be mischievous, still not letting go of Feng’er.” Dongfang Wan reprimand him, but the corner of her mouth was slightly raised.

“Mother, although Feng’er is your daughter-in-law, you also cannot be too partial, otherwise your son’s heart will be imbalanced.” Long Yi smiled and made Yu Feng sit beside him, but his big hand still held onto her waist. He was happy in his heart, as his mother appeared to be very satisfied with Yu Feng.

Dongfang Wan rolled her eyes, she truly could do nothing about this son of hers.

After three people chatted for a little while, Yu Feng gradually relaxed, then she and Dongfang Wan began chatting among themselves, leaving Long Yi to dry in the air on one side.

While chatting, Ximen Nu suddenly came back. Dongfang Wan hurriedly stopped the conversation and stood up to welcome.

“Lord, why are you back so early today?” Dongfang Wan asked gently.

Dongfang Nu snorted but didn’t reply, then he turned towards Long Yi and Yu Feng.

Yu Feng nervously greeted with courtesy: “Phoenix clan’s Yu Feng greet uncle.”

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Ximen Nu nodded his head and finally spoke towards Long Yi: “Yu’er, come with me to the study.”

Long Yi agreed, then he said to Yu Feng: “Feng’er, accompany my mother to chat here, I will return quickly.”

After entering the study, Ximen Nu heavily slammed on the table and said angrily: “You stupid kid, you truly don’t know the height of the heavens or the depth of the earth. Now, when our Ximen clan is in the state where the wind and the waves are highest, you however don’t know how to stay hidden, and instead are attracting the attention of everyone in the Soaring Dragon City.”

Long Yi nevertheless was fearless and said with a smile: “Calm down, father, your child thought that it was still not too late to stay hidden after showing off today. You also know the impression of common people towards me, so I seize this opportunity for a strong debut, conveniently reversing my image, isn’t this killing two birds with one stone?”

Ximen Nu walked over and sat behind the desk. He was very gratified with the strength Long Yi showed today, merely he was afraid that with all people focusing on Long Yi, Long Yi might get into trouble in the future.

“Since the matters have already concluded, there is nothing that could be done, but hereafter, think thrice before you act, don’t let other people grasp your strength, after all the opportune time to rise in rebellion has yet to come, restrain yourself as much as possible.” Ximen Nu said.

Restrain myself? Long Yi smiled in his heart. He thought that this was basically not necessary, as Long Zhan, that old fox was sure to know as much intelligence on him as Ximen Nu knows. Moreover, Long Zhan definitely understood a number of his behavior like the palm of his hand.

“By the way, what do you think about that matter of your sister-in-law?” Ximen Nu muttered to himself then asked after a little while.

In front of Ximen Nu, Long Yi didn’t have any misgivings, and he directly said: “I think sister-in-law and that shadow definitely have some kind of relation, in short, we should send someone to completely monitor sister-in-law.”

Ximen Nu nodded his head, and habitually rubbing his beard, he said: “Yes, I also think so, not only your sister-in-law, even your big brother should be monitored.”

“Big brother? I don’t think the big brother would do anything that would harm our clan.” Long Yi said. Although Ximen Tian was strongly attached to material gains, but Long Yi could see that he was still very conscientious towards Ximen clan.

“I know this, but I am afraid that your sister-in-law might have already poisoned and bewitched Tian’er, and he might be used by er without his knowledge. If not for uncovering the people behind her, I would have already made her disappear from this world.” Ximen Nu coldly said with murderous intention.

Long Yi felt cold in his heart, his this father was really ruthless. Even in the circumstance where the clear evidence was absent, he spoke about killing his daughter-in-law. And listening to his tone, Long Yi was sure that he would do as he said.

“Furthermore, Nalan Empire has already sent a group of envoy to Soaring Dragon City to discuss the matter of dispatching troops. And Proud Moon Empire is also frequently showing their goodwill towards us. I heard they are also sending a diplomatic group in next two days. It seems they also know the consequence of being attacked by two empires. Yu’er, go and select 15,000 military forces tomorrow and formally assume your position. Now the situation is already at the critical juncture, there absolutely shouldn’t be any negligence.” Ximen Nu said with a stern countenance.

“I think this measure of Proud Moon Empire is merely stalling for time. As far as I know, the offensive of Proud Moon Empire towards Nalan Empire is getting more and more intense. After subjugating Nalan Empire, the next one is definitely our Violent Dragon Empire.” After thinking for a bit, Long Yi said.

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“Yes, Long Zhan is also very clear on this point, so there is no need to worry about this.” Ximen Nu said and a slightly strange smile appeared on his face. That was a kind of scheming smile.

Long Yi naturally perceived this, but he was unable to guess what Ximen Nu was thinking for the time being.

“Well, you can go now. Tonight there is a banquet in the imperial palace, don’t be late.” Ximen Nu said.

“Okay, father.” Long Yi answered and walked out. But he however kept on thinking about that strange smile on the face of his father, and his intuition told him that Ximen Nu was definitely scheming something.

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