Chapter 240: Imperial Banquet (Part one)

Yu Feng and Dongfang Wan happily talked with each other without any willy-nilly cater. Dongfang Wan had already started to treat Yu Feng as her own daughter. And now that Yu Feng managed the greater part of her clan’s matters, regardless of experience or abilities, she was more capable compared to the similarly aged girls, which was also one of the reasons Dongfang Wan liked her.

After the conversation came to the end, she again entangled crazily with Long Yi, then left first. Although the primary objective of Yu Feng in coming to Soaring Dragon City was to meet her sweetheart, but there were still many other things that she needed to deal with, besides, Long Yi and family would go to imperial palace to attend a banquet, and her title was not enough to attend this imperial banquet.

At dusk, the radiance of setting sun along with rosy clouds rendered the entire world magnificent. At this time, the nightlife of Soaring Dragon City officially started. As the first-rate commercial and cultural center of Blue Waves Continent, Soaring Dragon City’s nightlife was very colorful. The banks of Golden Dragon River which ran through the middle of the city was the most densely populated place at night, there were various kinds of vendor’s stall wherever one looked. If one finished eating and have a leisure time, then coming to this place to stroll around the night market, or, inviting several good friends to sit on the meadow and chat idly about the world could be regarded as a kind of extremely good way to pass the time.

If one had few spare cash in one’s pocket, then he could go to the brothel and listen to the songs of the prostitutes, and naturally, if one fancied a girl, then he could also have sexual intercourse without any restraint for the night.

And high society also naturally have recreational methods of high society, such as drinking party, banquet and even ** party. There was a great variety, and as long as you have a high status, every night, this kind of activity was indispensable.

The imperial banquet was the highest grade banquet in Soaring Dragon City, the atmosphere was generous and free with only upper-class official attending it, and they could also take along their wife and children to participate. Furthermore, this royal banquet was also called match-making banquet, because many people would hook up in this banquet. There must be many alliances among the big clans and the surest way for the alliance was forming an alliance by marriage. Therefore, there were many people who seize this opportunity to bring out their golden daughters and sons, so that they could interact freely, in any case, all the participants of imperial banquet were the person of high status, and they also didn’t need to fear that their sons and daughters would get involve with lower status household.

Long Yi wore moon white colored silk gown with golden color on the edges, and with his black hair tied on the back, he appeared more refined and also somewhat wild, moreover, with his signature smile hanging on his face as well as that indescribable temperament, he truly looked like a noble son above the mortal world.

Dongfang Wan was satisfied looking at her son, and said with a smile: “Yu’er, tonight you will definitely charm many Misses of big clans.”

Long Yi smiled and replied: “Of course, whose son do you think I am?”

Dongfang Kexin immediately beamed with joy. Now, her son looked so handsome and was also capable. She was endlessly proud to be his mother.

After that, sitting in a luxurious carriage with the emblem of Ximen clan, they headed towards the palace.

With regarding the imperial palace, Long Yi wasn’t unfamiliar. Ximen Yu seemed to have come to imperial palace many times, so other than the inner palace, he seemed to be very familiar with the entire palace.

The banquet was held in Imperial Garden. When Long Yi arrived, there was already the hubbub of voices, and several people wearing gorgeous clothing, gathering in three to five groups, were chatting with each other. What attracted the attention of Long Yi the most was, those beautiful Misses with elegant temperament. After that, on one side, he enjoyed their beauty and on the other hand, he graded them in his heart. Although their outward appearance was pretty good but compared to Long Ling’er and his little sister Ximen Wuhen, they were still far behind.

And seeing Ximen Nu had arrived, many people surrounded and began to greet them with courtesy.

And as for Ximen Nu, on one hand, he greeted them back and on the other hand, he introduced Long Yi. And for Long Yi, this kind of socializing was certainly not a problem.

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After Long Yi made that huge snowman in the morning, there was already no one that dared to look down on this profligate son of rich parents of former days, they immediately flattered him continuously, making Long Yi a heavenly genius that was not seen in tens of thousands of years.

As a matter of fact, with regarding the information of each official, and whether they were siding with Ximen clan or following Emperor Long Zhan, Long Yi clearly knew this in his heart. Moreover, these officials also understood that Ximen clan and Emperor Long Zhan were opposing.

After completing the introduction with difficulty, Ximen Nu went to the side of his close officials, and Dongfang Wan mixed with a group of upper-class women. As for Long Yi, since he found the chance to be alone, he shuttled back and forth in the Imperial Garden. He would often pick up several pieces of exquisite pastry and threw them into his mouth as if he really didn’t know that he was already the center of everybody’s attention.

This moment, Long Yi was different from the original Ximen Yu. After that matter of morning, many ladies’ favorable impression of Long Yi had shot up greatly, so frequently there were some somewhat good looking Misses pretending to be carelessly passing by him and drop their handkerchief or vermilion hairpin in front of him, trying to attract his attention. Long Yi naturally being a refined and cultivated gentleman would pick them up and return them to the Misses who dropped them, making the maiden heart of these Misses to skip a beat. But, after returning them, he would gracefully turn away, truly arousing love and also hate.

At that time, Long Yi suddenly saw 10 to 20 noble sons surrounding and doing everything to please the three girls. And among those three girls, he recognized two, one was Nangong Xiangyun, and the other was Dongfang Kexin, as for the final one, he didn’t recognize her. She was wearing a black tuxedo, and she looked proud and aloof just like a black swan. She had a light make up on her face, arched eyebrows and autumn eyes, but her expression was indifferent, basically treating these noble sons as a thin air.

Long Yi thought for a bit, and he seemed to have a little impression of this young girl, but he wasn’t able to remember at this moment. And hearing the few dialogues of these noble sons, he heard them calling her Miss Beitang, and Long Yi immediately recalled this young girl. This young girl should be the eldest Miss of Beitang clan, Beitang Yu. She rarely makes an appearance in public.

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As if she sensed the gaze of Long Yi, Beitang Yu slightly turned her head and looked, then her indifferent eyes slightly flickered, but immediately afterward, they reverted back to indifference, and no longer looked at Long Yi.

At this time, Nangong Xiangyun and Dongfang Kexin also noticed Long Yi, but the action of these two people was somewhat not too normal. Dongfang Kexin didn’t run over to haunt him as she used to, instead happily chatted with the noble sons beside her. And as for Nangong Xiangyun, she looked at him with complicated expression, then ignoring him, she also just chatted with someone else.

Long Yi frowned, then shaking his head, he smiled. He didn’t feel like speaking to them, so just picking up a cup of wine, he turned and walked away. But just after he turned away, both Nangong Xiangyun and Dongfang Kexin looked at his tall and upright back view.

Long Yi recalled that there was a man-made small lake in the Imperial Garden, and seeing the time was still early and there was still time before Emperor Long Zhan arrives and officially start the banquet, he decided to go to the small lake to have a rest.

Just when Long Yi arrived at the lake, suddenly a deep and resounding voice resounded: “Ximen Yu, long time no see.”

Long Yi turned around and saw a man wearing bright yellow clothing and also wearing a golden crown on his head. And holding a very beautiful young woman in his bosom, he had an indescribable smile on his face looking at Long Yi.

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