Chapter 241: Imperial Banquet (Part two)

The gaze of Long Yi flashed, then with a slight smile, he said: “The elegance of Your Highness the Crown Prince is still as strong as before.”

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“It has already been more than two years since I last saw you, and you seem to have already distance yourself from me. Before you used to address me as ‘brother’.” This young man said with a smile, then letting go of the bewitchingly charming girl on his bosom, he walked straight to the front of Long Yi.

The memory of Long Yi surged as if the tide. This young man was the fifth son of Long Zhan, Long Ying, was also the reigning Crown Prince. He was merely three years older than Ximen Yu, and he always had a modest and courteous smile on his face, moreover, he had great skill to handle women, so he was known as a passionate prince in those days. According to the memory, Long Ying seemed to treat Ximen Yu very nicely. He would often slip out from the palace and fool around with Ximen Yu, moreover, he taught Ximen Yu many ways to handle women, but Ximen Yu never learned Long Ying’s gentle and soft sentimental, but finally learned his “Girl Controlling Divine Magic”. In the memory of Ximen Yu, Ximen Yu treated Long Ying more closely than his own blood big brother, moreover, Long Ying also had helped him to escape punishment many times.

“I used to be insensible before, if I have offended Your Highness the Crown Prince in any way, then please forgive me.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Long Ying sized up Long Yi for a long time, then sighing, he said: “You have truly changed, when I heard other people saying this, in the beginning, I didn’t believe them, but now, I cannot not believe them.”

Long Yi smiled and didn’t answer. He was no longer the former Ximen Yu, even if there were still some feelings, he and Long Ying would always be on opposing sides. Moreover, as a crown prince, there was no reason for Long Ying to not know about the surging undercurrent between Long clan and Ximen clan.

After that, Long Ying instructed his woman to return, then turning around, he said: “Let us brother chat about the former days, although you are no longer calling me brother, but in my heart, you are still my brother.”

Long Yi remained silent. The tone of Long Ying was sincere, but speaking such words at this critical juncture, either he was stupid or he had another purpose. Long Yi couldn’t help but become suspicious.

Both of them went to the lakeside and stood. Facing gentle breeze under the silver moonlight, they truly looked like brothers.

“That time, I truly had never thought that you will put your hands on Ling’er.” Long Ying suddenly opened his mouth, suddenly speaking about the matter that had occurred just after Long Yi had arrived in this world.

Long Yi was startled and said with a wry smile: “I had also never thought.”

“At that time, even I was so angry that I wanted to kill you, do you know how long Ling’er suffered because of that?” Long Ying indifferently said.

“Don’t you want to kill me now?” Long Yi asked a question in reply, and his tone was similarly indifferent.

Long Ying looked at Long Yi and said: “I know about the matter of you and Ling’er in Mea Holy Magic Academy. Now that Ling’er is happy, I will naturally bless you.”

Long Yi frowned, was Ling’er truly happy? Now she was pretending to not know the open strife and veiled struggle between Long clan and Ximen clan. But this situation would definitely develop into a direct confrontation, at that time, what would she do?

“With your blessing, will I and Linger truly be happy?” Long Yi lowered his voice.

The expression of Long Ying instantly became fierce, then slowly turning towards Long Yi, he faintly said: “You should leave Soaring Dragon City, take Ling’er and go as far away as possible, the farther the better, there are some things that are better if you do not intervene.”

“Leave? Then what about my matters? If I asked you to leave, will you leave?” Long Yi looked at the moon and said indifferently.

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“I……I will not.” Long Ying softly said.

For a moment, both of them fell into silence. Long Ying was able to suppress four elder brothers to seize the position of crown prince, naturally, he wasn’t an ordinary person. But, he truly had a bit of comradeship towards Ximen Yu. The imperial palace’s rule was strict, the prince and princess were not allowed to go out of imperial place without the permission of the Emperor, at that time, he greatly yearned for the outside life. One day, when imperial palace held the banquet, he met Ximen Yu who was three years younger than him. In those days, Ximen Yu was already absolutely lawless, but although he was notorious for his misdeeds, he valued personal friendship. Both of them immediately hit it off well right from the start, and with the wicked ideas of Ximen Yu, he successfully slipped out from the palace and played outside to an extreme degree. And with the first time, there naturally was second time too, and especially after the time when both of them sneaked out of the city, they accidentally met a robber, and at that time, Ximen Yu blocked the knife for Long Ying, and after that time, he began to treat Ximen Yu as younger brother from the bottom of his heart.

“Ximen Yu, will you really not leave? As long as you leave Violent Dragon Empire, I can guarantee your safety.” Long Ying couldn’t help but persuade again.

“There will come a day when I will leave, but that is definitely not now.” Long Yi shook his head looking at Long Ying. He had never expected Ximen Yu to have such friend. As a crown prince, Long Ying saying this much was already him doing what was possible to help. Being a person of the merciless imperial clan, being able to do this much was already the limit of Long Ying.

Long Ying placed his big hand on the shoulder of Long Yi, then with his eyes becoming fierce again and emitting a majestic aura, he coldly said: “Never mind, if it really comes to this, then I will not show mercy.”

“We both are in the same boat, Your Highness the Crown Prince, you should also be careful.” Long Yi wasn’t willing to retreat here and looked directly at the threatening eyes of Long Ying.

“His Majesty has arrived.” At this time, a sharp voice suddenly resounded.

Long Ying patted the shoulder of Long Yi, then turning around, he went towards the place where the banquet was being held. And after that, those several auras that were locked on to Long Yi also disappeared.

After that, looking at the back view of Long Ying under the moonlight, Long Yi revealed a strange smile, and muttered: “I didn’t expect such experts around him, this world truly has hidden dragon and crouching tiger.”

When Long Yi arrived in the crowd, Long Zhan had just finished the routine speech. This moment, the banquet started officially.

Dinner was inside the hall which was located at one corner of Imperial Garden. And after everybody had entered the hall, imperial maids as if butterflies shuttled back and forth with fine wine and delicacies.

The royal banquet of Violent Dragon Empire was not so strict like the banquet of Long Yi’s original world’s ancient empires. The atmosphere of this banquet was very relaxed, basically didn’t need to scruple due to the presence of the emperor.

Long Yi with the status of young master of Ximen clan naturally sat on the location of four great clans. And this place being the dining table for young masters and misses, he naturally encountered Nangong Xiangyun, her brothers and sisters as well as Dongfang Kexin, and of course Beitang Yu and her big brother Beitang Duo of Beitang clan.

Nangong Xiangyun and Dongfang Kexin still ignored Long Yi, and Long Yi would naturally not use his hot face to warm their cold buttocks.

“I heard Second Young Master Ximen made a 20 meters high snowman to please a beauty in the morning. I greatly admire you for this, this cup is in the respect to you.” Beitang Duo smiled and standing up carrying a wine cup, he said.

Long Yi was surprised in his heart. He had heard that the eldest son of Beitang clan had always been handling the affairs of the army, and was a reserved person, but the words and deeds of today were too different from what he had heard.

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