Chapter 242: Imperial Banquet (Part three)

Long Yi also raised his wine cup and lightly bumped it with the wine cup of Beitang Duo, but in his heart, various kinds of thoughts were circulating. Beitang clan was one of the four major clans, and they usually maintained a neutral position, always keeping a certain distance from other three major clans. Moreover, the descendants of Beitang clan also didn’t have any dealings with the descendants of other three major clans. From his memory, Long Yi knew that Beitang Duo was a very proud and aloof man, but how come his character suddenly changed today?

Long Yi suppressed the doubts in his heard and drank this cup of wine, then slightly turning around his head, he looked towards not distant dining table where the patriarchs of four major clans were seated. At this time, patriarch of Beitang clan, Beitang Xiong was talking with his father Ximen Nu with familiar expression. This kind of attitude was unprecedented before.

Could it be……Beitang clan had a mind to join Ximen clan? Jointly advance and retreat? Long Yi thought in his heart. After that, he quietly observed Emperor Long Zhan and saw his face was gloomy. From time to time, he would look at Beitang Xiong with a murderous intent, this confirmed his guess.

After thinking over in his heart, Long Yi began to chat with Beitang Duo, and in a short while, both of them began chatting as if they were two old friends with deep friendship.

“Hypocritical.” A whisper full of disdain suddenly entered the ears of Long Yi.

Beitang Duo instantly felt awkward, he laughed hollowly, then turning around, he ferociously glared at his younger sister Beitang Yu sitting beside him, but Beitang Yu indifferently kept on eating without even blinking her eyes, as if that whisper of just now had not come out from his mouth.

Long Yi smiled, what Beitang Yu had said was a big truth, this indeed was completely hypocritical.

“My little sister is not sensible, please don’t mind, Second Young Master Ximen.” Beitang Duo apologized.

“There’s no harm, Miss Beitang’s character, I like it.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Hearing the words of Long Yi, Beitang Yu seemed to be annoyed, but that feeling instantly disappeared and her expression reverted back to indifference. As for Beitang Duo, his gaze flickered for an instant and he revealed a trace of an inexplicable smile.

Long Yi shook his head in his heart, this Miss Beitang was obviously a very sentimental person, but every day she persistently used a wooden expression, trying to show her mature side.

Just then, Dongfang Kexin lightly snorted, then standing up, she pushed back her chair and walked outside. And upon seeing this, Nangong Xiangyun immediately got up and chased after Dongfang Kexin.

“These two, when did they become so close, moreover, why are they ignoring me?” Long Yi frowned and thought. Just two days ago, they were competing against each other to win his favor, but now, how come they were so close and completely ignore him? He really wasn’t able to understand what these girls were thinking.

Nangong Xiangyun followed Dongfang Kexin and arrived at Imperial Garden. She really hadn’t made any agreement with Dongfang Kexin, and the reason why she was so concerned about her, she herself was also not clear, but she could faintly feel that Dongfang Kexin was very pitiful, and she and herself was shame type of person.

“Are you all alright?” Nangong Xiangyun asked softly.

Dongfang Kexin took a deep breathe, then shaking her head, she touched her heart, as she felt a burst of pain in that place. She obviously had already decided to not care about her cousin hereafter, so she had straightened up all of her feelings. But hearing him praising Beitang Yu like that, she felt extremely uncomfortable in her heart. Was this desire to have her cousin only for herself really just a possessive feeling? Then what was love?

“Nangong Xiangyun, tell me, in the end, what is love, could it be that love means you must tolerate your lover being intimate with other women? Wanting to completely monopolize the heart of your lover, is this purely just a possessive feeling?” Dongfang Kexin asked in pain.

Nangong Xiangyun was startled, she herself wasn’t a love expert, but as a woman, she had also thought of her ideal Prince Charming, who should be tall and handsome, gentle and soft, and his heart loaded with feelings towards her. Every woman would have thoughts like this. But now, the heart of Nangong Xiangyun was also entangled, which was right and which was wrong, she also didn’t understand, because she herself was entangled in them.

The imperial dinner was merely a part of the imperial banquet, the real highlights were arranged after the dinner. The fireworks performance was an indispensable program, it was an hour long program and was the most liked program of both young men and women as well as children. At this time, every young noble son would invite a Miss whom they took a fancy upon, then go to a hidden corner to watch the fireworks. And if the Miss was interested and agreed, then no one would know what they were doing in that hidden corner. Therefore, the following song and dance as well as variety show performance, generally, all lords, madams, noble sons and misses nevertheless didn’t like them very much.

When the first dazzling fireworks exploded in the sky, Long Yi was already lying on a relatively remote top of the place while watching the bright fireworks in the sky. This kind of magic fireworks was much better compared to the fireworks of his previous world. Not only could they continue for a long time, but also created no pollution. He however didn’t know that currently he was being searched by many people. There were girls who wanted to take the initiative to invite him and also some noble sons who wanted to have a good relationship with him to climb the social ladder.

“Wow, too intense, so there is this kind of posture, truly a beast.” While looking at the fireworks in the sky, Long Yi suddenly heard panting sound not far away from him, so turning his head, he looked down and saw a couple engaging in an illicit love affair under a big tree. They seemed very impatient to do that deed. The robe of that woman was half opened, revealing a pair of very large ** but her pants however was already taken off completely. She was leaning her back against the big tree and had one of her slender legs on the shoulder of the man, and as for the man, he was in the process of pumping ** into her very quickly. His skill really was good.

Long Yi looked at them with interest while lamenting in his heart. The imperial palace was really the most rotten to the core place. It could be assumed that the other hidden place should also be just as bad. Because of the issue with the angle, Long Yi wasn’t able to clearly see the face of these two people, but he could clearly see the place where they were joining.

At this time, Long Yi suddenly notice a problem. Although he didn’t clearly see the face of the woman, but from the physical maturity of the woman, she absolutely wasn’t 17 or 18 years old young girl, she should be about 30 years old mature woman, could it be that a husband and a wife were searching stimulation by having sex outdoors? Or, a noble Madame was carrying on a clandestine love affair?

Thinking this, Long Yi was interested to see who they were.

But Long Yi knew that there was a peak expert as a guard there. So he subconsciously retracted his aura, then hid behind a protruding carving. Now he only had to wait until this man and woman finish their deed and come out, then he would be able to see their face clearly.

The sexual capability of that man was very strong, he continued to pump his ** for 10 minutes at such speed. At this time, the entire body of that woman began to tremble, presumably would reach the peak very soon.

Just when Long Yi was peeping with full concentration, a figure unexpectedly came from the other side of the hall, i.e. from the back of Long Yi, and in front of Long Yi, there was a live spring scenery.

“Beitang Yu?” The pupil of Long Yi shrunk. He didn’t know why this woman was coming here.

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Beitang Yu raised her head and looked at the fireworks in the sky. At this time her figure looked lonely. After that, she jumped up thinking of sitting on the top of imperial palace for a little while, but just when she was in the midair, a shadow suddenly appeared behind her, and she was hugged into a bosom with dense masculine scent. Beitang Yu gasped with astonishment, and wanted to scream, but felt her throat tighten. Unexpectedly before she could make even a little bit of sound, a big hand of a man just like an eagle’s claw grabbed her throat, and she knew that if this big hand increased even a bit of force, then her throat would be crushed.

The person that had caught Beitang Yu was naturally Long Yi, if she had jumped like that, then he feared the targets would have noticed them, moreover what would have happened if they wanted to kill a witness to silence them? Although Long Yi wasn’t afraid, but he didn’t want to beat the grass and startle the snake. He just wanted to see, in the end, who was having an illicit love affair here.

Long Yi hugging Beitang Yu, silently hid in the same hiding place again. But with more than half of his body pressing against the body of Beitang Yu, a faint girly fragrance entered the nose of Long Yi.

“I am Ximen Yu, if you don’t want to die, then be obedient, and don’t make a sound, otherwise you will startle the couple in the front.” Long Yi whispered beside the ear of Beitang Yu and his lips lightly touched her earlobe.

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The charming body of Beitang Yu trembled, immediately upon hearing this person was sex fiend Ximen Yu, she was greatly alarmed. For a moment, she believed that she wouldn’t be able to protect her innocence, but hearing the last sentence of Ximen Yu, it seemed to be not that case. She was also an ordinary woman, but since childhood, she had followed after her father and big brother in the army, so her will was naturally much firmer.

Beitang Yu calmed down, and hearing that obscene panting sound, she slightly nodded her head, signaling she understood. Immediately after that, she felt her throat loosened, but the big hand of Ximen Yu didn’t leave her throat, presumably he didn’t have confidence in her.

And seeing Long Yi was watching down, Baitang Yu also curiously looked and seeing the scene appeared in front of her eyes, her face immediately became red. She could clearly see that coarse lethal weapon of a man going in and out of the fluffy private place of that woman. The entire body of Beitang Yu became hot and dry, and she cursed those couple engaging in an illicit love affair in her heart. But she was also angry with Ximen Yu, she thought that there was something big going here, but as it turned out, he was hiding here to peep at this couple engaging in an illicit love affair. She moved her body, wanted to struggle free from Long Yi.

“Don’t move, didn’t I say to be obedient?” Long Yi nibbled the earlobe of Beitang Yu. His fire of lust was already burning due to the spring scenery in the front, and now with the movement of Beitang Yu, that perfectly round solid buttocks rubbed against his little brother, which naturally cause a chemical reaction.

The breathing of Beitang Yu suddenly stagnated and feeling that burning hot hard thing in the crack of her buttocks, her charming body stiffened and she was so scared that she didn’t dare to move again.

At this time, the lady under the tree who was having a clandestine love affair trembled again, reaching a **, but that man was still full of energy. The man took out his lethal weapon from inside this lady, then turning around this lady, he made her bend over and support on the tree with her hand, causing her to stick up her private place, revealing it completely. After that, the man standing behind this lady stuck in his spear into her cave, then holding her waist, he began pumping again.

Behind style (背后式), all men greatly liked this ** position, and Long Yi was not the exception because this position gave men a kind of strong sense of conquest. Seeing that spring scenery under the tree, and feeling his little brother pressing against pert buttocks, the fire of lust of Long Yi instantly flared up. He couldn’t help but press forward, and his little brother entered in the middle of her buttocks, touching the softest land of a girl.

Beitang Yu trembled and begged for mercy in a low voice: “No, don’t, Ximen Yu.”

Long Yi was unable to bear his fire of lust, so how could he stop easily. He continued to nibble the fine earlobe of Beitang Yu, and his big hand on her throat slowly entered her lapel advancing towards her full and round jade peaks.

Beitang Yu hugged her chest with her hands, resisting the invasion of Long Yi. She was also a normal person, so seeing that live spring scenery, naturally, her lust was also aroused, but she still had her reasons, merely that was much weaker compared to the usual times. Looking at that scene under the tree, she felt as if her private part was burning, and waves of spring tides were gushing out. Perhaps, her pants was already drenched long ago.

With this tide of pleasant sensation, the defense of Beitang Yu got weaker and weaker. She felt tight in her chest, as a big hand had already squeezed into her underwear and was kneading her proud **. Now her beautiful eyes were misty, and she felt humiliation from the bottom of her heart. She hated Ximen Yu and also hated herself, hated herself for being shameless, as she unexpectedly felt pleasure when being molested by this hateful person. Under this kind of feeling humiliation mood, Beitang Yu however felt more and more intense pleasure. Her buttocks unexpectedly moved to accommodate Long Yi’s movement, which made her so ashamed that she wanted to die.

The man under the tree began to move faster and faster, and Long Yi also began to increase his speed. And the pleasure surged from this seemed to want to drown bitter Beitang Yu, and this kind of strange feeling frightened her, but her body however was delighted and was accommodating Long Yi. The entire body of Beitang Yu trembled, and she felt a kind of numbness feeling accumulating more and more on her lower abdomen, and it was about to explode right away.

That lady having an illicit love affair, under the vigorous pumping of the man, reached ** again and her entire body as well as hands and legs became weak and limp. And as for the man, having also reached the limit, with a final round of pounding, he held down the lady and panted nonstop.

And at this time, the entire body of Beitang Yu suddenly trembled, and she ferociously bit the big hand of Long Yi that had entered her lapel. Her ** completely broke out, and a liquid gushed out from the lower part of her body. Her pants was completely drenched long ago. She reached her ** for the first time in her life under these circumstances.

Long Yi retracted the true qi protecting his arm, letting Beitang Yu to ferociously bite his arm, and he just hugged Beitang Yu. After letting out the evil fire, he was completely awake now, and he naturally knew what good deed he had done, but under those circumstances, there was no man that would be able to endure that.

At that time, the panting man under the tree let go of the lady, then that lady losing the support as if a mud, collapsed to the ground. After that, the man arranged his clothing, then without saying any words, he walked away. Just then, a bright firework exploded, illuminating the face of this man.

It’s him! It is actually him! Long Yi was startled in his heart, then who is that lady? Long Yi suddenly began pondering.

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