Chapter 243: You’re mine

Long Yi had never expected that that man having an illicit sexual relationship with that lady was unexpectedly the Crown Prince Long Ying. According to what he knew, although Long Ying was passionate, but his requirement was very high, and he never put his hand on a married woman, could it be that his taste had declined in these past two years?

Just a moment ago, Long Ying wasn’t in his dress of crown prince, rather was wearing plain silk gown, so Long Yi wasn’t able to recognize him until he came out in open.

After a good while, that lady slumped under the tree regained some of her strength and she stood up. After that, she wore her clothing in a hurry, arranged her hairpin, and looked all around just like a thief, then hurriedly walked into the side hall. And at this time, Beitang Yu who was in the bosom of Long Yi was shedding her tears in shame with her eyes shut. She was completely immersed in self-resentment and self-mourning, so when those two adultery couple left, she didn’t see their face.

But Long Yi however saw clearly. This moment he was frowning and his complexion was also solemn. He really hadn’t expected that the lady who was having an illicit sexual relationship with Long Ying was unexpectedly the wife of empire’s Left General Ye Wufeng, also was one of the Madams who was close to his mother Dongfang Wan.

Matters were getting more and more complicated. Long Ying wasn’t someone that was so hungry that he couldn’t pick what he eats, rather should have a purpose to put his hand on her. Madame Ye must have some use to him. And as Ye clan belongs to the camp of Ximen clan, it seems Long Yi had to make an in-depth investigation. Logically speaking, Ye Wufeng shouldn’t know his wife was, a red plum tree jutting out over a wall [1], betraying him. But Ye Wufeng, being one of the key figures of Ximen camp, knows a lot of secrets, so now the question was, did Ye Wufeng disclosed those secrets to his wife or not, or, if he had disclosed then how much did he disclosed to his wife. If Ye Wufeng had told all the secrets to Madame Ye this sl*t, then Ximen clan was already pushed to the edge of the cliff, and as long as Long Zhan went all out, they would be consigned to eternal damnation.

Just then, Beitang Yu in his bosom began to struggle violently, snapping out Long Yi from his thoughts.

Only at this time, Long Yi discovered that he had created another trouble for himself. Men ah, they really were animals that thought using the lower part of their body, now, what should he do with this expressionless woman?

Beitang Yu in his bosom turned over, and with tears streaming down her cheeks, she glared at him with deep hatred and humiliation. Long Yi gently wiped her tear stains and apologized: “I’m sorry, you are so beautiful and under those circumstances, I truly wasn’t able to control myself.”

Beitang Yu stopped struggling but still glared at him with hatred and ice-cold eyes. And after a good while, she coldly said: “Release me, you beast.”

Long Yi’s already bad mood turned worse. Although this was his fault, but if he hadn’t timely stopped her, then perhaps the hidden expert beside Long Ying might have killed her to prevent her from divulging a secret. He sneered and said: “I am a beast, then what about you? Do you dare to say you didn’t enjoy just a moment ago? How do you explain your drenched pants? Moreover, your ** of just now, could it be that it was an act?”

The body of Beitang Yu stiffened, she bit her lower lip until a trace of blood appeared and her face became deathly pale. Shame and resentment flashed in her eyes, but they finally became indifferent. And her face also reverted back to expressionless, only the slight trembling of her body showed her complex mood at this time.

The heart of Long Yi softened and became somewhat worried about her. Seeing her like this, he didn’t want to take things too hard, and he said: “I said too much, I was wrong just now, you must not……”

Beitang Yu pushed away Long Yi, then said coldly: “You can rest assured, I will not commit suicide, you are not worthy for me to do that. Today, I was just bitten by a dog.” Finished speaking, Beitang Yu flew and disappeared in the dim light of the night. And with the splendid fireworks bursting into bloom for the final time, the fireworks program came to an end.

With erratic expression, Long Yi stood there for a long time, then shaking his head, he chuckled. Your grandfather, this girl said those words to avoid hurting her self-esteem too much, you said you will treat it as a dog’s bite, but could it be that a dog’s bite could also make you reach **, truly *** furious.

Long Yi changed his underwear, then creating a barrier to protect from the wind, he went to Imperial Garden. At this time, officials were sitting around the table in the group of three to five. Emperor Long Zhan was sitting on one table, and beside him, Long Ying who had changed into a new crown prince dress was sitting. Long Yi looked towards another direction and saw his mother was chatting with Madame Ye. Other than her face still having a hint of ** after blush, this Madame Ye had already reverted back to a dignified and noble appearance.

“This sl*t, she is even more hypocritical than me, pretending so flawlessly, if it wasn’t for me seeing with my own eyes, then it would have been very hard to imagine her to be so cheap.” Long Yi muttered in his heart, and a slight smile appeared on his face.

Long Yi walked over to Ximen Nu and greeted him, then bidding him farewell, he went over to Dongfang Wan.

“Yu’er, where did you go just now, I didn’t even see your shadow anywhere.” Seeing her son, Dongfang Wan pulled him to sit beside her and asked.

“Well, I just wandered all around, didn’t go anywhere.” Long Yi answered.

“I saw Xiangyun and Kexin were staying together, why didn’t you accompany them?” Dongfang Wan grumbled.

Long Yi laughed hollowly. Those two women were ignoring him, but he unexpectedly suffered from the crime he hadn’t committed.

“Yu’er, could it be that you went to find another lover?” Madame Ye sitting beside Dongfang Wan giggled and said.

“How can that be, eh, aunt Ye, today you look so beautiful and young, just like a teenage girl.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Yes, I also thought so, from a while ago, younger sister’s appearance is glowing, could it be……” Dongfang Wan carefully looked and truly find so, then said with a smile while looking towards the direction of Ye Wufeng.

The beautiful face of Madame Ye heated up and got nervous in her heart, but immediately reverting back to normal, she said in annoyance: “Elder sister, you are truly……, how can you make a fun of me in front of a child?”

Long Yi smirked, of course, his mother still treated him as a child that doesn’t understand, but was he really unable to understand this kind of metaphor? Nevertheless, Dongfang Wan guessed right, but the partner was mistaken, that’s all.

Dongfang Wan smiled, then pulling the ear of Long Yi, she said with a smile: “Yu’er is still a child, what does he understand.” Of course, she knew Ximen Yu understand everything, but as a mother, no matter how big her son was, the mother would always treat them as a child.

“Mother, your complexion also looks very pretty today, absolutely not losing to aunt Ye.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Dongfang Wan was dumbfounded, and she understood that Long Yi was obviously saying she was also moistened just like Madame Ye. She reached out her hand and firmly grabbed the ear of Long Yi and scolded in jest: “You smelly boy, believe or not, your mother will sew your mouth.”

“Aiyo, please spear me, mother, my ear is falling off.” Long Yi begged.

Seeing Long Yi was crying in pain, although Dongfang Wan knew that Long Yi was pretending, but she still felt anguished. After that, she immediately loosened her hand and gently help him rub his ear.

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“Thank you, mother, in the heart of your son, you will always be the most beautiful.” Looking at Dongfang Wan with dense motherly love, Long Yi felt very warm in his heart. After that, kissing the cheek of Dongfang Wan, he quickly left.

“Elder sister, this younger sister is truly envious of you two mother and son’s sentiment.” Madame Ye said in somewhat low spirit. She and Ye Wufeng had been husband and wife for many years, but she didn’t have any children. Other people continuously aimed spearhead towards her, said that it was her fault that Ye clan didn’t have male offspring, and went on to say she forbade Ye Wufeng to take a concubine due to jealousy. But who knows the bitterness of her heart, and she couldn’t tell some matters to even her closest sister. In fact, it was not her who couldn’t give the birth, rather Ye Wufeng who seemed to have a healthy and strong body was impotent. Now, she couldn’t even remember how many lonely nights she had passed enduring the torment of her fire of lust. None of these were the most intolerable matter for her. The matter which made her feel anguished the most was being deprived of her right to be a mother as a woman. Whenever she saw other people with their children, she would feel incomparable pain in her heart.

Dongfang Wan naturally didn’t know the matter of Madame Ye, she mistakenly believed that Madame Ye herself was sterile and was suffering, so without showing a complacent expression, she changed the topic of conversation.

Long Yi came out of the crowd and went towards the imperial gate. He suddenly missed Yu Feng, his good darling. Their feeling after experiencing life and death trials and tribulation together was different, that kind of agreement of heart and heart was something other women couldn’t learn. For instance, Beitang Yu, although they had entangled in an amorous situation, but that was merely a physical ** and not love.

“Cousin, wait a minute.” When Long Yi was about to reach the strictly guarded imperial gate, a shout came from behind.

Long Yi turned around and saw Dongfang Kexin flying towards him in a hurry. But Nangong Xiangyun who was supposed to be together with her wasn’t there.

“Finally willing to talking with me, this cousin?” Long Yi smiled and said. Today, these two girls had not given him any face. When everyone was watching, they unexpectedly ignored him, causing his mood to turn bad.

Dongfang Kexin landed in front of Long Yi, then looked at Long Yi with a complicated gaze.

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“Why are you looking at me like this?” Long Yi frowned and said.

“Just now during magic fireworks, where did you go? I looked for you everywhere but couldn’t find you.” Dongfang Kexin softly asked, and her expression was somewhat bitter and astringent.

But seeing Long Yi didn’t answer for a long while, Dongfang Kexin again said: “Weren’t you together with Beitang Yu, just now I saw her crying over there.”

“What does it have to do with me whether she cries or not? Must it be me that made her cry?” Long Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and asked. But her guess was correct.

“Intuition, my intuition tells me that other than you, no one else can make Beitang clan’s eldest miss shed tears.” Dongfang Kexin confidently said looking at Long Yi.

Intuition? Women’s intuition is too scary.  Long Yi thought to himself.

Dongfang Kexin walked over to Long Yi, and just like usual, she firmly held Long Yi’s arm in her bosom, then muttered: “Cousin, why are you so fickle? Why?”

Long Yi endlessly made a wry smile. This problem was fundamentally the deep-rooted bad habit of men. Moreover, in this world where men are supreme, which skilled man didn’t have three wives and four concubines? Speaking about the rare exception, it was Proud Moon Empire’s Moxi clan.

“Kexin, you are so beautiful, moreover also have the status of Saintess. There are many excellent men out their lined up waiting for your favor. With your single word, they would die for you and love only you. But your this cousin is really unsuitable for you. In the heart of your cousin, there are already a lot of women, every one of them is your cousin’s very life, I don’t have the complete heart you desire.” Long Yi consoled this stubborn cousin of his. He really didn’t understand where did these feelings of hers came, could merely saving her once in childhood like a hero rescuing a beauty make her like this?

Dongfang Kexin shook her head with great effort, she had made up her mind to no longer pay attention to Long Yi, and wanted to see whether her love really was a fragile dream as if a soap bubble in the sunlight or not, but discovered that that was impossible, thinking hereafter her cousin would no longer pay attention to her and follow after other women to get intimate, she felt great pain as if her heart was torn apart.

“Don’t you understand, you just like Ximen Yu of childhood, not the current me.” Long Yi sighed and said. Now, Ximen Yu was just the outer shell, his soul had already changed long ago.

“I don’t understand, I don’t understand. Aren’t both former and current Ximen Yu you?” Dongfang Kexin stamped her leg, and her eyes became watery.

“Ximen Yu of childhood no longer exists, he is no longer a great hero like you think, now he had become a through and through villain. Everything has already changed.” Long Yi lowered his voice.

“No, in my heart, you will always be a hero, I don’t care what others say, no matter how other people think, I want to marry you.” Dongfang Kexin desperately shook the arm of Long Yi and said.

“Are you willing to share me with other women?” Long Yi sighed.

Dongfang Kexin was startled, and she suddenly bit the arm of Long Yi in agitation.

Long Yi cried in pain and reprimanded: “Still biting, are you a dog?” He truly didn’t understand why women loved to bite other people like this? Nangong Xiangyun would bite him when she was angry, just a moment ago, Beitang Yu had also ferociously bit him, and now, Dongfang Kexin was also biting.

“Did that hurt?” Dongfang Kexin looked at Long Yi with tearful eyes and asked feeling anguished.

“What do you think?” Long Yi asked without getting angry.

“Then you can also bite me in return.” Dongfang Kexin rolled up her sleeve and showing her snow-white as if jade thin and long arm, she said.

“If you want me to bite then I want to bite the place where you have most flesh.” Long Yi didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and couldn’t help but flirt with her, looking towards her perfect full and round bosom.

Seeing the expression of Long Yi, Dongfang Kexin immediately understood Long Yi was thinking dirty, so under anger and embarrassment, she bit the arm of Long Yi again, but after biting for a little while, she felt anguished. She rolled up the sleeve of Long Yi, and suddenly seeing three set of teeth marks on his arm, her complexion greatly changed. She had obviously bit him two times, but how come there were three sets of teeth marks?

“Whose bite is this? Who was it?” Pointing at that teeth mark which was differently shaped from other two, Dongfang Kexin asked. She was already crying while asking.

“This is……!” Long Yi also didn’t know how to answer for the time being.

“Smelly cousin, scoundrel, you are mine, you are mine, your eyes are mine, your nose is mine, your happiness is mine, your smile is also mine, I will not allow other people to snatch you from me, wuwu……”Dongfang Kexin anxiously stamped her foot and cried just like a child whose toy was snatched.

[1] (idiom) unfaithful to one’s husband

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