Chapter 244: SS-Ranked Mission – Lightning God Forbidden Area

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Dongfang Kexin’s such noise attracted the gazes of not distant guards. They looked over with ambiguous expression, and one guard said: “Look over there, Second Young Master Ximen is seducing and then abandoning again.”

“Don’t speak carelessly, be careful, if he hears, then you will not be able to bear the consequences.” Another guard hit him with his elbow and said. After that, the first guard immediately closed his mouth. He naturally knew the power and influence of Ximen clan, if they want to kill an imperial palace’s guard like him, then that would be as easy as crushing the ant.

Long Yi naturally heard the conversation between these two guards, but he didn’t have spare time to care. Helplessly looking at perverse Dongfang Kexin in his bosom, he felt angry and also funny. She basically was still a child.

“Good cousin, be obedient, don’t be noisy, I will escort you back.” Long Yi thought to push away Dongfang Kexin, but she however would die than let go of her hold.

“Don’t want to return, don’t want to return.” Dongfang Kexin said while crying. Her snot and tears were directly rubbed on the body of Long Yi.

“Stop making a fuss, make a fuss again and I will get angry.” Long Yi lowered his voice.

The entire body of Dongfang Kexin trembled, then raising her flower-like beautiful face, she looked at Long Yi with an aggrieved gaze.

Long Yi lightly sighed, and simply used his sleeve to wipe the stains off her face.

This time, Dongfang Kexin suddenly seize the big hand of Long Yi and said appearing to have made a great determination: “Cousin, I……I will not ask you to love only me, you can look for Nangong Xiangyun and also big sister Si, just three of us, don’t look for any other women, okay? I’ll obediently listen to you and will never provoke your anger.”

Looking at Dongfang Kexin, Long Yi knew that she had made the greatest concession, but……now even using ten fingers to count that wouldn’t be enough to count all his women. He shook his head and said: “Kexin, to tell you the truth, now I have more than three women, so you acting like this, isn’t that making things difficult for your cousin? Could it be that you want to turn your cousin into a heartless and fickle man? Isn’t this the kind of man you’ve always hated bitterly?”

Dongfang Kexin pushed away Long Yi, and shouted loudly: “I don’t care, in any case, other than Xiangyun and big sister Si Bi, you are not allowed to look for other women.”

Long Yi was annoyed in his heart, and his tone also got not that good, as he shouted: “Kexin, it’s enough, now I am telling you seriously, I will not abandon my women, I love all of them, and I only regard you as a younger sister, do you understand?”

Dongfang Kexin gritted her teeth and suddenly roared loudly: “Ximen Yu, I hate you, I don’t want to see you ever again.” Finished speaking, she used Float Magic and quickly disappeared in the dim light of the night.

Long Yi spat out the chaotic qi of his chest, then shaking his head, he was about to leave.

“Ximen Yu, why aren’t you chasing after her?” Don’t know from where, Nangong Xiangyun came out, then running over, she anxiously said to Long Yi.

“Let her calm down a bit. She needs time.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulder and said. He already knew that Nangong Xiangyun was hiding at one side and eavesdropping.

“Aren’t you afraid that your cousin might get in danger?” Nangong Xiangyun anxiously said. If it was not for her not being able to fly, she would have already chased after her.

“She is a Master Magician, and she also has many magic treasures, so she will not meet with an accident.” Long Yi said. And since he was in no mood to talk with her again, he disappeared right before her eyes.

“Bastard.” Nangong Xiangyun furiously looked at the disappearing back view of Long Yi and cursed.

Just after Long Yi came out of the imperial palace, he saw Xiao Yi, Li Qing and Barbarian Bull waiting outside.

“Young Master, you came out so early.” Seeing Long Yi coming out, a little bit of happiness flashed in the eyes of Xiao Yi, then running over, she said.

“Well, I just come out, but how come you all are here?” Long Yi asked. He had told them to stay at home.

“Xiao Yi said Boss might have some errand for us, and she said that she wanted to come to the imperial palace and wait outside.” Barbarian Bull said, and Li Qing had already stood behind Long Yi with a cool expression.

Long Yi smiled and rubbed the head of Xiao Yi. Seeing her little nose had turned red due to the cold, he took off the gown he was wearing and draped it over the body of Xiao Yi.

“Thank you, Young Master.” The transparent eyes of Xiao Yi flashed with radiance and her delicate and pretty face immediately became lively.

“Boss, where should we go now? Return?” Barbarian Bull asked.

Long Yi thought for a bit and said with a smile: “It’s been a long time since we have gone to drink together, let’s find a bar and us brothers will drink to our heart’s content tonight.” Originally he wanted to look for Yu Feng, but seeing the night was already deep and thinking Yu Feng might have already fallen asleep, moreover, he was greatly upset due to the matters of Beitang Yu and Dongfang Kexin, he decided to drink.

There were many bars in Soaring Dragon City. They possessed all kinds of styles including secluded and tranquil as well as noisy one. Heavenly Dragon Street of Soaring Dragon City was the most concentrated nightlife street. In this place, other than many bars, another great distinguishing feature was the brothels of various scale. Many come here thinking to drink wine and also thinking to find a woman, moreover, some come here for a drinking party with female entertainers.

Long Yi naturally wouldn’t go to the brothel, and he was not looking down on the brothels, on the contrary, the brothels of this place and the brothels of his previous incarnation’s Song Dynasty was somewhat similar. Most of the women inside had some talent and skill, and some of the popular stars were even more prestigious. And these brothels were the place for the person like noble officials, scholars, poets, bards and so on.

Long Yi selected a noisy adventurer bar. This kind of bar was available in every city of Blue Waves Continent, was the favorite place of mercenaries and adventurers. This bar was also the best place to snoop, because people come here from all over the world and some had just returned from their adventure, and listening to their fantastic story was also a kind of pastime.

Entering this dimly lit noisy bar, Long Yi couldn’t help recalling the circumstance of forming a group to go to Lost City that time in Light City. At that time, there were Barbarian Bull, Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou in the group. Now, the others except them had already died en route of Huangmang plain, and as for that dark magician Ha Lei, he didn’t know whether he had slept eternally in Lost City or was still alive and well?

While recalling those adventure days in his heart, Long Yi found an open table and sat down.

After that, calling the servicing miss, Long Yi ordered Warrior’s Glory, this was a kind of very strong alcoholic drink. The great majority of mercenaries that came to adventurer bar would certainly drink this wine. This wine was somewhat similar to the good wine of beast-men clan, was very manly wine. As for Xiao Yi, she ordered a cup of Greenfield Immortal Track. This was a good wine whose formula was spread by Elf clan. It was pure and fresh to smell and its color was also very good.

Pouring a mouthful of strong wine and gulping it down, Long Yi felt scorching hot from inside the stomach, and then a trace of heat bubbled forth from underfoot, and again from the throat, an alcoholic smell came out, truly was comfortable.

Barbarian Bull also gulp down a bottle of wine, and with somewhat reminiscing eyes, he looked at those mercenaries and adventurers wearing all kinds of clothing. Originally he was also drifting along aimlessly like this in Blue Waves Continent, and especially following Boss to go to Lost City for that mission, moreover, that mission’s dangers and stimulations were something unforgettable in this lifetime.

“Boss, when are you going to take this old bull again on an adventure?” Barbarian Bull asked.

Long Yi smiled and patting the shoulder of Barbarian Bull, he said: “When there is a chance, wait until the matters of this side are over, then we can go explore the legendary Dragon Island. I think that will definitely be exciting.”

“Dragon Island!” The eyes of Barbarian Bull and Li Qing shone simultaneously and a yearning expression appeared on their face.

“Young Master, do you know where is Dragon Island?” Xiao Yi asked.

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“Now I don’t, but one day I will know it.” Long Yi touched the dragon-shaped bracelet on his wrist and suddenly recalled dragon Liu Xu and his son Big Head. He didn’t know how they were doing now in Illusory Magic Forest.

Since Long Yi said that he would know, Barbarian Bull unquestioningly believed. After following Long Yi for more than two years, he knew the capability of Long Yi.

Just then, Long Yi noticed a corner in the front was bustling, and many people were going over there.

“Let’s go and join the fun.” Long Yi got up and said with a smile. There was obviously someone that was talking about the matter everybody was interested. In the adventurer bar, frequently there would be some people who had returned from a dangerous mission that loves to publicize their deeds in adventurer bar to increase their popularity.

Long Yi led three people and went over the crowd, then they found that there were two people in the middle. Among them, one was thin and gentle looking man. But he however was holding a huge sword in his hand which didn’t match with his figure, and there was a lightning symbol mercenary emblem on his chest and also a purple colored shield and huge sword mercenary insignia. This insignia represents his mercenary rank. Purple was a B-ranked mercenary. It seemed this fellow has some strength. Another person was a 30 or so charming woman. She was wearing a red skintight robe, and her slender waist and plentiful breast made on-looking men swallow a mouthful of saliva. What surprised Long Yi the most was, she was unexpectedly carrying a fiery red bow, unexpectedly was an archer.

This woman was as ripe as a honey peach, however no-one dared to have any design against her because on her towering breast, there was a golden mercenary insignia which made everybody not dare to have any plans in their heart. That however represented she was an S-ranked mercenary, moreover, she was the leader of Lightning Mercenary Group, Yu Hongniang [1]. Talking about Lightning Mercenary Group, everybody in the mercenary world knew them, naturally with the exception of Long Yi, this kind of rookie mercenary.

Lightning Mercenary Group was one of the top ten mercenary group among hundreds of A-ranked mercenary groups. They had more than a thousand members, among them, some were Mage and Great Swords Master. They had complete battle setup too, and they specially handle only B-ranked or higher mission. Before they had completed S-ranked Mutated Demon Wolf Pack mission, thus raising their reputation in the mercenary world, then completing several other A-ranked missions, they consolidated their position in the mercenary world.

That thin and tall Swords Master slammed the table and used qi to amplify his voice and said: “Everybody, calm down a bit and listen to me.”

The people around immediately got silent, then nodding his head in satisfaction, this Swords Master said: “I think everybody knows that some time ago, Mercenary Guilds of Blue Waves Continent’s three great empires jointly published an SS ranked mission “Lightning God Forbidden Area”, the mission reward is 500,000 Amethyst coins.”

“You don’t need to say, who doesn’t know about this mission now?” A mercenary among the crowd jeered.

“SS ranked-mission Lightning God Forbidden Area?” Long Yi was interested. One should know that it had already been several tens of years since an SR-ranked mission was published, and this type of SS-ranked was very rare to see in usual time, but he had never expected that SS-ranked mission would appear now.

“Have anyone of you heard about this mission?” Long Yi turned his head and asked.

“Young Master, I know. Recently, someone leaving Nalan Empire found a piece of more than 10 meters high rock inside the wildwoods not far away from Qiye Principality. On the rock, the four words “Lightning God Forbidden Area” were written in large words which were dazzling in golden light. After that, 15 people went in and before they walked 100 meters deep, lightning fell from the sky, killing 14 among them. And the final one that survived by luck, spread this news.” Li Qing said.

“Furthermore, in the remote mountain area of Qiye Principality, the legend about a place called Lightning God Forbidden Area had always been circulated. They say, there is the left eyeball of Lightning God inside that place. And the person that obtain it would be able to use lightning magic at will like Violent Lightning Beast. I don’t know whether that is true or not?” Xiao Yi added.

Long Yi nodded his head while thinking. Lightning God Forbidden Area, he could already use lightning magic, but if he obtains that left eyeball of Lightning God, would he advance by leaps and bounds in lightning magic. Perhaps that silverish purple lightning magic elements within his sea of consciousness would also change into a magic core.

At this time, that Swords Master shouted again: “Currently this mission is simultaneously accepted by us Lightning Mercenary Group, ten other A-ranked mercenary groups as well as two S-ranked mercenary groups, and of course there are many other low ranked mercenary groups who overestimate their capacity too. All of them suffered heavy casualties including us. The causalities of our Lightning Mercenary Group could be considered light, but more than 200 brothers and sisters are dead or wounded.”

“Stop talking nonsense, just tell us what’s inside.” A person among the crowd said.

“Okay, since everyone is very impatient to hear, I will tell you about it. We Lightning Mercenary Group reached Lightning God Forbidden Area with 1000 people, then the magicians of our group jointly cast a strong barrier, and we didn’t even hesitate to use two barrier strengthening pearls that couldn’t be bought even using 10,000 gold coins because we knew that there was violent lightning inside. And when we Lightning Mercenary Group entered, the place before our eyes was simply littered with corpses, that scene was truly tragic. Think about it, when we 1000 people were compact together, we would at least be 10 meters thick, but other people said that when they went in, 100 meters thick lightning struck them, however just after we entered, we saw tens of thousands of silver snakes like lightning in the sky, and they struck towards us, fortunately, our leader Red Lady was wise. If it wasn’t for those two barrier strengthening pearls used at that time, I, Hou San also wouldn’t have life and be here to tell you this story.” This Swords Master called Hou San said.

The mouth of this Sword Master Hou San was truly powerful. While speaking, he sent his saliva fly everywhere, but he explained so brilliantly that it made people listening feel as if they were on the scene in person.

As a matter of fact, Lightning Mercenary Group’s 1000 people rushed in after using barrier strengthening pearls to strengthen their magic barrier, and just after they entered, lightning in the sky poured towards them, but the barrier still managed to protect them, so they walked forward. And after they walked 1 kilometer, when the barrier was at its limit, the lightning attack ceased abruptly. A wide expanse of a vast sea of flowers appeared in front of their eyes, the scene was very beautiful. But the leader Red Lady didn’t dare to be careless, she sent two Master Magicians to scout the area from the air using Float Magic first, but she had never thought that, after flying 100 or so meters away, both Master Magicians suddenly fell into the sea of flowers and never got up again.

Red Lady didn’t understand the circumstance, so she didn’t dare to act rashly, but she was also reluctant to retreat from this point. However, when she was thinking of a way, suddenly a gust of wind blew, blowing countless petals towards them. And that sky filled with all kinds of dancing petals naturally looked too beautiful, and everybody was immersed in this dream-like scene for the moment, but immediately, a group of people collapsed.

Hong Niangzi immediately realized that these flowers were poisonous and gave the order to open up a windproof barrier right away, which prevented the poisonous air from spreading, but more than 100 companions had already lied eternally in this Lightning God Forbidden Area under this fragrance of flowers.

At this time, all thought that this sea of flowers was an area that only emitted a poisonous gas, so as long as they prevented the flow of the air, enveloping everyone with a windproof barrier, everyone would be fine.

But Red Lady being a cautious person was worried that this strange sea of flower might have other secrets, so she dispatched only a group of 100 people with a windproof barrier to scout the path. And because of her cautiousness, Lightning Mercenary Group avoided the complete wipeout. At that time, after that group of 100 people walked more than 100 meters and didn’t have any problem, just when Hong Niangzi wanted to give the order to the whole group to catch up with the first group, suddenly countless flowers as if they had a life, bound this group of 100 people as if lightning. After that, all of them saw their teammate’s body quickly withering and finally changing into a skinny mummy in the sea of flowers with their own eyes. After that, Red Lady immediately ordered to retreat. In the first round, Lightning Mercenary Group suffered heavy casualties.

“Wa, such a strange place, who will rush in now.” Hearing this, the people in the crowds were terrified one after another.

“It is not that difficult, a magician can use Float Magic and also a windproof barrier to cross this place.” Someone said.

Long Yi smiled and shook his head, this fellow was too naïve, so he interrupted: “Master Magicians can use Float Magic and carry the people across but no need to talk about whether Master Magicians had enough magical power to carry a person across that vast sea of flowers stated by brother Hou San or not, even if they could, how many Master Magicians are there in a mercenary group, are there enough Master Magicians to carry all the other members?”

Yu Hongniang looked at Long Yi in surprise and said with a charming smile: “This little brother said the truth. Even if Master Magician doesn’t have to carry a person, using Float Magic, they could only fly over the distance of five or six li, then they have to stop to rest, but the end of the sea of flowers couldn’t be seen, definitely is tens of li wide.”

“Is that the only path? Isn’t there another path to take?” Long Yi curiously asked.

Red Lady thought for a bit and said: “Just after the lightning area, there is a ten meters wide passage, and in front of the passage, there is this sea of flowers.”

“Then how big is the lightning area? You should have walked only in a straight line, right?” Long Yi asked again.

“Lightning area is very big, and we walked in a straight line, you have guessed that correct.” Red Lady said with a smile.

“I think, if you are able to strengthen the barrier some more, and looked for the other path in the lightning area, then I don’t believe that there is only such dead path.” Long Yi said with a smile. He felt sure that there were other routes out there, and that place was unlikely to have only such dead path.

The eyes of Red Lady shone, then standing up, she walked towards Long Yi. After that, she suddenly held the arm of Long Yi in her full and round bosom, and smiling charmingly, she said emitting a fragrance: “Little brother is really intelligent, you enlightened this big sister, I wonder how I can address you?”

“I am Long Yi, naturally, you can also call me Ximen Yu.” Long Yi smirked and said, then gently pushing away Red Lady, he turned around and left with Xiao Yi and others.

“Ximen Yu?” Red Lady stared at the back view of Long Yi in confusion and muttered. He didn’t look like that infamous profligate son of rich parents.

Just then, Long Yi suddenly turned around again, then he said while grinning: “Oh, big sister, my little brother isn’t small.” Finished speaking, he left adventurer bar while laughing heartily.

“It seems I was wrong.” Red Lady murmured in surprise.

[1] Yu: (surname) I, my, me, Hong: red, Niang: young lady

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