Chapter 245: Beautiful Fragrant House

After leaving adventurers bar, Long Yi saw Barbarian Bull’s two big bull eyes were looking straight at Heavenly Dragon Street’s those brothels, and he couldn’t help teasing him: “What? Burly, you want to go in and play?”

“Of course not, this old bull is just curious.” Barbarian Bull said with a red face. He had wandered around Blue Waves Continent for so long, and he naturally knew this was the place where men seek pleasure and make merry, but as the aesthetic of beast-men and human was different, when he saw a human woman, it was equivalent to human seeing a beast-men clan’s women, naturally held them in contempt.

“What are you curious about?” Long Yi smirked and asked.

“I am curious about what is it like inside, I have never entered this kind of place.” Barbarian Bull honestly said. Brothels and such things, beast-men clan never had such things, so he had never experienced them.

Long Yi laughed and asked: “Since you are so curious, why didn’t you ever enter them before?”

“Entered, but was chased out, they said they do not receive beast-men.” Barbarian Bull scratched his bullhorn and said feeling aggrieved.

Long Yi turned to Li Qing and asked: “Li Qing, have you ever entered?”

“Replying to Young Master, Li Qing haven’t.” Li Qing indifferently answered.

“Then do you want to go in?” Long Yi asked.

“Wherever Young Master goes, Li Qing will follow.” Li Qing didn’t directly answer the question of Long Yi rather said like that.

Long Yi smiled and patted the shoulder of Li Qing. He knew that if Li Qing was alone, then he would never enter this kind of place, but if he went, then he would definitely follow after him.

Long Yi looked around and saw a pink signboard illuminated by big magic lamp where three words “Beautiful Fragrant House” were written in big words. After that, he led three people towards that place with a smile.

In Soaring Dragon City, Beautiful Fragrant House was one of the well-known brothels. All the women in this place were the very best in looks, talents and skills. The most special however were, they lacked prostitute aura, moreover, were very knowledgeable and experienced. Those nobility or self-proclaimed romantic poets and talented scholar often flocked here. And the business was naturally prosperous.

After they reached the entrance of Beautiful Fragrant House, mama-san [1] came over to greet and after seeing it was Long Yi, she couldn’t help but was dumbfounded and she immediately had fawning expression and said with a smile: “Yo, isn’t this Young Master Ximen? Please enter quickly.”

“Shut up, quickly call Ruyu to come and greet.” Long Yi arrogantly said. Ruyu was the proprietress of this Beautiful Fragrant House.

“Of course, of course, please wait inside for a short while, Young Master Ximen.” This mama-san immediately turned around and entered inside.

Long Yi and his group were very eye eye-catching. No need to talk about Long Yi and Li Qing, one was handsome and light-hearted and another was grim, Barbarian Bull and Xiao Yi however were more eye-catching in this Beautiful Fragrant House. In Blue Waves Continent, beast-men were still discriminated very much, and even brothels were unwilling to receive them. And it was not like there was no woman that stroll to a brothel, but generally, they dress up as a man and come. Coming like this on a grand scale was very rare. And especially since Xiao Yi had not worn a cloak after Long Yi had suggested, that pair of transparent eyes appeared very strange.

In Soaring Dragon City, there was no one who didn’t know Second Young Master Ximen, but after not seeing him for two years, there inevitably would be some blind people. Two drunk men wearing flashy clothing, seeing the attractive Xiao Yi, unexpectedly came over to take the liberties with Xiao Yi. They wanted Xiao Yi to accompany them for a drink, but Barbarian Bull caught them, one with each hand, just like holding a chicken.

“Break their teeth, cut off their tongue and kick their little **, then throw them out.” Long Yi indifferently said.

Barbarian Bull agreed, then he sent out two huge spirit palms and hit the mouth of these two people, not only he broke their teeth, he also cut off their tongue into several pieces. After that, he kicked the lower part of the body of these two, and both of them let out a miserable cry as they were sent flying out of the gate. In an instant, the incomparably lively hall became pin-drop silent. All of the people lowered their head and continued drinking wine or eating dishes, and didn’t dare to look towards Long Yi.

“Who is this person? So arrogant.” A man who was a trader that came from outside asked a person beside him.

“Shush, he is Second Young Master Ximen, provoking anyone else is not that bad, but unexpectedly going to provoke this demon, those two people can count themselves unlucky.” A man beside him said softly.

Just then, a 30 years old simple but elegant temperament woman came out from the inside. She was the proprietress of Beautiful Fragrant House Ruyu. Just looking at her bearing, she basically didn’t look like a woman who rolled about in a brothel for many years.

“Young master Ximen, come with me.” Ruyu smiled elegantly and led Long Yi and others inside the Beautiful Fragrant House.

And after coming to a very luxurious hidden room, Long Yi sat down and looking around, he said with a smile: “The security measures of this place is pretty good.”

“Our Beautiful Fragrant House’s security measures are always very good, only like this, the customers can rest assured and enjoy.” Ruyu softly said with a smile.

“Very good, but I don’t like this kind of treatment.” Long Yi smirked and said.

The complexion of Ruyu changed, and her watery eyes instantly became fierce, then with her knocking the wall of the right side, the wall unexpectedly slid down silently, revealing two very beautiful girls looking at Ruyu in a panic.

“Qing Wu, Piao Xue, who allowed you to arbitrarily enter and peep? Still not kneeling down to Young Master and apologizing.” Although the tone of Ruyu was ice-cold, but her words however gave two girls means to save themselves.

The two girls called Qing Wu and Piao Xue hurriedly walked out, then kneeling in front of Long Yi, they said while slightly trembling: “Skynet number 101, number 102 pays respect to Young Master, please punish us, Young Master.”

Long Yi however stayed calm and collected sizing up these two girls. On the surface, their identity was Beautiful Fragrant House’s stars, but secretly they belonged to Ximen clan’s Skynet Intelligence Organization.

“Young Master……” Ruyu thought to plead on the behalf of these two girls, but Long Yi waved his hands to interrupt.

“I don’t doubt your loyalty, but do you have a problem with me?” Long Yi reclined in the chair and said indifferently. In the eyes of these two women, he had seen disdain and defy towards him.

“Subordinates don’t dare.” Qing Wu and Piao Xue said in unison.

“Don’t dare? Since you have joined Skynet, you should know the consequences of violating the rule, Ruyu, you say, what is the punishment for secretly eavesdropping their superiors’ secret talk?” Long Yi looked towards Ruyu and those cold and gloomy eyes frightened Ruyu.

“Replying to Young Master, the punishment of secretly eavesdropping on the secret talk between the superiors is execution.” Ruyu gritted her teeth and said. She was the leader of the Skynet Intelligence Organization’s second branch which was handed over to Ximen Yu by Ximen Nu.

Qing Wu and Piao Xue trembled, they were orphans adopted by Skynet from childhood, and after going through the secret training, they had just participated in gathering intelligence work last year. On the surface, their status was the stars of Beautiful Fragrant House, and they had a good reputation in Soaring Dragon City. Countless high officials and noble lords stake a thousand pieces of gold on one throw wanting to receive the favor of these beauties, and this had imperceptibly encouraged the arrogance in the heart of these two girls, moreover, usually Ruyu doted them treating them just like her own daughters, which made them somewhat willful.

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These two girls greatly looked down upon this Young Master in their heart, they didn’t understand why patriarch want this shameless person to be their leader. Although they knew this Young Master’s strength had improved greatly compared to before, but these two girls still disdain him for doing those deeds of before, and considered that the high strength wouldn’t change his evil nature.

“Young Master, please forgive us, we have always been looking up to Young Master, so we took a risk to have a glimpse of Young Master’s heroic bearing. We absolutely don’t have any thoughts of disloyalty.” Qing Wu raised her head and pitifully looking at Long Yi with tearful eyes, the lapel of her chest accidentally slid down a little, showing more than half of her snow-white alluring plump breast.

“Yes, Young Master, I and Qing Wu were careless, please forgive us, Young Master.” Piao Xue looked at Long Yi with misty eyes and used a gentle and uncertain voice to speak.

The heart of Ruyu skipped a beat, and looking towards the two girls kneeling on the ground, she lightly sighed. All of this was her fault for doting them too much, she had never expected that her doting would harm them now. In this time, using a Charming Magic on Young Master, wasn’t this just courting death? She knew that the current Ximen Yu was no longer that Ximen Yu of before, just on the basis of that cold and gloomy gaze which was just like that of the patriarch, it was enough to make anyone not dare to look down upon him.

Long Yi smiled, and his smile was very brilliant and very gentle. He got up and walked over to the front of these two girls, then squatting down, he reached out his hands, supporting their spotlessly white chin.

Both girls became delighted in their heart, thought that their Charming Magic was a success. Although they loathed this frivolous man but as long as they charmed him, wouldn’t that save their life?

Long Yi gently stroked the chin of two girls and said with a slight smile: “Do you know what I hate the most? I hate other people using Charming Magic on me the most. How do you think I should deal with you two?” Long Yi spoke and retracted his smile, then the ice-cold killing intent nearly suffocated the two girls.

“Ruyu, call some people to take them away and wash them clean, then coat their body with honey and tie them up. After that, find some mouse, ants and caterpillars, then close them together with them two.” Long Yi got up and said indifferently.

Ah, hearing what was said by Long Yi, both Qing Wu and Piao Xue were so scared that they became ghastly pale, and they seek help looking towards Ruyu. They would rather die than suffer this kind of torture, it sounded absolutely terrifying.

Ruyu looked at Long Yi in surprise, she didn’t know whether he was speaking for real or was joking.

“Ruyu, didn’t you hear me? Could it be that I have to repeat myself?” Long Yi coldly looked at Ruyu and said.

Ruyu trembled and replied with some difficulty: “Yes, Young Master.” After that, she clapped her hands, and a group of women holding swords entered from outside, then took Qing Wu and Piao Xue away.

“Young Master, I…” Ruyu gritted her teeth, wanting to say something, but Long Yi waved his hand once again to interrupt her.

“I know what you want to say, but you are also a senior of Skynet, do I have to repeat the rules of Skynet?” Long Yi indifferently said.

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“This time I came here mainly to ask about the whereabouts of Light Church’s saintess Si Bi of Proud Moon Empire, do you have any clue?” Long Yi asked.

“Replying to Young Master, this subordinate has already inquired about the saintess Si Bi, ten days ago, she was seen in Light City, but after that, we couldn’t find any trace of her, currently, the subordinates are investigating spearing no effort.” Ruyu replied.

“Light City?” Long Yi looked pensive, then nodding his head, he said: “There is another matter I want you to handle, Han Yan, the proprietress of Beauty Shop in Soaring Dragon City, I think she is somewhat suspicious, investigate her background.”

[1] a middle-aged woman who runs a brothel, bar etc.

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