Chapter 246: Take me

Qing Wu and Piao Xue were forced to take a bath, then they were tied on the bed naked, revealing their extremely beautiful jade body, towering ** and faint ravine. Their spotlessly white skin didn’t have even a single blemish.

The two women looked deathly pale and were panic-stricken. Wasn’t that Ximen Yu a devil? How was he not attracted to their beauty even after they used Charming Magic? On the contrary, he got angry.

“Qing Wu, Young Master will not do that for real, right? I am very afraid.” Piao Xue said while trembling.

“I am afraid he will do for real, Young Master has a big temper, and we also violated the rules of the organization which is a capital offense.” Qing Wu was also ghastly pale. She was afraid that this time Ruyu also wouldn’t be able to save them.

“All of this is our fault, we were too willful, I fear we have even implicated big sister Ruyu.” Piao Xue regretted her previous action. The rules of Skynet was very strict, but depending on the doting of Ruyu, they had gotten arrogant, and actually had the wishful thinking of using Charming Magic on their Young Master.

Having heard what was said, Qing Wu also regretted. Now she no longer looked down upon Long Yi, but only held in awe and veneration.

Just then, a group of swords maids walked in, they carried several sacks in their hand, and there was something moving inside those sacks. This nearly made both Qing Wu and Piao Xuo lose their consciousness.

“Skynet number 101 and number 102, you two violated the rules of the organization, now Skynet law enforcement team will carry out the punishment as per the order of Young Master.” One of the maids said coldly, then made the signal. Immediately, another two maids who carried a barrel of honey poured honey on their jade body. The room was immediately filled with a pleasantly sweet smell.

“Open the sack, and withdraw.” That maid continued.

Immediately, several maids placed the sack on the ground, then untying the mouth of the sack, all of them retreated simultaneously and shut the door.

Squeak, squeak, squeak, a large group of mice crawled out of the sacks and countless ants and ugly looking insects also came out of other sacks.

Smelling the honey, the ants and worms rushed towards the bed. Qing Wu and Piao Xue screamed several times, and then they were so scared that they lost their consciousness.


Long Yi was soaking himself in a large bathing pool in the bathroom, and the water vapor and steam had made the bathroom hazy. This moment, he however was recalling Si Bi’s that beautiful figure. Having heard she was last seen in Light City ten days ago, he truly wanted to go there immediately to find her. But she had been hiding from him and also had Light Church as a shelter, so it was very difficult to find her.

“Si Bi ah Si Bi, in an instant, more two years have already passed, but you still want to hide from me.” Long Yi sighed in his heart. It seems after the matters of this side slowed down, he had to personally go to Moxi clan. He wondered if the father of Li Qing would have a good talk with him or not.

Just then, the door of the bathroom was knocked, and the voice of Xiao Yi came from the outside: “Young Master, I came to deliver the dessert and red wine you wanted.”

“Mmm, bring them in.” Long Yi said with his eyes still closed.

Xiao Yi gently pushed open the door of the bathroom, and she was greeted by the mist. And seeing that sturdy back of Long Yi, she involuntarily blushed and her heartbeat accelerated. She placed the tray with dessert and red wine beside the bathing pool, then turned around to retreat.

“Xiao Yi, come and help me scrub my back.” Long Yi said.

The charming body of Xiao Yi quivered, and her entire body instantly became hot and dry. Her pretty face also became so red that it seemed as if blood would drop out at any time. She responded in an inaudible voice and then reached out her quivering hand towards the tied up belt of her gown.

Xiao Yi took off her clothing, and only with thin silk bra and obscene pants, she stretched out her jade legs and slowly entered the water. And at that time, Long Yi had already turned around and lied on his stomach at the edge of the pool, facing his back towards her.

Xiao Yi used a towel to gently wipe the sturdy back of Long Yi. And when their skin came into contact with each other, Xiao Yi felt limp and numb as if she got an electric shock.

Long Yi poured a cup of wine and sipped it lightly, and throwing a piece of dessert in his mouth, he vaguely said: “Xiao Yi, rub a little harder, this is only tickling me.”

Xiao Yi responded in a panic and used a little bit more strength.

“Mmm, pretty good, come open your mouth.” Long Yi took a piece of dessert and turned his hand over to his back.

Xiao Yi smiled sweetly, then opening her mouth, she bit the dessert handed over by Long Yi. She felt that this was the most delicious thing in the world. It sweetened her from the mouth all the way to her heart.

“Xiao Yi, you say, those two disobedient girls of Beautiful Fragrant House, now that the mice had bitten them, how are they?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

Xiao Yi giggled and said: “I fear they are sufficiently scared, and hereafter, they would fear you to death.”

“Could it be that you don’t think the ants and mice could bite people to death?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Of course they can but the main problem is Young Master basically doesn’t want mice and ants to bite them.” Xiao Yi answered with a smile.

“Oh, how can you be so sure?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows.

“Young Master is not a cold-blooded person, they are just too willful, moreover, they hadn’t committed a heinous crime, so when Young Master said use ants and caterpillars, Xiao Yi knew that Young Master is definitely just scaring people.” Xiao Yi explained.

“Wow, you are so amazing, could it be that my pretending wasn’t sufficiently good or my killing intent was still not enough?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“No, merely because I and Young Master have blood contract relationship, although I felt Young Master’s killing intent, but your heart however wasn’t.” Xiao Yi said with a smile.

Long Yi smiled faintly and felt this maid Xiao Yi was more and more intimate.

Xiao Yi continued to scrub the back of Long Yi, and after a long time, she suddenly stopped and said in a mosquito-like low voice: “Young Master, Xiao Yi can help you wipe your front side too.”

“Well, okay.” Long Yi answered, then holding a cup of red wine, he turned around and his eyes flashed with extraordinary splendor, staring at Xiao Yi’s that soaked thin silk bra. Now, wearing or not wearing was about the same, even her two pink little cherries were clearly visible.

This girl, when did she brought Beauty Shop’s sexy lingerie, Long Yi muttered in his heart.

And as for Xiao Yi, seeing Long Yi’s that sturdy chest muscles as well as very large little Long Yi, she blanked out for a moment. After that, she held a towel and rubbed Long Yi’s sturdy chest, and her full and round breast happened to press against the arm of Long Yi.

Long Yi was not a saint, instead was a very lecherous man, the little Long Yi immediately began to swell up, which was completely a normal physiological reaction.

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“Ya, Young Master.” Xiao Yi obviously had never seen this kind of monster and exclaimed in her trembling voice.

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Long Yi seized the towel in the hand of Xiao Yi, then covered the little Long Yi and said: “Xiao Yi, you go out.”

The transparent eyes of Xiao Yi flashed, then she stood up in the bathing pool, but felt her legs were soft and she suddenly threw herself into Long Yi’s body. Her charming body was very hot as if it was burning.

“Young Master, take Xiao Yi.” Xiao Yi nestled her head on the neck of Long Yi and said while quivering slightly.

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