Chapter 247: Selecting soldiers

The heart of Long Yi shook, and smelling Xiao Yi’s that special pure fragrance and feeling her delicate limp body, the ** of his heart began to swell infinitely. He hesitated for a bit, then lowering his head, he kissed the lips of Xiao Yi, and his big hands naughtily tore off the small cloth covering her chest, then a pair of Jade Hare jumped out without any obstruction.

“M-hm…Young Master, love me.” Xiao Yi moaned, responding to the surprising enthusiasm of Long Yi, different from her desolate image of before.

Hearing Xiao Yi’s that lovable moan, Long Yi’s heart felt fluffy, and he was unable to stop his **. He picked up Xiao Yi and placed her on the marble on the edge of the bathing pool, then lowering his head, he sucked her pink bud, feeling it slowly standing erect inside his mouth. Xiao Yi was also unable to endure this stimulation, and her jade arms hugged Long Yi’s head pressing it against her bosom.

Finally, the final piece of clothing that was covering Xiao Yi was torn apart by Long Yi, and her entire ** body was presented before Long Yi. Long Yi was rather surprised looking at the lower part of Xiao Yi’s body. That place of this girl was completely smooth without even a blade of grass grown. But something was wrong, last time when she was using Cosmic Celestial Magic Spell on him, he had seen her **, and there seemed to be thin and fine pubic hair, but how come it was missing now? Could it be that she shaved?

Feeling the scorching hot gaze of Long Yi staying at her most embarrassing place, Xiao Yi involuntarily clamped her legs, and a trace of spring nectar flowed out from her small ravine.

“Where is the fuzz of here?” Long Yi reached out his hand and caressing the lower abdomen of Xiao Yi, he asked. The feeling he got from caressing was very smooth as if this place simply should be like this.

Xiao Yi opened her eyes, and her face became red comparable to Guan Yuchang [1], and said in a mosquito-like voice: “I also don’t know, there never was any. Is it ugly?”

“Not ugly, Young Master like it very much.” Long Yi lightly smiled and said. Then he inserted his finger into Xiao Yi’s secret place between her legs, beginning to tease her.

With his skill level, Xiao Yi was unable to endure after a little while. Her ** opened and closed none stop, and opening her misty and hazy transparent eyes, she begged: “Young Master……”

Long Yi’s ** also had already reached the limit. He pushed down Xiao Yi and began pressing his little brother against the wet private part of Xiao Yi.

At that time a faint shadow appeared in one corner of this bathroom, and looking at those two people overlapping together in the middle of the steam, this human-shaped black mist moved about as if was hesitating.

And at this time, little Long Yi successfully penetrated that layer of a membrane which symbolized chastity, and clear tears rolled down from Xiao Yi’s eyes, which had happiness as well as a trace of inexplicable unknown sorrow.

“Does it hurt?” Long Yi wiped the tears of Xiao Yi and asked gently.

Xiao Yi nodded her head and then immediately shook her head, while her legs and hands were wrapping around Long Yi as if octopus. Long Yi wanted to change the position, but Xiao Yi refused. She insisted on Long Yi lying on her body and she said softly: “Young Master, Xiao Yi like this, how about we do however Young Master wants next time?” Long Yi completely laid on Xiao Yi’s body and began to move. He however didn’t see the appearance of indistinct milky white radiance where their private parts were linked together.

The shadow lightly sighed, and muttered in a voice only shadow itself could hear: “Am I being too selfish?” The shadow once again looked at those two people beside bathing pool, then changing into a thin black mist, the shadow entered into the center of Long Yi’s left palm.

The stirring of love thickened. The feelings of two people whose spirit were tied together because of blood contract finally rose to the higher level.

The sky brightened, and Long Yi opened his eyes, then looking at Xiao Yi who was sleeping on his bosom with a smile, he slightly smiled, then kissed her lips. Now she was also his woman.

Today was the day when Long Yi would choose his military forces, so he must go to the military camp early to make preparations. Formerly, whatever he wanted to do, Xiao Yi would have already prepared everything for him, but today, Xiao Yi as a bride seemed to have not woken up, and Long Yi also didn’t want to wake her up and thought to let her rest a little longer.

Long Yi noiselessly left the room. This moment, Barbarian Bull and Li Qing had already woken up and were training in the courtyard.

“Let’s go, we are going to select the soldiers.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Okay, but how come Xiao Yi still hasn’t woken up today?” Barbarian Bull asked.

“She’s tired, let her sleep a little longer.” Long Yi said.

“How does Boss know that Xiao Yi is tired?” Barbarian Bull foolishly asked. And as for Li Qing on one side, a small smile appeared on his face. Seeing Long Yi had quietly come out, he guessed that something good had happened between the two of them.

“You stupid bull, why are you asking so many questions?” Long Yi jumped and gave Barbarian Bull a sudden and violent knock on his head, then left Ximen residence in large strides.

Xiao Yi slowly opened her eyes, then holding her hand, she sat up. And with her long cloud-like hair coming loose, she had a kind of inexplicable beauty. After sitting like this for a long while, Xiao Yi directly stood up, then made strange gestures with her hands, setting up a layer of transparent barrier in the room. If Long Yi was here, he definitely would have been greatly surprised, the strength of this barrier set up by Xiao Yi was absolutely not inferior to the powerful barrier personally set up by him.

Xiao Yi muttered an obscure incantation, and her belly button shone with soft milky white radiance, then this radiance slowly moved upward, and finally opening her lotus mouth, a milky white pearl floated out from her mouth and continuously rotated in midair.

Xiao Yi complicatedly looked at this pearl in the sky and her transparent eyes suddenly shed tears, as she muttered: “Master, Xiao Yi has disappointed you, Xiao Yi is no longer able to control her own heart.” Finished speaking, Xiao Yi gritted her teeth, then urgently waved her hands. After that, her body emitted a light purple colored halo, and mysterious runes were dimly visible on them.

Suddenly, Xiao Yi’s long and slender jade finger flicked the pearl in the sky, and that purple light immediately shot towards that pearl, then the pearl instantly began to spin faster, suddenly issuing a light cracking sound, and a speck of starlight flowed in torrent, fluttering in the sky of the room, making this room appear as if a small universe.

Xiao Yi raised her head, and her red lips opened and closed faster and faster, and a radiance wandered about inside her transparent eyes. And after an unknown period of time, the entire body of Xiao Yi trembled, the starlight inside the room fell down and seeped into the body of Xiao Yi little by little. When everything returned to calm, Xiao Yi’s limp charming body collapsed on the bed.

Long Yi first came to Ministry of War to report and received the Military Tally as well as the uniform of Deputy General. With this Military Tally, Long Yi could now freely select any 15,000 military forces other than imperial bodyguards.

At this time, Ximen Nu was sitting inside the secret room of Ximen Residence. He had an intelligence report in his hand which was unexpectedly sent by Ximen Yu using the Skynet. This was the report on the matter of Ye Wufeng’s wife, Madame Ye having illicit sexual relations with Crown Prince Long Ying.

“Long Zhan really has good means, actually moving his sword with side stroke, it seems I have to make a thorough investigation of these aids’ family members, Ye clan……” Ximen Nu muttered to himself. Ye clan had always been loyal and devoted to Ximen clan for many generations, and Ye Wufeng even more was his trusted confidant, and he believed that Ye Wufeng would never betray him, merely he was very doting on his wife, and he would never keep guard against her, so Ximen Nu wondered if Ye Wufeng had already disclosed their core secret to her or not? Beautiful women bring on disaster.

Ximen Nu had no intention to move against Madame Ye for the time being, otherwise, it would beat the grass and startle the snake. Long Zhan can use honey-trap, then why can’t I beat him in his own game, releasing some fake intelligence to deceive them, and see who will emerge victorious in the end.


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“Boss, where are we going to select the soldiers?” En route, Barbarian Bull asked.

Long Yi smirked and said: “Digging the corners of Beitang clan. Condor and Fierce Tiger Legions are under the control of Long Zhan, so selecting from them is too big of a risk. Therefore, I have decided to go to Divine Wind Legion controlled by Beitang clan and select 15,000 soldiers.”

The size of Divine Wind Legion was much less compared to all other legions, and their battle capability as a whole was also not too high, but they said that Divine Wind Legion had one Divine Wind Battalion, which only consisted of the elites of Divine Wind Legion, roughly 20,000 soldiers, but Beitang clan absolutely wouldn’t give them off. Military power was fundamental to have a footing, without soldiers they would be inferior to even a fart, and Beitang clan should be very clear about, so he feared that they would only give him some poor quality soldiers.

Divine Wind Legion was stationed at the west of Soaring Dragon City, where there was a wide expanse of forest and high mountain, a perfect place to train soldiers.

“These soldiers, this old bull alone can decimate them.” Seeing those lazy guards at the distant military camp, Barbarian Bull said. This military camp was basically incomparable to Violent Dragon Legion’s military camp.

Long Yi however frowned, Divine Wind Legion was now under the son of Beitang Xiong, Beitang Duo who was an extremely strict person, so even if the combat capability of Divine Wind Legion was weak compared to other legions, it could never be so lazy. Moreover, even if it was like that, they should at least pretend to make themselves look better, how could they be so bad?

After Long Yi showed his Military Tally to the guards and entered the military camp, he revealed a profound smile. He could feel this place had many hidden lookouts spread across like a net. Loose outside but tight inside, one look at the circumstance and he knew that they were in mutual coordination, presumably these soldiers on the surface were merely a smoke bomb to confuse other people.

Beitang Duo leading several high-leveled military officials came to welcome him, and said with a bright smile: “Second Young Master Ximen, we meet again.” The military officials beside him were somewhat puzzled looking at their legion commander, usually he was always reserved, but facing this Ximen Yu today, he appeared to be another person.

“Brother Beitang, you should already know this younger brother’s purpose in coming, right?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Beitang Duo said with a smile: “Of course, today you come to my Divine Wind Legion to select soldiers, this brother doesn’t have any objection.”

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“Brother Beitang is really a brother, since you have said it, this younger brother will not be polite, I heard Divine Wind Legion’s Divine Wind Battalion is incomparably valiant, I wonder if it possible to part with them?” Long Yi straightforwardly spoke.

The smile of Beitang stiffened, this boy was very good, as soon as he opened his mouth, he asked the most elite soldiers under his leadership. He smiled hollowly and said: “Those smelly brats of Divine Wind Battalion are all unruly and have a very bad disciple, how about I introduce other elite troops which are more suitable for you brother?”

[1] Guan Yuchang is portrayed as having a red face and was a general serving under the warlord Liu Bei in the late Eastern Han dynasty. Source: Wiki, for more, visit wiki

[2] (idiom) unexpected winning move

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