Chapter 248: Beitang Yu’s challenge

“Unruly? It doesn’t matter, brother Beitang also know that I like putting the unruly people in order the best. In those years, in Soaring Dragon City, if any unruly person saw me, didn’t they become an obedient cat?” Long Yi smirked and said. He knew that Beitang Duo would definitely disagree, but whether he agreed or not, Long Yi had said this to frighten him first.

Beitang Duo made a wry smile and said: “Young Master Ximen, it’s not like this big brother is reluctant to part, it’s just that my father had given me a strict order that I cannot lose any soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion.”

Seeing Beitang Duo bringing out Beitang Xiong, Long Yi was not in the mood to wast his saliva, so he said: “Let’s not talk about this for the time being, how about taking this younger brother to inspect the Divine Wind Legion for a while?”

Beitang Duo and other military officers lead Long Yi and his group inside the military camp. Right now, it was still early morning, so most of the soldiers were exercising. Divine Wind Legion and all other legions were similarly subdivided into cavalry battalion, infantry battalion and magician battalion. Cavalry is again subdivided into heavy cavalry and light cavalry, and infantry was also subdivided into heavy equipment infantry and light equipment infantry.

Long Yi toured around the training ground, and he gauged that the performance of these soldiers could be counted as average, not prominent but also not weak.

“Brother Beitang, how come I am not seeing Divine Wind Battalion of Divine Wind Legion?” Long Yi curiously asked.

“Well, it’s this way, the training of Divine Wind Battalion is different from the training of average soldiers. Now, they are training outside.” Beitang Duo said with a smile.

“Brother Beitang should definitely know where they are training, how about taking this younger brother there to widen my knowledge.” Long Yi said with a smile. He wanted to see the elites of Divine Wind Battalion.

Beitang Duo didn’t decline, and immediately commanding people to bring several war-horse, he led Long Yi and others to the training ground of Divine Wind Battalion.

Compared to war-horse, Long Yi was ‘n’ times faster using Great Cosmos Shift, but if he ran quickly, others wouldn’t be able to keep up with him. So he had no choice but to follow them riding a war-horse.

Fortunately, these war-horses also ran fast, not long after, they arrived at a valley, and from far away, they could hear the battle cry with soaring momentum as well as the roaring sound of magicians.

Long Yi didn’t wait for Beitang Duo to speak, he jumped up from the war-horse and flew, then disappeared into the valley as if a wisp of smoke, stunning Beitang Duo as well as military officials beside him.

Long Yi flew over the sky of the valley and saw two opposing sides of soldiers were battling inside the valley. It should be the training and it was already approaching the end at this time. The side wearing white armor was were killing the side wearing the black armor like fallen flowers carried away by flowing water [1]. Cavalry, infantry and magicians were cooperating like floating clouds and flowing water, there was no sense of stagnation, merely the military strategy was too conservative. The person leading these troops was also somewhat capable, but if he talked about his way of thinking even a bit with the leader, then this leader had the potential to become a great general.

At this time, Beitang Duo and others trailing behind Long Yi also rushed into the valley, and Long Yi who was floating in the sky also landed on the ground.

Seeing Beitang Duo, all soldiers regardless of white side or black side quickly gathered other than a small portion who were critically injured in this training.

A general whose entire body was shrouded in white armor rushed over, riding an armored war-horse. It might be assumed that the soldiers of the white side of just now were under his control.

This general lightly jumped off the horse, and when her eyes met with Long Yi and his two followers, she was slightly surprised, then bowing towards Beitang Duo, said in a crisp voice: “Subordinate Beitang Yu pays respect to Legion Commander. I wonder what important matter Legion Commander have to make a trip here?”

“Beitang Yu!” Hearing this crisp familiar voice, Long Yi couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

Beitang Duo made a wry smile and said: “Precisely my little sister, this Divine Wind Battalion is led by her, if you want to take away Divine Wind Battalion, then I fear my little sister will be the first person to disagree.”

This moment, Beitang Yu took off her helmet, revealing her bewitchingly charming face and accompanying this with heavy white armor she was wearing, she seemed to have a unique flavor. She looked at Long Yi with eyes shooting flames and said: “You want to take away my Divine Wind Battalion, never.”

“Never thought that Miss Beitang was unexpectedly a female hero, making me truly admire you. Speaking honestly, you are more pleasing to the eyes when you wear this suit of armor than wearing the evening dress of yesterday.” Long Yi smiled and unexpectedly changed the topic of conversation.

The breathing of Beitang Yu stagnated, and suddenly recalling that embarrassing situation of yesterday, her imposing manner suddenly fell a bit. Her expression also alternated for a little while before reverting back to indifference again.

“No matter what you say, don’t think that you can take away even one soldier of Divine Wind Battalion.” Beitang Yu coldly said. Seeing the joking gaze of Long Yi, she didn’t admit defeat not even for a moment. With both of them enjoying the live spring scenery together last night, moreover with the matter of him indirectly **, in front of Long Yi, she was already in disadvantage.

Long Yi smirked, Divine Wind Battalion might be considered a small-sized legion, it unexpectedly was equipped with various armed forces, and there were even 300 magicians. But for Long Yi, he didn’t absolutely want this Divine Wind Battalion, as far as he believes, he could use several months of time to create an armed force whose combat capability was even more than this Divine Wind Battalion. Only the magicians were somewhat hard to deal with because he could use much-advanced training method to strengthen the other armed forces, but magicians however couldn’t be produced in mass.

“If I say must take then? In my hand, I however have the decree of His Majesty the Emperor, can it be that you wish to defy the decree?” Long Yi smiled and looked towards Beitang Duo and Beitang Yu siblings.

The complexion of Beitang Duo became sharp and said: “We Beitang clan is loyal and devoted to His Majesty the Emperor, how can we defy his decree? His Majesty stated that you are entitled to go to any large legion and select the soldiers, and has also ordered all the large legion to cooperate, so we Divine Wind Legion also agreed that other than Divine Wind Battalion, you can select anyone else, we are not defying the decree at all. Even if you notify His majesty about this, it will also not be useful.”

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Long Yi naturally understood this in his heart, as long as Beitang Duo refused to release someone, even reporting to the Heaven was also useless. He smirked and said: “Of course, I know this, merely seeing such elite armed forces of Divine Wind Battalion was being led by a silly girl that doesn’t understand anything, my heart was somewhat indignant, nothing more.”

The indifference expression of Beitang Yu instantly changed, she could endure everything else, however couldn’t endure other people saying she was not capable to lead the troops because this had always been her pride. She jumped up as if a cat whose tail was stepped on, and said angrily: “I am not capable of leading? I entered the army when you were still in the streets oppressing the people and passing licentious and tyrannical life, on what basis did you say I am not capable?”

Seeing Beitang Yu was burning with fire, Long Yi slightly shook his head. This woman was somewhat talented to lead the troops, and although she desired to be calm like water as much as possible, but when mentioned her sore spot, she would immediately lose her calmness, truly was very inexperienced.

“I said you are not capable so you are not capable, the territory of your white side is flat, so you have many advantages compared to the black side, however you spent so much effort to get to the other side to settle the battle. Even a three years old child understood more than you.” Long Yi said with disdain.

“You……you…!” Pointing at Long Yi, Beitang Yu was so angry that she nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Beitang Duo stopped Beitang Yu and softly reprimanded: “Calm down, calm down, where is your usual calmness?”

Beitang Yu was startled, and suddenly as if a cold water was poured down, she sobered up with a start. Was the person who was flying into the rage just now still her? From childhood, her father had taught them, siblings, that as a General, the most important character was remaining calm in the presence of volatile situations, under any circumstances, their heart shouldn’t make any waves. Like that, they would be able to think clearly about the problem, and would also be able to solve that problem at the fastest speed. These words made her determined to become a Great General from childhood, and she hid all of her feelings in the deepest part of her heart. And then on, she used indifference face in front of people to disguise her feelings.

“Young master Ximen, speaking like this means you are very knowledgeable, right? How about you give me some advice?” Baitang Yu had already reverted to her calm state, but her heart which was eager to do well in everything however didn’t permit her to drop this matter. She wanted to let this ignorant profligate son of rich parents know that she was absolutely not like he had stated.

Long Yi smirked and said: “I also want to give you some instruction, but I don’t have any benefit on that, so it is very difficult for me to get interested.”

Beitang Yu gritted her teeth and snorted: “If you win, then I can let you take away 5,000 soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion.”

“Really?” Long Yi raised his brows and said with a smile.

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“Of course, I, Beitang Yu always keep my promise.” Beitang Yu coldly said.

“Well, although it is still lacking, but let it be, I will accompany you to stretch my limbs.” Long Yi said with a smile.

At this time, Beitang Duo however pulled the arm of Beitang Yu and whispered: “Little sister, what are you doing?”

“Big brother, if I am not wrong then I still have this small amount of authority, right?” Beitang Yu firmly looked at her big brother Beitang Duo and said.

Beitang Duo sighed, then loosened his hand, but his eyes however flashed with a trace of strange glint. He absolutely wasn’t discontented instead was rather satisfied.

Long Yi didn’t miss that fleeting gaze and was slightly puzzled in his heart. He didn’t understand why Beitang Duo who obviously was firmly opposing him to take away the soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion had such looks, moreover, his look of just now however was not too right, Long Yi dare to assure that it was absolutely not his misconception.

When Long Yi was thinking, Beitang Yu coldly said: “Ximen Yu, just now didn’t you say that I relied on white side’s flat territory, compared to Black side’s elevated territory? Now I will lead the black side and you lead the white side, let’s see who is a good-for-nothing?”

Long Yi repeatedly shook his hand and said: “This won’t do, this won’t do, this absolutely won’t do.”

“Could it be that you don’t dare, don’t dare then roll out, don’t make a fool out of yourself here.” Beitang Yu ridiculed.

Long Yi’s eyes flashed with killing intent and didn’t speak. Barbarian Bull and Li Qing behind him nevertheless weren’t able to bear other people insulting their Young Master like this. They immediately rushed towards Beitang Yu.

And the guards behind Beitang Yu also rushed forward to protect their esteemed female General.

“Li Qing, I will teach this little bitch a lesson, you go and beat those obstructing fellows who cannot tell good from bad.” Barbarian Bull roared loudly. Then with astonishing momentum, he brandished Greenstone Rule towards Beitang Yu. After staying with Long Yi for so long, he had also become a lot more aggressive and had even learned the crushing word “bitch”.

Beitang Duo looked towards Long Yi in surprise and saw that Long Yi wasn’t stopping them at all, instead was remaining calm and composed as if he was looking at a good play. And the matter that occurred next made Beitang Duo felt as if he was in a stormy sea. He saw his little sister was being forced to retreat repeatedly by that beast-men clan warrior, and she didn’t even have the chance to counter-attack. This consequence could be attributed to him holding a divine artifact. But that grim youth of Moxi clan was dealing with those dozens of guards as if he was playing with children. His water magic and douqi were cleverly combined, defeating all the guards before they could even approach him. Beitang Duo had truly never heard about any Magic Fighter that was able to cultivate to this level.

With a dang sound, the huge sword in the hand of Beitang Yu was smashed into pieces by Barbarian Bull, and he stopped his thick and big green colored rod just above her head, but the elegant ribbon that tied her hair was also broken, and her black hair as if cloud hung down loosely.

And the battle on the other side was also already over, after freezing the guards into popsicles, Li Qing was already standing behind Long Yi.

“Dare to insult my Boss again, I will break your head.” Barbarian Bull fiercely withdrew his Greenstone Rule. He didn’t know that he should show pity and tender love for women.

At this time, the entire Divine Wind Battalion however flared up, seeing their commander was humiliated, how could they still endure, they rushed over and completely surrounded Long Yi and his group and pointed swords and spears towards them. And as for magicians, they immediately began to prepare the magic attack on the back.

Beitang Duo was silent, he really had never expected that those two under Long Yi was so powerful, moreover, they were loyal and devoted to him.

Beitang Yu came back to her sense, just a moment ago, she thought that she would die under the rod of this beast-man. And looking at Long Yi at this time, she saw he was smiling while looking at her, as if he didn’t care about these murderously looking 20,000 soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion.

“Everyone, retreat.” Beitang Yu waved her hand and looked at Long Yi while gnashing her teeth.

“Ximen Yu, do you want to compete or not? Beitang Yu said.

“Compete, I never said not compete.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Didn’t you say that you won’t do just now?” Beitang Yu controlled her anger and said.

“Ai, I just said that won’t do, because that will appear I am bullying you. How about this, give me any 200-300 people, like this, other people will not think that I bullied a girl.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Ximen Yu, you……this is what you said, if you lose, then you have to crawl three laps around Soaring Dragon City, and while crawling, you have to loudly shout ‘Ximen Yu is a pig’.” Beitang Yu forced down her almost exploding anger, then fiercely glaring at Long Yi, she said.

“No problem.” Long Yi snapped his fingers and readily agreed.

And this stunned Beitang Yu, could it be that Ximen Yu didn’t care about the face of Ximen clan? With only 200 people against her 20,000 people, this clearly showed who would lose.

“Young Master Ximen, do you want to reconsider, this isn’t a joke.” Beitang Duo worriedly spoke to Long Yi. He also didn’t believe that Long Yi leading only 200people could oppose the entire Divine Wind Battalion. Just using the assault of light cavalry, Long Yi would be done for.

“Brother Beitang, don’t worry, I am still thinking that 200 people are too many.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Since Long Yi said that, Beitang Duo also didn’t speak again, and allowed this match. He also wanted to see how Long Yi would use 200 people to go against his little sister’s 20,000 elites.

In fact, Long Yi knew that battling against 20,000 people was different from battling against several hundred thousand people. To affect several hundred thousand people, it required great preparation to success, but to affect 20,000 people, that was relatively easy.

Long Yi began thinking every kind of ideas and revealed a trace of a crafty smile.

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