Chapter 249: One collapse a thousand li

Seeing the strange smile of Long Yi, Beitang Yu couldn’t help but had a kind of bad premonition in her heart. But she shook her head to suppress this kind of feeling, thinking Long Yi only had 200 people, and it was impossible for 20,000 soldiers of her side to lose against his 200 soldiers.

“Ximen Yu, go and select people, select anyone you like.” Beitang Yu coldly said to Ximen Yu.

“Then I wonder if I can select you?” Long Yi smiled and said to Beitang Yu. And recalling yesterday’s that enchanting scene and also recalling Beitang Yu’s that delicate and lovely body, his simile became lustful.

And seeing the smile of Long Yi, even though Beitang Yu didn’t know the dirty thoughts of Long Yu, she angrily glared at him and said gritting her teeth: “What did you say?”

Long Yi smirked and walking over to her side, he softly said: “The fireworks yesterday was very beautiful, isn’t that so?”

The entire body of Beitang Yu suddenly trembled, then hastily looking all around, she angrily said in low voice: “If you dare to talk nonsense again, I will cut off your tongue.”

“Am I talking nonsense? Isn’t your heart very clear about this matter?” Long Yi said with a smile, then blew a mouthful of hot air into the ear of Beitang Yu. And feeling her entire body was slightly trembling, it might be assumed that the matter of yesterday was engraved on her bones and heart.

Beitang Yu gritted her teeth, and wanted to commit suicide to escape from this shame, but she looked towards the assembled soldiers at the distant place and said in a low voice: “I have already said, I am treating the matter of last night as the bite of a dog, if you want then you can publicize this matter.” Finished speaking, Beitang Yu fling back her head and walked towards Divine Wind Battalion.

Long Yi smiled, and turning around he saw Beitang Duo was looking at him with probing gaze, then shrugging his shoulders, he caught up with Beitang Yu.

Long Yi completely ignored the ill expression on the face of these soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion. From the very beginning, he never had any expectation for these soldiers to help him with anything. Even if it was 10,000 against 10,000, they would not coordinate flawlessly and would definitely lose, so it was better off the less the better.

Long Yi shuttled back and forth among the black armored soldiers who were in weak position within Divine Wind Battalion, then selected those soldiers who were the most unsuccessful in Divine Wind Battalion, as they might have some result.

“You, you, you and you all, come with me.” Long Yi’s big hand pointed all around and very quickly all 200 people were selected.

Beitang Yu was somewhat puzzled looking at Long Yi. She didn’t have any impression on the soldiers who were selected by Long Yi, so she was sure that they were people on the bottom of Divine Wind Battalion. Was there something wrong with his eyesight? Originally, she had thought that Long Yi would select some magicians and some valiant elites, but beyond her expectation, he selected unknown soldiers. Although these soldiers were also elites selected from common soldiers, but they were weakest within Divine Wind Battalion.

“Selection complete.” Long Yi smiled and said to Beitang Yu.

“Are you really selecting them?” Beitang Yu couldn’t help but asked, wondering what kind of nerve he had. He selected the weakest soldiers, so shouldn’t she be happy?

“Yes, they are the best soldiers.” Long Yi pointed at those 200 soldiers behind him and said in confidence.

“Since that is the case, go to prepare, we’ll start after an hour.” Beitang Yu coldly said, then looking towards 200 soldiers behind Long Yi, she commanded: “From now on, you all have to obey the command of Ximen Yu, whatever he orders to do, you all have to do that. Do you all understand?”

“Understand.” 200 soldiers responded in unison. Military orders were as unmovable as mountains, obeying orders were the obligatory duty of soldiers, but their morale wasn’t, and their morale was very low at this time, as this was a certainly losing battle. They basically didn’t have any confidence in themselves to win this battle because the gap was truly too big.

Long Yi led 200 soldiers to the opposite position.

“You say, do you think your Young Master will win?” In the onlooker area, Beitang Duo approached Barbarian Bull and Li Qing, then asked.

“Of course, he will win.” Barbarian Bull said without hesitation. He had followed Long Yi for a long time, and he had a kind of blind trust on Long Yi. He believed that even if heavenly matters were put in front of Long Yi, Long Yi would perfectly solve them.

As for Li Qing, he hesitated for a moment, it had only been a short time since he had started to follow Long Yi, although had experienced the strength of Long Yi, but since the gap was too big in this match, he still had his reservation, in any case, his duty as the servant of Long Yi was as long as Young Master was in danger, he will dash forward regardless of his safety to help.

“How do you know that Ximen Yu will win?” Beitang Duo asked in interest.

“Because Boss has never lost before.” Barbarian Bull confidently said and revealed worshipping expression.

“Oh……” The eyes of Beitang Duo flashed, unknown what he was thinking.

Long Yi turned around and looking at 200 soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion who clearly had the expression of given up, he slowly opened his mouth: “Do you know you all trash?”

The 200 soldiers were startled, soon after that, they angrily glared at Long Yi. Just now he had said that they were best soldiers.

“Why are you looking at me like this? Could be that I have spoken incorrectly? Think about it, just now, when I selected you all, what kind of expression your companions as well as your commander Beitang Yu showed? Could it be that they are not saying you all are the greatest trash?” Long Yi stared at them and said with a smile.

These 200 soldiers clenched their fists, in Divine Wind Battalion, they were usually the group which was looked down upon the most, and they usually had very low self-esteem and considered it was certain that their name would be removed from the name list in the second elimination round. At that time, they would return to being common soldiers and losing face was certain. Moreover, recalling that looks of Beitang Yu, they were dejected and lose their head.

“But, what I said just a moment ago about you all being the best soldiers is also not incorrect.” Seeing all of them were nearly at the crucial moment, Long Yi continued speaking.

200 soldiers looked at Long Yi in confusion. With their IQ, it was truly difficult for them to understand what this notorious fellow was saying.

“In fact, in this world, there is no-one who is a trash, the critical fact lies in the attitude of the concerned party. If they think they are a trash, then they really are trash, but if they think they can be a man, then going through strenuous effort they absolutely can accomplish anything.” Long Yi’s low voice reverberated in the ears of 200 soldiers. The decisive attitude was everything, first, he wanted to instill the attitude for them to cope with matters.

People who could advance to Divine Wind Battalion were naturally not idiots, these 200 soldiers began to ponder over the words of Long Yi. The decisive attitude was everything, they had never heard such ear-deafening words, and now Long Yi had used bewitching tone to speak out, directly hitting the bottom of their heart. They felt this was very proper and simultaneously looked at Long Yi with expectation.

“Now, tell me, are you all willing to be a trash?” Long Yi slowly said.

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“Not willing.” 200 soldiers responded in unison.

“Louder, didn’t you all eat enough food?” Long Yi loudly said.

“Not willing.” 200 soldiers shouted in loud voice.

“Even louder, so that some people know this.” Long Yi was still not satisfied.

“Now willing!” This time, 200 soldiers use all their strength to roar, and along with this roar, their self-confidence began rising rapidly.

Beitang Yu and the soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion behind her looked towards the opposite direction in surprise. They didn’t know what Long Yi had said to make those 200 soldiers whose names were in elimination name list excited as if they had eaten stimulant.

Beitang Duo nevertheless was very shocked, as the commander of Divine Wind Legion, he was very aware that the morale of those 200 soldiers was sky-high now. He was greatly shocked seeing Long Yi was able to increase the morale of those 200 soldiers to this level from such low level within few minutes because he knew that it was impossible for him to do so. Sure enough, this fellow shouldn’t be underestimated.

Looking at 200 soldiers whose mental attitude was completely changed, Long Yi smiled in satisfaction and said: “Very good, now that you all have this kind of mentality, you all are best soldiers. Today you might think I have overestimated my capabilities, but I want to let you all know that the victory in war doesn’t depend on the number of people. First of all, you all should acknowledge this point.”

“Understood.” The 200 soldiers who had just received the encouragement, under their excitement, whatever Long Yi said they automatically accepted without question.

“Understood then good. Now you all have a chance, as long as you win the battle today, no one in the legion will dare to look down upon you all again.” Long Yi said with a smile.

The 200 soldiers looked at Long Yi with expectation. Tightly holding the weapons in their hand, they thought about how they would be able to stand proud and elated in front of those people who had looked down upon them hereafter…………..they felt very excited.

Long Yi looked over to the side of Beitang Yu and seeing their preparation was also almost complete, he said with a strange smile: “Now, all of you go and prepare to move some stones.”

Move stones? Although the command of Long Yi slightly strange, this 200 soldiers still executed the command without any complaint.

An hour passed very quickly, and now there were many piles of stones on the side of Long Yi, naturally, all of these were stones collected by 200 soldiers.

This valley was very large, and the distance between the two sides was roughly 8 li. Although Beitang Yu was absolutely confident on her side, but an army puffed up with pride was bound to be defeated, she understood this principle, and she was also clear about the principle of know the enemy and know yourself, so for learning what Long Yi was doing, she dispatched reconnaissance team to scout.

But the report of reconnaissance team greatly puzzled Beitang Yu, why did Long Yi move the stone? He was not naïve enough to think that he could use it to attack. Moreover, she also learned that Long Yi was basically not hiding anything, because Long Yi didn’t respond even after she dispatched the reconnaissance team to approach his position, even to the extent that even when reconnaissance team was looking at them from only several meters away from the position of Long Yi, they were treated as air. They were lazy to even raise their eyelid and continued to move the stones.

“General, I think Ximen Yu is simply making things unnecessarily complicated to make us apprehensive, how about we directly use cavalry battalion to rush over and deal with them?” An advisor of Divine Wind Battalion said.

Beitang Yu frowned and pondered, but even after thinking over and over, she didn’t understand what Long Yi wanted to do, perhaps he really was purposely making a mystery out of simple things. Did he think that the pieces of several stones could obstruct the assault of cavalry?

“Listen to the order, Light Magicians, bluff cavalry battalion with magic.” Beitang Yu gave her first order.

Immediately, white lights illuminated. These were Light Guard and so on light magic. They could reduce injuries. Generally, before the assault of cavalry, they always used light magic to bluff.

“Cavalry battalion, assault from the flank, then infantry, follow closely behind, and then magicians, heed to my command.” Beitang Yu gave the assault command.

After the commands were passed, the flag of command was waved, then the 5000 cavalries who were already prepared to assault in fan-shaped formation began their assault. The distance of 8 li was nothing for them, they instantly covered this distance moreover their speed reached the peak at this moment.

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The muffled vibration sounds from the earth made 200 soldiers sweat profusely. The clearly knew the might of these 5000 cavalries, let alone them 200, with no obstruction like this, even if there were 20,000 infantry in their place, they would also be defeated as easily as turning their hand over. With earth-shaking momentum, coupled with sharp cavalry spears, light equipment infantry simply wouldn’t be able to contend, few to and fro could massacre them clean.

Long Yi smiled more and more the more the cavalry got near, and he suddenly shouted loudly: “All soldiers, heed my command, throw these stones for me.”

200 soldiers were dumbfounded for a moment, to throw so far away, they didn’t have enough arm strength.

“**You***, still not throwing, military orders are as unmovable as mountains, don’t you know?” Long Yi kicked the nearest soldier and rained down the curses.

200 soldiers came back to their senses, then picking up the stones, they put forth all of their strength to throw the heavy stones, but heavy stones only reached ten meters away and rolling two laps, they stopped on the ground. But 200 soldiers could do nothing, they risked their life throwing the rocks. This made Beitang Duo who was looking from a high place have doubts. He had never thought that this fellow would be this bad.

When the cavalries of Divine Wind Battalion rushed over and there was only one li distance left, the throwing power of the 200 soldiers decreased, and seeing those shining cavalry spears, the felt chill.

“Why are you all in a daze? Still not running away, are you all waiting to be trampled into meat pulp?” Long Yi said and his hand flashed with cyan radiance. He threw Gale Magic to these 200 soldiers, making them able to run faster.

200 soldiers came back to their senses, and seeing the cavalry battalion was almost here, they shouted loudly and began desperately running away. Each and every one of them as if riding the clouds and flying on the mist changed into a little black speak in an instant. This stunned Beitang Yu who was watching the battle from the rear. What the hell was that?

Just then, cavalry battalion entered that stones area, thinking victory was in sight. They didn’t bother to chase after the fled 200 soldiers, as, as long as they break through the headquarters of the opponent, they would win.

But at this time, several earth-shaking explosion sounds resounded, deafening the ears of people, moreover, the entire valley shook, which was followed by violent flashes of powerful light, temporarily blinding the people and war-horses.

“Not good, it’s the trap.” Beitang Yu was startled and said.

But it was already too late, being affected by the loud explosion sound, coupled with temporary blindness, the war-horses went berserk, and with master not being able to control them, they began fleeing randomly, chaotically charging towards the infantry who were following closely behind. Instantly, many screaming sounds resounded as many people were trampled by those war-horses.

Beitang Yu was unable to believe what she was seeing, and all the audiences were also stunned. As a matter fact, these war-horses were subjected to strict training to resist agitating, but everything had a bottom line, beasts naturally feared the power of nature. The explosion sound of just now was like a thunderclap, moreover, this explosion sound was right beside them, and coupled with the temporary blindness, how could these war-horses not get frightened?

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