Chapter 250: Beitang Yu is a pig (1)

The two hundred soldiers who were desperately running for their life covered their ears that were extremely hurting, then turning around, they saw that chaotic situation behind them and were dumbfounded. How come they didn’t know those stones were so effective in attacking? In such a simple fashion, the hundredfold enemies were defeated, truly was unbelievable.

Long Yi slowly floated down and landed in front of these 200 soldiers, then pointing at the back, he said: “Now, do you all understand, in the war, the number of people is a factor of victory, but isn’t the only one factor. Sometimes, this is the decisive factor of victory.” Long Yi said pointing at his head.

“General, how did you accomplish this?” A soldier couldn’t help but ask. He liked this kind of war where they won the war without losing a single soldier on their side, truly was too comfortable.

“Secret.” Long Yi smirked and said. As a matter of fact, this was not worth mentioning. He simply filled the stones with compressed lightning and light magic elements, and then used spirit power to separate them. After that, as long as those stones were shaken, the spirit power that separated lightning and light magic elements would slowly dissipate. He merely calculated the time of arrival of the cavalry battalion and instructed 200 soldiers to throw those stones in advance. And when the spirit power thoroughly dispersed, those stones would explode, emitting thunderous explosion sound as well as strong flashes as if Glare Magic, but only Long Yi might be able to use this means in this world.

“Let’s go, raise your head and follow me to meet the fruits of victory.” Seeing the chaotic situation was beginning to subside slowly, Long Yi slowly led 200 soldiers back.

But seeing the completely overrun battalion, Long Yi was somewhat unable to bear in his heart. This was merely a training, wasn’t the real war, so was this worthy? Many infantrymen following closely behind the cavalry, being caught off guard, were trampled to death by war-horses. Seeing this, 200 soldiers behind Long Yi also became silent. Although they were usually looked down upon them, but they were still their companions, so seeing them dead, the greater part of their excitements of just now immediately disappeared.

This moment, the soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion were dejected, and quietly clear away the deads on the ground.

Long Yi walked over to the front of Beitang Yu siblings, and said: “At that time, I didn’t think much, I estimated that there wouldn’t be so many casualties.”

“Estimated? Perhaps, you have planned this at an earlier time. More than 1000 people, more than 1000 people died just like this in the hand of their own people, you bastard.” Beitang Yu was so angry that her entire body was trembling. These elites soldiers were her flesh and blood. She had used great effort to cultivate them.

Long Yi looked at Beitang Yu and sneered: “If you agree to a bet you must accept to lose, I didn’t make any mistake in this matter, you are the one that is in the wrong. Didn’t you command all those soldiers, sending them to their death? The war is cruel, if you don’t die then I die, can it be that you are expecting sympathy from your enemy? Don’t you as a General of this Divine Wind Battalion understand this simple principle? It seems you have become General relying on your father’s blessing.”

“You……you…you are talking nonsense, you have cheated.” Beitang Yu pointed at Long Yi with her trembling finger.

“Cheated? Heh heh, forget it, I don’t feel like arguing with this little girl, who doesn’t even understand all is fair in war. For the safety of these soldiers, obediently return back and become just eldest Miss of your family.” Long Yi snorted coldly. Compared to everyone here, he understood the cruelty of a war. Although he sympathized with those more than 1000 dead and injured people of Divine Wind Battalion, but he didn’t regret it. If he had let those cavalries rush in, then those 200 soldiers behind him would have been trampled to meat pulp.

Beitang Yu deeply inhaled. She admitted that she was emotional just now, as she was simply unable to accept that kind of result.

“No, I want to compete with you again.” Beitang Yu resolutely said.

At that time, Beitang Duo pulled Beitang Yu and said: “Forget it, don’t make trouble. A defeat is a defeat.”

Beitang Yu however shook away the big hand of Beitang Duo, the said gritting her teeth: “Ximen Yu, let’s have a match again, if I lose, then you can do as you please with me, what do you think?”

“General Beitang Yu, I as a current Legion Commander order you, don’t make trouble, this matter ends here.” Beitang Duo shouted loudly.

Beitang Yu gritted her teeth, then looking towards Beitang Duo, she said: “Divine Wind Battalion possess independent military authority, I can choose to go against the command of Legion Commander.”

“You…” Beitang Duo was speechless. The Leader of Divine Wind Battalion indeed had authority to refuse, but if there was no good result afterward, then that Leader would be punished under military law.

“Ximen Yu, please compete with me again.” The heart of Beitang Yu was burning with humiliation, she was absolutely not willing to admit the defeat. She believed that as long as she was a bit more careful, that kind of situation wouldn’t have happened.

Long Yi sneered, Beitang Yu was too irrational. This kind of woman, even if she had little talent, it is also difficult to become a very capable person. And seeing Beitang Duo walking to one side and not speaking, Long Yi thought to ruthlessly teach a lesson to this girl, so that she would learn a bit of rationality, and perhaps become a bit clear-headed when handling the matters.

“I can accept, but if you lose again, the condition you attached to me will be returned to you.” Long Yi smirked and said.

“Then that’s settled, if I lose, I will crawl three laps around Soaring Dragon City while shouting I, Beitang Yu is a pig.” Beitang Yu gritted her teeth and said firmly.

Long Yi stared at Beitang Yu, not knowing whether he should curse her for being unable to differentiate good from bad, or should admire her for her stupid persistent.

“Then, make your preparation, see whether the soldiers under your leadership are still in a panicked state or not.” Looking at those soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion who appeared as if their mother had died, Long Yi said. Now they lacked the killing intent and mentality of true elite soldiers. Just received a loss and they had greatly lost their moral.

Beitang Yu fixed her mood, then walking over to the front of soldiers, she suddenly bent her proud waist towards all the soldiers and said in self-blame: “Everyone, I, Beitang Yu am sorry. Due to my unfavorable command, more than 1000 brothers died in vain.”

“General……” The soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion mournfully called out in unison.

“Don’t you all hope to avenge the humiliation and take revenge for the dead brothers?” Beitang Yu said.

“We hope, we want to take revenge for the dead brothers.” All the soldiers brandished the weapons in their hands.

The eyes of Long Yi flashed, this woman has some skill, at least, she knew the principle of an army with a grievance was bound to prevail. Provoking the revenge mentality of these soldiers, she stimulated their morale.

Long Yi didn’t listen to them again. He led these 200 soldiers to their previous position once again.

“Are you all feeling very guilty, thinking you all have killed them with your own hand?” Long Yi indifferently asked.

200 soldiers nodded their head in unison.

“But that is not your fault, you all merely obeyed the orders, which is your obligatory duty. So no one did wrong and no one is at fault.” Long Yi slowly said. He didn’t want to see these soldiers going on the next war with something weighing their mind.

“Many people always die in the war, you all as soldiers should understand this. Although they died in the training battle, but their death isn’t completely worthless, at least, they taught their leader a lesson, and hereafter, their leader will not make the same kind of error, otherwise just like this in the battlefield, the death wouldn’t be limited to 1000 people, do you all understand?” Long Yi said.

200 soldiers nodded their head. Understanding the words of Long Yi, the knot in their heart were naturally untied.

“Now, I am going to give you all a mission.” Long Yi said, then looking at these soldiers with an anxious expression, he smiled and continued: “If you all are careful, then there will not be any death this time.”

After Long Yi finished speaking, these 200 soldiers immediately smiled lightly. Although they had acted under the order, but to stain their hand with the blood of their companions, they still had a knot in their heart.

This time, Beitang Yu prepared very carefully. She absolutely couldn’t be defeated this time. At that time, she had made an error due to the carelessness, thinking those stones were something Long Yi was purposely making a mystery out of simple things. If she had immediately stopped to check after seeing they had thrown the stones, then she wouldn’t have lost so miserably, and more than 1000 soldiers also wouldn’t have lost their life.

This time, the report of reconnaissance team dispatched by Beitang Yu said that Long Yi had piled up woods in front of their position, and like before, they were not guarding against them, it didn’t matter how near they approached.

“Advisor Yan, what do you think about this?” Beitang Yu no longer dared to pass this off as Long Yi purposely making a mystery out of simple things, so she asked.

This Advisor Yan shook his head, and also didn’t dare to make the judgment. At that time, when he had seen Long Yi taking away the stones, he had also thought that he was purposely making a mystery out of small things, which resulted in otherwise.

“In any case, we need to be cautious.” Advisor Yan said very cautiously, presumably was scared by Long Yi.

Beitang Yu nodded her head. The number of their troops was nearly 100 times the other party, so as long as they surrounded them, there was no necessity to launch a fierce attack. Otherwise, in case, if those woods also had strange aspect, then she would no longer have any face to see the soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion again. If she fell into the same trap once again, then it’s better for her to die.

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So, Beitang Yu decided to quickly outflank the position of the other party with her large troops. As long as she was able to surround their position, she didn’t fear any waves of Ximen Yu.

Beitang Yu ordered to attack, but because she was afraid to make the same mistake again, the cavalry didn’t dare to charge too quickly, infantry didn’t dare to follow too closely, and as for magicians, they simply stayed inside the camp. Because of the defeat of just now, they were extremely cautious.

Very quickly, they saw rows of piled woods far away, and because of these woods, they weren’t able to see even the trace of Long Yi other behind the woods.

And after advancing for a short period of time, Beitang Yu hesitated, and finally not daring to approach too close, she directly ordered the troops to surround from the distance. Soon after the soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion surrounded the position of Long Yi from far away, Beitang Yu was stunned to find that the woods not only surrounded one side but air-tightly surrounded all sides.

“General Beitang, what should we do now?” Advisor Yan softly asked.

Beitang Yu pondered for a little while and said: “Slowly shrink the encirclement with teams after teams.”

In just this fashion, the Divine Wind Battalion of Beitang Yu slowly approached the piled woods. This situation also puzzled Beitang Duo, Li Qing and Barbarian Bull who were at a high place watching this battle, they didn’t know what Long Yi was doing. After Long Yi had a complete victory, Beitang Duo knew that Long Yi absolutely wasn’t a simple figure.

50 meters, 30 meters, the soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion slowly neared the piled woods. Now the heavy infantry with the thick shield was walking in the front.

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When Divine Wind Battalion’s heavy infantry was only 10 meters away from the piled woods, the piled woods suddenly swayed and collapsed with round woods rolling towards all direction.

“Retreat, quickly retreat.” Beitang Yu who had already eaten the loss hurriedly ordered to retreat, so all the soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion retreated desperately.

But even after the soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion retreated, Beitang Yu heard no movement behind them, so turning around, she saw only those collapsed woods without any reaction. And further behind, there was Long Yi lazily lying on a chair temporarily made up of with woods. Now he was waving his hand towards her with a wicked smile, and Beitang Yu instantly understood this fellow was playing.

But while being angry, Beitang Yu suddenly discovered an important problem. Those 200 soldiers who followed Long Yi were nowhere to be seen. It seemed that those piled woods were not only for deterring her but to also obstruct her sight. She immediately had bad premonition in her heart and shouted loudly: “All of you, heed my command, quickly return to the camp.”

“It’s already too late, look behind.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Beitang Yu turned around to look and saw that their battle flag had already fallen down. The other side had unexpectedly breached their camp without anybody knowing. She was stupefied, nearly falling down from her war-horse. In her heart, there was only a thought, she was defeated, completely defeated.

All the soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion were also stunned. Many were still unable to accept this and some even squatted down and began to cry loudly. They were defeated twice without a doubt. Could it be that this Second Young Master Ximen with notorious reputation was a demon king?

Shortly afterwards, those 200 soldiers that followed Long Yi returned with bound magicians, accompanied by Beitang Duo, Barbarian Bull and Li Qing.

“Boss, you are truly too amazing.” Barbarian Bull rushed over, looking at Long Yi with worshiping gaze. He had long known that his Boss was extraordinary.

“Young Master, other than my father, you are the first person that made me feel like worshiping.” Inside the grim eyes of Li Qing, the expression of fanatically worshipping appeared. Originally, Li Qing had followed Long Yi because of his strength, and because his douqi and water magic was better than his combination, but now, he was completely, from the inside to the outside, convinced.

Beitang Duo looked at Long Yi with a complex expression. The expression of Long Yi made him jealous and fear. He couldn’t help but clenched his hands as he was afraid of revealing his murderous intention.

“Ximen Yu, I lost, but please let me understand how I was defeated, how did you accomplish this?” Beitang Yu got down from her war-horse, then hurriedly walking over to Long Yi, she tightly caught the sleeve of Long Yi and asked.

“Very simple, first I used the piles of woods to block your vision…………” Long Yi didn’t shake off the hand of Beitang Yu. He understood the current state of mind of Beitang Yu, so he had some compassion in his heart. Experiencing these two defeats in a row, she should be clear-headed hereafter, so he explained the arrangement of this battle.

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