Chapter 251: Beitang Yu is a pig (2)

As a matter of fact, first, Long Yi ordered 200 soldiers to pile up the woods to cut off their view. Moreover, like this, Beitang Yu who had already eaten the loss would become terribly suspicious, and wouldn’t dare to immediately launch the direct attack. And after they couldn’t see inside due to the piles of woods, Long Yi began to use earth magic with the true qi of AoTianJue to dig the tunnel. The distance between the supreme headquarters of Long Yi and Beitang Yu was 8 li, so digging a tunnel that long was time-consuming as well as laborious, furthermore, if by chance magic power was leaked, then they would have easily realized this. But it was precisely because of the excessive caution and care of Beitang Yu gave him adequate time, moreover, Long Yi used spirit power to cut off the leakage of magical power.

Long Yi alone could have destroyed the supreme headquarter of Beitang Yu, but his aim was to let 200 soldiers have ample scope for abilities, so he assigned that mission to them. And with the sudden appearance of 200 elite soldiers in front of those defenseless magicians battalion, one could well imagine the result.  The magicians were easily captured. Naturally, there were some magicians with automatic defense magic accessories, but Long Yi had already taken this point into account. He had used spirit power to attach his internal power to break through the magic barrier on those 200 soldiers before they got to work. Like this, whether they had magic accessories or not, all of them were captured.

Besides, if Long Yi wanted to complete the mission by himself, then he had even simple and convenient method. According to the rule of training battle, capturing the enemy commander alive also counted as winning. So with his technique, capturing Beitang Yu in the middle of 20,000 people wasn’t that difficult.

“This is the case, now, do you admit defeat?” After explaining, Long Yi asked with a smile.

The entire body of Beitang Yu slightly trembled, and his complexion also got pale, obviously had recalled the consequence of the loss. Not to mention her, a girl with status and position, it was unbearable for anyone if they were in her current situation. Just imagine, who had the face to lay down the dignity and crawl three laps around the densely populated Soaring Dragon City, moreover, while crawling, had to call out she was a pig loudly. Furthermore, Soaring Dragon City was so big that to crawl three laps around it, it would take at least 5-6 days.

“I admit my defeat. I admit my defeat.” Beitang Yu collapsed to the ground and her mind became blank space.

At this time, the expression of Beitang Duo was changing continuously. This bet would not only drag down the reputation of his little sister, moreover would also disgrace his clan. Finally, as if he had made a decision, he ordered all the soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion to retreat, then bowing to Long Yi, he said: “Second Young Master Ximen, I, Beitang Duo beg you, can you change the bet agreement between you and my little sister?”

“Don’t want to acknowledge a debt? It’s also fine, in any case, even if you all act shamelessly, I can do nothing about it.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“It’s not that we don’t want to acknowledge a debt, merely want to exchange for something more beneficial to you. Even if you make my little sister crawl three laps around Soaring Dragon City, you will get nothing out of it, isn’t that so? I will use Divine Wind Battalion to offset this bet.” Beitang Duo implored. People under the eaves had no choice but to lower their head.

Long Yi had a playful smile on his face, and suddenly recalling 5,000 soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion he had won in the first bet with Beitang Yu, his eyes flashed, furthermore, he wasn’t in a hurry to accept. He had to carefully consider whether there was something fishy or not in this? Otherwise, wouldn’t the loss outweighs the gain?

When Long Yi was pondering, Beitang Yu on the ground suddenly raise her head and slowly stood up. Then looking at Long Yi with an unprecedentedly firm gaze, she gritted her teeth and said: “Since I, Beitang Yu agreed to a bet, I will accept the loss, I will not go back on my words, I will immediately go and carry out the agreement of the bet agreement.”

Beitang Duo hurriedly caught Beitang Yu and loudly shouted: “Are you mad, do you have no sense of shame, or, could it be that you don’t care about the face of father and mother?”

Beitang Yu was startled, and with tears in her eyes, she shook off the hand of Beitang Duo and said: “If I don’t fulfill the promise, then will you still have the face? I shamed my clan, so you can punish me after I fulfill my promise.”

“Why are you talking nonsense?” Beitang Duo was greatly surprised. All along, he knew that his little sister was stubborn, but never thought to be this stubborn. Although she would receive punishment under military law because she had disobeyed his command, but Divine Wind Battalion, after all, was the troop of Beitang clan, so he could easily let the matter drop by putting on a show of doing something without doing it. But if she really went and crawl on the streets, then Beitang clan would definitely lose their face completely.”

Seeing Beitang Yu so resolute, the impression of Long Yi on her changed greatly. Although she handled the matter somewhat irrationally, but not everybody could abide this kind of promise. The overwhelming majority of people would definitely not abide this kind of promise.

“Boss, the temperament of this girl is good, this old bull admires her.” Barbarian Bull being a straightforward person, seeing Beitang Yu was not going back on her bet, he admired her.

Long Yi was unable to bear. At that time, he was merely treating this bet as a joke and really hadn’t thought to make Beitang Yu comply with the terms of the bet. Although he sensed that Beitang Duo was somewhat not too to his liking, but nowadays, Beitang clan, after all, was showing goodwill towards Ximen clan, and he was unwilling to see their relationship getting rather strained.

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“Forget it, Beitang Yu, the bet of just now was merely a joke, don’t take it seriously.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said.

“You are joking, but I am not, since I promised, I will get it done.” Beitang Yu persisted.

Long Yi made a wry smile, this girl was truly stubborn, even more stubborn than Barbarian Bull. He didn’t feel like nagging with her, so he said without care: “Do as you please.”

Before Beitang Yu spoke, Beitang Duo hit her back, making her lose consciousness, then he said: “Many thanks, Second Young Master Ximen, you can select the soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion, I will leave first to arrange this insensible girl.”

Looking at the leaving figure of Beitang Duo, Li Qing said: “Young Master, should we take all the soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion seizing this chance?”

“No, only a part from Divine Wind Battalion, and as for remaining, we will choose from other battalions.” Long Yi rubbed his beard stubble and said with profound meaning.

“Why?” Li Qing asked curiously. In his opinion, when choosing soldiers, he should naturally select most elite first.

“Because I do not trust Beitang clan.” The eyes of Long Yi flashed with cold light and said with a smile.

“Could it be that Young Master is doubting that Beitang clan is deliberately approaching Ximen clan?” Li Qing asked in surprise.

“If someone shows goodwill without cause, then one should maintain vigilance, isn’t that so? Usually, Beitang clan maintains a distance from Ximen clan, but this time, they are becoming uncharacteristically intimate, so I couldn’t help but doubt them. Moreover, even if they truly want to lean on us this big tree, but we absolutely cannot take them lightly. And as for selecting elites, it is good, but there are also hidden dangers.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“What hidden dangers?” Li Qing was completely immersed in the words of Long Yi, and he was admiring this Young Master more and more. His Young Master considered each and every aspect of a matter and being beside him, he felt like he had learned many things.

“Among elites, there are many loyal and devoted people of Beitang clan, and even if their master is changed, they would never forget their previous master, so just in case, if Beitang clan has a different heart, then wouldn’t that be bad?” Long Yi said.

“But if you select soldiers from miscellanies battalions, then no need to talk about the overall quality, even for the training, we have to spend many times more time.” Li Qing as the successor of Moxi clan had some understanding with regards to leading army.

“Heh heh, there are many soldiers in miscellaneous battalions that have great potential, after going through my secret training schedule, they will surpass these so-called elites within a short period of time.” Long Yi confidentially said with a smile.

Because Beitang Duo had ordered before he left, all the soldiers knew Second Young Master Ximen was selecting soldiers, so the selection of soldiers was conducted very smoothly.

First, he selected 1000 soldiers from 20,000 soldiers of Divine Wind Battalion. All of them were the soldiers that had their name in the elimination name list of Divine Wind Battalion. Of course, those 200 soldiers who had followed him in the training matches were also included. As for the magicians inside Divine Wind Battalion, he didn’t select even one of them. Magicians held a crucial position in any legion, and as magicians of elite Divine Wind Battalion, the treatment of each and every one of them was very high, so it was better to be prudent.

As for remaining 14,000 soldiers, Long Yi especially selected those recruits that had just entered Divine Wind Legion. He selected them on the basis of stamina and perseverance. Moreover, he dug out some talents among the veteran soldiers too. In the past incarnation, as a leader of Dragon organization, his eyes to select people was extraordinary, because he could use more scientific method to clearly see the potential of people. As for magicians, Long Yi selected 10 youngsters, and they were only Elementary Magician, but their potential was very high. As for all others, Long Yi rejected them. As a result, in the eyes of other people, these 15,000 soldiers were merely miscellaneous soldiers and 10 extremely weak Elementary Magicians. So the generals of Divine Wind Legion thought that Long Yi was crazy.

It was already dark when Long Yi brought these 15,000 soldiers dug out from Divine Wind Legion to Violent Dragon Legion. Hereafter, under the leadership of Long Yi, these 15,000 soldiers would become an independent battalion in Violent Dragon Legion. It was similar to the Divine Wind Battalion in nature, but in this place, it was obviously more independent and free, because Ximen Nu promised, other than Long Yi himself, no-one had the right to mobilize them.

And Tyrant Bear as well as his Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group’s several hundred mercenaries were also incorporated into this independent battalion without a name, and they assumed the most basic officer post. Like this, it would be easier for them to look out for the spies of Beitang clan among the selected 15,000 soldiers. This made Tyrant Bear extremely excited as if he was about to become well-respected great general.

After that, Long Yi hurried back home. It had taken an entire day to select the soldiers, and Xiao Yi who had lost her virginity just yesterday was waiting for him to comfort her.

Just after he entered the hall of Ximen residence, he saw his mother Dongfang Wan, Xiao Yi as well as Yu Feng chatting and laughing there.

“Yu’er, how come you are returning just now? Didn’t you go to just select the soldiers? Feng’er has been waiting for you for a long time, furthermore, did you eat?” Dongfang Wan stood up, and looking at Long Yi, she said. Although she had displeased tone, but the last sentence still revealed her concern for Long Yi.

“Mother, selecting soldiers is a very troublesome matter. I haven’t eaten till now, so I am very hungry, did you leave something delicious to eat for me?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Still, can’t they select without you? Mother will go and heat the food for you.” Dongfang Wan said dotingly, then turning around, she walked towards the kitchen. With regarding everything concerning her son, she would never borrow the hand of other people, all matters whether they were small or big, she would do herself. This shows, how much she doted on Long Yi.

Looking at the back view of Dongfang Wan, his heart ached, he had never thought that, someday, he would also have such familial love.

“Two wives, did you miss your husband today?” Long Yi squeezed in the middle of two women in a happy mood, then embraced their slender waist with his big hands.

“Not missed.” Two women were unexpectedly consistent, then they giggled.

“Actually didn’t miss, see how I will discipline you two.” Long Yi smiled, then with his arm squeezing into their underarm, he tickled.

“My husband, forgive us, we do not dare.” Both women begged for mercy while laughing. And three of them twisted around together.

Suddenly, both women trembled, then stopped smiling and making a noise, furthermore, their beautiful face became bright red.

“Bad fellow, Madame is coming soon, still not letting go quickly.” Yu Feng rolled her eyes, then hit a claw that was rubbing her towering ** with her little hand.

And as for Xiao Yi being a new daughter-in-law was unable to bear, and her beautiful face was almost buried in her chest.

“Xiao Yi, raise your head, otherwise you will suffocate to death.” Long Yi smiled then he pulled her soft and elastic meat bun.

“Pervert.” Both women grumbled in a flirty manner in unison, and this greatly provoked the lustful intent of Long Yi.

Long Yi looked all around like a thief, then his big hands unexpectedly reached out to the soft place between the legs of these two women.

“Ya, Long Yi, I beg you, don’t.” The entire body of Yu Feng quivered and she said while feeling her lower part of the body was becoming moist due to the stimulation of Long Yi. Her this sweetheart was mature and intelligent at times, but at other times, he acted shamelessly and become mischievous like a child, making her want to love and also hate, want to hit but also reluctant, and want to curse but also reluctant.

Long Yi caressed that private part of Yu Feng, and feeling moist and warm through the clothing, he knew that Yu Feng was aroused. Then with a smile, he retracted his hand and said gently: “I will forgive you for now, we will continue in bed at night.”

Yu Feng softly reopened and as if she lost all of her strength, she leaned against Long Yi.

After that, Long Yi turned his head and seeing Xiao Yi was breathing agitatedly, he said lovingly: “Is it still hurting?”

Xiao Yi shook her head in panic. She thought her sweetheart would retract his hand, but contrary to her expectation, he didn’t. And then she thought, if Madame saw this, then would she think her moral character wasn’t good.

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Fortunately, Long Yi also had a sense of propriety, after gently caressing few more times, his hand returned to her waist and said with a smile: “How about accompanying me and Yu Feng to sleep tonight, we will sleep together.” Sleeping together was a good thing that Long Yi had always wanted for a long time. If he was able to realize this dream today, then today he would kill two birds with an arrow.

Xiao Yi didn’t dare to speak due to shyness, but she was willing in her heart. If Long Yi wants that, then she would definitely agree.

Just then, Dongfang Wan with a tray walked in, and seeing Yu Feng and Xiao Yi were blushing with blurred expression, she immediately understand what kind of good deeds her son was doing just now and said with a smile: “Yu’er, are you bulling them again?”

“Nope, there is not enough time for me to love them enough, where can I find the time to bully them?” Long Yi smirked and said. He especially placed the focus on the word ‘love’.

“Licentious, absurd dumb idiot, don’t you know a little bit of restraint?” Dongfang Wan scolded in jest with a slightly red face.

Puff, Long Yi sprayed out the hot soup that had just entered his mouth and foolishly laughed feeling somewhat embarrassed. He had not expected that his mother would speak so directly.

With Yu Feng and Xiao Yi gently attending him, he finished eating, then he entered his room with two women. Licentious without principle, he, Long Yi had always been like this, and with such beauties before them, there were no men that could endure.

Long Yi shut the door with a bang, then with a bad smile, his two hands had already slipped to the unknown places of two women, and then shouting strangely, he pounced on them.

“Second Young Master, there is an accident, quickly come out.” When Long Yi had just pressed down two women and was about to punish them, the sound of shouting suddenly came through outside the door.

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