Chapter 252: Beitang Yu is a pig (3)

“Why are you shouting, this Young Master is sleeping, if there is something then say it tomorrow.” Long Yi shouted back in a bad mood. This time, there were two little beauties in his bosom waiting for him to bestow favor upon them, so how would he have idle time for other matters.

The wolf claw of Long Yi groped all over the body of these two women, making them pant repeatedly, but both of them didn’t dare to open their eyes, as they were still not completely comfortable to have joyous love with their sweetheart in front of another woman.

Peng, peng, peng, knocking sounds came from the bedroom door, and a servant scowling miserably said: “Second Young Master, Madame and Master instructed this small one to bring you to the hall, otherwise this small one’s skin will be peeled off.”

“Well, quickly go out there.” Xiao Yi moved away the wolf claw of Long Yi which was caressing her plump meat bun, then pushed the shoulder of Long Yi.

“Yes, I and Xiao Yi……will wait for you in the room.” Yu Feng with red face said in a mosquito-like voice.

The eyes of Long Yi shone, then pinching the breast of two women, he said with a smirk: “This is what you said, you are not allowed to go back on your words, if even one of you are missing when I return, I will punish both of you.” Finished speaking, all of them looked at each other and then both of them covered their head with the quilt.

Long Yi turned around, then taking a deep breath, he suppressed the complaints in his heart. Do I go out just like this with a tent? He muttered to himself while walking towards the hall. Just after entering the hall, he saw both Dongfang Wan and Ximen Nu, and their expression wasn’t normal.

“What’s the matter? Why did you call me in such a hurry?” Long Yi sat on the sofa, then drank a cup of water. Suppressing the fire of lust, he was extremely thirsty.

Ximen Nu stared at Long Yi and slowly said: “Today, didn’t you make a trouble again when you go to Divine Wind Legion to select the soldiers?”

As it turned out, it was this matter, and here he was thinking it was something worse. Long Yi replied with a smile: “When did I make a trouble? I merely betted with Miss Beitang, that’s all.”

“Crawling three laps around Soaring Dragon City, moreover shouting she, Beitang Yu is a pig while crawling, isn’t that so?” Ximen Yu slammed the table and said angrily.

Long Yi didn’t care about Ximen Nu pretending to be angry to maintain father’s dignity and said with a smirk: “The betting agreement was like that in the beginning, but I took the initiative to rescind afterward and said that she doesn’t need to do so. How come this matter reached your ears? Could it be that that girl complained to you?”

“Now she is carrying out the betting agreement, stirring up the entire Soaring Dragon City, and this bet has become the talk of the town. Furthermore, Beitang Xiong publicly disowned this daughter. All of this matter is you, this dumb idiot’s doing. Now, you say, how will you solve this?” Ximen Nu snored, then continued: “That stubborn girl is truly crawling, and common people are gathering to look. If this matter is not dealt soon, then this will certainly turn our Ximen clan and Beitang clan into fire and water. I don’t care what method you use, immediately solve this matter.” Ximen Yu stood up and snorting, he turned around and left the hall.

Long Yi made a wry smile, why was she so stupid, at that time, he was merely speaking thoughtlessly, nothing serious, but he had never thought that she would really behave this way. However, she won the admiration of Long Yi. Could endure what other people couldn’t endure, perhaps she was really not so unbearable.

“This betting agreement is really too excessive, think of a way to persuade that girl of Beitang family to go back.” Dongfang Wan walked over to Long Yi and patted Long Yi, then turning around, she also left the hall.

“Damn, now I have to and comfort that girl?” Long Yi cursed in his heart and left the Ximen residence.

Outside the Ximen residence, now the street was desolate, and he saw several people dashing ahead once in a while. With the eldest Miss of Beitang clan crawling in the street while shouting ‘Beitang Yu is a pig’, they were quickly running over to see that excitement, fearing they wouldn’t be able to see if they were late.

Along with the stream of people, Long Yi quickly arrived at the crowded place. On the street, inside the room of roadsides and on the roof, all were crowded with people. Long Yi flew in the air and saw a black-robed Beitang Yu crawling on the ground on her knees, and he could indistinctly hear her hollow voice: “Beitang Yu is a pig, Beitang Yu is a pig.”

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There were two beautiful maids beside Beitang Yu, they were crying while calling out their family Miss, however they didn’t dare to touch her because Beitang Yu had said that if they touch her, she would sell them in the brothels as prostitutes.

Long Yi looked at that deathly pale and stubborn pretty face. Her teeth were firmly biting her lower lip and a trace of blood was seeping out of it. Seeing this, people couldn’t help but sympathize with her.

“Why isn’t Beitang clan coming out and is ignoring her? They have the heart to make such a beautiful girl suffer this suffering.” A middle-aged woman standing on the roof couldn’t bear and said.

“Bi Ergou’s son is the soldier of Divine Wind Battalion. They said that, because she had lost in the bet with Second Young Master Ximen, she is carrying out the bet agreement. You also know that Beitang clan is one of the notable clan in the empire, and they couldn’t afford to lose their face, so the patriarch of Beitang clan has already announced that Miss Beitang no longer has any connection with their Beitang clan from this time on.” The husband this middle-aged woman said.

“This bet, isn’t it too inhumane?” One man beside them interposed. This question immediately attracted the crowd of people on the roof.

Seeing so many people surrounding him, that husband of a middle-aged woman suddenly felt like he was a protagonist, so he proudly said in a loud voice: “This matter, other than Erguo and I, not even a dozen people know.”

“Tell us quickly.” Another man impatiently said.

“Second Young Master Ximon went to Divine Wind Battalion to select the soldiers, but for an unknown reason, he had a conflict with Miss Beitang. And Miss Beitang being the only female general was naturally proud and arrogant, so she challenged Second Young Master Ximen to do a battle on the spot, which resulted in Second Young Master Ximen, using only 20 worst soldiers to defeat more than 100,000 soldiers under the leadership of Miss Beitang. Moreover, he defeated her twice, so this is happening. Now you all understand.” The saliva of this man called San Huzi flew everywhere while speaking. When he explained, 200 soldiers had reduced to 20 soldiers, and 20,000 soldiers had increased to more than 100,000 soldiers. When this spread again, this might change into Second Young Master Ximen, with a wave of a finger wiped out the entire Divine Wind Legion.

“I don’t believe Second Young Master Ximen is so powerful.” Immediately, someone didn’t believe him.

San Huzi as if a cat whose tail was trampled jumped up and patting his chest, he said: “If I, San Huzi is deceiving you all, then I am a dog feces, even worse than a dog.”

More than half people believed San Huzi after he vowed, and at that time, someone said: “Although Miss Beitang lost, but she kept her words. I admire her very much.”

“I also admire her.” Immediately someone else added.

Just then, suddenly someone felt that something was not right, and turning around, he saw that the person who had said he admired Beitang Yu was unexpectedly the protagonist of their discussion, Second Young Master Ximen. Each and every one was so frightened that they became just like a cicada in cold weather. Although the impression of Second Young Master Ximen had changed greatly after that snowman incident, and he had not stirred up any trouble in the city after he had returned back, but his image of the profligate son of rich parents for ten years was not something that could be reversed overnight.

Long Yi didn’t care about the expression and feeling of people looking at him. He merely asked indifferently: “How long has it been since Miss Beitang was crawling like this?”

“It’s already been more than one hour.” Someone answered.

Just then, a little bit bold man suddenly said: “Second Young Master Ximen, Miss Beitang is truly too pitiful, she is just a young lady, like this……, can’t you cancel your betting agreement?”

Long Yi turned his head, then that person who had just spoken was so scared that he fell back again and again. He greatly feared that he had offended this evil star, but to his surprise, Long Yi made a wry smile, and sighed: “I have already canceled the betting agreement, but she doesn’t listen, so I can do nothing about it.”

At this time, Beitang Yu had already crawled far away. And seeing her unyielding however proud and aloof back view, Long Yi didn’t feel any pleasure, on the contrary, he felt stifled in his heart. When all was said and done, he was unable to bear letting such girl lower herself like this.

Long Yi lightly jumped and in a flash, he landed in front of Beitang Yu. And with his appearance, the commotion among the onlookers got even bigger.

Beitang Yu raised her head and used her hollow and indifferent eyes to look at him, then continue to say ‘Beitang Yu is a pig’ this sentence while continuing to crawl forward.

“Miss.” Those two maids of Beitang Yu cried and knelt in front of Long Yi.

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Long Yi felt bitter in his heart, but clearly, he wasn’t at a fault here, still how come this situation of Beitang Yu appeared to be his fault, moreover, even he himself felt as if this was his fault. What were the ways of the world!

Long Yi stepped forward and lifted up Beitang Yu, then saw that the knee part of her trousers had holes due to grinding, revealing her knees which were already very red.

“You have already completed your promise, go back.” Staring at Beitang Yu, Long Yi gritted his teeth and said. Now he was very angry in his heart but didn’t know whether this anger was directed towards her or directed towards himself.

“No, I will definitely crawl three laps.” Beitang Yu shook off Long Yi and kneeling again, she crawled forward.

Long Yi was unable to endure, so he raised his hand thinking to knock her unconscious, then take her away. He truly didn’t want to waste time discussing with her.

But Beitang Yu as if seen through the thoughts of Long Yi, said coldly: “If you forcibly take me away, then that’s means you are forcing me to the dead end.”

Looking at that bright light in the depth of Beitang Yu’s black pupils, which was dazzling as well as resolute, Long Yi knew that she would certainly do what she had said. Even if he forcibly return her back, in any case, he couldn’t confine her for her lifetime, and she would definitely do this stupid thing again.

“You…” Long Yi loosen his hand, then looking at crawling Beitang Yu, he was unexpectedly moved. She was very stupid, truly was very stupid. If it was him, he certainly wouldn’t be able to do, because he originally was a petty person, but Beitang Yu, this stupid girl’s action however moved his heart.

For no reason, suddenly a long-standing memory that was sealed in the depth of his mind appeared, that was a woman of his previous incarnation, named Little Qi, that woman who was soft outside but hard inside and who always meant what she said. Long Yi shook his head, shaking off that anguish as well as suffocating feeling, but at this moment, he felt that Beitang Yu and Little Qi was very similar.

Long Yi spat out a mouthful of chaotic qi, then no longer paying any attention to Beitang Yu, he returned. “Since she is so persistence, then let her do as she wishes, why am I feeling so unpleasant?”

Xiao Yi saw Long Yi coming in, and she immediately greeted him but seeing Long Yi’s gloomy face, she worriedly looked at him from one side.

“Let’s sleep.” Long Yi said with a forced smiled.

Under the service of two women, Long Yi throw off his clothing, then lied on the bed with a quilt wrapped around his body. And both Yu Feng and Xiao Yi, one on the left and one on the right, snuggled with him. If this was at ordinary times, then Long Yi, this perverted demon would have already roared and his maneuvering hands would have already taken cheap advantages, but now he was frowning. Holding two women, he was lost in thoughts, and his expression was changing continuously, blurred for a moment, recalling for another moment, happy for a moment, suffering for another moment.

Seeing such great changes suddenly appearing on the handsome face of Long Yi, Yu Feng slightly trembled in her heart. Seeing her always flippant, old but still lecherous sweetheart having something heavily weighing his mind like this, she endlessly felt unwell in her heart, moreover, also felt useless for not being able to help him.

Yu Feng bit her lower lip, then her little hand suddenly stretched towards the place between the legs of Long Yi and then grabbing that drooping little Long Yi, she fondled it. She didn’t want Long Yi to be deeply troubled and make such painful expression. But the only thing she could do was to divert his attention, and the best way to divert the attention of a man was naturally **.

Feeling the stimulation on the lower part of his body, Long Yi came back to his senses and seeing her shy, nervous as well as coquettish expression, he couldn’t help but call out: “Feng’er.”

“Mmm.” The red lips of Yu Feng opened slightly, then her soft and charming body continuously rubbed against the body of Long Yi, scattering her orchid-like body fragrance.

Xiao Yi was somewhat surprised looking at this elder sister who had suddenly become so bold, but seeing her (Yu Feng) winking towards her (Xiao Yi), with her sharp mind, she immediately understood what Yu Feng wanted to do, and she couldn’t help but sigh in her heart, “The women beside Young Master are truly head-over-heels for him.” And she also immediately began to follow the suit, beginning to tease Long Yi with her somewhat unskilled skill.

With the intelligence of Long Yi, he naturally knew the intention of these two girls and being moved, his body also reacted faithfully, moreover, those memories that had suddenly gushed out in his heart also weakened a lot. Such pleasant night, how could he let down the goodwill of beauties? His signature bad smile again appeared on his face, and his wolf claws began to attack the two women, touching everywhere including Yu Feng as well as Xiao Yi’s snow white buttocks. And under his grabbing and pinching, the passion of two women quickly stirred up as if a tide.

Under brocade quilt, his underpants was pulled down to his knee by daring Yu Feng, then a warm and soft jade hand grabbed little Long Yi and moved up and down.

Long Yi threw off the brocade quilt, exposing the spring scenery underneath. And seeing the action of Yu Feng, Xiao Yi exclaimed. Even though she was his bride, she was still somewhat not completely open. And as for Long Yi, seeing Yu Feng’s slightly opened red lips, his fire of lust burned. He touched her lips with his thumb and then slightly pressed her head towards the lower part of his body, the meaning was very obvious. And Yu Feng who was filled with thoughts of love rolled her eyes looking at Long Yi, but her tongue however couldn’t help but lick the corner of her mouth.

“Life taking little seductive spirit.” Seeing Yu Feng’s such sexy and bewitching teasing action, Long Yi’s breathing couldn’t help but stagnated, furthermore, little Long Yi also instantly swelled again.

And as for Xiao Yi, she curiously stared at these two people, she wanted to see what would happen next.

And seeing Xiao Yi was staring, Yu Feng was rather embarrassed, but seeing the expecting expression of Long Yi, she gritted her teeth, in any case, hereafter they were sisters, furthermore perhaps in the future, they would want to exchange the matters of bedroom as much as possible, so what’s there to be shy?

Yu Feng slowly leaned down, and opening her red lips, she took little Long Yi into her mouth, then her head began to move up and down. And seeing this, Xiao Yi was dumbstruck, as it turned out the matters of men and women could be done like this too.

Long Yi moaned comfortably, and staring at Xiao Yi beside him with a fiery gaze, he groped about the body of Xiao Yi, and she suddenly turned into a snow-white little lamb.

With the skillful hand of Long Yi, he touched every inch of Xiao Yi’s body. And looking at Yu Feng who was working hard, he suddenly smiled evilly. He made Xiao Yi stand up and squat on his face. Like this, Xiao Yi’s that hairless snow-white ravine was completely present in front of his eyes. Xiao Yi subconsciously clamped her legs and used her hands to cover, obstructing the passionate gaze of Long Yi.

“Let me examine.” Long Yi smirked, then pulling open the hands of Xiao Yi, he spread her tightly clamped legs. After that, he looked at that soft and fair private part of a maiden, from where a continuous delicate fragrance was spilling out.

Involuntarily, Long Yi grabbed the hips of Xiao Yi, and slowly moved it closer to his face.

“Yi wants to die.” The body of Xiao Yi was extremely sensitive, and with her private place being licked by the tongue of Long Yi, she immediately spasmed and trembled, unexpectedly reaching her **.

Long Yi released weak and limp Xiao Yi, then he quickly got rid of all the clothing of Yu Feng and Xiao Yi, and pressing them down under his sturdy body, he began to wantonly conquest them.

Perhaps because of the play of this time, Long Yi’s spirit was especially high. He played in various patterns, and finally overlapping two women, he released high and low.

After several hours, both Yu Feng and Xiao Yi were limp and paralyzed on the bosom of Long Yi. They didn’t have a bit of strength to even lift their finger, and recalling those resplendent postures of their sweetheart just a moment ago, both of them blushed. They had never thought that the pleasure of three people in the bedroom also had a kind of special flavor.

And only seeing Long Yi’s expression had reverted back to normal, they carefully asked what had happened. After that, Long Yi sighed and spoke the matter from the time he had gone to select the soldiers to Beitang Yu, this stupid girl, still carrying out the promise.

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