Chapter 253: Prodding

Hearing Beitang Yu, this Miss of a distinguished family, unexpectedly disregarding her dignity and prestige and doing this kind of matter in public which nobody could endure, Yu Feng and Xiao Yi simultaneously exclaimed.

“My husband, you have to think of a way. Carrying out such promise, Feng’er very much admire Miss Beitang, but she is only a teenage girl. Now, she is definitely suffering very much in her heart, and she might even fall apart due to this.” Yu Feng worriedly said.

Xiao Yi said nothing, she just quietly looked at Long Yi. She only lived for the best interest of Long Yi, so her thoughts were also different from Yu Feng. Although she sympathized with Beitang Yu, but she still thought this served her right in her heart. Because according to Long Yi, this malicious condition was something she put forward at the very beginning, and if the person who had lost was Long Yi, then the one who was crawling on the street, wouldn’t it be her sweetheart?

“I am powerless to think, I persuade her, but that was useless. She is determined to do so, if I forcibly tied and make her return, then according to her character, she might do something even more drastic.” Long Yi made a wry smile and said.

“Then, should we let her lower herself like this?” Yu Feng said with concern.

Long Yi shook his head and muttered: “Perhaps the circumstance isn’t all so bad, although she appeared to lose her face on the surface, but the common people are actually very clear in their heart, perhaps after this matter, her reputation might rise even higher.” The words of Long Yi were not unreasonable. All the way, many common people admired Beitang Yu’s character very much and thought that she was a remarkable woman.

Early in the second morning, Yu Feng rushed to deal with the affair of her clan, and as for Long Yi, as a Deputy General of Violent Dragon Legion, he naturally rushed over to the military camp. At this moment, his main task was to train those 15,000 miscellaneous soldiers he had dug out from Divine Wind Legion into the most elite soldiers of Violent Dragon Empire.

En route, Long Yi couldn’t help but follow the stream of people to go and see Beitang Yu. She had been crawling for the entire night, and now her body full of stains, her complexion was also unusually pale, and her lips had become blue. Where was that female general with will and spirit of yesterday? Her two maids held food and water, wanting her to eat them, but Beitang Yu stubbornly didn’t eat nor drink. Now, her eyes didn’t have any spirit and splendor, only were hollow and ice-cold.

Long Yi lightly sighed, then walked towards the military camp.

Arriving at the military camp, first, Long Yi gathered all the members of Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group, then providing a training schedule, he formally named this independent battalion that had just put together as Unparalleled (Wushuang) Battalion, named in the meaning of unparalleled in the world (Tianxia-Wushuang). At the same time, also for the reminisce of Wushuang who was in the distant Origin Ice. At that time, Ice Palace had promised to release her after two years, and now this time limit was nearly over. Thinking he would be able to see that mysterious girl who had made him worried very soon, a bit of sweetness appeared in his heart. And he knew that she would immediately come looking for him.

When Tyrant Bear look over this training schedule, he couldn’t help being secretly breathless. He had never seen such training methods, moreover, all were methods to torment people. What carry a heavy load on the back while running, swim in battle gears, and 24 hours lying low. Furthermore, he had stipulated that all people should participate in this training. And there were instructions to learn transformation and combination of some capturing, grappling as well as various kinds of big and small formations. And the daily timetable was from early in the morning to late at night, calling it devil’s drill was also suitable.

“In this period of time, I will be responsible to instruct you all, and after you all learn it well, go to instruct other soldiers. And no one is allowed to skip the physical training, once a week there will be an assessment, and whoever fails the assessment, they would eat the whip, magicians are also no exception.” Long Yi with ominous look said imposingly.

“General, we magicians also needs to do physical training?” An earth magician nervously asked.

“Of course, the physical body of magicians is too frail, during the war of millions, if close combat occurs, then they are finished, so I have a different training method especially prepared for magicians, furthermore, capturing and grappling courses are also compulsory.” Long Yi said solemnly. His solemn appearance was somewhat like Ximen Nu, cold and gloomy, frightening the people.

Long Yi never planned to play around with Unparalleled Battalion like the military force of Divine Wind Battalion. It was basically useless to change the independent battalion with less than 20,000 soldiers into the military battalion like Divine Wind Battalion, but turning it into a special force like in his previous world was comparatively better. Like this, although they wouldn’t be able to directly confront head-on with the cavalries in the battlefield, but carrying out sneak attacks, assassinations as well as street fightings, they would absolutely be within top 10.

Because it was the first day, Long Yi just gave them some lecture on warfare theories in a very easy fashion. But hearing such theories, all these fellows just listened to him as if intoxicated and stupefied, as it turned out warfare also had so many knowledge.

After the lecture, Long Yi called all the soldiers of Unparalleled Battalion to gather, then he assigned all several hundred people of Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group the basic position of officers, and assigned Tyrant Bear as the Deputy General of Unparalleled Battalion.

After that, standing on the platform, Long Yi made an impassioned speech inciting all soldiers and making their mood surge. He made them feel as if they were just a step behind achieving the goal and bring honor to their family.

As for all the remaining matters, Long Yi handed them over to Tyrant Bear to handle. He made him responsible for the training of all the soldiers of Unparalleled Battalion, and as for himself, he ran away like a streak of smoke and was nowhere to be found.

After leaving, Long Yi saw a group of pickets wearing a suit of thick armor, then he suddenly appeared in front of them, only to be greeted by the dazzling swords and spears of the prickets.

“Captain Chou Fu, we meet again.” Long Yi walked to the front of Chou Fu with a smile.

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Recognizing Long Yi, these pickets immediately withdrew their weapons, and performed a military salute towards Long Yi, after all, now Long Yi was also a General.

Chou Fu told other men to leave first, then raising his hand, he took out his thick and heavy helmet, revealing his face with frightening scares. But perhaps because his appearance was very similar in his previous incarnation, Long Yi had a kind of amiable feeling instead.

“General, at this moment, instead of training the soldiers, why did you come looking for me?” Chou Fu indifferently asked.

Long Yi smirked and said: “Why? Captain Chou also wants to join me to slack in work?”

“Supposing that will give me some information that can be used against you, that is also not impossible.” Chou Fu showed a rare smile.

The two men came to a bit remote meadow and sat down, then Chou Fu bluntly asked: “Say, why are you looking for me?”

Long Yi pondered for a moment, then said slowly: “If my guess is right, then your ancestor should be from Raging Flames Villa’s one faction of Phoenix Douqi.”

Having heard what was said, the complexion of Chou Fu slightly changed, then he said indifferently: “I don’t know what you are speaking about and even more don’t know what Raging Flames Villa is.”

“Honest person doesn’t speak untruthful words. Phoenix Douqi is divided into two factions, one faction is suitable for women to cultivate and the remaining faction is suitable for men to cultivate. Both you and Phoenix clan are the descendants of Raging Flames Villa.” Long Yi stared at Chou Fu’s eyes and said.

Chou Fu was dumbfounded, and he was unable to understand why Long Yi knows so much.

“In fact, you don’t need to deny, the Phoenix Douqi you have used last time has already stated everything clearly, and the reason why I know so much is because the eldest daughter of Phoenix clan is my wife.” Long Yi said.

“Wife? You married into Phoenix clan?” Chou Fu curiously asked. He no longer denied again, and it might be assumed that he had already admitted it.

“No, she naturally marries into my family, rules are something set by people, isn’t that so?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Chou Fu remained silent for a long time, then faintly said: “Speak your purpose.”

“There is no special purpose, it’s just that my wife wants to meet you.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“I won’t see her, moreover, I don’t want to see anybody of Phoenix clan.” Chou Fu coldly said. Listening to his tone, it seems he and Phoenix clan have some kind of knot.

“Why?” Long Yi asked in surprise. As he sees it, both factions are the descendants of Raging Flames Villa, so having the reunion should be a joyous moment.

“Humph, you go back and ask your wife, fancy that they still have the face to call themselves the descendants of Raging Flames Villa.” Chou Fu stood up, then picking up the helmet, he left with large strides.

Long Yi was dumbfounded. What the hell was going on here? Listening to Chou Fu’s manner of speaking, he seems to despise Phoenix clan very much. In the end, what affair of Phoenix clan made him look down on them?

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Long Yi shook his head, really was unable to understand what was going on here. It seems he had to wait until the time he returned back and closely ask Feng’er.

After that, strolling inside the military camp, he again returned to his battalion camp to supervise and guide the training of Unparalleled Battalion. Like this, the day passed quickly.

When returning home, Long Yi planned to go and see Beitang Yu. It had already been a day and a night since she began crawling without drinking and eating. If an ordinary person was in her place, then he/she would have already collapsed.

Following the stream of people, Long Yi quickly saw Beitang Yu. After crawling for a day and a night, she had almost crawled a lap. This moment, she looked even more haggard, and her each step forward leave behind a faint bloodstain.

Other than Beitang Yu’s those two maids who looked as if they were about to lose consciousness, there unexpectedly was Nangong Xiangyun beside Beitang Yu. And with a bowl of water in her hand, she was endlessly persuading Beitang Yu to drink water.

“Truly is a stupid girl.” Seeing the lips of Beitang Yu was dry and cracked, Long Yi lightly sighed. This moment, she was still shouting that slogan, merely her voice was already inaudible. The original bet agreement merely stated that she had to crawl three laps around Soaring Dragon City, there was no condition of not eating meal and drinking water, Long Yi really didn’t know why she was not eating and not drinking.

Long Yi could no longer just keep on looking, he instantly appeared beside Beitang Yu.

And seeing the appearance of Long Yi, Nangong Xiangyun coldly snorted and glaring at him, she said: “This is all your good deed, do you insist on hounding her to death until you are satisfied?”

“This is the matter between me and her, you don’t need to interfere.” Long Yi snorted in bad mood. He hadn’t done anything wrong in this matter, but why on earth were everyone blaming him?

“You…I am your fiancée, I will interfere.” Nangong Xiangyun said with a red face.

“Since you are my fiancée, obediently shut your mouth, when the man is handling his affairs, where is your turn to interrupt? Believe or not, I will immediately cast you off.” Long Yi said with a cold face.

Nangong Xiangyun bit her lower lip and wanted to say if you cast me off then cast off, what’s the big deal, but when she was on the verge of saying what was in her mind, she found it hard to speak, so she had no alternative but to stamp her leg and stand at one side, no longer paying any attention to him.

Long Yi looked at Beitang Yu who was still crawling forward like a puppet, then snatching the water from the hand of Nangong Xiangyun, he walked to the front of Beitang Yu. After that, lifting her up, he held water in front of her and said in a commanding tone: “Drink water.”

The hollow eyes of Beitang Yu slightly fluctuated, but soon after that, they became lifeless again. Her eyes didn’t have any focus and appeared as if she basically didn’t see Long Yi in front of her.

Seeing this ghost-like appearance of Beitang Yu, the bad temper of Long Yi also flared up. Why was this girl gaining good reputation but the title of evildoer was attached to him when she was carrying out the agreement of the bet? Moreover, this more dead than alive appearance truly was making him mad.

Long Yi held the chin of Beitang Yu, then poured down the water in her mouth.

Beitang Yu whimpered and began to struggle, causing more than half the water inside the bowl to splash on her. Now the clothing on her chest was wet, completely exposing her exquisite curves, but Beitang Yu was also choked which gave rise to a fit of coughing.

“What are you doing, do you want to kill her?” Seeing Long Yi was treating Beitang Yu so rudely, Nangong Xiangyun stepped forward, then pulling his hand to stop, she ferociously said.

Long Yi shook off the hand of Nangong Xiangyun, and said with a cold smile: “Yes, I truly want to kill her, showing a drama like this, do you want to win sympathy? If you can’t afford a loss then don’t bet.”

The expression of Beitang Yu finally had a glimmer of fluctuation, she raised her head and looked at Long Yi with wanting to eat people expression. She truly was dying to bit off eight pieces of his flesh.

“Why? Did I speak incorrectly? Since you insist on crawling three laps, then why on earth are you acting to be this pitiful without eating and drinking? Oh, I get it, don’t you want to go back on your words? Want to go back on your words then why don’t you say that earlier, there is no need to do something so unnecessary.” Looking at Beitang Yu with disdain, Long Yi said.

“I, Beitang Yu, always honor my words.” Beitang Yu said with her hoarse voice.

“Finally speaking, I thought you were mute. Since you didn’t think to go back on your words, why did you neither eat nor drink, do you think you can crawl three laps like that? Look, now you are on the point of death. Were you thinking of losing your consciousness and then leaving the matter unsettled? Oh, that’s right, like that, you will not only gain reputation, moreover, will not leave any trace of going back on your words either. You are truly clever.” Long Yi said very sarcastically which nobody could bear to listen to.

Beitang Yu was so angry that she trembled, and her towering chest rose and fall continuously, nearly causing the eyes of perverts in the crowd to pop out.

“Give me water, give me food.” Beitang Yu gnashed her teeth and said. She thought that the words of Long Yi were indeed reasonable, now she was conscious only with the support of her willpower, if she lost her consciousness then other people would truly think that she went back on her words.

“Miss, wait a minute, we’ll immediately go.” The two maid cried the tears of joy and ran towards the nearest restaurant.

Very quickly, the two maids brought food and water. Beitang Yu drank two big bowls of water first, then wolf down the food. After that, she began the difficult crawling again.

Nangong Xiangyun looked towards Long Yi in surprise, and saw the satisfied smile on his face, then she understood why he had spoken such sarcastic words. As a matter of fact, he truly was a good person.

Long Yi didn’t have leisure time to stand guard here, he wanted to return and ask Yu Feng about the matter of before, and wanted to know why Chou Fu was so opposed to Phoenix clan like that.

“Hey, Ximen Yu, where are you going?” Seeing Long Yi wanted to leave, Nangong Xiangyun hastily asked.

“Of course, I’m returning home, if not should I stay here?” Long Yi turned around and said.

“I also want to go, I haven’t seen aunt for a long time, I want to accompany her to chat.” Nangong Xiangyun looked elsewhere with guilty coincidence, and she herself also didn’t know what was going on with her.

“Do as you please.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and prepared to fly away.

But who would have thought that Nangong Xiangyun would hold his hand, and seeing the interrogating gaze of Long Yi, she righteously said: “You fly faster, take me with you.”

The corner of Long Yi’s mouth curled up, then holding the waist of Nangong Xiangyun with his big hand, he flew away into the sky, causing many people to exclaim in admiration. Many common people of Soaring Dragon City were knowledgeable, they frequently see Advance and other magicians flying back and forth here, however they had never seen someone flying so fast.

The head of Nangong Xiangyun was leaning on the shoulder of Long Yi, and feeling that scorching hot heat on her waist from the big hand of Long Yi, unexpectedly a glimmer of unknown so-called sweetness welled up in her heart. She truly didn’t understand what this represented, so she was somewhat confused and also somewhat frightened.

With the speed of Long Yi, they quickly arrived Ximen residence.

“We arrived, still don’t want to let me go.” The voice of Long Yi resounded in the ear of Nangong Xiangyun.

Nangong Xiangyun hastily released the hand of Long Yi, then she felt a kind of disappointed and frustration feeling in her heart as if she had lost something. And asking the people inside the residence, Long Yi immediately know that Yu Feng still hadn’t come, and Dongfang Wan and Xiao Yi had gone to Ye Residence.

Madame Ye? Long Yi sat on the sofa and lightly sipped a cup of tea while thinking about should he tell about the matter of Madame Ye to Dongfang Wan, so that she would guard against her. But thinking for a bit, he discarded this thought, Dongfang Wan was a person with great sense of propriety, usually, she never concerned herself with the official matters, and even if she knew some secrets, she wouldn’t speak carelessly.

“Ximen Yu, Miss Dongfang left Soaring Dragon City, do you know?” Nangong Xiangyun suddenly said.

Long Yi was startled, and recalling the two teeth marks on his arm, moreover, her that hatred expression in the imperial capital, he lightly sighed: “It’s fine if she left, time will dilute everything.”

“She said she will hate you throughout her life, but perhaps she truly loves you.” Nangong Xiangyun said feeling somewhat complex.

Long Yi shook his head, the hate of people was really not up to much, he made a wry smile and said: “She doesn’t truly love me, she will understand this later.”

“I also just began to think that her feeling was merely pure possessive desire, but looking at her eyes, I think I am wrong, if there is no love then there is no hate, and the deeper the hate, it proves the love is also that deeper.” Nangong Xiangyun muttered.

Long Yi waved his hand in annoyance and said: “Leave it, I still have something to do so I am going, you can wait here for the return of my mother or go back home, do as you please.”

Seeing Long Yi leaving the hall in large strides, Nangong Xiangyun extended her hand wanting to call him out to stop but instantly, she didn’t know what to say and could only look helplessly at his disappearing back view.

Ai, Nangong Xiangyun lightly sighed. With regarding this fiancé, she was rather confused. When she was unable to see him, she always had the figure of him in her mind but seeing him, she was always unbearably angry, and then would swear to never talk with him, which resulted in, just after completing the swear, she would again think about him. This vicious circle was becoming more serious tendency every day.

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