Chapter 254: Mysterious Burrow

Long Yi came to the Phoenix Inn where Yu Feng was staying, and after asking the manager there, he learned that she had gone to other inns to handle the matters. He waited bored to death for a little while, and he wasn’t able to stay still, so he went to the backyard of this Phoenix Inn.

“Red Cloud!” Long Yi was pleasantly surprised seeing fiery red unicorn who was in the process of eating fresh and tender grass in the backyard. These past few days, Yu Feng hadn’t ridden Red Cloud when coming over to his place, so he had thought that she had left it in Light City.

Hearing the call of Long Yi, Red Cloud raised its head in confusion and snorted, but recognizing Long Yi, it excitedly ran over to Long Yi and rubbed its head in the bosom of Long Yi.

“Poor fellow, your master has been keeping you in this backyard for these past few days, do you want to go out for a spin?” Long Yi smiled and caressed the big head of Red Cloud. From two years ago when he saved it and Yu Feng, this intelligent unicorn had remembered him.

As if it understood the words of Long Yi, Red Cloud excitedly trampled the ground with its hooves, apparently, it had been bored for these past few days.

Long Yi laughed heartily and mounted Red Cloud, then after he clamped his legs, Red Cloud rushed into the hall of the inn from the backyard door, then rushed to the streets from inside the hall. Several guests who were conducting the check-in formalities were so frightened that they jumped.

No need to talk about the speed of Red Cloud, although was no match for Long Yi, but also could be described as swift as the wind and quick as lightning. Red Cloud was so fast that stormy gale spread outward.

Inside the woods, Red Cloud ran several laps around the grassland, after that Red Cloud began to sweat and its speed also slightly slowed down.

Just then, Long Yi suddenly saw a graceful white shadow floating away in the sky. That powerful water magic fluctuation which could make people fearful, moreover, that figure, no matter how he looked, all were rather familiar.

“Wushuang.” A name suddenly popped into the mind of Long Yi. Thinking about it, the allotted time of two years with Ice Palace is nearly over too, so that white shadow of just now might be Wushuang, did she came to look for me?

Thinking this, Long Yi was no longer able to stay still. Using Soaring Magic together with Great Cosmos Shift, he suddenly disappeared from the back of Red Cloud. After that, he searched in the sky for a long time, but he didn’t find that white shadow of just now, surely that was not his misconception, even if that was his misconception, but that water magic fluctuation he had felt wasn’t his misconception. In this world, other than Shui Linglong, there was only Wushuang who possessed such powerful water magic.

Since he couldn’t find that white shadow, Long Yi couldn’t help but become somewhat disappointed, but he thought that if she was really Wushuang, then she would definitely come looking for him and if she didn’t come looking for him, then she definitely wasn’t Wushuang. Thinking this, the heart of Long Yi immediately lightened.

In the distant, Long Yi suddenly heard the furious neigh of Red Cloud. He was startled and quickly flew back. After arriving, he saw a man wearing a black robe had ridden Red Cloud and was tightly catching its mane. Obviously, he was trying to tame it, and Red Cloud was angrily rising its two hooves wanting to shake this man off its back.

“Your grandfather’s, preposterous. Stealing your father, my horse.” Long Yi was endlessly angry, and he immediately shot several ice arrows towards that man on the back of Red Cloud.

This back robed man however had some ability, sensing the ice arrows shooting towards him, he swayed his body dodging two ice arrows and then brandished the sword in his hand to cut other two ice arrows.

Long Yi sneered, calmly floating in the air. And just after the sword of that back robed man came into contact with the ice arrows, the ice arrows unexpectedly exploded. That black robed man was sent flying by this explosion, then falling on the grassland, he twitched continuously.

Long Yi descend, then Red Cloud affectionately ran over to Long Yi and acted coquettishly. Long Yi soothingly patted its head, then walking over to the front of the black-robed man, he saw that the chest of this black-robed man was badly mangled by the explosion of Long Yi’s compressed arrows.

Thinking about it, Red Cloud was such a rare unicorn, and there was no saddle or anything, so when other saw it, it was hard for them to not be greedy, so this man doesn’t deserve to die for this crime. Long Yi thought to use light magic to heal him, but after this man saw him, this black-robed man suddenly panicked, then with his eyes upturned, he unexpectedly died, moreover, black blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

Poisoned? Long Yi was confused in his heart. When he had used compressed Ice Arrows Magic, he had a sense of propriety, so his attack wasn’t strong enough to kill this man.

Long Yi suddenly recalled something, and then pinched the chin of this black-robed man. As it turned out, this fellow had poison hidden in his teeth, and after seeing him, this man immediately took the poison to commit suicide.

Needless to say, this person was certainly a dead soldier. Long Yi searched the body of this man, and from inside his space ring, he took out a painting. And the people painted in this painting were nevertheless Nangong Xiangyun and Nangong Nu siblings.

A bad premonition suddenly appeared in the heart of Long Yi, and in his mind, the scene where a group of black-robed people kidnapped both Nangong Xiangyun and Nangong Nu siblings, and then while escaping, they encountered Red Cloud resulting this black-robed man to have a greedy thought, so he let other people retreat first while he tame Red Cloud and take it away appeared.

Long Yi immediately summoned Little Three from inside his dark space dimension, as its sense of smell was very sensitive. Little Three smelled the scent of this black-robed man, then began to wildly run forward,

Long Yi instructed Red Cloud to return, and he followed after Little Three. Not long after, Long Yi along with Little Three arrived at a river. After that, Little Three smelled to the left and smelled to the right, then raising its head, it signaled the smell break here.

Looking at this torrential river, Long Yi frown, could it be that those people jumped in? Or was there an entrance to enter the river? Long Yi pondered for a moment, then taking Little Three, he decisively jumped into the river. After that, he swam back and forth in the bottom part of the river, and Little Three suddenly stopped at the place where waterweeds were grown all over, then opening its mouth, it spat out dark magic ball, suddenly revealing a burrow sealed with a barrier.

Breaking the barrier was the specialty of Long Yi, after circulating AoTianJue’s internal force, he immediately rushed in without spending any effort.

After entering the hole, Long Yi sensed dense dark aura. Could it be that this was the hideout of Dark Church in Soaring Dragon City? Why did they kidnap Nangong Xiangyun siblings?

Long Yi and Little Three retracted their aura. The guard inside this burrow was very strict, moreover, there was a layer upon layer of mechanisms, and there were also many experts of dark magic. A man and a beast as if ghost avoided the layer upon layer of guards, and they suddenly heard sounds coming through the cave not far away from them.

“Trashes, so many people but still didn’t accomplish the mission, unexpectedly you all let that little girl Nangong Xiangyun run away.” A rough voice scolded loudly.

“Replying to Your Excellency, Nangong mansion has many experts, and we brothers didn’t dare to use dark magic, so…ah…!” Before this man finished speaking, he screamed. It seems this that Your Excellency fellow was truly cruel and ruthless.

“Anyone that finds an excuse will end up like him. If we make Lord angry with this matter, then none of us will survive.” This rough voice resounded again.

“We, subordinates pledge our lives to our Lord, even in our death, we’ll not betray our Lord.” The voice resounded in unison.

“By the way, where is number seven?” That Your Excellency suddenly asked.

“Replying to Your Excellency, on the way back, number seven saw a completely fiery red unicorn. He wanted to catch it and offer it to Your Excellency, now he might be on his way back.” A person replied.

“Completely fiery red unicorn? As far as I know, only eldest Miss of Phoenix clan owns such unicorn, could it be that that unicorn is hers? I don’t want new problems to complicate the issue.” That Your Excellency said.

“That shouldn’t be the case, when subordinates were passing by, we saw only that unicorn, and there were no people around.” Someone replied.

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“Mmm, let it be. Confine this brat first, and wait for the order of the Lord.” That Your Excellency said.

Lord? Who is the person that was addressed as Lord by these people? Could it be that that Lord is emperor Long Zhan? Long Yi thought in his heart. From the words of these people, he knew that Nangong Xiangyun wasn’t captured, instead only Nangong Nu, that kid was captured.

Various kinds of thoughts appeared at lightning speed in the mind of Long Yi, and he resisted his desire and impulse to immediately save Nangong Nu. He wanted to know the identity of the Lord of these people, and also their purpose to kidnap Nangong Xiangyun siblings.

“Carefully look at this boy, I will go to report our Lord.” That His Excellency said.

Long Yi was happy in his heart. It seemed the opportunity has come.

A tall and big man whose entire body was covered with black cloak walked out from inside the secret cave, followed by two warriors emitting a dense dark aura. This made Long Yi recall those Dark Warriors of that time in Hengduan Mountains.

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Could it be that they really were Dark Church? Seemingly only Dark Church had this kind of abnormal Dark Warriors.

The tall and big man who was called His Excellency went towards the inner part of the burrow with those two dark warriors. En route, there were many checkpoints and was comparatively even more guarded. Moreover, this place was so narrow that it was impossible to pass through without anybody knowing.

Long Yi gritted his teeth, and decided to stake it all, it would be better to kill off all the people inside this burrow, and after beating around the mountain to scare the tiger, he didn’t believe that he couldn’t draw out that tiger who was hidden in the depth of this burrow.

Long Yi took out a black cloak from inside his space ring, then summoned 18 super skeletons as well as 5 Seven Baleful Puppets from inside the dark dimension space. He wanted to use dark magic against these dark experts to totally confuse the fellow in the backstage.

Powerful dark energy fluctuation immediately attracted the attention, and people became alert of the intruder. This moment, inside the burrow which was in the bottom of the river, it instantly became lively. And that Your Excellency also stopped his steps and turned around feeling surprised.

Long Yi directly issued the command to attack, then the super skeletons and Seven Baleful Puppets launched fierce attacks, instantly reaping tens of human life. But Long Yi felt many dark aurae inside the burrow and they were surrounded from all direction.

Long Yi sneered and summoned three Silver Armored Corpse Kings from the different domain, but he still felt that the stimulation wasn’t enough, so he simply used Undead Magic, causing many skeletons as well as zombies to drill out from the ground, and they also joined the battle.

With limbs flying here and there, moreover gorgeous magic and douqi flashing here and there, the entire burrow shook as if it was about to collapse. Long Yi didn’t join the fray, instead, he entered the secret cave of just now and killed all the people around Nangong Nu to ensure the safety of this brother-in-law.

There were a lot of experts hidden inside this hole, there actually were several Advance Necromancer, and they continuously summoned various kinds of undead to fight, but unexpectedly all of them were killed after just a little while.

Long Yi was constantly paying attention towards that man called Your Excellency. Long Yi saw that he was standing in the depth of the hole, moreover, he didn’t seem to have any intention to help. And seeing the circumstance of his people were getting worse and worse, he unexpectedly turned around and left with those two dark warriors.

Long Yi instructed Little Three to stay and take care of Nangong Nu, and as for himself, he followed after them.

That Your Excellency seemed have become aware of Long Yi, so his footsteps got faster and faster, rushing towards the depth of the burrow.

Long Yi somewhat surprised, how was this burrow built, unexpectedly was as if a bottomless abyss, no matter how much they walked, there was no sign of ending. Suddenly, that man called Your Excellency turned around, then said while laughing strangely: “Since you are a kindred spirit, why are you so hasty to exterminate us?”

Long Yi was similarly in a black cloak, and he was unable to guess the identity of these people, so he decided to gamble, he used a lowered voice and sneered: “Dark Church absolutely cannot allow the existence of other dark organizations, you all, either submit to us or die.”

“Are you all the people of Dark Church? Jiejie, fellows that bite the hand that feeds one, one day, my family Lord will flatten you all.” This person said in disdain, then suddenly emitting dark qi, he became obscure.

The gaze of Long Yi flashed, and he rushed forward, but those two dark warriors slashed out two arcs of magic douqi. Long Yi just snorted coldly, then dodging, he rushed ahead, but due to this delay, that fellow was able to successfully disappear without a trace, leaving behind only a faint dark aura in the air.

What a strange magic, Long Yi secretly thought.

Those two dark warriors rushed over to Long Yi to tie him up, but Long Yi knew that it was useless even if he chop them into pieces. They were pure killing machines, they basically didn’t know pain nor the life, merely know that they should faithfully execute the order of their master.

“Holy Light Douqi’s Hell Transmigration Slash!” Long Yi shouted, and his figure floated in the sky then the huge sword in his hand emitted millions upon millions of very dazzling light, instantly turning those two dark warriors into mincemeat.

Hell Transmigration Slash, at that time to deal with dark warriors in the Hengduan Mountains, Long Yi had used this move, merely at that time, the efficacy was still not at this level.

At this time, all the battles inside the burrow neared the ending. All the people inside the hole were nearly exterminated, and now, there were incomplete corpses as well as broken skeletons on the ground. Long Yi instructed to capture some of them alive, but all of those captured people committed suicide.

Long Yi won this battle. Among 18 super skeletons, other than Long Two, all suffered injuries, 5 Seven Baleful Puppets and 3 Silver Armored Corpse Kings also suffered various degrees of injuries. From this, one can tell that the experts inside the hole weren’t weak at all.

And at this time, Long Yi also noticed that this hole possessed a kind of special barrier, otherwise after the battle of such intensity, it would have already collapsed.

Long Yi returned 3 Silver Armored Corpse Kings back to their different domain, and then mended these super skeletons.

“Good work.” Long Yi patted the shoulder of Long Two. This time, he truly saw red lights inside the bottomless hole like eye-sockets of Long Two, seemingly responding to the praise of Long Yi.

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