Chapter 255: One side training, another side enjoying

Seeing the red light in the eyes of Long Two, Long Yi couldn’t help but was startled in his heart, could it be that this skeleton really gave rise to consciousness?

Just when Long Yi was inexplicably surprised, tiger cub Little Three came from the inside the secret cave and greedily looking at those corpses on the ground, it quickly absorbed the dark magical power of those corpses which was yet to disperse completely. And at this time, the matter that made Long Yi even more surprised occurred, Long Two unexpectedly turned around and moved without his order, then also began to absorb the dark magical power of those corpses.

“This……, could it be that this world is insane?” Long Yi muttered. Could skeletons give rise to consciousness? Perhaps, the action of Long Two might be a kind of instinct, but didn’t having an instinct proves that it had a life?

For the moment, Long Yi didn’t know whether it was a good or bad outcome for him if Long Two gave rise to consciousness. If after getting strong, if it didn’t listen to his command, then that certainly would be troublesome, but he was also reluctant to destroy this skeleton.

After absorbing the remaining dark magical power of the corpses, Long Two reverted back to normal again and no longer reacted to the calls of Long Yi no matter how he called.

“Forget it, I will think about it later.” Long Yi put away super skeletons and Seven Baleful Puppets inside his dark dimension space, then carrying Nangong Nu who was still unconscious, he rushed out from the burrow in the bottom of the river. He had to inform about this matter to his father Ximen Nu, a dark power other than Dark Church was rooted in the Soaring Dragon City without anybody knowing it. Even Skynet intelligence wasn’t aware of them, this explains this dark power was very powerful, truly causing him a headache.

This moment, the entire Soaring Dragon City was in chaos due to the kidnapping of Nangong Nu. All the city gates were completely sealed, only allowed to enter but not allowed to exit.

When Long Yi arrived at the city gate with Nangong Nu, Nangong clan’s patriarch Nangong Zhangfeng and Nangong Xiangyun immediately rushed over after hearing this news.

“Ximen Yu, my younger brother, is he okay?” Seeing unconscious Nangong Nu in the bosom of Long Yi, Nangong Xiangyun worriedly asked.

“He’s alright, just fainted.” Long Yi patted Nangong Nu, and he immediately woke up, appearing rather confused. It seems he still didn’t know what had happened.

“Brother-in-law, why on earth are you hugging me? I am not third big sister.” Nangong Nu blurted out. Hearing this, Long Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, and these words also made Nangong Xiangyun turn red.

“Smelly brat, you nearly scared us to death, but you are still talking nonsense.” Nangong Xiangyun turned the ear of Nangong Nu.

“Aiyo, third big sister, quickly let go, my ear is falling off.” Nangong Nu begged for mercy.

When brother and sister were fooling around over here, Long Yi along with Ximen Nu and Nangong Zhangfang entered the room of the city gate guards.

“Yu’er, you say, where did you find the young master of Nangong Nu?” Ximen Nu asked.

Long Yi explained all the details, then Ximen Nu immediately send someone to investigate the bottom of the river, and frowned.

“Never thought there was such a big dark power lurking inside Soaring Dragon City, moreover, I don’t know about it. And if they aren’t Dark Church, then who can they be?” Ximen Nu muttered to himself. This moment, the undercurrent of Soaring Dragon City was surging more and more, and if one wasn’t careful then they might drown.

“Could it be……” Nangong Zhangfeng pointed above, which meant that Emperor Long Zhan might be colluding with that dark power.

“That’s not impossible.” Ximen Nu lowered his voice.

Soon, the people who had gone to investigate the bottom of the river returned. They reported that the burrow of the bottom of the river had already collapsed completely, and they couldn’t find even a single corpse.

“What?” Long Yi stood up, he had never thought that that Lord would move so quickly. After he returned from that place, that Lord had completely erased all the traces.

“Forget it, even if we go to investigate, there is no certainty that we will find anything now, paying a bit more attention from now on is fine.” Ximen Nu waved his hand and said.

Returning to Ximen residence, it was already completely dark, and a strong wind was blowing, seemingly wanting to change the weather.

Yu Feng had already come to Ximen residence long ago, when she returned to the inn, she learned that Long Yi went out with Red Cloud, so she hurriedly came over to Ximen residence, but outside of her expectation, this waiting lasted for a long while.

Long Yi with bare upper part of his body lied on the bed. And Xiao Yi and Yu Feng were sitting on his two sides only in their silk underwear, and were gently massaging him.

“**, Feng’er put for a bit of strength, Xiao Yi a little upward, again a bit upward.” Long Yi said while moaning, and he had an intoxicated expression. At this moment, the jade hands of Xiao Yi were already pressing the inner thigh of Long Yi.

The face of Xiao Yi turned very red and slightly moved her hand upward, but she accidentally touched little Long Yi, making Long Yi moan. Then opening his eyes, he said with an evil smile: “Xiao Yi, my little brother is telling me that he also wants a massage.”

Xiao Yi coquettishly looked at Long Yi, then her little hand mischievously flicked little Long Yi, but to her surprise, little Long Yi immediately got angry, and inside the spacious underpants, it rose up making a tent.

“Xiao Yi, still not helping our husband to eliminate the fire.” Yu Feng on one side said with a smile.

“Yes, big sister Feng’er.” Xiao Yi replied with a red face, then her two little hands gently grabbed little Long Yi, and started to massage erotically.

Long Yi looked at elated Yu Feng on one side, then again look at her full and round breast he was grabbing. Although her breasts were not so big like Youyou’s, but among the women of Long Yi, they could be regarded as not small. At that time, he suddenly recalled the massage using one’s breasts of the previous incarnation, and he couldn’t help beginning to long for it.

“Feng’er, I recall a massage method that feels even more comfortable, do you want to give it a try?” Long Yi said with a mischievous smile and he stared at those more than half visible soft and white breasts of Yu Feng without even blinking.

“What method? As long as my husband feels comfortable, Feng’er is willing to do anything.” Yu Feng sweetly smiled and said.

“Well, this method is called massage using breasts. As the name suggests, it is using bosom to massage.” Long Yi mischievously smiled and said.

“Ah, but……but how can I massage using the breast?” Yu Feng blushed and said, but her breasts however were proudly stuck out in front of the gaze of Long Yi. She was willing to show her body without any reservation to her sweetheart.

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Long Yi extended his big hand, then gently flickered. After that, the small cloth covering the bosom of Yu Feng floated down, and a pair of snow-white firm and upright ** jumped out.

“Big sister Feng’er’s mimi [1] is really big.” Xiao Yi asked with envy.

“Xiao Yi, yours is also not small.” Yu Feng smiled and then she peeled off the bra of Xiao Yi, causing Xiao Yi to scream.

The eyes of Long Yi were wide open, looking at these best quality ** in front of him, his Adam’s apple slid up and down without stopping. After that, he held the waist of Yu Feng making her fall down on his body, and her two round soft meat buns pressed against his chest.

“My husband, now…what should Feng’er do now?” Yu Feng somewhat bashfully asked.

“Hold up a little bit with your hands, then slide your body up and down, use Feng’er’s big breasts to help massage your husband.” Long Yi began to guide the movement of Yu Feng and this excitement made little Long Yi stand even more erect.

Under the lead of Long Yi, Yu Feng began to move up and down. And due to her breasts rubbing against the chest of Long Yi, she felt a burst of ** feeling, and especially her sensitive little cherries, they felt ticklish and involuntarily they stood upright and stuck out.

“Feng’er, you are amazing, don’t stop.” Long Yi praised and his big hands however grabbed the soft buttocks of Yu Feng and kneaded them, and that felt really good.

Seeing Long Yi was feeling so comfortable with the service of Yu Feng, but she was not getting praised for her hard effort to service him, the heart of Xiao Yi got imbalanced. Then recalling how Long Yi had an expression of as if flying to the heaven when Yu Feng had previously serviced little Long Yi using her mouth, she gritted her teeth and suppressing her embarrassment, she bent over.

“Oh, Xiao Yi, don’t use teeth, use tongue…**.” Long Yi merely felt his little brother entering a warm tunnel, but Xiao Yi was obviously a rookie, so her teeth scraped little Long Yi making Long Yi feel awfully painful, fortunately, Xiao Yi was a fast learner, before long she learned the pattern.

This kind of life was truly too beautiful and good, Long Yi lamented on one side and enjoyed on the other side. Such services were truly great compared to anything.

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After being stimulated to the limit, Long Yi couldn’t help but turn over, then like an evil tiger, he pounced onto two girls and pushed them down. After that, beautiful ** began to raise the curtain.

Now, Long Yi was hugging satisfied Xiao Yi and Yu Feng in his bosom, but hearing the pitter-patter sound of rain hitting the eaves, his mood was restless.

“My husband, still not asleep?” Yu Feng opened her eyes and looked at Long Yi with concern.

“M-hm, you can sleep first.” Long Yi lightly smiled and kissed the long eyelashes of Yu Feng.

Yu Feng propped herself, then used one hand of Long Yi as her pillow, and placed the other big hand of Long Yi on her full and round breast, while her little hand however reached out inside the quilt and stroked little Long Yi. Don’t know when this began but now she had this habit, she liked to grab Long Yi’s little ** to sleep, and also liked Long Yi’s big hand located on her breasts. Like this, she felt a kind of unusual sense of security.

Long Yi’s big hand rubbed the breast of Yu Feng, and suddenly recalled the daytime’s discussion with Chou Fu, so he asked: “Feng’er, the two factions of your Phoenix Douqi, were there any conflict between them?”

“Conflict? Why are you asking this?” Yu Feng confusedly asked.

“Do you remember Chou Fu I mentioned to you? Today, I found him and thought to let him meet with you, but listening to his tone, he seems to have a great prejudice against your Phoenix clan, moreover, he greatly disdained too.” Long Yi said.

“How can that be? Mother has never told me about it.” Yu Feng said in surprise.

Thereupon, Long Yi just spoke the conversation he had with Chou Fu today from the beginning to end.

“How can it be like this? What did our Phoenix clan do? Why should we feel ashamed to call ourselves the descendants of Raging Flames Villa? This won’t do, tomorrow, take me to meet him, I must clearly ask him face to face.” Yu Feng said while panting with rage.

“I will make the arrangement.” Long Yi replied.

Just then, a silvery lightning streak across the firmament, and immediately afterward, loud thunderous sound resounded. This scared both Yu Feng and Xiao Yi so much that both of them shrunk into the bosom of Long Yi.

Suddenly, Yu Feng and Long Yi looked face to face, then both of them shouted in unison: “Beitang Yu.”

[1] mimi=slang for breast

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