Chapter 256: Pouring out one’s feeling in the rainy night

At this time, it was already late at night, furthermore, with heavy rain and strong wind, there was lightning accompanied by peals of thunder. Would something happen to Beitang Yu, Long Yi couldn’t help but felt anxious.

Thinking this, Long Yi couldn’t be at ease, so he decided to go and see, by any change if something happened, then that wouldn’t be good.

“Both of you, go to sleep first, I will go to take a look at that girl.” Long Yi lifted the quilt and got out of the bed, then wore his clothing.

“I’ll also go.” Yu Feng said.

“Forget about it, I will go alone, I only want to see whether the people of Beitang clan is taking care of her or not, if she is fine, then I will return immediately.” Long Yi said, then kissing the forehead of two women, he flew out of the Ximen residence.

It was raining heavily and the wind was blowing fiercely, now, the entire world appeared as if it was covered by a layer of water curtain. On the street, there were no pedestrians, only a few magic lamps were flickering due to the fierce wind. A kind of restless feeling welled up in the heart of Long Yi, and he instantly increased his speed, shuttling back and forth in the sky of Soaring Dragon City.

Suddenly, Long Yi caught a sight of a figure lying in the midst of heavy rain storm and strong gale, her shoulders were trembling. She seemed to be struggling to get up, however her ability fell short of her wishes.

“I must not, I must not lose.” Beitang Yu felt her entire body ice-cold, and her consciousness seemed to be leaving her body little by little, but with her strong will, she still didn’t yield, she, Beitang Yu would never admit defeat.

Long Yi floated in the midair and felt stifled in his heart, fine, he admitted that this strong-willed girl made him sincerely admire her. Merely, could it be that Beitang clan no longer really care about her? Where did her two maids go? Did they return to avoid the rain?

Long Yi glided down and created a barrier above Beitang Yu. After that, he picked her up, and looking at this already extremely haggard girl, he felt heartache. He supported her back with his hand and began to use true qi to dispel her coldness. Along with the rising of a steam, the drenched hair and clothing of Beitang Yu became dry. And she also regained some consciousness.

Shrinking in the bosom of Long Yi, and thinking he was covering her from the heavy rainstorm and strong gale of outside, the heart of Beitang Yu wavered and a trace of inexplicable-unknown-peculiar feeling appeared. Before she was only feeling very tried, now she felt she was very safe.

Seeing Beitang Yu’s quivering wrist as well as rigid inflamed knee, Long Yi knew that this was the aftermath produced due to the subjection of prolonged bending. He held her wrist and began to open up her blood circulation, then he used Healing Light Magic to treat her inflamed knee, but the internal damage of the muscle didn’t recover all at once. Now, she needed rest to be able to maneuver them freely.

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“Is it a bit better?” Long Yi asked gently.

“M-hm.” Beitang Yu surprisingly didn’t show her bad temper, just nodded quietly.

Both of them instantly became silence, as both of them didn’t know what to say. And suddenly, the pale beautiful face of Beitang Yu become rosy, and her charming body also began to slightly tremble involuntarily.

“What’s wrong? Where are you feeling unwell?” Long Yi asked in concern.

Beitang Yu shook her head in panic, then opening her eyes, she struggled and said in trembling voice: “Let me go, quickly let me go.”

Long Yi was speechless, what did he do this time? However, as per the demand of Beitang Yu, he let her go.

And just after her legs touched the ground, she rushed to one side, but because her hands and legs had yet to recover completely, she staggered and was about to fall to the ground. Long Yi naturally rushed over to support her seeing this.

“What do you want to do? I will help you.” Long Yi said.

Beitang Yu trembled more and more violently, and her beautiful face also became redder and redder. She wanted to struggle, however her hands and legs didn’t have even a trace of strength. This was understandable, as she had crawled for such a long time, and also hadn’t eaten anything, furthermore, coupled with her muscles still aching and limp, not being able to walk for a period of time was also very normal.

Long Yi saw this abnormal appearance of Beitang Yu and also seeing she was tightly clamping her legs seemingly enduring something with her best effort, he suddenly saw the light, as it turned out she wanted to go to the toilet. Immediately, Long Yi carried her and rushed over to a small alley, then said with a slight smile: “No one will see here, accommodate yourself.”

Long Yi leaned Beitang Yu on the wall, then withdrawing several steps, he turned around.

“I…my hands and legs don’t listen to my order, quick…quickly help me, I am about to pee in my pants.” Beitang Yu’s voice seemed to have a trace of crying. The more anxious she was, she felt the stronger desire to pee, but her trembling hands couldn’t even open her pants, moreover, she couldn’t even squat too.

Long Yi was startled, he turned around and saw Beitang Yu’s ashamed and heartbroken appearance, then for a moment he couldn’t think of any other way, so he could only hold her from behind, then untying her belt, when he pulled down her pants to her knee, Beitang Yu angrily screamed to close his eyes, so he didn’t dare to open.

Supporting Beitang Yu to squat down, Long Yi said with a slight smile: “You can urinate now, my eyes and ears are already closed now.”

Beitang Yu nevertheless was tense, and although the desire of peeing nearly suffocating her to death, it still didn’t come out. And she said feeling ashamed: “I cannot pee.”

“Don’t be tense, who are we two, didn’t we drank wine and go to visit prostitutes together, in comparison, this is just a trivial matter, why are you so tense?” Long Yi talked nonsense. His purpose was only to eliminate the nervousness of Beitang Yu, that’s all.

“Hateful……” The state of mind of Beitang Yu loosened, and a water arrow splashed out from the lower part of her body, launching an attack on the bluestone floor which created a sound of gurgling water, but the good weather of outside greatly covered this sound, otherwise this situation would have certainly been even more awkward.

After a good while, Beitang Yu collapsed completely leaning on Long Yi.

And Long Yi propped Beitang Yu up, and said all of a sudden: “By the way, didn’t you girls need to wipe after you have finished peeing?”

“You know but still need to ask.” Beitang Yu felt a slight chill on the lower part of her body, and now, she was dying to find a hole to bury herself.

From the space ring, Long Yi took out a piece of brocade handkerchief and handed over to Beitang Yu. Beitang Yu’s trembling hand however wasn’t able to catch the brocade handkerchief, and it fell down. Instantly a hand stretched out and caught it, then reaching out to the place between the legs of Beitang Yu, he casually wiped that place, and then quickly pull up her pants and fastened the belt.

“You……” Beitang Yu’s voice was trembling. For a moment, her mind blanked out, however recalling she had peed in front of this fellow, moreover he also wiped her, it was hard for her to accept.

“I didn’t bump into anything.” Long Yi innocently said.

“Even if you bumped into me, what can I do to you?” Beitang Yu furiously said.

“You can bite me or kiss me, choose as you please.” Long Yi idiotically laughed.

The beautiful face of Beitang Yu turned red, and couldn’t help but recall that night of imperial palace. She had truly bitten him severely. Who asked him to bully other people?

“I’ll send you home.” Long Yi said.

“No, my father has already disowned me, his daughter, now, I don’t have a home. Moreover, I have yet to finish my promise, let me go, I must crawl three laps to not let myself down.” Beitang Yu said with gloomy mood.

“I think Patriarch Beitang merely said those words in a fit of rage, that’s all, he loves you dearly and can’t wait for your return.” Long Yi consoled, but in his heart, he didn’t think like this.

“Words said in a fit of rage or not, do you think I, his daughter doesn’t understand?” Beitang Yu took a deep breath, then lightly struggling free from Long Yi, she walked outside the alley supporting the wall.

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Long Yi catch up to Beitang Yu, then carried Beitang Yu on his back.

“What are you doing?” Leaning over the back of Long Yi, the heartbeat of Beitang Yu suddenly accelerated.

“Didn’t you insist on completing the betting agreement? I will help you.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“I don’t want your help, this is my affair.” Proud Beitang Yu struggled and said. She was undeniably very grateful from the bottom of her heart to Long Yi for coming tonight, and his concern and embrace made her feel warm, but she absolutely didn’t want to give up halfway.

Pa pa, the big hands of Long Yi smacked ** of Beitang Yu and said: “You are truly stubborn like a bull. Our betting agreement never said other people cannot help you, did your brain think this way? You are not flexible at all, so how can you be a good General?”

Beitang Yu became silent, she had always thought that she was doing well in the military, and thought that she wasn’t weaker than some famous Generals, but the two battles with Long Yi completely crushed her confident.

“Adherence to the principles is of no avail in all situation, but on the basis of not violating the principle, you can adequately be flexible. A General is not only responsible for his/her one life, furthermore is also responsible for the life of all the soldiers under their leadership. Just moving stubbornly can bring greater loss, do you understand?” Long Yi lectured her.

Beitang Yu thought for a bit and felt that Long Yi was reasonable. She hugged the neck of Long Yi and softly said: “Then, how will you help me crawl three laps?”

“Take a guess.” Long Yi smirked and said. Then he suddenly rushed, and carrying Beitang Yu on his back like this, he fell down on the street, but his body didn’t make a contact with slabstones. There was still several inch gap between his body and the ground.

Long Yi pushed forwards with his hands and legs also stepped on, just like a mayfly, he rushed forward at an incomparably fast speed.

“Ah, too fast, slow down a bit.” Beitang Yu screamed, seeing the scenery before her eyes quickly moving back, she was frightened.

“It is still not fast, I can go faster.” Long Yi smiled and increased his speed.

“Make a turn, make a turn, we are colliding.” Beitang Yu completely leaned on the back of Long Yi and seeing a turn in front of her, but Long Yi was still fast like a gust of wind, she assumed that they would collide, so she was so scared that she closed her eyes.

But who was Long Yi, how could he collide with a wall? Violating the rule of physics, he easily made the turn.

Slowly, Beitang Yu felt more and more excited, in such a heavy rain leaning on the back of Long Yi, and seeing Soaring Dragon City quickly moving back, her mood nevertheless became sunny. The misery of two days seemed to be completely disappeared in this brief moment.

With the speed of Long Yi, the remaining laps were quickly completed.

“Isn’t this too fast?” Beitang Yu asked.

Long Yi put down Beitang Yu and said with a smile: “This girl, really treating me as a carriage, just now, I wonder who didn’t want my help?”

Beitang Yu snorted and suddenly raising her head, she stared at Long Yi.

“Why on earth are you staring at me? Is there flower blooming on my face?” Long Yi asked.

“No, but are you really Ximen Yu?” Beitang Yu suspiciously looked Long Yi up and down.

“Why are you asking this? Did I change a lot?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“M-hm……” Beitang Yu nodded her head, but her eyes didn’t leave the handsome face of Long Yi.

“Looking at me like this, I think you are starting to like me.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Not enough, if you try harder, I might start liking you.” Beitang Yu said with a red face. Perhaps, now she had already started to like him.

“It should be you who ought to try harder, there are many beautiful women beside me, where is the time for me to coax you, this inexperienced young girl.” Long Yi smirked and said.

“Humph, now I see again, you simply haven’t changed, you are still the center of a flower, pervert and arrogant like before.” Beitang Yu turned away and snorted.

Long Yi smirked, she was not speaking wrong, after he arrived in this world, he had changed a lot, and he had already integrated into this world completely.

Just when Long Yi wanted to reply, his eyes suddenly shone, and he palmed at the distant void. Then with a muffled groan, a faint shadow appeared on the street, unexpectedly was a thief [1] using Conceal Magic to hide, eavesdropping their conversation.

Long Yi waved his big hand, drawing that thief over to his side from that distant place, then asked coldly: “Who sent you?”

“Second Young Master Ximen, please spear me, this small one is ordered by Legion Commander Beitang Duo to take care of Miss, I have no evil intention.” This thief begged for mercy.

“My big brother?” Unintentionally warmth showed in the eyes of Beitang Yu, thinking her big brother was still concerned about her.

Beitang Duo? Long Yi frowned, this eldest son of Beitang clan was shrewd. He always felt that Beitang Duo had other intention for publicly and secretly showing him goodwill.

“Roll out, your family’s eldest Miss will temporarily stay with me for tonight, ask Beitang Duo to come pick her up tomorrow.” Long Yi coldly said.

“Yes, this small one will immediately roll away.” This thief ran away quickly disappearing from the line of vision of Long Yi.

“It seems your big brother cares about you.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“Yes, from childhood, my big brother has always treated me very nicely. He is the best person in the world.” Beitang Yu sweetly smiled and said.

Seeing the beautiful face of Beitang Yu which became lively due to her sweet smile, he couldn’t help saying: “Do you know? Compared to your usual cold face, your smiling face is much better looking. Is this true you?”

Beitang Yu was startled, and shaking her head, she said feeling somewhat at a loss: “I also don’t know, my father said, people have to learn to conceal their true thoughts, no matter what they encounter, they cannot show their emotion, so from the childhood, I was like that, thereupon, I also didn’t know which one is the real me.”

“My husband.” Just then, the voice of Yu Feng suddenly came over.

Long Yi looked up and saw Yu Feng with a layer of red barrier enveloping her, dashing towards him. And as for Xiao Yi, quietly standing at a distant point, she was looking at him with gentle eyes.

“Feng’er, why did you two come?” Long Yi spread open his hand and let Yu Feng dash into his bosom.

“We were worried about you, you said that you will come back immediately if everything is fine, but even after waiting for a long time, you didn’t come, so Xiao Yi and I came looking for you.” Yu Feng said but her eyes however were looking at Beitang Yu standing beside Long Yi.

[1] thief is profession here.

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