Chapter 257: Grudges of thousand years ago

“Hello, I am Yu Feng, his wife.” Yu Feng held the hand of Long Yi and said to Beitang Yu.

Beitang Yu nodded her head and felt somewhat ill at ease. Seeing them two snuggling together, her heart was somewhat upset.

At that time, Xiao Yi also walked over, and without even a brief remark, she stood behind Long Yi, while her transparent eyes seemed to have seen through Beitang Yu, making the heart of Beitang Yu to feel cold.

“She is Xiao Yi, is also my……!”

“I am a maid of Young Master, nice to meet you, Miss Beitang.” Xiao Yi interrupted Long Yi and gently smiled to Beitang Yu. No one could tell what she was thinking.

Beitang Yu who was at a loss in the beginning, now, reverted back to normal, and her face became indifferent, but in fact, in her heart, she was incomparably frightened, the women beside Ximen Yu, each one of them was not simple.

“Let’s return, it’s heavily raining with strong gale outside, still our bed is comfortable.” Long Yi said with a smile, then with girls in each hand and also on his back, he flew towards Ximen Residence.

And at this moment in Beitang Residence, the study of Beitang Xiong was still lit with lamps. He sat on a high and broad chair, overlooking the drenched Advance Thief kneeling on the ground.

“What subordinate spoke is absolutely true, Eldest Miss seems to like Ximen Yu, moreover, looking at the manner of Ximen Yu helping Eldest Miss, he also has definitely taken a fancy to Eldest Miss.” This thief said cowering.

“The Will of Heaven, hehe, really is the Will of Heaven.” Beitang Xiong laughed, and his expression showed he was complacent.

Beitang Xiong waved his hand signaling the thief to retreat, then he walked back and forth inside the study, and after a long time, he muttered: “Perhaps, I should go looking for Ximen Nu tomorrow.”

The next day, Long Yi took Yu Feng and went to the military camp. And not long after Long Yi had left, Beitang Xiong unexpectedly came to Ximen residence.

“Patriarch Beitang came quite early to my humble residence, I wonder if you have any advice.” Ximen Nu sitting on the hall, indifferently said. With regarding the repeated show of goodwill of Beitang Xiong, he still maintained a cautious attitude.

“How can I dare advice you? This time, I came for the matter of my daughter, ai.” Beitang Xiong said and signed.

“Oh, you came to take back your noble daughter, how can father and daughter have overnight hatred, everything is also my that idiot son’s fault, wait until he comes back and I will definitely make him go to your residence to apologize.” Ximen Nu stroked his beard and said.

Beitang Xiong awkwardly waved his hand and sighed: “Second noble son Ximen is a man of great talent, with just 200 soldiers, he broke through my daughter’s 20,000 elite soldiers. For everything, my daughter has only herself to blame. Even if Patriarch Ximen is joking, this time I came to ask for a favor.”

“Patriarch Beitang doesn’t need to be like this, as long as my Ximen clan can do, we’ll do our best. Feel free to speak.” The gaze of Ximen Nu flashed and said with a smile.

“Certainly Patriarch Ximen also knows that I publicly announced that I expel my daughter out of the house, but my daughter after all is my flesh and blood, how can I have the heart to let her wander about in destitute? But, this matter also involves the benefit of the family, so I would like to request Patriarch Ximen to give consideration to my daughter. Unlike other girls, my daughter isn’t fond of feminine outfits, rather is fond of battle outfits. From her childhood, she followed her big brother in the army and went through challenging experiences, but your noble son is unrivaled in strategizing, is it possible for my daughter to follow noble son to learn a thing or two?” Beitang Xiong somewhat awkwardly said.

Ximen Nu laughed heartily and said: “Who am I, aren’t we the four major clans of the Empire? I also understand your Beitang clan’s difficulty. This matter is only a minor matter, I will make proper arrangements so as to not allow your noble daughter to suffer any grievances.”

“Many thanks, Patriarch Ximen. Hereafter, if there is something you need from my Beitang clan, feel free to speak, even if we have to tread through the mountains of knives or a deep fryer, we will absolutely not decline.” Beitang Xiong stood up and said. This statement clearly stated that they wanted to side together with Ximen clan.

“No problem, no problem, let’s help each other from now on.” Ximen Nu said with a smile.

“If that’s the case, then sorry to bother you, Patriarch Ximen, I still have something to deal with, so I will leave first.” Beitang Xiong said words of farewell.

“Patriarch Beitang, don’t you want to see your daughter?” Ximen Nu asked.

“No, now she must bitterly hate me, this father, seeing her instead will be awkward.” Beitang Xiong waved his hand and said, then he left.

After the figure of Beitang Xiong disappeared, the smile on the face of Ximen Nu also disappeared. He was still suspicious of Beitang Xiong showing goodwill to some extent, but he couldn’t find any reason. Beitang clan had always been keeping the distance from the struggle between Ximen clan and imperial clan, and had always expressed their neutral position. But this time, why did they suddenly chose to show goodwill? Why did he want to lean on Ximen clan? If Ximen clan succeed, then the status of their Beitang clan would rise higher, but if Long clan wins, then their Beitang clan would disappear from the face of Blue Wave Continent from then on, so was it worthwhile for that old fox Beitang Xiong to take this huge risk? Because if he continuously remained neutral, then, in the end, no matter if Ximen clan obtain the world or Long clan continue to rule the world, they, Beitang clan would still have a proper place in Violent Dragon Empire.

Long Yi led Yu Feng who was dressed up in menswear into the military camp, because generally speaking, women were not allowed to enter the military camp, Beitang Yu was an exception. Of course, Long Yi could also lead Yu Feng into the military camp in girls’ clothing, but there were many beasts who had not seen women for several years inside the military camp, so even seeing an ugly girl they would find her peerlessly beautiful, no need to talk about Yu Feng, this kind of truly peerless woman, thereupon, he made her dress up in menswear to avoid the riots.

First, Long Yi supervised and direct the training of Unparalleled Battalion, and after the morning training come to an end, he called together the officers conducting the class with Yu Feng also listening at the very back.

Yu Feng was a woman with broad knowledge and had dabbled in all aspects to some extent. Phoenix clan in itself also had their private soldiers, so she had some understanding of these military affairs. However, when she listened to the lecture of Long Yi, she was shocked to the extreme in her heart, his explanation was vivid enough to attract the attention of people. And those peculiar military warfare theory as well as training methods made her even more infatuated. She knew that the character of armed forces was given by the commanding general, it was said that however the commanding general was, the armed forces would also become like that, so with Long Yi as the commanding general, what kind of armed forces this battalion would become, Yu Feng was full of expectation.

After finishing the lecture, Long Yi took Yu Feng to find Chou Fu. And as for officers, they excitedly went to train the soldiers under them according to the teachings of Long Yi.

Coming to the barracks of pickets, Long Yi found Chou Fu who had just returned from patrol. But seeing Yu Feng beside Long Yi, he was dumbfounded for a moment, and his complexion became ugly.

Three of them came to the remote corner of the military camp, then Chou Fu said: “Ximen Yu, I have stated that I do not want to see the people of Pejonix clan, but you still brought her here.”

Before Long Yi could open his mouth, Yu Feng stride forward and said: “I do not understand why you have prejudice against my Phoenix clan, why don’t you explain it to me if you have any problem, we are just two factions of the same school, don’t we count as the fellow disciples?”

“Humph, don’t lump me together with your Phoenix clan, you all are unworthy.” Chou Fu coldly said.

Yu Feng also had explosive temper, but after meeting with Long Yi, she had greatly restrained it, however at this time, hearing Chou Fu using such words of disdain towards her clan, she couldn’t help but shouted: “I am enduring you because I think you are older than me, but if you don’t clear this, then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

“You girl, just relying on your level one Phoenix Douqi?” Chou Fu said in disdain.

Yu Feng pulled out her fiery red sword, but Long Yi stopped her, and she said while snorting: “We are both descendants of Raging Flames Villa, we should unite and restore the prestige……”

“Raging Flames Villa is the name you cannot mention, I will take revenge for the annihilation of villa thousand years ago, your Phoenix clan doesn’t have any relation with Raging Flames Villa, remember this point and also inform your mother.” Chou Fu coldly said.

Long Yi stopped Yu Feng who was already out of control, then asked: “Chou Fu, why don’t you make it clear, why should Phoenix clan apologize to you?

“It’s not me they should apologize, they should apologize the entire Raging Flames Villa.” Chou Fu coldly said.

“You fart……” Yu Feng was unable to endure and cursed.

“Originally, your faction’s ancestor and our faction’s ancestor were a couple. And at that time, if not for your ancestor becoming friends with that slut of Ice Palace, then Ice Palace wouldn’t have been able to steal Fire God’s spirit tablet, and Raging Flames Villa also wouldn’t have gotten destroyed, as well as my ancestors also wouldn’t have died so tragically in the hands of Ice Palace. If it were not for the dying instruction of our ancestor to not seek revenge against you all, do you think your Phoenix clan would have still existed until today? Now you say, does Phoenix clan has the qualification to call yourself the descendants of Raging Flames Villa?” Chou Fu gnashed his teeth and said.

Long Yi was stunned and Yu Feng was dumbfounded, and after a good while, she shouted: “You are talking nonsense, my mother has never told me this.”

“This is transmitted from our ancestors, naturally isn’t wrong.”  Chou Fu said.

“The rights and wrongs of Ice Palace and Raging Flames Villa have already passed thousand years ago, in the end, the truth of what had happened at that time, no one knows, so your words that had passed down might not be absolutely correct.” Long Yi said to Chou Fu.

Chou Fu coldly snorted and said nothing.

“Ten days later, Feng’er and her mother are going back to Flames Mountain to find out the truth, at that time, how about you tag along with them, perhaps you might learn what had really happened thousand years ago?” Long Yi said with a smile and winked towards Yu Feng.

“Flames Mountain? Flames Mountain opens only once every five years, now, it has still not been one year since it opened last time. Moreover, all around the villa, there is still the remnant restriction of Fire God’s spirit tablet, so no one can enter. Could it be that you all have the method to break that restriction?” Chou Fu stared at Yu Feng with sparkling eyes.

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“I don’t know, but my mother might know.” Yu Feng said.

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Chou Fu pondered for a little while, then said: “Fine, if that is the case, I will accompany you on that trip in ten days.”

Chou Fu agreed and left, but Long Yi was lost in his thought. The secrets of Flames Mountain opening only once in every five years and the method to enter should be known only the handful of the descendants of Raging Flames Villa, but why did Fire Master Archmage Puxiushi know this as well? Could it be that he was also the descendants of Raging Flames Villa? Moreover, the descendants of the magic branch?

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