Chapter 258: Secret

After Chou Fu agreed, Yu Feng left military camp to handle the matters of her clan. And as for Long Yi, he continued to stay in the military camp, supervising the training of Unparalleled Battalion’s soldiers.

And strangely, in the military camp, today Long Yi met his very infrequently seen big brother Ximen Tian, this Deputy Legion Commander. After returning home, other than eating together few times, he had practically never seen even the shadow of his husband and wife.

On the way back, Long Yi planned to go to Beautiful Fragrant House to understand the circumstance, but to his surprise, when he was passing by Beauty Shop, he saw sister-in-law Liu Shi with two maids entering inside, and not far away, he sensed a man and a woman following her, presumably should be the people of Ximen Nu.

Long Yi paused in the midair, then continued to fly forward, thinking she might have come to buy some articles for her daughter or herself. But after flying for a little while, Long Yi couldn’t help but be suspicious again. This moment, Liu Shi was a prime suspicious target and the proprietress of Beauty Shop Han Yan was under investigating too, these two weren’t companions, right?

Thinking this, Long Yi hastily returned. At this time, the sky was already dark, and with the speed of Long Yi, practically no one could see him clearly and he squeezed into the space between the double layers of the roof. At that time, he had used this method in Intoxicated Fragrant Building of Mea Principality to spy on Mea Empress and little fox lady Bertha.

Determining the good position, Long Yi quietly made a small hole on the floor. Glancing around, he could see Beauty Shop’s hall on the second floor where the lingerie was sold. This moment, there were several noble Madams and Misses in the process of selecting underwear. Frequently, they would pick up a small cloth and make a pose, really was exciting spring scenery.

Long Yi quickly saw Liu Shi, she was also mixed with those women.

Liu Shu seemed to have no awareness, looking at her appearance, it seems she had really come to buy underwear. After a long time of selecting, Liu Shi finally picked up a set of pink colored semitransparent sexy underwear, then shyly smiling, she said to her two maids: “You two, stay here, I will go to the fitting room to try it.”

Liu Shi turned around and walked into the fitting room. Seeing this, Long Yi hesitated, in the end, should he go or not? When all was said and done, she was still his sister-in-law, and now she was merely a suspect, nothing more, so ** on her when she was changing cloth, this truly was immoral.

Liu Shi closed the door of the fitting room, and Long Yi also knew that he had no choice, because if she truly had a problem, then a fitting room, this closed place was most likely the best place to unmask her true nature.

Long Yi silently came to the top of the fitting room, then he made a small hole. Inside the fitting room, Liu Shi began to take off her clothing, and the clothes on her body reduced piece by piece, revealing a wide expanse of snow-white skin. In the blink of an eye, now there was only black underwear on her body, unexpectedly was also wearing Beauty Shop’s sexy lingerie model.

“Wow, truly driving people to death. It seems this is the reason why big brother didn’t go to look for other women outside in these several years.” Long Yi licked his somewhat dry lips while thinking. Liu Shi in this black lingerie was extremely tempting. With secret places half visible and half hidden, moreover, looking bashful style was very attractive to men.

Liu Shi admiringly looked at her own reflection on the magic mirror of fitting room for a long time, then her snow-white little hand reached out towards the fastening strap of her underwear. Gently pulling this fastening strap, a pair of extremely full and round ** jumped out. Perhaps because of breastfeeding, her **, compared to young girl’s, were even more mellow and full, and her mammary areola also wasn’t pink like young girls, rather were close to brown.

Long Yi slightly moved away his gaze, calming himself down. It seems Liu Shi didn’t have any unusualness, but he didn’t move away at this point, as he feared something might appear. Thinking for a bit, Long Yi still decided to endure the guilty feeling in his heart and watch until the very end, although Liu Shi’s ** was attractive, but compared to the women of Long Yi, she was still lacking. At the least, the figure of Leng Youyou and Yu Feng was far better than hers.

At this point, Liu Shi had already taken off the final piece of small cloth covering her private parts, and directly facing the mirror, she made poses, presumably was very confident in her figure. But it was true that it was not an easy task for a woman to be able to maintain her figure so well after giving birth to a child.

Liu Shi picked up that pink underwear and wore it, instantly displaying a kind of different air. At this time, Long Yi suddenly noticed that Liu Shi didn’t take off the pick underwear, rather directly wore her clothing, and as for that sexy black underwear, it was still hung on the wall.

After neatly wearing her clothing, Liu Shi didn’t take the black underwear, but directly pushed open the door and went out of the fitting room. At this time, the heart of Long Yi moved, and a smile appeared on his face. If his guess was correct then inside that back underwear Liu Shi had left behind, there must be a secret.

“I am already wearing the clothing, record the bill under my name, come to Ximen residence to settle the account.” Liu Shi elegantly said, then leading two maids, she left. And that man and woman who were following after her obviously didn’t find anything missing, just thought that she had went to the store to waste the time and began to follow again.

At this time, a delicate and pretty salesgirl came in, then taking the back underwear hanging on the wall, she left.

“Ximen clan is so lavish, each time she comes, this young Madame would always wear the new one when leaving, leaving behind the old.” Another salesgirl said feeling somewhat envious.

“Yes, wealthy people are good.” That salesgirl holding the underwear laughed.

“Big sister A, in any case, young Madame doesn’t want this, how about you give it to me as a present.” That salesgirl laughed.

“Go, can your figure compare with the figure of the young Madame of Ximen clan? Moreover, if the boss gets the wind of this, wouldn’t our boss chew us out?” The salesgirl holding the underwear ran to one end of the hall while laughing.

Long Yi followed after that salesgirl, and feeling this salesgirl had stopped, he used his finger to poke a small hole and looked down. This was a messy room with bits and pieces of things, and that salesgirl casually threw that underwear into the bucket, then left.

Long Yi didn’t act rashly, and was somewhat excited in his heart, following the vine to get melon like this, he wondered how big melon he might trace out.

After a little while, suddenly a hidden door appeared noiselessly on the wall of this messy room, and proprietress Han Yan dressed in skintight misty-green colored clothing walked out. She immediately walked over to that bucket and take out that black underwear, then entering the hidden door, the messy room reverted back to the previous state.

“Sure enough, there is a problem.” Long Yi secretly thought in his heart. Then stealthily following Han Yan, he arrived inside the courtyard behind the Beauty Shop, which was the residence of Han Yan.

Entering her lady’s chamber, Han Yan silently muttered an incantation, laying out an Opaque Barrier, then feeling assured, she sat down. After that, she picked up the underwear left behind by Liu Shi, and examined it repeatedly, then holding that black bra, she tore it, and a thin, nearly transparent sheet floated down.

Han Yan picked up this thin sheet and looking at it carefully, her complexion changed slightly, then just when she wanted to destroy this sheet on her palm, she suddenly felt as if she was stung by a mosquito on her nape, and she lost her consciousness.

Long Yi floated down, and looking at the fainted Han Yan, he smiled evilly, he truly caught a big fish, Han Yan and Liu Shi, Liu Shi and that shadow possessing dark aura. Long Yi smelled the scent of a huge conspiracy, in the end, was Liu Shi the people of Long Zhan or the third party? Now, Long Yi wasn’t clear, but he thought that everything would be clear very soon.

Long Yi took the sheet on the hand of Han Yan, and looking at it, he couldn’t help frowning. There were only some runes and lines without meaning, only a ghost could understand the meaning of this, presumably was the code word of the organization of Liu Shi and Han Yan. Only their people could understand this.

Long Yi pondered for a little while, then he instantly disappeared from the room of Han Yan, and hastily flew towards Beautiful Fragrant House. Then finding Ru Yu, he asked her to her make the copy of this sheet, then again returning to the room of Han Yan, he stuffed this sheet on the palm of Han Yan, then flickering his finger, he strangely disappeared.

Han Yan opened her eyes, and shaking her head, she muttered: “Just now, what happened to me? Why was I absent-minded?”

Thinking for a little while, Han Yan shook her head again, then using her strength, the sheet on her hand was reduced to ashes.

“Young Master, these are coded words, we don’t know what they mean, we will decode them as soon as possible.” Ru Yu respectfully said to Long Yi.

“This information is extremely important, no matter what method you use, decode it for me. By the way, is the identity of Han Yan cleared up?” Long Yi sat on the sofa and said playing with a cup of tea.

“This subordinate is incompetent, we only know the surface identity of Han Yan, even after the thorough investigation, we don’t know her true identity.” Ru Yu said with reverence and awe.

“M-hm, this is not your fault, keep on investigating, there inevitably will be a trace.” Long Yi indifferently said.

“Yes, Young Master.” Ru Yu bowed.

At that time, Qing Wu and Piao Xue came in with pastries and seeing Long Yi, they were somewhat scared. The event of that day made these two girls so scared that they nearly had a mental disorder. Since that day, they were no longer wilful and finicky.

“Young Master, this subordinate has already prepared hot water, since you are tired, how about taking a bath, and I will personally go to the kitchen to cook food for Young Master.” Ru Yu said respectfully.

Since Ru Yu said so, Long Yi began to feel very uncomfortable, mixing inside the military camp for the entire day, where could he get time to clean his body, so he nodded his head with a smile.

“Qing Wu, Piao Xue, go and serve Young Master in the bath.” Ru Yu strictly ordered, then left the room.

Qing Wu and Piao Xue’s complexion paled, serving Young Master in the bath, would they be able to protect their pure body, but since Ru Yu had already ordered, they didn’t dare to defy, because since the matter of last time, Ru Yu who had always doted them as her blood younger sisters, now was harsh, and would always punish if they violate the rule.

Two women timidly followed behind Long Yi, and with their somewhat trembling little hands, they took off the clothing of Long Yi, revealing his sturdy body. And smelling that pleasant to smell manly fragrance, the heart of these two girls jumped out.

Long Yi ignored them, he truly was somewhat tired and needed to nicely soak himself in a warm water. Entering into the steaming hot bathing pool, he closed his eyes, but his mind was continuously moving. He wanted to sort out all the power as well as the potential threats within Soaring Dragon City.

Seeing Long Yi had closed his eyes instead of looking at them as if perverted ghost as they had expected, moreover, that slight frown in his handsome face accompanied with a bit sullen temperament, made Qing Wu and Piao Xue, these two girls somewhat distressed.

Gritting their teeth, Qing Wu and Piao Xue took off their outer garment, and only in their underwear, they entered the bathing pool, then holding a silk cloth, they helped Long Yi clean his sturdy body. Although the body of Long Yi wasn’t frighteningly torn like some muscular man, but that well-distributed figure however clearly showed explosive power in them. The two girls clearly understand this point after touching him.

Although the thinking of Long Yi was flying, but the instinct of his body was still there, when the trembling little hands of two girls clean his body, his lower part of the body became high-spirited, very naturally was a physiological reaction. And that ferocious little brother greatly frightened these two girls, fearing Long Yi would jump and push them down.

But Long Yi didn’t do anything, from the start to the end, his eyes were closed. This relieved the heart of these two girls but they were also somewhat resentful. The reason why they were resentful was because of the strange mentality of all girls. You think, they two were usually flattered to the heavens by those nobles, so they naturally considered themselves lofty, but here they were nearly naked while serving Long Yi, but Long Yi however completely ignored them, how could this not make them furious? But the more furious they became, the more they felt Long Yi was different from the common run, and they looked Long Yi up and down.

After a good while, Long Yi stopped thinking, every time he was about to seize that first signs, that feeling however would disappear immediately. It was useless pondering for long, so he gave up. As long as he keep a lookout over those several big forces, when the storm came, they will come out. And when he opened his eyes, the two girls carefully staring at him was so scared that they jumped, and their face became red to the roots of their ears.

“Looked for so long, is there something?” Long Yi smirked and said while lecherously staring nearly ** body of two girls. The figure of these two girls was the very best.

The two girls with red face didn’t dare to speak, they were still very scared of Long Yi.

Long Yi stood up in the bathing pool, and the girls were so frightened that they trembled, thinking Long Yi wanted to do something. But outside their expectation, Long Yi directly stepped out from the bathing pool, and wearing a big bathrobe, he went out. Facing the fragrant jade body of these two girls, it’s not like Long Yi didn’t have the desire, but having desire was one thing, truly doing was another, he was still not shameless to such point.

Qing Wu and Piao Xue looked at each other in blank dismay, were somewhat confused in their heart, thinking whether their Young Master was angry with them or not, moreover, they also had a slight sense of loss in their heart.

Coming out from the bathroom, he saw that Ru Yu had already prepared the steaming hot meal. Seeing these unusually beautiful looking delicacies, Long Yi asked in surprise: “Ru Yu, were these truly made by you?”

“Yes, Young Master.” Ru Yu said with a shallow smile, and her tone had a sense of pride.

Long Yi gave it a try and praised highly: “Your craftsmanship is truly good, you are on the same level as my mother.”

“If Young Master likes it then you can come often.” Ru Yu said with a smile.

After a little while, Qing Wu and Piao Xue came out neatly dressed and seeing Long Yi who was wiping out delicacies as if a strong wind scattering the last clouds, they felt disgusted in their heart.

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