Chapter 259: Magical power of love

When Long Yi returned to Ximen Residence, it was already late at night. Other than the groups of patrolling soldiers, other people were already long asleep.

Sitting on the sofa in the hall, Long Yi stroked his chin and pondered. Just now, from the place of Ru Yu, he received the information that Nalan Ruyue leading a delegation party would arrive Soaring Dragon City very soon, moreover, he also learned that the purpose of Nalan Empire was to form an alliance by marriage with Violent Dragon Empire.

Political marriage alliance was always the best method to form an alliance between nations, and presumably learning from Nalan Empire, Proud Moon Empire also sent a delegation party to have peace negotiations with Violent Dragon Empire. Just to be prepared for all contingencies, they must have this additional layer of protection to knot their alliance.

“Nalan Ruyue.” Long Yi murmured. According to what he had learned, Nalan Empire’s Emperor Nalan Qingsong had altogether two sons and two daughters. In addition to Saintess Nalan Ruyue, there furthermore was another daughter named Nalan Rumeng. For the political marriage alliance of this time, which daughter would be married off? It’s unlikely to be Nalan Ruyue, but thinking she might be the one, Long Yi slightly felt somewhat unwell in his heart, after all, Nalan Ruyue once had an ambiguous and apparently right but actually wrong love affinity with him. And thinking she was going to marry other people, he felt very unwell in his heart.

“Your Grandfather, if you are going to marry then marry this Young Master.” Long Yi suddenly laughed lightly.

“Who wants to marry you, Ximen Yu, who are you thinking to hit this time?” Just then, Beitang Yu suddenly walked in and stared at Long Yi with her beautiful eyes.

“Eh, Miss Beitang, how come you are still not sleeping? Didn’t your big brother come to meet you today?” Long Yi smirked and asked.

“Today, uncle Ximen came to find me, he said that he had arranged me to go and experience in your Unparalleled Battalion from tomorrow, hereafter, I will stay in your house, now, I am just a homeless wretch.” Looking at Long Yi, she said to Long Yi without any complacent.

“Can it be that you want to learn secretly?” Long Yi raised his brows and said. As a matter of fact, Beitang Yu had the necessary foundation to lead troops, as long as she broke out from the binding of common practice in leading troops, she could certainly advance with big strides.

“Can’t I? I admit that you are more powerful than me, but you cannot cover treasure from lightning, in any case, I am determined to follow you.” Beitang Yu with dancing eyebrows and radiant face said. She no longer had that dispirited appearance.

“Now I finally understand that too much charm is also not necessarily a good thing, you should know that my family has several wives and all of them are the type who easily get jealous, aren’t you scared?” Long Yi said with a smile.

The pretty face of Beitang Yu reddened, and began to realize that the words she had blurted out just a moment ago were ambiguous, then she just snorted and said: “Don’t show off shamelessly, I am not in the mood to squabble with you, that’s right, just now, who were you thinking of hitting on? I was nearly fooled by you.”

“If I say I am thinking of hitting you, then will you believe?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Go to hell, if you don’t speak then I will tell uncle, tell that you have reverted to old ways and again began to forcibly snatch ordinary women.” Beitang Yu said.

“Listen to me, you aren’t my woman, so why do you care so much about me? It’s not like you started to like me, is it?” Long Yi shrugged his shoulder and said with a smile.

“Who……who likes…you, shameless. I am not talking with you, I am returning to sleep.” Beitang Yu with red face forced open the door and rushed out.

Long Yi looked at the back view of Beitang Yu and muttered: “This girl, did she really start to like me? It is not good to be too handsome, ah.”

Long Y sat for a little while and went to the study of Ximen Nu. Seeing the lamp was still lit, he knew that Ximen Nu had still not gone to sleep. Thinking his father was working so hard, and especially in this period of time, he had not slept properly for even a day, he felt that this was the necessary price people who want to do important matter must pay.

Long Yi knocked the door of the study in a unique rhythm.

“Yu’er? Come in.” Ximen Nu’s simple and vigorous voice came from inside the study.

Long Yi pushed open the door, and entering inside, he saw Ximen Nu behind the desk was busy writing something under the illumination of the white magic lamp. Long Yi suddenly felt that his father was a lot older, his hairs had already turned grey, but thinking about it, it was not so obvious before a period of time.

“Why are you still standing in the doorway, still not entering quickly?” Ximen Nu still had that same stern expression.

“It’s already so late, what matter do you have?” Only after seeing Long Yi had sat down in front of him, Ximen Nu laid down the file on his hand and asked.

“Father, I have already investigated and found that sister-in-law and Beauty Shop’s proprietress Han Yan have a relation, this child dares to confirm that they are from the same organization.” Long Yi said.

“Oh, explain the circumstance in detail.” Ximen Nu frowned and leaned forward, clearly was very concern about this problem.

Thereupon, Long Yi explained the matter of Liu Shi going to Beauty Shop and even the matter of Liu Shi changing the clothing. For the important matter, this small amount of minor matter could be disregarded.

Ximen Nu thoroughly understood and with his eyes flashing with coldness, he coldly snorted and said: “That slut really has a problem, even executing her nine generation will not eliminate the hate in my heart.”

Long Yi sensed the killing intent in the words of Ximen Nu, and couldn’t help shaking his head. Whether it was ancient or modern, which people doing the important matter didn’t have their hands stained with blood, and stepped on countless corpses to sit on the top of the pyramid.

“Tomorrow, I will send some people to help decode that letter, we must know what is written there, otherwise I will not be able to rest or eat in peace.” Ximen Nu said.

Long Yi nodded his head and asked: “By the way, father, what’s going on with Beitang Yu? I feel like I still cannot completely trust Beitang clan, wouldn’t there be a problem to let her in Unparalleled Battalion?”

Ximen Nu nodded his head and patting the shoulder of Long Yi, he said: “It doesn’t matter, I believe you will handle this well, as for whether Beitang clan is enemy or friend, don’t worry about it for the time being.”

“Then this child asks to be excused, father, pay more attention to your health.” Long Yi said and walked out of the study.

Ximen Nu faintly smiled, he was very surprised with the ability of this little son. With a son like this, he didn’t have to worry about the failure of the important matter.

Long Yi returned to his courtyard and saw that Yu Feng and Xiao Yi were lying on the bed and chatting. They unexpectedly weren’t asleep yet. Pricking up his ears to listen, he heard that the subject of their talk was revolving around him, so he couldn’t help but felt perfectly content as well as felt happy from the bottom of his heart.

If one-day Youyou, Si Bi, Lu Xiya and others also lied on the big bed together waiting for him to bestow the favor upon them, then how pleasurable it would be. Long Yi was very pleased in his heart while imagining.

And just when he was about to push open the door and enter, he suddenly heard the squeaking sound of another door of the courtyard opening, Long Yi turned around and saw Li Qing holding his nearly transparent sword walking out from his room.

“Young Master, you still haven’t slept?” After seeing Long Yi, Li Qing was dumbfounded.

“M-hm, just returned, but why are you coming out? Can’t sleep?” Long Yi walked over to Li Qing and became aware that the complexion of Li Qing was very ugly.

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Li Qing nodded his head and suddenly said: “Young Master, please accompany me to a sword practice for a little while.”

“Fine, let’s go out.” Long Yi saw Li Qing’s seemingly laden with anxiety appearance, therefore gave up the warm fragrant soft jades for the night. He wanted to straighten him out.

Two people, one in the front and another in the back, walked out of Ximen residence. Now it was already late at night so it was inconvenient for them to have sword training in Ximen residence.

After two people walked away, the chatting inside the room also stopped, and Yu Feng snorted and said: “So hateful, just returned but left again, it’s all that Li Qing’s fault.”

Xiao Yi however didn’t speak, merely her complexion became somewhat solemn, and after her transparent eyes flashed with soft white light, she lightly sighed. Li Qing always gave her an uneasy feeling, which was getting stronger and stronger, but even after using prophecy, she found no abnormalities.

“Xiao Yi, what happened?” Seeing the expression of Xiao Yi, Yu Feng couldn’t help asking with concern.

“No, nothing, it seems Young Master will not return tonight, we should sleep.” Xiao Yi faintly said, then rolled to one side of the bed while counting days in her heart. After ten days, it was the Extreme Yin Day which was difficult to encounter even in hundred years, that day……

Long Yi led Li Qing arriving at the outskirts of Soaring Dragon City. This was a desolate and uninhabited place, so the sword training wouldn’t disturb anyone.

“Let’s start, let me see how much you have progressed in these days.” Long Yi walked to the opposite side of Li Qing and said with a smile. In these past few days, he had exchanged some knowledge of combining magic and douqi with Li Qing, like that, he (Long Yi) had benefited greatly, so he (Li Qing) might have also benefited from that exchange.

Li Qing pulled out the sword, and going into battle position, his sword emitted a crisp continuous droning sound. His sword was absolutely not inferior to inferior-divine artifact grade weapons.

Li Qing roared in a low voice and he brandished his transparent sword, sending out fierce and swift Ice Douqi attack towards Long Yi, moreover, at the same time, Icebound Magic also swept towards Long Yi.

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This level of attack was naturally ineffective towards Long Yi, he moved sideways dodging the sword of Li Qing, then directly punched his Icebound Magic, shattering it, and with cold qi scattering in all direction, the grasses and trees were instantly frozen with a layer frost.

Long Yi instinctively became aware that Li Qing was not too normal now, his attacks were increasingly becoming sharp, and he roared in a low voice as if a wild beast, furthermore, he was attacking risking his life.

Long Yi didn’t stop him, as he was able to tell that Li Qing was venting, moreover, he was originally thinking of secretly attacking so as to make Li Qing vent all of his unhappiness in his heart.

Metal colliding sound resounded, Long Yi used a twig to clash against the sword of Li Qing. He didn’t use other skill, purely fought recklessly with Li Qing.

Li Qing as if had lost his reason, his two eyes suddenly changed into dark green, and he roared in a hoarse voice, then in front of his body, a phantom of monster became visible.

“**, you f*cking crazy.” Long Yi cursed, then he hit the wrist of Li Qing’s hand which was holding the sword with that branch. His wrist trembled, then that transparent sword flew out, and rotating in the sky for several times, it stuck on the ground, trembling nonstop.

Li Qing also sobered up a little, and he seemed to be somewhat struggling. Seeing this, Long Yi simply slapped him to the ground. His face suddenly swelled up, and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. From this, one could see that the slap was Long Yi wasn’t a light one.

Li Qing finally woke up completely, dark green radiance in his eyes disappeared, and he immediately got up and knelt in front of Long Yi, then said bitterly: “Young master, Li Qing should die, just now, I don’t know why I wasn’t able to control myself.”

“You were obsessed, forget about it. Stand up.” Long Yi indifferently said. Then with a wave of his hand, the sword of Li Qing flew back and stuck on the ground in front of Li Qing.

Long Yi walked to the hillside and sat down, while Li Qing followed behind him with his head lowered.

“Sit.” Long Yi signaled Li Qing to sit down, then taking out two bottles of wine from inside the space ring, he gave one bottle to Li Qing.

“Tell me, what happened?” Long Yi sipped the wine and said. In fact, without Li Qing telling him, he could already guess a bit. The person who was able to make Li Qing, such cold and detached man, suffer like this, definitely was that woman he loved.

Li Qing grabbed the wine bottle and drank crazily. And his body was unexpectedly trembling, this made Long Yi apprehensive endlessly. This fellow was truly an infatuated kind.

“Young Master, I met her today.” Li Qing said slowly, and his that handsome face was twisted due to suffering.

“You love that girl, don’t you? Did you talked about former times with her?” Long Yi lightly asked.

“Young Master, it’s impossible for me, it’s truly impossible for me, you told me that as long as she is happy, that’s fine, but from her eyes, I could see suffering. She is suffering greatly, this made me unable to endure.” Li Qing’s current expression was somewhat frightening and the finger joints of his hand holding the sword were turning white.

“That man didn’t treat her nicely?” Long Yi asked.

“I don’t know, I didn’t see that man, if I had seen him, I would have definitely killed him.” Li Qing said full of killing intent.

Long Yi made a wry smile and shook his head, he really hadn’t expected that Li Qing love that women to this extent, exactly what kind of woman was favored by gods like this? Now, Long Yi was slightly curious about the woman Li Qing love like this.

“Did you meet her in Soaring Dragon City?” Long Yi asked again.

Li Qing nodded his head, at that time, after Long Yi had gone to the military camp, both Li Qing and Barbarian Bull were idle with nothing to do, so they wandered aimlessly inside the Soaring Dragon City. Suddenly, Li Qing saw a familiar figure, although the woman was wearing a cloak, but he still recognized her at a single glance. As a result, excitedly Li Qing left behind Barbarian Bull and chased after her. That woman realized that Li Qing was following her, so she led him to a secluded place.

There, Li Qing asked whether she was happy or not, and she answered that she was very happy, but Li Qing saw suffering in her eyes. How could Li Qing bear his loved one suffering like that, he immediately asked her to bring him to that man, but that woman harshly told Li Qing that that was the matter between them two, not his, and told Li Qing, this outsider, to not interfere. Moreover, she said that she had already given her complete heart to that man, and she was already unable to bear any other things. Furthermore, she said that if Li Qing dare to make a move against her man, she would kill him (Li Qing) first.

After that, that grim woman flew away, leaving behind heartbroken Li Qing.

Peng, when narrating, the bottle in the hand of Li Qing shattered, and this ice-cold man actually shed tears at this moment. One could well imagine how much he was suffering in his heart.

Long Yi soothingly patted the shoulder of Li Qing, love was basically like this, it could make people happy and also make them suffer. Although he was very sympathetic to Li Qing, he also greatly admired that woman. That was a woman who wholeheartedly and without any reservations love a man, and she could do anything for that man, this was the magical power of love.

Love in itself was not wrong, what was wrong was falling in love with the person you shouldn’t have. But, it goes without saying, love has always been blind, when falling in love, who could control their heart?

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