Chapter 260: The secret move of Madame Beitang

The days passed quietly like this, since that night, Li Qing had become even colder, but he was also unable to hide the loneliness beneath the surface.

And as for Beitang Yu, every day she would follow behind Long Yi as if his shadow, and after hearing his lecture on military course for the first time, she became just like a curious baby. After that, with the spirit of not feeling ashamed to ask the subordinates, she made Long Yi blush with shame. Regardless of the military camp or at home, she kept on asking all kind of questions. Long Yi served as the person who opened her a new window in the field of military warfare, making her see even broader world. She began to truly understand the gap between her and Long Yi, and a subtle feeling well up from the bottom of her heart towards Long Yi.

Ten days later, Yu Feng reluctantly bid farewell to Long Yi, and the person who went together with her was naturally the descendant of Raging Flames Villa, Chou Fu. Together with Patriarch Phoenix, they would go to Raging Flames Villa looking for the truth of thousand years ago. He could see that Yu Feng actually wanted to make Long Yi accompany her, but at this moment, how could Long Yi leave?

“Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, wait for me.” Nangong Nu panted chasing after Long Yi.

“Little Nu, why on earth are you running over here so early in the morning?” Long Yi asked curiously. In these past ten days, he hadn’t seen even the shadow of Nangong Xiangyun siblings.

“Of course to go to the military camp with you. Father agreed that hereafter, I can mix with you.” Nangong Nu excitedly laughed.

“You seriously want to mix with me? You are so tiny, I fear you cannot even eat little hardship.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“What? I, Nangong Nu cannot eat hardship, isn’t Miss Beitang mixing with you? Since she, a girl can endure, then it is impossible for me to be unable to endure.” Nangong Nu said pointing at Beitang Yu in military uniform standing beside Long Yi.

Long Yi smirked and said: “You know, your big sister Beitang sniveled a few days ago. Won’t you be the same?”

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“Ximen Yu, don’t talk nonsense about me, when did I cry?” Beitang Yu flew into a rage from shame and glared at Long Yi. When she had just begun the training because the training was too hard, she couldn’t help shedding few drops of tears, and Long Yi had just happened to see that.

“Fine, even if didn’t cry, why don’t you tell this kid how hard my training is. As long as you enter my barrack, regardless of whether you are man or woman, child or magician, I will punish them alike on the basis of how close they were to achieve the target.” Long Yi said with a stern countenance.

“It is as he said, Little Nu, you have to think clearly, don’t think that you can loaf around just because you are a magician, under him, magicians had to train together with soldiers, moreover, compared to the training of other battalions, its many times bitter.” Beitang Yu said to Nangong Nu, recalling that devil-like training, even now she had a lingering fear. In the beginning several days, she wasn’t able to persist, and in only these past two days, she was barely able to manage to keep up with the pace.

“No need to consider, I have already decided. Since other people can persist, I can also do the same.” Nangong Nu resolutely said.

“In that case, let’s go.” Long Yi said with a smile. He was happy to see Nangong Nu joining the training of Unparalleled Battalion. The military was the best place to temper people, as long as he could persist, he will mature very quickly.

“Brother-in-law, when you are returning, can you go to my house and meet my third big sister?” Nangong Nu said while rushing with Long Yi.

“Why?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“These past few days, my third big sister lost weight, every day she would nether properly drink tea nor eat food, and sometimes she would mutter your name she is definitely suffering from lovesickness.” Nangong Nu said in all seriousness.

Long Yi smirked and said: “Your house is not that far away from my house, if she is thinking about me, then why didn’t she come and see me?”

“I also don’t know about that, all girls are strange, only ghosts know what they are thinking in their heart.” Nangong Nu said.

Bang, Long Yi gave Nangong Nu a violent knock and scolded in jest: “Hearing your words, it seems like you have a lot of experience, tell the truth, how many girls did you fool around with?”

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Nangong Nu thought for a moment, then stretched out three fingers and said feeling somewhat disappointed: “Kissed only three.”

“How about I teach brother-in-law a move or two?” Long Yi smirked and said, but in his heart, he thought that this body was very capable. At such a young age, he was already fooling around with three girls. He has a good future.

“Yes, yes.” The eyes of Nangong Nu immediately shone, Long Yi however was his idol, whether in strength or in fooling around with girls, he was the strongest.

At that time, Beitang Yu pulled away Nangong Nu and angrily said to Long Yi: “Why are you corrupting a child, be careful, I will tell uncle.”

“Beitang Yu, other than complaining, what can you do?” Long Yi said without getting angry.

Three people arrived at the military camp, and now under the in-human training of Long Yi, Unparalleled Battalion had already begun to show their might. Anyone could sense that valiant aura from far away.

Long Yi placed Nangong Nu into the magicians’ troops, and they began their morning lecture. After morning lecture, they had to carry a heavy load and run a marathon, and then they had to lie low.

When Long Yi had just started training them, in the marathon of five kilometers with heavy loads, the weak magicians were the first to eat suffering. Despite their loads being only one-third of the other soldiers of Unparalleled Battalion, it was very hard for their body to persist. On the first day, none of them finished running in the stipulated time, almost all had to crawl to the destination, moreover, the training supervisor officers behind them didn’t show mercy at all, regardless of whether they were magicians or not, they whipped them hard.

One had to say that people had infinite potential, after suffering greatly, nowadays nearly half of the magicians reached a set standard, and all others that couldn’t reach a set standard, they were also many times faster compared to before, and all of them could feel the advantages of their physical enhancement, and the advantages were more obvious during fistfight.

Long Yi had formulated the reward and punishment system with the reference to the army style of his previous incarnation, moreover, he created the commanding officials’ elimination mechanism too. As long as the soldiers under the leadership of an official believe that his abilities were superior in all aspects compared to their commanding officers, then each month, they could challenge the officer, and if he won the challenge, then he could replace the original commanding officer. One of the greatest benefits of this kind of system was the competitive atmosphere among the soldiers, and this would help accelerate the growth of the soldiers’ abilities. The lower solders would desperately train, thinking that they would be able to suppress their commanding officers, and the commanding officers would have even bigger pressure, if they lost against the soldiers under their leadership, then they would utterly lose their face, like this, in this environment of cruel training and intense competition, the soldiers of Unparalleled Battalion would grow up quickly.

In the five-kilometer marathon with heavy loads of today, Nangong Nu persisted to run, although he didn’t reach a set standard, but he didn’t give up halfway. Immediately after that, when lying low, he nearly collapsed. The lurking environment of today was inside the sludge with overgrown weeds, and the time limit was one hour. His entire body was soaked but inside this sludge, he couldn’t move even though there were many bugs, worms and such insects inside the thick clump of grass. Moreover, the sting on his neck and face was unbearably itching, so he couldn’t help reaching out his hand to scratch, which resulted in supervisor officer slapping him. At that time, Nangong Nu was about to go insane, from his childhood till now, he was spoiled, and was treated like a treasure, but he was never treated like this, so he jumped up and used water magic to attack which resulted in suffering even more ruthless beating, and the whiplashes tore the skin off his back.

After Long Yi heard the news, he didn’t punish the supervisor office who had whipped Nangong Nu, instead ruthlessly slapped Nangong Nu. At that time, Nangong Nu cried feeling wronged. It seemed he had already forgotten the pledge he had made early in the morning, after all, he was still a 13 years old child.

Nangong Nu felt wronged, he didn’t even eat the food. He blankly sat alone on one side.

“With this small amount of skill, are you a real man? Also, I wonder who hit his chest and said he absolutely can persist.” Long Yi smiled and sat down beside Nangong Nu.

The face of Nangong turned red, recalling the brave words of the morning. But, at that time, he had really not thought that the training was unexpectedly so abnormal.

Long Yi turned over Nangong Nu, and with the use of Healing Magic, those terrifying bloody wounds of his back disappeared.

“Brother-in-law, from my childhood till now, I have never been slapped in the face, and I really cannot swallow that manner of speaking too.” Nangong Nu furiously said, forgetting to ask why Long Yi could use Light magic.

“If you cannot swallow, then work even harder. If one day you have the ability, then you can force him out of his position, at that time, wouldn’t you be his commanding officer? What’s the use of feeling wronged and not eating now, the following trainings are even more ruthless, if you don’t have strength, then you will suffer even more lashes, of course, you can also choose to quit.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“I will never quit, I will go and eat now.” Nangong Nu stubbornly stood up.

“Now, where is the food to eat, the foods have long been wiped out. Today, I leave a little bit of food as an exception, eat it.” Long Yi as if performing conjuring tricks brought a big bowl of rice with a layer of vegetables from behind him.

“Thank you, brother-in-law.” Nangong Nu had exhausted great amount of strength, and his stomach was already rumbling with hunger, so he took the rice bowl and dig in.

“By the way, brother-in-law, I was just scratching the itch, but why did that fellow treat me like that? He certainly sees me as not pleasing to the eyes.” Nangong Nu was still concerned about this matter while eating making him feel indignant. In his view, this was nothing at all.

The expression of Long Yi became serious and he said: “The purpose of lying low is to not allow enemies to see you, and at the right time, give enemy fatal blow, now you say, if the enemy notice you due to your movement, then not only you, even your war buddies beside you will suffer exterminating attacks. Moreover, that may affect the layout of the entire warfare, now you say, was that serious or not?”

Nangong Nu seemed lost in thought, and finally, after eating, he stood up and said: “I understand, brother-in-law, I will not let you down from now on.”

“It’s fine if you understand, furthermore, in the military camp, don’t call me brother-in-law, call me General, everyone addresses me like that.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Yes, General.” Nangong Nu gave Long Yi a respectful military salute and ran to the other soldiers.

“This boy, properly training him, he will certainly change into a treasure.” Long Yi thought in his heart. soon after that, he couldn’t help laughing, now, how could he show the self-importance of the aged.

The training of the day finished very soon, and after they were released, both Nangong Nu and Beitang Yu were so tired that they were lying physically paralyzed on the ground. Long Yi had no choice but to carry both of them and fly back to Ximen residence.

“Brother-in-law, aren’t you sending me back.” Nangong Nu raised his head and said.

Long Yi was startled, naturally knew that this kid wanted him to go and meet Nangong Xiangyun, moreover, thinking about it, she after all was his fiancé, going to see her was something he was supposed to do.

Seeing Long Yi and Nangong Nu’s leaving back view, Beitang Yu somewhat felt abandoned in the bottom of her heart. Nangong Xiangyun was his fiancé, it was normal for him to go and see her, merely she had a sour feeling in the bottom of her heart. In the end, was there a proper place for her in the heart of Long Yi?

“Yu’er.” A call full of affection woke up Beitang Yu who was feeling abandoned.

“Mother, how come you are here?” Beitang Yu saw a luxurious carriage not far away from her, and her mother was affectionately watching her from inside that carriage.

Beitang Yu excitedly rushed over, and entering into the carriage, she hugged the noble Madame inside the carriage.

“My poor child, you suffered greatly.” Madame Beitang stroked the thin beautiful face of Beitang Yu and said.

“Mother, does father know that you have come here?” Beitang Yu somewhat expectedly asked.

Madame Beitang shook her head and sighed: “Your father actually miss you, even if he doesn’t say that, I am able to tell, but he is the person that regard face as all-important and also fears this matter will affect the entire clan, so……”

“I understand, mother.” Baitang Yu said feeling somewhat lonely.

“Well, don’t worry, your father is just in a fit of anger, by the way, I saw your appearance of just now, it seems you have quite a good impression of the second boy of Ximen clan.” Madame Beitang said with a smile.

“Where is, by no means, I like him.” Beitang Yu acted like a spoiled child in the embrace of her mother. Thinking her mother had seen her expression when she was looking at Ximen Yu, she was embarrassed.

“Admit it, your mother is also an experienced person, like then like, what’s there to not admit it.” Madame Beitang said with a smile. Listening to her (Beitang Yu) tone, she could well imagine the thoughts of her daughter.

“What is the use of like, in few days, he will be marrying third Miss Nangong, and in his heart, perhaps, I am nothing.” Beitang Yu lowered her head and twisting the corner of the lower hem of her robe, she said.

“You have to strive for love, did you never ardently hope for Ximen Yu to be nice to only you?” Madame Beitang said.

“I had hoped like that, but I know it’s impossible, now I only hope to be able to have a place in his heart, but he seems to have no other intention for me.” Beitang Yu took a deep breath and somewhat helplessly said.

“My daughter is so beautiful, I don’t believe that that perverted boy will not like you, if you want to obtain a proper place in his heart, then mother has a way.” Madame Beitang pondered for a little while and said.

“What means?” Beitang Yu happily asked.

Madame Beitang softly laughed, then moving closer to her daughter, she whispered something in her ear.

“Ah……this…how can I do this?” The face of Beitang Yu suddenly had a layer of blush. Even her snow-white neck became red.

“Your mother said this for your happiness, it’s only a bit bold. Oh, it’s already been a period of time since your mother came out, now I have to return, otherwise your father will be suspicious. Work hard, I know my daughter is the best.” Madame Beitang affectionately patted her daughter’s head, and leaving her behind, the carriage left. And Beitang Yu whose face was red till the root of her ears rushed into the Ximen residence practically covering her face.

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