Chapter 28: Super skeleton

Long Yi’s hands were trembling as he muttered to himself, “undead magic, undead magic…”

As a matter of fact, Long Yi couldn’t help but be extremely surprised. As undead magic had already disappeared from the face of the Blue Waves Continent for several hundreds of years. Basically, all the books on undead magic have been burned to ashes since then. But even so, people still remembered the existence of the undead magic due to a legend hundreds of years ago.It is said that several hundreds of years ago, a genius necromancer had reached the Master Archmage stage. After wiping out three Master Archmages, two Sword Saints, this genius necromancer used the forbidden undead magic spell,”Eternal Death” and summoned several tens of thousands of skeletons and zombies. As if that wasn’t enough, he managed to summon zombie dragons which were more than enough to cause mass destruction. After he cast the spell, the several hundred meter radii surrounding him was instantly transformed into a living hell. Because of this, three Master Archmages and two Sword Saints were obliterated with another one sustaining injuries. In addition to the deaths and injuries of such legendary figures, the large army of skeletons and zombies massacred more than 10 cities around. Dying the land red with the large amount of blood from the battles.

Finally, after doing so much damage, this Master Archmage necromancer sustained severe injuries. He disappeared without a trace off the face of the Blue Waves Continent. From this point onwards, all undead magic was stamped out from the Blue Waves Continent due to the fear of another of such an incident happening again.

Long Yi inhaled a deep breath, then he turned a single page of this book. Seeing what was written on it, the hands of Long Yi trembled even more. God, what did he see? This thick undead magic book unexpectedly recorded Rank 1 elementary undead magic spells to Rank 11 forbidden undead magic spells in detail. In this world, with the exception of that genius necromancer BiTe.Xiuge of several hundred years ago, no one else knew undead forbidden magic spells. Long Yi made a connection and guessed that this pitch-black magic wand and the wrapped bundle belonged to BiTe.Xiuge

Long Yi memorized the contents of the undead magic book before long, even though he didn’t understand many things written in the book as he was new to undead magic. After finishing the first book, Long Yi opened the second book and after just glancing at the contents, he was wild with joy. As this second book was the detailed instructions and notes that BiTe.Xiuge made on the usage of undead magic. All the problems that may arise while practicing this undead magic were explained in detail in this second book. Under the soft glow of moonlight, Long Yi read the second book and unwittingly reached the final page of the book. Feeling drunk on the knowledge imparted to him by BiTe.Xiuge, Long Yi was stupefied to discover he had, in fact, finished the second book as well.

Only now did Long Yi finally know what that black skull was. It was actually an undead dimension space created by BiTe Xiuge by using 9,999 corpses. Inside the dimension contains 18 skeletons which BiTe Xiuge painstakingly created throughout his life. None of these 18 skeletons were ordinary, as the strength of each and every one of them were already comparable to the Swords Master level. Moreover, the unassuming pitch black magic wand which Long Yi has determined to be a low level wand was actually a legendary magic item. According to legend, this was the magic wand used by the King of hell, and the magic power of the King of hell was sealed inside it.

Long Yi was wild with joy, and he was so happy that he almost fainted. 18 Swords Master ranked skeletons, a magic wand with the sealed magic powers of the King of hell. in addition to the books with all undead magic, this silver wolf king was unexpectedly quite generous. It actually presented Long Yi with such precious items.

After carefully considering the implications of using these items and spells, Long Yi calmed down. Even if these were amazing items and spells, he knew that he must not use it in the open. Otherwise, he would have to flee to the ends of the earth as many people would be on his tail in order to prevent another calamity on the Blue Waves Continent. He may also be chased down by people who wished to obtain the items for themselves. It seems like he had to cultivate his internal force and mana before anything else… Long Yi thought to himself.

As Long Yi spread out his left palm to take a look at the blood red colored skull mark, he could not help but be tempted to look at the 18 skeletons which all possessed the strength of a Swords Master.

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After checking his surroundings and seeing that there was no one around, Long Yi recited the incantation before the blood red colored skull mark in his palm emitted an unusual red light. A space crack appeared in front of Long Yi followed by a flash of black light. After seeing the flash of black light, 18 black colored skeletons which were covered in a bony armor and holding a huge sword in their hands appeared in front of Long Yi. No, among them one was holding blood colored huge sickle, and this one looked far stronger than other 17 skeletons. Long Yi was dumbfounded, because the notes of BiTe Xiuge didn’t talk about this strange fellow.

In order to examine the power of these skeletons, Long Yi pointed towards several trees in front and ordered them to attack it. As soon as the command left his mouth, that one skeleton holding the blood-colored sickle swept past everyone towards those trees in a flash. With a gust of wind following the slash of its sickle, the several trees which Long Yi had pointed to were instantly chopped into pieces by a blood red arc. Before the other 17 skeletons even took a single step, the chopped pieces of wood were already hitting the floor.

“F*ck!” Long Yi laughed wildly and rush towards that skeleton, then he patted the shoulder of that skeleton. He was completely satisfied. The strength of this skeleton clearly exceeded the Sword Master rank, and it could even be said that a Great Sword Master would be inferior to this skeleton.

“M-hm, let me give you a name, your master, my name is called Long Yi. From now on your name will be Long two.” Long Yi said to this skeleton. He had obviously forgotten that the skeletons are unable to make sense of what they were hearing.

Seeing that it was close to midnight and that the gate of Light City was about to close, Long Yi made his preparations to enter the city. He placed all the things he had obtained from the wolf king into his space ring and dashed towards Light City.

Light city deserved to be called the northern trade center. All the streets were extremely wide, and he could see endless rows upon rows of shops. Although it was close to midnight, there were still many pedestrians in the street, and there were many shops still doing business.

Long Yi entered a luxurious in and saw that the lobby of this inn was brightly lit. In twos and threes, people were still eating supper in the dining hall next to this lobby.

It seems the business of this inn was doing extremely good. As when Long Yi entered this inn, there were only two luxury rooms left for rent. Moreover, the cost of the room was 10 gold per day. Long Yi didn’t care about money, currently he had 10,000 amethyst gold coins with him. So without thinking, he just took out his Amethyst card and paid the rent for two days.

After paying the rent, Long Yi did not immediately go to his room. Rather, he sat down on the empty table of the dining hall and ordered two dishes. Since the afternoon till now, he had not eaten anything. Also, just up till a moment ago his mind was filled with his thoughts on undead magic. Only when he saw the people around him eating, did he realize that his stomach was also empty.

At this time, a woman dressed in black came inside. Although her figure was extremely fiery, her appearance was very ordinary. Without a second word, she also rented the remaining luxurious room and walked towards the dining hall.

Long Yi stared at this girl. Of course, Long Yi’s attention was not attracted to the appearance of this girl, rather, Long Yi was more interested in why he was unable to see through this young girl in a single glance. At first glance, she seemed like an ordinary person, only upon close inspection one can feel as if the young girl was being wrapped in a layer of fog. Long Yi knew with one glance that she was not an ordinary person.

As if she felt the gaze of Long Yi, she looked towards the direction of Long Yi. Her eyes, which gave people the impression of being a bottomless abyss met with Long Yi’s eyes. At that time, a strange glint suddenly flashed in the eyes of that girl.

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“Humph.” Long Yi coldly snorted, and a mysterious light suddenly flashed in his eyes. This caused her to feel as if she was stung in her eyes.

That girl groaned, her face immediately became pale, and she looked at Long Yi in horror.

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