Chapter 31: Adventurer Pub

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Ha Lei took Long Yi and Leng Youyou to the Adventurer pub. This pub had extremely big reputation in Light city. And this pub was the gathering place of numerous mercenaries and adventurers.

The pub’s light was somewhat dim, and people with various occupations and race were dispersed throughout the hall. And uniformed pub girls with tray were also ceaselessly moving through this crowd.

Ha Lei led two of them to a corner of the pub. On the table at that corner, five peoples were sitting, presumably the companions of Ha Lei.

Long Yi carefully looked at these five peoples, two of them were male magicians of about 30 years old with extremely ordinary appearance. Among them, one was wearing red colored fire element magic robe, and other one was wearing pure white colored ritual robe. And when Long Yi saw two fighters, he couldn’t help but become stupefied, as one of them was actually a fighter of about 8 chi tall from the Barbarian bull clan, two bull horns vertically stood above his head, and his face still had some characteristics of a bull face. Other warrior was a human, of about 25 or 26 in age, had fierce-looking face, and two sturdy arms were exposed from his leather armor, which had many crisscrossed scars on it. From these scars, one could see that he was definitely very experienced fighter. After that, when Long Yi saw that petite elf with a pure and graceful figure wearing green colored suit, the heart of Long Yi couldn’t help but gasp in admiration. Elf clan was indeed a beautiful clan.

At this moment, Ha Lei had already begun to introduce, pointing at the magician wearing red colored fire magic robe, he said: “He is Advanced fire magician, Ge Leite.” Ge Leite superciliously nodded his head, Long Yi just smile and also didn’t mind it, because all the magicians of Canglan continent were more or less rather arrogant, especially magicians with little bit of strength.

“This is Advanced Light element Magician, Lan Tian, furthermore also an Advanced Priest.” Pointing at other magician, Ha Lei introduced. All priests were also Light magicians, but all the light magicians were not priests. Priest was a form of address to a type of job of Light church, so all the peoples of church could be called priests.

“Welcome to our ranks.” Contrary to what one might expect, Lan Tian didn’t show any arrogance, just mildly greeted Long Yi and Leng Youyou with a smile.

“They are Advanced Fighters Shi Yan and Yong Shi of Barbarian bull clan, calling him barbarian bull is also okay.” Pointing at that fierce looking human fighter and Barbarian bull clan fighter, Ha Lei introduced.

“Hello.” Barbarian bull said with a humming voice, then stretched his big hand towards Long Yi, and his eyes showed provocation.

Long Yi just smiled, stretched out his delicate big hand, naturally this big hand was merely conversely speaking, if the hand of Barbarian bull was compared to the hand of adult, then the hand of Long Yi was just the hand of an infant.

One black and one white, two hands held each other, Long Yi felt a huge surge of power, if he was an ordinary person, then the bones of his hands would have already been squeezed to paste by this Barbarian Bull. But Long Yi was smiling as before, and the internal force of Ao Tian Jue was operating to dissolve the strength of Barbarian Bull. Naturally, Long Yi also wouldn’t forget this easily, and thought to teach him a lesson, just like how he taught a lesson to Leng Youyou.

The hand of Long Yi slowly began to contract, then the face of Barbarian bull became deathly pale, and he started to break out with large amount of cold sweats.

“Big stature, and pretty good strength.” Long Yi smiled and used his left hand to pat the shoulder of Barbarian bull, but he naturally didn’t release the right hand of Barbarian bull.

The pale face of Barbarian ox suddenly became very red, and gritting his teeth, he said: “Brother, I, Barbarian bull am convinced of your strength, so can you let go your hold.” Hearing this, Long Yi released his hand, then the Barbarian quickly shook his hand continuously. Ha Lei was surprised as he noticed a deep purple colored five finger mark on the big hand of Barbarian, then he looked towards Long Yi with a little bit more respect.

“She is elf archer, Lu Xiya.” Ha Lei carried on to introduce.

“Hello, little elf.” Long Yi greeted Lu Xiya with a smile. Then the pair of beautiful big eyes of Lu Xiya quite strangely sized him from top to bottom.

“Don’t call me Little elf, I am not little, I am already over 150 years old.” Lu Xiya said with dissatisfaction.

“Hehe, 150 years old elves are equivalent to merely 15 or 16 years old humans, so calling you little elf is isn’t wrong,” Long Yi smiled.

“Pervert,” Leng Youyou coldly snorted. Seeing Long Yi was eagerly talking with Lu Xiya, made her heart extremely uncomfortable, as she still bore the grudge for that remark ‘Not that hungry that I can’t pick what I eat’ of yesterday.

At this moment, Ha Lei introduced Long Yi and Leng Youyou. When they realized Long Yi, this person with childlike appearance had actually reached Swords Master rank, they couldn’t help but become extremely amazed and great respect appeared on their eyes. Only about 18 years in age and already Swords Master, with this they already knew that his future was limitless.

And when they knew that Leng Youyou was Advance Spirit Magician, all of them again simultaneously exclaimed in admiration. All of them clearly knew the terrifying attack power of a Spirit Magician, and an Advance Spirit Magician was already a heavyweight anywhere they went.

Seeing the amazed expressions on their faces, Long Yi couldn’t help but stealthily think inside his heart: “If they know Leng Youyou can also use dark magic, then what type of expression would they make.”

“Well, since everyone has already gathered, let’s talk about the mission we are about to do. This Lost city mission we are about to do is extremely dangerous. You should have already heard about the matter of the complete wipeout of Heavenly thunder mercenary group.” Ha Lei spoke up to here, and paused. After that, with extremely solemn complexion, he continued.

“Although our strength is not comparable to theirs, nevertheless we also possess the advantage they didn’t have.” Ha Lei said this much and took out a map from his body and continued: “This is the map of Huang mang plain, was passed down from my ancestors. It is marked with the direction of Lost city, and the distribution of various kind of magical beasts are also illustrated in this map. So, as long as we proceed carefully, we will be able to safely find Lost city.” Ha Lei had clearly lowered his voice, after all there were many people in the pub, and he only wanted his group to know that he had the map of Huang Mang plain in his body.

“We will equally distribute the rewards of the mission and the treasures discovered in Lost city. Is there any problem in distributing like this?”

Everyone shook their head to express that there is not any problem.

“Good, since there is no problem, early morning tomorrow, we will meet at the east gate of Light city. Now for the time being until tomorrow, you can busy yourself with your own matters.”

Long Yi didn’t leave, rather went to a bar and ordered a cup of fruit wine called ‘green field with immortal footprint’. After that, he started to ponder while care freely sipping that wine. “I didn’t expect that the worlds of this giant fellow Ha Lei to be this clear and logical, but it is not this simple like it resembles outside. The map didn’t look that old, was it really handed down by his ancestor?”

“Hehe, interesting, it looks like this trip will be very interesting.” Long Yi rotate the wine cup, and a smile appeared on his face.

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