Chapter 32: Again meeting Yu Feng

“Do you know where ‘green field immortal footprint’ is native to?” Along with a fresh grass fragrance, Lu Xiya sat next to Long Yi, and was similarly holding a cup of green colored green field immortal footprint.

“Let me guess, it’s unlikely to be your elf forest.” Looking at Lu Xiya, Long Yi replied with a light smile.

Lu Xiya amazedly looked at long Yi, and muttered: “Are you simply pretending to be stupid?”

“I’m very sorry, intelligent is all along my biggest shortcoming.” Long Yi boasted shamelessly.

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“Heehee, you really are interesting man, where are you from?” Lu Xiya asked.

“I came from a very faraway place, why are you asking me this, can it be that you…….began to like me?” Long Yi stared at Lu Xiya and laughed mischievously. His eyes were directly sizing up the beautiful and charming figure of Lu Xiya without concealing his intention.

The beautiful face of Lu Xiya became red, then she spat: “Shameless, big pervert.”

Seeing this elf was getting shy, Long Yi began teasing her even more. While he was teasing this elf, from the corner of his eyes, he caught a familiar figure. This figure was Yu Feng whom he had rescued yesterday from the crowds of dire wolves. Right now she didn’t have the sorry figure appearance of yesterday, and as before was wearing fiery red leather armor. And as if something was weighing on her mind, she was continuously drinking cup after cup of wine. Two beautiful maids were standing, one at her right side and other at her left side. If Long Yi was present yesterday, then he would have definitely recognized these two maids as the same maids who had come over with Yu Feng’s mother.

“Hey, she is the young lady of Phoenix clan, you should give up your plan to hit her, otherwise you will not know how you die.” Little elf Lu Xiya saw that the eyes of Long Yi were glued to another girl while they were talking, and felt a little uncomfortable inside her heart.

“I want to hit on you, you are many times more beautiful than her.” Long Yi turned around with a smile. Since he didn’t have to pay for sweet speech and honeyed words, he said it anyway.

“How can ah, I am not even half of her.” Lu Xiya blushingly answered, but the smile on her face clearly explained that Long Yi definitely benefited from his sweet speech and honeyed words.

Long Yi just smiled. Although Lu Xiya was beautiful, she really couldn’t reach the level of Yu Feng. Also although he didn’t know the life expectancy of elves, Lu Xiya who was already 158 years old, was still extremely green regardless of physiology or mentality.

“Long Yi, I’m hungry, let’s go to eat, ok?” Lu Xiya pulled the sleeve of Long Yi and said.

“Okay, by coincidence my stomach is also hungry.” Long Yi nodded his head and stood up, then walked shoulder to shoulder with Lu Xiya towards the exit of the adventurer pub.

But just when they were outside the pub, Long Yi heard an urgent call from behind them: “Wait, you wait a minute.”

Two of them turned around, and saw that Yu Feng and the two maids were hastily running towards them.

Yu Feng stopped not far away from Long Yi, then sized up Long Yi from head to toe. A short while ago in the adventurer pub, when she saw his back figure, she simply felt that his back was exactly same as the back of her benefactor who had rescued her yesterday. So she impatiently chased after him. But when he turned around, Yu Feng recognized that this man was exactly that perverted man who had felt her breasts in that small town using unknown method, and suddenly her eyes revealed a disgusted expression. The great hero inside her heart, how could this perverted man compared to him? Yu Feng coldly snorted, turned around and left without saying a single word.

Just at that time, the people on the roadside suddenly screamed in panic. A youth wearing a magnificent clothes riding a black colored unicorn was in the process of charging around violently, and was arrogantly shouting loudly: “Get out of the way, make way for this young master.”

Momentarily everything was thrown into confusion, many stalls on both sides of the paths were knocked over. Even more bad was, a child of about six or seven was standing on the middle of the street, and seeing the unicorn was directly galloping towards him, as if petrified, he stood motionlessly in horror.

“Bastard.” Yu Feng cursed and ran towards the child with all her effort, but she was clearly too far away from that child, and could only watch helplessly as the child gets killed under the horse’s hooves.

Suddenly, Yu Feng felt the wind blowing, and as if an illusion, a figure appeared at the side of that child. Just at that time, the unicorn trampled passed that place without stopping. Seeing this many people cried out in alarm, believing that those two peoples were trampled. But in a blink of an eye, they saw that the youth while holding that child in his hand was slowly floating down from the sky, just like a celestial being descending the world.

Yu Feng was dumbfounded to see the figure of Long Yi floating down, then the figure of her benefactor suddenly appeared in her brain, which coincided with the figure of Long Yi. “Everything about this man resembles him, could it be that this perverted man is my benefactor?” Yu Feng found it very difficult to accept inside her heart.

At this moment, that youth riding the unicorn and charging around violently stopped some distance away, dismounted from the unicorn, and staring at the body of Yu Feng without blinking his eyes, he walked over to Yu Feng.

“Miss Feng’er, just a moment ago I scared you, so I invite you to a dinner as compensation.” That youth obsequiously said to Yu Feng.

“Yin Jian, don’t depend upon your status of being the son of city lord to wantonly break the rule; you should clearly know that riding the horse is forbidden in this street.” Yu Feng angrily said, then coldly looked at him.

“Yin Jian? **?” Hearing the name of this youth, Long Yi couldn’t help but feel somewhat funny. He distinctly felt that this name was somewhat familiar, and the behavior of this youth was also extremely familiar. Carefully thinking, he discovered that the behavior of this youth and the original owner of this body was exactly the same.

“Merely bumping into plebeians who don’t look where they are going, what kind of wantonly breaking the rule is this?” Yin Jian arrogantly said. Then looking towards Long Yi, his eyes suddenly stagnated, as if he was thinking about something.

After a while, Yin Jian walked towards Long Yi, cupped his hand and asked: “Brother, you look very familiar, do you mind telling me your full name?” As a member of high society of Kuanglong Empire, Yin Jian naturally knew that the brocade clothing on the body of Long Yi was not something common people could afford, plus he looked really familiar, so he stopped his arrogant expression at this moment.

Seeing the sudden attitude change of Yin Jian towards Long Yi, Yu Feng was somewhat startled. She knew that Yin Jian had never cared about the law within the Light city, and was also a type of person who basically didn’t care about any other person in this city.

“Name is Long Yi, before this I have never come to Light city, and also never met Your Excellency.” Long Yi put on a false smile, and greeted him back. Long Yi guessed that, since this guy is the son of Light city’s city head, perhaps he might have gone to Tenglong city with his father, and at that time, perhaps he might have met or seen Ximen Yu, as both of them were feather of the same bird.

Long Yi was naturally not stupid enough to declare his identity. Although after he had escaped from Tenglong city, the situation had already calmed down, the official documents for his arrest was still not withdrawn. So he was still cautious; moreover, he also didn’t plan to assume the identity of the original owner of his body.

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