Chapter 33: Drunk Lu Xiya

Hearing the answer of Long Yi, Yin Jian shifted his eyes and no longer pursued the question. Although he was a typical playboy, he was not a fool. Just looking at the bearing and natural noble aura of the other party, he guessed that the other party was very likely to be someone of higher status, so continuing to pursue the question was nothing more than plain stupidity. Hence he turned around and continued to pester Yu Feng, this young woman who had never given him any face since childhood.

“Miss Feng’er, would you honor me with your presence for a dinner?” Yin Jian audaciously smiled and asked Yu Feng.

“Beat it,” Yu Feng coldly spat a single word. Intricately looking at Long Yi, she turned around and went back with her two maids. And Yin Jian shamelessly followed after them.

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Long Yi nodded his head; he was extremely familiar with this scene. He remembered that Ximen Yu used to pester Long Ling’er like this, merely this fellow should not be that outrageously bold in his lust that he would go and ** Yu Feng. Yu Feng herself was also not a physically weak magician like Long Ling’er. Recalling Long Ling’er, the expression of Long Yi became rather depressed.

“Long Yi, what are you thinking? I am going to starve to death.” Lu Xiya creased her nose and said charmingly.

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“Let’s go, mischievous cat.” Long Yi affectionately patted the head of Lu Xiya and started to walk. That depressed expression just a moment ago changed into a warm smile, as if that depression had never appeared on his face before.

“Weird guy,” Lu Xiya muttered. She always had a gut feeling that Long Yi was a warm person; this feeling was just like a gentle breeze of elven forest which gladdened her heart. So, she was willing to stay with Long Yi.

At Phoenix villa located in the southern city of Light City, Yu Feng was sitting alone in her room. That agile and elegant figure of Long Yi was unceasingly flashing within her mind, but thanks to that first impression of him, she was completely unwilling to believe that he was her benefactor. As a matter of fact, if not for her prejudice, she would have definitely realized that the temperament of Long Yi was not something the average person could have.

Yu Feng opened her wardrobe, took out that robe that was draped over her body by her benefactor. She gently stroked the collar side of the robe, then her beautiful face couldn’t help but become very red. If other people knew that the young miss of Phoenix clan who had her eyes higher than her head was hiding inside her room and thinking about a man while holding a man’s cloth, then they might fall on the ground due to shock.

Yu Feng gently stroke for a good while, then she suddenly discovered that the design and cloth material of this robe looked very familiar. Her family operated every kind of business, so they had also dealt with clothing. And as the eldest daughter, she had a good sense in this area. Now she remembered that today she had encountered that perverted man and the clothing on his body had very similar design and cloth material to the one she was holding now.

“Is it really him?” It was very difficult for Yu Feng to accept this, as her preconceived notion was extremely difficult to convert.

“This won’t do, I should ask him directly.” Yu Feng was still unable to let go. If she didn’t clarify this, she would not be able to rest or eat in peace.

However at this time, the voice of maid came from outside her door: “Miss, madam requested you to come over for a discussion about a matter.”

Yu Feng replied back. Then, she thought to go out to search him later tonight. As she was completely confident of finding him if he was still inside Light City.

While on the other hand, right now Long Yi and Lu Xiya were having a meal at the most luxurious and highest grade Phoenix restaurant. From the name alone, one could easily know that this restaurant was the property of the Phoenix Clan. This restaurant was built close to the river and one could view a beautiful scenery. Long Yi and Lu Xiya had chosen the table by the window; currently, they were eating delicacies while admiring the beautiful scenery. Every so and often, they talked and laughed too; it was completely a natural and unrestrained happy atmosphere.

What made Long Yi amazed was, Lu Xiya who appeared to be delicate and exquisite, drank wine very straightforwardly contrary to expectations.

“Little elf, your drinking capacity is pretty good.” Long Yi praised.

Because of alcohol, a layer of red glow was added to the beautiful face of Lu Xiya – this rosy pink was extremely alluring. Hearing compliments from Long Yi, she smiled sweetly and said: “Of course, I used to soak inside the wine jar. When I was in Elven Forest, we often went to the wine cellar, stole, and drink Hundred Flowers Wine, Hundred Flowers Wine you know? That wine tastes many times better than these wines.” Lu Xiya proudly said. Right now, her eyes were somewhat misty, just as if a layer of fine gauze was added. Apparently, she had started to exceed her maximum capacity for alcohol.

When Long Yi heard these three ‘Hundred Flowers Wine’ words, his eyes flashed with extraordinary splendor. As far as to his knowledge, only the elf royalty of Elf Clan could enjoy this Hundred Flowers Wine. So, how could Lu Xiya just steal and drink it? Unless……….she herself was from the royal family of Elf Clan. Perhaps she might even be the princess of Elf Clan.

Words started to continuously flow out from drunk Lu Xiya; sometimes she spoke about an amusing incident of her childhood, and sometimes she spoke about her experience in Canglan continent of these few years. While speaking, she had already drained two cups of wine already; at this time, Long Yi however not only not stopped her, but he shamelessly poured wine when her cup was empty.

When the eyes of Lu Xiya were already misty and drunk, and expression was somewhat absent-minded, Long Yi though it was a chance, hence he asked: “Little elf, tell me, is your mother the Elf Queen?”

Lu Xiya looked towards Long Yi with her misty eyes and foolishly smiled. Then her head suddenly tilted down on the table and lost consciousness. Long Yi helplessly smiled, as he had mistakenly believed that she could still hold on for a while. But even if she didn’t speak, from the narration of hers just a moment ago, Long Yi guessed that there was a very high chance for her to be the princess of Elf Clan. But could Elf Queen let her only daughter take risks like this? Or has this little elf ran away from home?

Long Yi settled the bill and carried Lu Xiya out from the restaurant. On the street, it was not good to use gale and decrease weight technique, so all along the way while he was walking, many pairs of eyes were staring at him. Just imagine: someone was carrying a beautiful elf and walking on the street, isn’t this eye-catching? And especially that elf was unconscious, this would naturally trigger malicious speculation from the public.

Long Yi didn’t know where Lu Xiya lived, so he directly took her back to the inn he was staying. After that, he informed the manager that he was looking for a room for her to stay. Although Long Yi didn’t mind letting this little beauty sleep in his own room, they were neither relative nor friends, so he had to do this to avoid doing anything that may arise suspicion. After thinking about that mysterious woman, Leng Youyou, who stayed next to him, Long Yi resolved to let Lu Xiya stay in her room tonight.

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