Chapter 34: Beauty Shop’s underwear

“Knock, knock, knock.” Carrying unconscious Lu Xiya on his back, Long Yi lightly knocked the door. But even after a long time, no one answered the door.

Long Yi placed his ear on the door and listened but the room was completely silent, it seemed no one was in the room. Having no other choice, Long Yi was forced to take Lu Xiya to his room, placed her on his big bed, then sat on the bedside and carefully sized up this little elf.

Sleeping Lu Xiya looked very peaceful, innocent and pure just like a newborn baby, no wonder that the Elf race was said to be the race closest to nature. Looking at the long, soft looking ears of Lu Xiya, Long Yi couldn’t help but become somewhat curious. He extended his hand towards her long ear and gently stroked it, but he had not thought that this would cause Lu Xiya to shudder. He had not expected that the ears of elf were so sensitive. This ignited the interest of Long Yi, so he kept on touching her long ear and finally lightly pinched that long ear of Lu Xiya.

Lu Xiya just muttered and caught the mischievous big hand of Long with her both hands. After this, an unexpected thing happened, after catching the hand of Long Yi, Lu Xiya didn’t shake it off, rather pulled his hand to her chest, and then hugged it.

Long Yi was instantly stunned, this little elf couldn’t possibly regard his hand as a body pillow. Feeling soft and elastic in his palm, Long Yi couldn’t help but grab, then his originally quiet ** surged forward. This tent on his hip area was an honest reaction to his evil thoughts.

“Dreadful, really dreadful.” Long Yi thought to extract his big hand; however, he was also quite reluctant to leave these two round, soft and fragrant meatballs.

Long Yi looked at Lu Xiya’s tranquil and beautiful face, adorable nose, and fair and tender lips which were often swaying. This appearance of Lu Xiya was really lovely to the extreme.

“How could she be this naïve? Actually trusting me this much.” Long Yi thought inside his heart. After that his ** immediately settled down, he lightly tried to take out his hand, but he had never thought that sleeping Lu Xiya was actually holding his big hand very tightly without any intention of letting it go as if she was holding a treasure.

Long Yi gently smiled. He had never expected that even when he wanted to fulfill his desire as a gentleman, he was not able to do so. After that, he gently used his strength to pull open the little hands of Lu Xiya, and placed a pillow in her bosom after taking out his hand.

Just then, the door of his room was knocked.

Long Yi opened the door, Leng Youyou, with an impatient face, stood at the doorway, then looking at Long Yi, she said: “The innkeeper said that you were looking for me, what do you want?”

“Come in and you will know.” Long Yi stepped aside.

But Leng Youyou just motionlessly stood in the same place. Having a cautious disposition, she was reluctant to rashly enter the room of a stranger.

“What? Afraid that I would do something? You can rest assured, I have zero interest in Wuyan type woman,” said Long Yi. [NOTE: Wuyan was ugly but virtuous woman in ancient China. So Wuyan is used as a metaphor for an ugly but virtuous woman.]

Leng Youyou coldly looked at Long Yi, pushed him away and entered the room. Although she didn’t know what Wuyan type woman was, she unconsciously knew that these were the words mocking her.

“I came in. Now speak why were you looking for me?” Leng Youyou snorted.

“Let’s talk about it in the bedroom.” Long Yi pointed to the partially opened door of his bedroom.

Leng Youyou immediately retreated one step, raised her guards, and staring at Long Yi, she nervously asked: “What…….what do you want?”

Long Yi was startled, then laughed, and finally said: “What do you think I want to do? I only want to ask you a favor.”

“Favor, what favor?” Leng Youyou placed her right hand behind her, and gathered dark magic power. In case this fellow made any suspicious movements, she would immediately make her move.

The blood colored skull mark on the center of Long Yi’s palm quivered, and Long Yi immediately knew that Leng Youyou was gathering dark magic power, so he said with a smile: “ Don’t worry, I mean you absolutely no harm.”

But these words were just like a big bad wolf saying to a little white rabbit: “Don’t worry, I will not eat you.”

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“In the end what do you want, say quickly, or else I’ll leave.” Leng Youyou coldly said, and her eyes quickly looked towards the direction of the door.

Seeing this appearance of Leng Youyou, Long Yi stopped teasing her, he pointed towards the door of his bedroom and said: “Look inside and you will know what favor I want.”

Leng Youyou was not quite convinced, but still cautiously walked towards the door of the bedroom, while paying attention to Long Yi’s movement.

Seeing the current appearance of Leng Youyou, Long Yi unconsciously smiled, and said: “You are too exaggerating, I am actually a good guy.”

Leng Youyou just snorted: “It’d be a wonder if you were a good guy.”

At this moment, Leng Youyou was able to see the circumstance inside the bedroom from her current angle. When she saw that beautiful elf archer whom she had met just today was lying motionlessly on the bed while hugging a pillow, she suddenly snapped while pointing at Long Yi: “You bastard, what did you do to her?”

Long Yi answered with an innocent look: “Don’t accuse me wrongly, we had dined together, and she got drunk. So I brought her here thinking to let her sleep in your room, but you were out just a moment ago.”

“For the time being, I will believe you.” Leng Youyou entered the bedroom, then seeing that the clothes of Lu Xiya were in good condition, and the bed was also very trim, she said to Long Yi.

“Leng Youyou, you should trust my words, you know? Now we are on the same team, if there is not even a minimum level of trust between teammates, then all of our lives would be in even more danger.” Long Yi said with a serious face. He was fully aware of the importance of trust between teammates to complete the mission. In case someone was at odds with the other members or leader, then everyone could be in danger.

Leng Youyou was startled, and replied only after a long while: “Your looks cause people to distrust you.”

Long Yi was dumbfounded, touched his face, made a wry smile and said: “Is it? Are the words ‘I’m a bad person’ written on my face?”

Leng Youyou ignored the words of Long Yi. She just pointed to the asleep Lu Xiya and said indifferently: “Carry her to my room.”

Long Yi did not say anything further and just picked up Lu Xiya. Just at the time when he carried Lu Xiya, he heard Leng Youyou saying: “Don’t take advantage of this.”

This little mistress’s skin is truly long-winded, Long Yi thought this inside his heart, just carried Lu Xiya and walked towards the room of Leng Youyou.

“Wait a minute, don’t go in.” Just when Long Yi carrying the little elf was about to enter the bedroom of Leng Youyou, he heard her exclaiming for him to stop, then she hurriedly entered the bedroom first.

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But it was already too late, his dazzling eyes had already seen several various colored elegant underwear on her big bed, even to the extent that he even saw the mark of Beauty Shop embodied on them. This immediately caused Long Yi to remember Si Bi, as she had also worn the underwear of Beauty Shop. [NOTE: If you forgot, Beauty Shop is the most popular and expensive brand of women’s underwear in this world.]

Leng Youyou hurriedly hid her underwear in her wardrobe, and her cheeks were already bright red.

Long Yi secretly laughed inside his heart, but outside he didn’t even bat his eyelid, just placed Lu Xiya on her bed, turned around, and walked out from the bedroom.

“Long Yi, I…..I’ll try to trust you.” Leng Youyou’s somewhat stiff voice came from behind.

Long Yi paused his steps, he knew that it was not that easy for Leng Youyou to say these words. He turned around, and said with a smile: “Take care of Lu Xiya, she is also our teammate.”

Leng Youyou nodded her head. She suddenly felt that this fellow was not that hateful anymore.

Long Yi opened the door, suddenly turned around and spoke with a strange smile on his face: “Beauty Shop’s underwear is pretty good.” Finished speaking, he immediately ran out of the door, then slammed the door shut.

“This damned pervert.” Leng Youyou gnashed her teeth, and her face heated up.

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