Chapter 35: Public Place with Numerous People

Standing outside the door of Leng Youyou’s room, his smile slowly faded away. Those several underwears of Beauty Shop brought back his thoughts of Si Bi, that outwardly cruel but actually incomparably kind-hearted young girl. Every time he remembered that day when they were risking their lives to protect each other, Long Yi would feel warmth inside his heart.

It was still not that late in the night, so Long Yi decided to go to the Light Church to take a look at whether he could find Si Bi or not. Light Church was not located inside the alley where the guilds of the various professions were located, rather located adjacent to the mansion of the City Lord. And it was built using expensive snow rocks, having noble and elegant appearance, it resembled a bit like a western church. The huge statue of Light God was located in the highest position of this building, looking down upon all living creatures like nobodies. But for Long Yi, the so-called Light God however was just an old bird-man with 8 wings.

Light Church was quite lively; many believers were still traveling back and forth. And the sight of many people devotionally worshipping the statue of Light God could be seen everywhere in this location.

Long Yi walked over and reached out to a well-known priest, and asked respectfully: “Mister respected priest, may I ask whether saintess miss Si Bi is in Light City or not?”

Seeing the manner of Long Yi was good, this priest answered Long Yi: “Never came.”

Long Yi was somewhat disappointed, as he thought: “I remembered Si Bi saying that she was coming over to Light City. Could it be that she changed her destination in order to hide from me.” After this, Long Yi asked several other priests, but he got the same answer from each of them. Long Yi sighed, then he alone sat down on the lawn outside the church, and got lost in thought while watching the comings and goings of the believers. Suddenly he felt everything was false: “Did I really met Si Bi? Did I really experience those romantic and unforgettable times?”

At this moment, on the top floor of the Light Church, a figure with a graceful demeanor and long blackish green hair who was wearing a priest robe was hidden behind a magic mirror. She was looking at that lonely figure of Long Yi below with tears all over her face.

“Long Yi, I’m sorry.” Si Bi firmly bit her lower lip and murmured. She reached out her hand and gently caressed the figure of Long Yi in the magic glass as if she was erasing the agony and loneliness of her beloved.

“Ai, silly child, since you love him this much, there is no need to persistently torment yourself.” A gentle and kind voice sounded from behind Si Bi. A woman with beautiful beyond this world appearance, who looked about 30 years in age came behind Si Bi. She was wearing a creamy white holy and pure priest robe, and she looked as if she was enveloped in a layer of holy light. She was one of Light Church’s two big sacred priests, Priest Karen, the longtime old friend of Si Bi’s master, sacred priest Judith.

“Elder, I can’t, I can’t.” Hearing Priest Karen who had always treated her as her own daughter comforting her, her crystal clear tears immediately rolled down. She touched that frightening birthmark on the left side of her face, and she utterly hated herself for the first time because of this birthmark.

“Silly child, silly child.” Upon seeing this, Karen said while feeling heartache. After that, she came over to the side of Si Bi, hugged her and comforted her softly. She understood that Si Bi loved him very dearly from the bottom of her heart. Love, this word truly does great harm to people. In those years, she and Judith had also suffered, but she never expected that Si Bi too would suffer from this.


Few neighs of a horse awakened Long Yi from his trance; looking ahead, he saw a completely fiery-red unicorn. Looking at it, he knew that this unicorn was the mount of Yu Feng. Long Yi looked at it for a while, but he didn’t discover the figure of Yu Feng anywhere near. He stretched his hand and stroke its head, but outside of his exception, this unicorn very intimately licked his palm.

“Little beast, where is your master? What are you doing by yourself?” Long Yi smiled and teased this unicorn, presumably after passing through the matter of last time, this beast with lots of intelligence had already remembered him.

Around the door of city lord’s mansion near the Light Church, Yu Feng was anxiously searching for her mount, Red Cloud. Although Red Cloud was very ill-tempered to other people, nevertheless it was very obedient to her and generally didn’t run about everywhere. This time, under the command of her mother, she had come to meet the City Lord, this crafty bastard, to discuss several matters regarding the chamber of commerce. But to her surprise, her horse disappeared. She had an extremely deep attachment towards Red Cloud; she had always treated it as her family member, so she was extremely worried due to the disappearance of red horse.

“Miss Feng’er, I asked people to help you look for it.” From one side, Yin Jian immediately started to court her favor.

“You don’t need to intervene in my matters.” Yu Feng snapped.

“That beast is lost, so just discard it. I will gift you my Xue Lishao.” Yin Jian endured the rage inside his heart and said with a smile. If this was someone else, then he would have already used force. But the influence of Phoenix clan was too big, if he initiated on using force with her then he feared even he would not be able to bear the consequences. So Yin Jian had always adopted the soft approach towards Yu Feng, but for others, he basically didn’t give a damn.

“Shut up, you are a beast, get lost from my sight,” Yu Feng roared burning with anger, and her Phoenix Douqi also suddenly appeared on the surface of her body.

The complexion of Yin Jian became deathly pale and secretly clutched his hand tightly into a fist. After that, he coldly snorted, turned around, and entered the City lord mansion. As they say, even clay Buddha would get angry after three times, let alone human beings.

Yu Feng looked all around while walking, and unconsciously arrived at Light Church. There she saw that her Red Cloud was in the process of acting coquettish towards a man.

“This, how is this possible?” Yu Feng could not believe what she was seeing with her own eyes and unconsciously muttered. With the exception of herself, Red Cloud never let anyone else touch it, let alone act coquettishly.

“Eh, is he…” Yu Feng was rather shocked, and her state of mind suddenly messed up. Originally she had only suspected him to be her benefactor, but seeing Red Cloud being so intimate with him, her heart became even more uneasy and hoped he was not, but she also indistinctly hoped that he was inside her heart.

Trying to forcefully calm down her state of mind, she took two deep breaths. She, who was accustomed to great winds and high waves, was unexpectedly nervous to walk towards a person.

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At this moment, Long Yi was patting the big head of Red Cloud repeatedly, and was ready to leave. Seeing him walking away, the heart of Yu Feng became impatient, so without thinking anything, she immediately darted to the front of Long Yi.

“Umm, I did not kidnap your horse, it came over on its own.” Seeing Yu Feng was ferociously staring at him from in front of him, he mistakenly believed that she wanted to condemn him.

“I, I know it.” Yu Feng stammered while speaking, and didn’t dare to look at the eyes of Long Yi.

“You know? Then, let’s part here and now.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulder, but muttered inside his heart: “You know yet this ferocious look, I mistakenly believed that you want to eat people.”

The whole body of Yu Feng quivered and couldn’t help but remember the parting words of her benefactor: Treating wounds to save a person, was last resort, part here and now, meet you again at the unspecified date. With the exception of voice, the intonation was exactly the same.

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“You, wait a minute,” Yu Feng impatiently pulled Long Yi’s arm and stopped him.

“You let go,” Long Yi yelled.

“I will not let go.” Just like a child, Yu Feng thoroughly acted in a fit of pique.

“Then take a look around you,” Long Yi helplessly said.

Yu Feng looked around her, then her face suddenly heated up, but she simply refused to let go the arm of Long Yi, instead held it tightly with both hands. Originally, both of them were already eye-catching as they were a handsome man and a beautiful woman; in addition to this, basically all the citizens of Light City knew the eldest daughter of Phoenix Clan, so seeing Miss High and Mighty with eyes above her head unexpectedly entangling with a man in a public place with numerous people, numerous people came over to join in the fun.

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