Chapter 36: Difference between love and like

Seeing as more and more people were gathering around them, Long Yi felt rather helpless as he looked at Miss High and Mighty clinging to him. Despite clinging onto Long Yi and not letting go, her face was already thoroughly red like a monkey’s butt.

“My Miss High and Mighty, I give up. How about we change a location…” Long Yi whispered. He was absolutely certain that many rumors would be flying around before long. Well, Long Yi didn’t care about these rumors, but it would certainly tarnish the reputation of this young miss.

“M-hm.” Yu Feng’s answer was barely audible as her voice was as soft as a mosquito’s. No matter how hard she tried, she was unable to think of a reason why she was this nervous in front of Long Yi.
Hearing her reply, Long Yi grabbed Yu Feng and quickly mounted the back of Red Cloud. Spurring Red Cloud forward, Long Yi and Yu Feng escaped from the crowd as they quickly disappeared from the sight of these people.

Inside the cathedral of Light Church, Si Bi watched as her beloved man left with another woman in front of her. Her whole body quivered incessantly and her pair of lustrous eyes dimmed.

“Silly child, feel your heart and think about it carefully. Do you really want to hand him over to another woman on a silver platter?” Karen lovingly stroked the long hair of Si Bi, and sighed.

Although the words came out of her mouth, she was extremely unwilling to give up Long Yi in her heart. “I don’t know, I… I don’t know.” Si Bi shook her head absentmindedly, as her heart collapsed.

“Now that he is with a better woman than me, shouldn’t I be happy for him? But why am is my heart aching like this? Elder, why?” Si Bi hugged Karen tightly and tears were forming in her eyes as she wondered, just like a lost child.

Hearing the murmuring voice of Si Bi, Karen felt anguish. her eyes flashed with pain and reminisce, “This child, myself and Judith are so similar, could it be that Si Bi also needs to suffer such pain for all her life? just like us?”

“Silly child, this means your heart is unable to let him go. so go, go and get him back!” Replied Karen.

Si Bi quivered as she slowly shook her head. In a hoarse voice she said,“No, I can’t be selfish like this. I can feel that his heart is unrestrained, enthusiastic and yearns for freedom. So how can I confine his heart inside my small world?”

“But child, have you ever thought about yourself? What about your own feelings?” Karen immediately refuted her. Shaking with dissatisfaction, she thought, “This lass is so passionate about him and loves him so much, that she’ll do anything for the his sake
. Even if she was facing hell, she’ll directly jump into it without any regrets…”

Si Bi didn’t answer Karen, as she got up,she wiped her tears as she obstinately said, “Elder, I want to become strong… very strong.”

Long Yi took Yu Feng to a place where there was no one all around, before dismounting from the horse with her. After dismounting, Long Yi stared straight at Yu Feng who was still blushing.
“Why are you staring at me like this?” Yu Feng lowered her gaze so as to avoid his piercing stare, as she felt that his stare was making her somewhat uncomfortable.

“Only now do you feel embarrassed! Weren’t you feeling bold before? Heh…” Long Yi said with a smile on his face. “ Also, when you go back, you’re definitely going to hear the many rumours floating around. About how a heavily infatuated Miss High and Mighty is pursuing a man.”
“humph…I don’t care.” Yu Feng was after all a young lady of an influential family, so without giving a shred of ground, she simply lifted her head and replied Long Yi looking staring straight at his face. .

Confronting the blazing eyes of Yu Feng, Long Yi felt that he was unable to keep up his calm demeanor under her piercing gaze. Immediately, the thought of her finding out about his identity struck him. Otherwise, it was quite impossible for her attitude towards him to change within a single day.

“Thank you for saving me.” The voice of Yu Feng suddenly became very soft, and looking at Long Yi, her eyes became even more passionate. As it was impossible for Yu Feng to forget the scene in the forest that day. The back of the man who saved her life from the group of dire wolves.

Pretending to be surprised, Long Yi exclaimed: “you made a mistake,, I don’t remember saving you.”

“You bastard, son-of-a-bitch, rotten eggs!” Yu Feng burst out a string of vulgarities as she rushed straight to Long Yi. When she reached Long Yi, she immediately raised her fists and started to punch Long Yi again as if he was a punching bag.

Feeling the barrage of weak punches from Yu Feng, Long Yi cried loudly inside his heart, “This clearly is the move of a sweetheart acting spoiled…”

Although it was not painful to let Yu Feng hit him, Long Yi obviously would not let her continuously rain punches on him so he caught both her small fists. “Okay. Stop it, what is it exactly that you want.” Long Yi asked her with a helpless tone. Long Yi had already known that he was admitting to being her benefactor after those words came out of his mouth.

Hearing what Long Yi said, Yu Feng, who had her two hands caught by Long Yi began to struggle as she resumed her acts of violence against him. However this time, she used more strength in her blows as she hit him, and denounced him for being shameless. As if being shameless wasn’t enough, she complained that Long Yi seduced her before abandoning her; that Long Yi cast aside his wife and discarded his son; that Long Yi seen her body and wanted to run and so on… All in all, that Long Yi was a shameless bastard that did not want her anymore after taking advantage of her.
Long Yi repeatedly caught Yu Feng’s restless fist, and making a wry smile he said: “Then your wish is…..”

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“Do you still need me to spell it out for you? Of course you have to take responsibility of your actions.” Yu Feng lowered her head. she as the eldest daughter of Phoenix clan was unexpectedly using a trick to force a marriage. she couldn’t help but find it laughable inside her heart.

Hearing Yu Feng, Long Yi was somewhat dumbfounded . Previously Si Bi had also used a similar argument and demanded him to marry her. But just as he intended to accept her proposal, she left him for a stupid reason.

“What happened to you?” Seeing as Long Yi suddenly had a sad expression in his eyes, Yu Feng awkwardly asked.

Long Yi replied with a bitter smile: “I already have a wife.”

“Wha….what? You are married? Then what should I do?” Yu Feng was shocked, and a crestfallen expression appeared on her face.. Although Blue Waves Continent didn’t restrict polygamy, but she was unwilling to share her husband with other women.

Seeing the expression of Yu Feng, Long Yi guessed what was on her mind. As he thought of how Si Bi left him so that he could find even more outstanding women and enjoy his luck with them, Long Yi couldn’t help but think of her even more. “This is exactly the difference between loving someone and liking someone…”

“You do as you see fit.” Said Long Yi, before shutting his mouth as not another word came out of his mouth.
Yu Feng was dumbfounded, even if she agreed, her mother would definitely not agree. Throughout the ages, women were in-charge of the Phoenix Clan. Since the Phoenix clan was founded, men were the ones who married into the clan, let alone being a concubine, it was impossible for her to marry out of the clan. But how could she just let Long Yi go like this? After all that he had done for her, or rather, to her. Long Yi was the first man she felt a great interest for, yet she could not force him to leave his wife. Yu Feng felt helpless as she was unable to think of what to do.
“There are many men in this world, so you will definitely come across someone better.” Long Yi emblematically said this sentence, turned around, and disappeared without looking back.

Eyes full of tears, Yu Feng also spun around, but she stubbornly didn’t let the tears fall. She only muttered to herself as she looked at Long Yi’s disappearing figure, “Although there are many better man in the world, but you’re the one i like…”

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