Chapter 37: Dark Temptation

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The dim light of night very quietly enveloped the earth, but Light City was still bustling. As multi-coloured lights lit up the streets of Light city, the city looked enchanting as it stood out in the darkness of the night.

Lu Xiya stumbled and opened her eyes, after she slowly looked all around her, she dully shrieked and jumped up. Before anything else, she checked her clothing. After finding her clothing in perfect condition, she sighed in relief. Her memories only contained the time she was drinking with Long Yi, and nothing of the things that happened after drinking.

Hearing the shriek of Lu Xiya, Leng Youyou who was currently tidying up the living room quickly approached her. “You are? How did i get here?” Lu Xiya was shocked to see Leng Youyou as she bombarded her with questions.

“That guy carried you here.” Leng Youyou answered with a tone of indifference.

Instantly, Lu Xiya’s face flushed red as she naturally knew who ‘that guy’ Leng Youyou was referring to.

“Thank you, big sister Youyou.” Lu Xiya thanked Leng Youyou with a tinge of appreciation in her voice.

Facing that sincere smiling face of Lu Xiya, Leng Youyou obviously felt somewhat awkward. Since young, Leng Youyou did not have a single friend, neither did she have anyone who would call her big sister. After hearing Lu Xiya call her that, she was at a loss at how to respond.

A smile was the magic weapon of human interpersonal communication, not to mention that the lovely smile of Lu Xiya was extremely natural and honest. Anyone who saw her smile would definitely be unable to forget the magnificent expression on her face. This smile of Lu Xiya quickly broke through the defences Leng Youyou had set up around her heart and these two girls quickly felt an affinity for each other as they started to chat continuously as if they had been close sisters for many years already.

Long Yi dragged his somewhat heavy steps on the street, as even the bustling crowds of people were unable to hide his lonely back in the sea of people present. . Lightly sighing, Long Yi threw off the distracting thoughts inside his brain. He figured, that the meetings and breaking up of a man and woman is for fate to decide, so why should they bother to insist being together with someone. Since the love between a man and woman is a lasting feeling.

Entering the inn, just when he was about to enter his room, the door next to his opened. As a head emerged from the door slit.“Where have you been? Why are you only back so late??” Lu Xiya asked.

“I went to stroll outside, little elf, did you sleep comfortably?” Long Yi teasingly asked.

Lu Xiya pouted: “That sleep was really bad! I still feel a little unwell,, my head still aches.”

“Is that so? Come over here.” Long Yi commanded Lu Xiya.Lu Xiya bolted out just like a leopard cat. She basically didn’t put up any guard against Long Yi. Basically, the elves were very exclusive to humankind, because, in their eyes, humans were selfish. Humans like to employ schemes to heavily massacre other races and so on… But towards Long Yi, Lu Xiya felt a sense of closeness which was difficult to express with words. Especially with his lazy smile, which makes her feel at ease whenever she saw it.

Long Yi rubbed his hands, and tiny amount of internal force revolved around his palm. After his palms heated up due to the internal force circulation, he pressed both of his hands on the temples of Lu Xiya. Using his internal force, he helped her to circulate her blood and qi. As he was treating Lu Xiya, Leng Youyou suddenly bolted out of room as she caught Lu Xiya with one hand and pulled her behind herself. Just like how a hen would protect its chick.

“Little girl, why on the earth are you doing that?” Long Yi helplessly asked.
“What on the earth did you ask Lu Xiya to do? As long as I am here, you can give up on your plans to bully and take advantage of her.” Leng Youyou coldly snapped.

Long Yi was dumbfounded and thought, “What kind of joke is this woman trying to pull on him? With which eye did she see me trying to take advantage of this little elf”

“Big sister Youyou, you misunderstood. Long Yi didn’t take advantage of me.” Lu Xiya hurriedly tried to defend Long Yi.

“Big sister Youyou?” Hearing Lu Xiya calling Leng Youyou like this, he was rather surprised, and thought: “Since when did the relation of these two progress to such a stage?”

“Hey little girl, I just wanted to treat the headache of this little elf. What is with your suspicion, can you trust me? Ah… i remember something about you saying you would believe in me?” Long Yi discontentedly looked over the direction of Leng Youyou.

Leng Youyou was somewhat embarrassed, as she recalled herself saying that sentence. Simultaneously, the memory of Long Yi seeing her in her underwear and taking liberties with her ran through her mind.

Under the electrifying supercilious looks of Leng Youyou, Long Yi’s heart actually felt a light shock. He didn’t expect the sparks shot out by this girl to be so strong.”

Immediately after that, Long Yi again called out Lu Xiya, placed his palms on her temples, as his internal force seeped into her brain from the acupuncture points. All for the sake of unblocking the channels by dispersing the deposits of alcohol inside her body.

“Ah, so hot, so comfortable.” Lu Xiya merely sensed a stream of hot air flow gently rushing into her brain, as she felt a pleasant sensation so strong that she could not help but exclaim loudly.

Using the internal force, he massaged Lu Xiya for a while. Just when Long Yi was about to raise his hands, Lu Xiya unexpectedly stopped him as she begged him to continue, “Long Yi, don’t stop! This feels too comfortable.” Before turning to Leng Youyou, Lu Xiya exclaimed with an expression of bliss on her face, “Big sister Youyou, you should also try this! It’s really enjoyable.”

Long Yi didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, he just withdrew his hand and while playing with the nose of Lu Xiya, he said, “Little elf, do you think I am someone who gives out free massages?”

Lu Xiya shook her head, as she felt completely refreshed with her headache gone. Out of curiosity, Lu Xiya asked, “Long Yi was that your magic? Wait, aren’t you a fighter? Don’t tell me you are a dual cultivator! A Magic Fighter?”

Leng Youyou was watching Long Yi with a strange expression. Magic fighter, a dual cultivator was someone who possessed a magic physique and also had the aptitude to train douqi. These people were able to dual cultivate both magic and douqi, however people who cultivated both magic and douqi ended up with both their magic and douqi being very mediocre. Therefore even though someone may possess the qualification to dual cultivate, they would choose one one path to cultivate.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulder and said with a smile: “As a matter of fact, it’s not a magic or douqi, and as for what this is, you don’t need to know.”

At this time, the blood-colored skull mark on his left palm suddenly vibrated, and he sensed a strong dark magic fluctuation The feeling of being spied on made Long Yi instantly alert. He subconsciously looked towards Leng Youyou, only to find that her complexion was completely pale, and her body was slightly trembling with fear. Moreover, the dark magic fluctuation was not coming from her.

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Long Yi was dumbfounded, as he immediately knew that this feeling of being spied on was most probably targeting Leng Youyou. He stepped forward and caught Leng Youyou with one hand, then embracing her, he used his internal force to sever the dark magic fluctuation.
Leng Youyou spared no effort to ward off this dark magic ‘Dark Temptation’ which had completely enveloped her whole body. This type of magic could make people lose their rationality, turning one into a puppet of the caster. Furthermore, this spell could cause other people who cultivates dark magic to lose control over their dark magic, which would allow everyone to know that they have been cultivating dark magic. Leng Youyou knew that she had already been found out, and since they were not able to accurately determine if she really cultivated dark magic, they were using such a method to probe her. At the moment she was no longer able to suppress the dark magic element she was cultivating, Long Yi pulled her into his embrace. She was struck dumb with amazement as she believed that Long Yi wanted to take advantage of her, however he caused a warm airflow to gush out of his body, to envelop her, which severed the Dark Temptation. After that, the dark magic elements inside her body also completely calmed down.

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