Chapter 38: Huangmang small town

After a while, the blood-colored skull mark in his palm finally calmed down.
“It’s all right now.” Long Yi softly whispered in the ear of Leng Youyou.

The beautiful face of Leng Youyou flushed red, as she pushed Long Yi away and fell back two steps. Feeling a complicated feeling in her heart, she awkwardly stood there, not knowing what to say.
“You…..” Lu Xiya pointed at Long Yi and Leng Youyou with a shocked face. she didn’t know what had happened just a moment ago, the only thing she say was Long Yi suddenly hugging Leng Youyou and Leng Youyou obediently staying motionless in his embrace.

“What you, it’s already getting late, so we should get some sleep. We still have to wake up early tomorrow morning” Long Yi lightly knocked the small head of Lu Xiya, before opening the door of his room. Entering his room and shutting the door, he left the two startled girls outside.

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After Long Yi entered the room, he quickly opened the window, and just like a wisp of cyan smoke, he swept past and landed on the roof. After that, just like a vigorous eagle, he scanned the crowd in the street, but he didn’t discover anything unusual. It seems that the person who had casted Dark Temptation had concealed his magic fluctuation very well. Long Yi basically didn’t know where to start, so he helplessly went back inside his room and began to meditate wholeheartedly. This world was not simple at all, so he needs to increase his strength as soon as possible.

Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya were lying on the bed side by side. The whole room was dark but their eyes were bright. Their eyes were like a moon, shining in the darkness of the night. Seems like the both of them were not sleepy at all.

Leng Youyou was naturally thinking about Long Yi. The sensation she felt when she was in contact with Long Yi was extremely mysterious and unfathomable. Thanks to his help just a moment ago, she was able to conceal her identity as a dark magician. Leng Youyou was certain that Long Yi was aware of the dark magic inside her body, but she could not figure out why he had an indifference expression, and why he was able to easily block the effect of Dark Temptation. Who was he actually. As the series of questions kept appearing in her head, it kept her tossing around on the bed trying to think of answers to these questions.

“Elder sister Youyou, are you asleep?” In the end, Lu Xiya couldn’t bear and opened her mouth.

“M-hm, what’s the matter?” Leng Youyou asked absent-mindedly.

“A moment ago, what just happened a moment ago?” Lu Xiya asked. She felt that the scene a moment ago was too unnatural. Why did the two diametrically opposite people suddenly start hugging each other like that.

Leng Youyou remained silent for a good while, then lightly replied: “Nothing, now sleep.”

“Oh…” Lu Xiya replied. She knew that Leng Youyou didn’t want to talk about it. She was not the type of person who didn’t know where to stop, so even though she was slightly curious and was also slightly uncomfortable, she stopped pestering Leng Youyou about it..

The very long night gently slipped away under the respective train of thoughts of these two girls. As the sky started to give off misty lights of the morning sun rising, the bustling sounds in the street began to rise again one after another.

Long Yi and other two walked towards the eastern gate of Light City. Long Yi walked a step ahead, and the two girls were just like his maid, as they followed right behind him with one of them on each side. Throughout their journey, there was nothing but silence as no one started any conversations. Long Yi had no clue as to what happened to these two girls today. As if they had a tacit agreement, both of them did not speak a single word since this morning.

A little while later, the trio finally arrived at Eastern gate. Swords Master Ha Lei, Fire system Magician Ge Leita, Light system Magician Lan Tian, Advance Fighter Shi Yanshou, and beast-human fighter Shi Manniu were waiting for them.

“Good morning everyone, are we late?” Long Yi greeted everyone with a smile.

“No, we also just got here.” Ha Lei had an honest smile on his face just as he always had.

“Ha Lei, since everyone is here, let’s go.” Barbarian Bull loudly said. It seems he was somewhat too impatient to wait any longer. He also looked like one of those risk taking fanatics who was willing to take any risks if there was a single shred of chance he may benefit from it.

Ha Lei nodded, and waved his hand. following which, the adventure team composed of eight individuals began to move towards Huangmang plain. They took up the formation which many adventure groups would use in the Blue Waves Continent, which consisted of Fighters situated further out, magicians in the middle and archers in the rear.

Huangmang plain was a boundless grassland which seemed boundless,, but as a matter of fact, saying this plain was entirely grassland was not correct. Because merely the periphery that could be seen was filled with green grass, after passing through this periphery grassland, the inner parts of the plain were more bleak and desolate. Swamps were spread all over, and there were many wetlands, deserts and also numerous ferocious magical beasts all over. It is said that even S-class magical beasts appear in this place. This place is an adventurer’s paradise, and simultaneously also a graveyard of adventurers. In the past few years, it was unknown how many adventurers lost their lives here. But men will die for wealth, as birds for food. Many adventurers chose to enter this Huangmang plain which was a treasure trove full of dangers. A magic core of a single B-class magical beast could be sold for 1000 Amethyst coins, and a magic core of A-class magical beasts could be sold for several thousand Amethyst coins. Considering that these magic cores were common spoils
In the plains, many people would risk their lives to get them.

Huangmang plain was located at the borders of Violent Dragon Empire and Proud Moon Empire, and since it does not belong under any empire’s jurisdiction, this place did not have any law and order. Naturally, even if you kill people in this place, no one would care about it.

Half a month later, Long Yi and the others finally arrived at a small town at the edge of the Huangmang plain. Surprisingly,, this small town was very bustling. Various kind of shops had everything you could wish for. Tens of thousands of adventurer with various professions along with adventurer groups flooded this small town.

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“Wow, this place is livelier than the previous second class city!” Lu Xiya exclaimed. She had already reverted back to her former childish disposition and was chattering continuously.

“Everyone, be careful. Killing a person is not illegal here, so we should not quarrel with others as much as possible.” Ha Lei warned. He was a little bit more knowledgeable about this place. Many highly ranked mercenary groups have come to the Huangmang plains to complete missions, so if they fought with others here, they would only suffer losses.

Ge Leite snorted, clearly not agreeing to this. Long Yi found Ge Leite somewhat funny, it seems this guy who was more than 30 years in age was merely a frog in a well. Could it be that this guy believed that among all these adventurers who were amassed in this small town, he could behave lawlessly with his mere Advance fire element magician strength? In this place, it would not be surprising even if one encountered a Mage. Long Yi truly could not comprehend what Ge Leite was thinking as it seems that he wasted all the food he had eaten all these years since it obviously did not allow Ge Leite to become any smarter.
Just when their party decided to look for an inn to rest, they suddenly sensed a strong magic and douqi fluctuation near them.

“We better not go over, and also it is best if we don’t intervene.” Ha Lei warned.

Just when Ge Leita was about to express a different opinion, a figure flew over from the chaos and landed on the ground near his foot. Well, this figure consisted of only half a body of a magician, whose intestine and internal organs which were dripping with fresh blood hung openly fron his cut waist. The complexion of Ge Leita instantly became pale, then he hastily retreated.

Lu Xiya also jumped back in fright, as she gripped the sleeves of Long Yi’s clothes reflexively. After that, she didn’t dare to look over.
“Yi, Master Magician of Proud Moon Empire’s Magician guild.” After carefully looking at the magic robe of this half corpse, Ha Lei exclaimed in surprise.

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