Chapter 44: Might of Lightning Magic

Long Yi looked for an opportune moment, after dodging the earth dragon’s tail whip, he held his sword with both hands while pointing his sword downwards. Roaring loudly, he suddenly jumped, and the sharp end stabbed towards that dent which was seven inches below the neck of this Silver Backed Earth Dragon. A light blue dragon-shaped sword light suddenly flashed, as Long Yi’s huge sword sliced towards the dent. The sword only managed to pierce through halfway before it got stuck.

The Silver Backed Earth Dragon roared in pain, then as if it had gone crazy, its big body violently swayed and began to spin. The only thing it could think of was to throw off the puny human riding its back. However, Long Yi firmly gripped his sword hilt to prevent the crazy Silver Backed Earth Dragon from throwing him off its back. The Silver Backed Earth Dragon spun even more violently, and Long Yi could only see the blurred surrounding as he felt dizzy and the urge to vomit started to overwhelm him.

Seeing as the Silver Backed Earth Dragon was mad, Ha Lei and others were scared witless and they retreated far away from the currently berserk earth dragon. With the exception of Lu Xiya, who was about to rush towards the Silver Backed Earth Dragon as she saw that her sweetheart was currently in danger. Leng Youyou hurriedly caught her before she could do anything stupid, and merely said two words to her. “Believe him.”

Long Yi closed his eyes, amassed his internal force in his hands, then little by little he pressed down on the sword. When nearly half of the huge sword disappeared into the body of the Silver Backed Earth Dragon, the obstruction suddenly disappeared, and as if cutting a tofu, the entire sword easily stabbed into the Silver Backed Earth Dragon, leaving only the sword hilt.

All of a sudden, the rapidly spinning body of the Silver Backed Earth Dragon stopped. Only after it stopped, it raised it head to the skies and gave a berserk roar. With sounds of popping, the body of the Silver Backed Earth Dragon grew longer and larger. Long Yi only felt a burst of vast boundless strength gushing out from Silver Backed Earth Dragon, and he was sent flying in the air. He felt as if a sledgehammer had heavily struck him, and his blood instantly flowed backwards. Blood sprayed from his mouth as it created a mist of blood in the air..

“Long Yi!” Lu Xiya let out a heartbreaking cry, before angrily drawing her bowstring to the maximum, forming a full moon shape..The moment she drew her bowstring to the maximum, three arrows which emitted golden rays of light appeared. The golden light enveloped their surroundings, shrouding a ten meter radius with nothing but gold..

“Divine punishment arrow! Lu Xiya, don’t!.” Leng Youyou exclaimed, and hastily darted over to hold the hands of Lu Xiya. However, before she could reach Lu Xiya, the powerful energy radiating from the arrows forced her back a few steps..

“Lu Xiya, Long Yi is definitely fine. Now the Silver Backed Earth Dragon is seriously injured, so you must not do stupid things to provoke it.” Leng Youyou stopped in front of Lu Xiya. she knew the Divine punishment arrow’s terror, as it was one of the secret skills of the royal elf clan.. If the user’s strength was insufficient to use this move, then there is a hundred percent chance of an energy backlash. Even if the user didn’t die from this energy backlash ,the user would definitely become cripple.

Lu Xiya was startled, and the three propped up gold colored arrows slowly disappeared from the bowstring. Looking at the Silver Backed Earth Dragon, it was slowly becoming weaker. Blood was continuously flowing out from that place that Long Yi had left his sword, after struggling for a little longer, the huge body of the Silver Backed Earth Dragon fell to the ground..

“This beast is on the point of death, this time we can make a fortune!” Ge Leite excitedly said. Just the Silver Backed Earth Dragon’s magic core was valued at several tens of thousands of Amethyst coins.

Just when everyone was certain that the Silver Backed Earth Dragon was going to die, the already dim eyes of the Silver Backed Earth Dragon burst forth with a pale golden light. The sword that was thoroughly stabbed through that seven inch began to tremble.

“Wha…..what? This Silver Backed Earth Dragon wants to evolve. It wants to evolve into a Gold Backed Earth Dragon in this situation.” Ha Lei didn’t dare to believe what he was seeing with his own eyes, he had never imagined that this Silver Backed Earth Dragon who was on the verge of dying, was actually evolving. Could it be that the Light God had tossed away his faithful devotees?

“Gold Backed Earth Dragon! What should we do?” Everyone was stunned, they were already having an extremely tough time with an A-class Silver Backed Earth Dragon, now it was evolving to an S-class Gold Backed Earth Dragon, so wasn’t this the end for them?

“Don’t daydream, we should quickly kill it before it completely evolves into a Gold Backed Earth Dragon.” Ha Lei raised his huge sword, and madly swung his sword at it. He knew that if they were to let the Silver Backed Earth Dragon evolve, they would definitely be dead..

As the group were stunned at the evolution of the Silver Backed Earth Dragon, The eyes of the Silver Backed Earth Dragon flashed with brighter and brighter golden coloured light. The golden light had even began to spread across its huge body as its entire body was currently giving off a pale gold light.. Letting everyone attack it without resistance, it remained motionless as it let Ha Lei and the others unleash their attacks on it.. That huge sword inserted in the Silver Backed Earth Dragon’s neck was trembling more and more as it was slowly being pushed out.

Long Yi was lying on the muddy ground, practically his whole body was buried in the ground. The corner of his mouth twitched all of a sudden, and struggling a bit, he opened his closed eyes. As soon as he opened his eyes, he was able to faintly see the golden light emitted from the huge body of the Silver Backed Earth Dragon.. At the same time, he saw several silhouettes attacking it with all their might.. Long Yi faintly heard Ha Lei saying that this Silver Backed Earth Dragon would very soon evolve into a Gold Backed Earth Dragon, and if that happened, it would be very troublesome.

Long Yi shouldn’t let the evolution of this Silver Backed Earth Dragon be successful, but right now that was only an extravagant hope. Since he currently did not have any way of stopping it from evolving..

Crackle, a silver-colored lightning streaked across the sky. This was a very familiar scene, Long Yi thought to himself. On a rainy night with lightning flashing across the sky in the past , he was struck by lightning and was transported to this different world. Could it be that he was destined to disappear again in this kind of rainy night?
“Am I am going to be struck by lightning in this different world too? It seems I truly have some kind of indissoluble bond with lighting.” Long Yi thought as he laughed at himself.

“Lightning, lightning……..” Long Yi muttered to himself, before looking towards the flashes of lightning streaking across the sky. A thought flashed through his mind as he realised there was another way to deal with the threat they were facing..

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“Lightning Magic, and also thunder Magic.” Long Yi’s lips slightly trembled. He had already mediated for so many days, so perhaps he could make use of the peerless might of lightning magic..

From the sea of consciousness, Long Yi emitted spiritual power and summoned silver purple lightning magic elements. Maybe due to the current weather, the lightning magic elements in the air were so dense that it was hard to believe..

When Ha Lei and other gave up all hope, they suddenly felt a pressure coming from the sky. As they raised their heads and looked towards the sky, they saw thick black clouds crazily gathering above their heads. Those black clouds were so low that they felt that if they were to raise their hand, they would be able to touch the dark clouds. Evidently sensing that they would be unable to resist the might of the lightning magic being casted, the fine hairs on their body stood erect as they felt a sense of crisis they had never felt before. This was indeed the might of nature’s destruction itself..

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“My mother, let escape.” Ha Lei shouted loudly, then ran away as if he was betting his life on it.

Long Yi looked at the thick black cloud in the sky, as he madly yelled inside his heart, “Lightning Magic, release! Fly into a rage, and strike that damned beast to death.”

The Silver Backed Earth Dragon also looked towards the thick dark clouds in the sky, and fear flashed in its eyes. Crazily accelerating its evolution process, it wanted to complete its evolution and escape before anything happens..
Just then, a lightning bolt flashed. An arm-thick sized lightning bolt suddenly struck down, and landed on the sword hilt which was stabbed into the Silver Backed Earth Dragon’s neck. That sword hilt was made of electrically conductive metal, so this violent lightning energy instantly entered its weak point and transmitted to its whole body, destroying its innumerable meridians. The whole body of the Silver Backed Earth Dragon emitted lightning, and the golden rays surrounding it immediately dimmed, having lost a huge amount of energy.

The Silver Backed Earth Dragon was inwardly delighted, because although this lightning inflicted heavy injuries, it didn’t manage to take its life. It felt that the moment it successfully managed to evolve into a Gold Backed Earth Dragon, these small wounds caused by the detestable group of humans before it would be able to heal in a short period of time. Before the Silver Backed Earth Dragon could be happy for more than a few seconds, a second lightning bolt struck from the black clouds, at the exact same place.. After the second lightning strike, suddenly more than ten lightning bolts struck down without stop. The Silver Backed Earth Dragon’s huge body was electrocuted by this lightning, and the whole body emitted smoke. In the middle of this rainstorm, the smell of roasted meat unexpectedly spread out in all directions.

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