Chapter 67

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Ji Yan rubbed on her small waist for a moment before his hand shifted to her back. Then he touched her prominent shoulder blades before following down her spine to her bottom. He couldn’t feel any surplus flesh. He couldn’t help but sigh lightly by her ear, “Tang Tang, you’re really too thin. It’s all just skin and bones.”

“That’s an exaggeration.” Tang Tang admitted that she was thin but she wasn’t just skin and bones. She was still a woman. Her breasts and butt still had meat to them. If those two areas didn’t have any meat either, then she would be indescribably ugly. She couldn’t help but mumble to herself, “Areas that should have meat, have meat. I’m not just skin and bones.”

Ji Yan’s hearing was good, so he naturally heard her mumbles clearly, and the corner of his lips lifted. The hand on her bottom returned to her back, and before she could react, her bra was undone. His hand on her back shifted to her front and covered one of her breasts, “Is this the place that should be meaty? En, it does have some meat.”

Tang Tang bit her lips until it hurt. Her face was in flames. She knew he was up to mischief again and hit his hand away resentfully.

In the dark, Ji Yan smiled softly. He groped her twice gently and spoke quietly so only Tang Tang could hear him, “But it has turned smaller, it doesn’t feel as comfortable to touch as before.”

“….” Tang Tang’s face turned red and white. She didn’t know whether to be angry, ashamed, or sad. In the end, all the complicated feelings turned into one as she huffed in annoyance, “It will become bigger when I gain weight. It’s only like this temporarily.”

Ji Yan almost laughed. Luckily, he held it in. He deliberately made an indifferent “oh” sound. It was uncertain if he believed her or not but that made Tang Tang anxious. How can he not believe her? She definitely wouldn’t remain this size. The breast enlargement cream that Ji Yue gave her was useful and it did work. If she wasn’t so busy recently and didn’t have time to use it, they would have become bigger.

Men liked large breasts. Did he dislike her because she was small now?

Tang Tang decided to start her weight gaining plan and breast enlargement plan again from tomorrow. She was determined for Ji Yan to notice her improvements. She clenched her teeth and promised, “I promise I will gain 5kg in a month and those places will become bigger as well. It’s true, I won’t always be so small.”

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Ji Yan couldn’t hold it in anymore as his body shook with laughter. His young lady was really cute. His mood would become much better after teasing her. He also wondered why he was different from usual whenever he was with her. He couldn’t help but tease and laugh. He was being very different from his calm and steady self.

But, this was rather good.

To be honest, he was just teasing her before. After all, how can he dislike her? She was the only one he liked. No matter if she was fat or thin, big or small, beautiful or ugly, he liked her. It was just seeing her slim down again after gaining a little bit of weight with much difficulty that made him feel full of regret and guilt. He wanted her to be a little plump and healthier as he didn’t want her to collapse from a blow of the wind.

More than anyone else, it was herself who wanted to become pretty. It was probably because all women liked being beautiful. As long as she was happy and healthy, he didn’t have anything else to wish for.

“Why are you laughing?” Tang Tang didn’t know why Ji Yan was laughing. Could it be that he didn’t believe she would get bigger?

“I’m laughing because you’re so cute.” Ji Yan took his hand out from her clothes and rubbed her earlobe, “Why are you so cute? En?”

How was she cute? He was teasing her again. Tang Tang blushed from the teasing. She covered her face with her hands and shut her eyes to sleep, “Alright, it’s not early now. Let’s sleep.”

“Ok, ok, let’s sleep.” It was truly not early now. Ji Yan stopped teasing her. He patted on her back lightly to coax her to sleep.

With light pats on her back and his scent surrounding her, Tang Tang had a full sense of security and she fell asleep within three minutes. Ever since Ji Yan went on his mission, this was her first time to be able to fall asleep so quickly.

Ji Yan held her hand again before he shut his eyes.


On the next day, Tang Tang got woken up by some voices. She opened her eyes in a daze and saw that Ji Yan was awake. He was staring at her without blinking.

Ji Yan stroked her face, “You’re awake?”

Tang Tang rubbed her eyes, “What time is it?”

“Still early. It’s only eight. Do you want to sleep a little more?”

“It’s already eight? I’m getting up. I’m not sleeping anymore.” Tang Tang turned her head and saw that the curtains separating the beds hadn’t been pulled away yet and she could hear an unfamiliar woman’s voice speaking from behind the curtains.

Seeing her confusion, Ji Yan informed her quietly, “It’s probably Sun Yi’s mother who came.”

“Oh, ok.” Tang Tang quickly got up. She slept especially well last night and felt refreshed.

Pulling the curtain away a little bit, Tang Tang saw there was a middle-aged woman seated at the neighboring bedside. The woman looked gentle and somewhat similar to Sun Yi. She was Sun Yi’s mother.

Tang Tang’s face reddened a little. Since she had just woken up, Tang Tang felt a bit embarrassed as she greeted the other woman, “Hello, auntie.”

Mother Sun likely knew Tang Tang’s identity from Sun Yi. She also smiled and greeted back, “Hello, Tang Tang. You stayed overnight?”

“Yes.” Tang Tang nodded and quickly pulled the curtain apart. Ji Yan got revealed so he also greeted Mother Sun.

Hurriedly, Tang Tang went to the bathroom to freshen up before leaving with a cup of water and Ji Yan’s toothbrush. She raised the bed before moving the cup to his lips so he could take a sip to rinse his mouth. Then, Tang Tang got a jug so he could spit the water into. After that, she gave him the toothbrush so he could brush his teeth.

When Ji Yan was finished, Tang Tang wrung a hot towel for him to wipe his face. Then, she stood up and said, “Wait for me, dear. I’ll go back to make breakfast. I will be quick. You’re not hungry yet, are you?”

Ji Yan pulled on her hand, “Don’t go back and cook. Just buy something outside. It would be tiring to go back to cook.”

“It’s not tiring. The food bought outside isn’t nutritional and it’s not as clean as the food I make.”

“It doesn’t matter. A meal or two won’t cause any harm.” Seeing Tang Tang was still worried, Ji Yan could only say, “I’m very hungry. I want to eat breakfast now.”

Hearing that he was hungry, Tang Tang stopped persisting, “Alright, I’ll go and buy some now. Just wait for me. Call a nurse if there is anything.”

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When Tang Tang left with her purse to buy breakfast, Mother Sun, who had been watching from the side, smiled at Ji Yan and said, “Xiao Ji, your wife is very considerate and treats you really well. You have a good eye in picking a wife.”

Mother Sun was being sincere. When elders look at girls, they focus on personality and not appearances. Mothers around Mother Sun’s age prefered girls who were gentle, virtuous, and good at management and Tang Tang happened to match all her criteria. So middle-aged mothers like Mother Sun liked Tang Tang.

Ji Yan smiled and thanked Mother Sun’s praise. He did not purposely act modestly because he also thought Tang Tang was really good.

Mother Sun swatted at Sun Yi who was playing on his mobile leisurely and angrily said, “You’re still playing on your phone! Take a look at yourself! Xiao Ji’s age is similar to yours and he already has a wife and child. While you are still a bachelor in your thirties, and you need us to constantly worry for you. I tell you to go on blind dates but you’re not willing to attend them even if you die. If I knew you would be so worrisome before I gave birth to you, I would rather pick one up from the trash.”

Sun Yi was already immune to those words as he heard them many times. If it was before, those words would have entered one ear and left from the other. But this time, he looked up from his phone and replied seriously, “Mother, introduce me to another girl. I will attend.”

“Every time you don’t — ah?” Mother Sun assumed he would reject again and she was about to scold but the reply was different. For a moment, she thought she had heard him wrongly, “What did you just say? You will go?”

Sun Yi nodded, “I will. From now on, I will meet every girl you introduce me to but I have conditions. Firstly, you must make it clear that being a soldier’s girlfriend or wife will be difficult. You cannot conceal it. Secondly, I want to find someone who can cook and is virtuous.”

Mother Sun blanked for a few seconds. After confirming he wasn’t joking, she suddenly smiled excitedly, “Son, have you come around now? You’re really willing to go on blind dates? That’s great!”

Sun Yi sighed. After constantly being fed dog food, how can he not come around? He also wanted to form a family and find a considerate wife who would accompany him if he got injured in the future.

He was really jealous of Ji Yan.

“Son, you really don’t have any other requests? Are you certain?” Mother Sun asked for confirmation again.

“Just those two requests. It’s fine if she is not beautiful, and her job can be anything. As long as she is virtuous, reasonable, and willing to be a soldier’s wife.”

“Ok, Mother promise you I’ll find someone good for you. Just you wait.” Mother Sun was very cheerful. Even though it was not easy to find virtuous girls nowadays, it was not impossible. She immediately took out her phone and passed the news to all the aunties in the family to start moving. When everything was arranged, she started to get puzzled. Her son was never willing to attend a blind date. Whenever she requested him to attend one, he acted like they were forcing him to die. How did he suddenly come around? Did he get provoked by something?

When Tang Tang returned, Mother Sun finally got her answer.

Tang Tang had come back with lots of food. The two children and Grandpa Ji also came with her. She first set up breakfast for the children and Grandpa Ji before carrying a bowl of congee to feed Ji Yan. Although it was fine for Ji Yan to eat by himself, the congee was hot and Tang Tang was still afraid he would accidentally scald himself. Also, any big movements would pull on his wound so even if there were outsiders present, she would still feed him. She took care of him very attentively.

Ji Yan wasn’t willing to let her worry so he thickened his face and let Tang Tang carry on feeding him. He treated it as a little fun between husband and wife.

Before Sun Yi could even eat breakfast in the morning, he was already full from the sight. After the single dog suffered an attack, he subconsciously rolled his eyes. He got envious for a while before turning away decisively. After all, what the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve.

Mother Sun immediately noticed the expression on her son. Then, she turned to look at Tang Tang again and suddenly realized why her son was suddenly willing to attend blind dates.

It turned out her son was jealous that Ji Yan had found such a good wife. He got motivated to finally find a wife!

Originally, Mother Sun already had a good impression of Tang Tang but now she liked her even more. Mother Sun suddenly thought that her son getting injured this time was not a totally bad thing. What was that phrase again? It was a blessing in disguise.

Seeing that he was finally willing to look for a wife, she wouldn’t scold him for getting injured this time.

If Sun Yi knew his mother was going to spare him from a lecture because of this, he would definitely thank Tang Tang a hundred times.

After breakfast was finished, Tang Tang took the bottles and went out to get hot water. She was preparing to make a cup of tea for Grandpa Ji with the hot water. Grandpa Ji didn’t have many hobbies in his life, and only drinking tea followed him through his age.

Only when Tang Tang left did Mother Sun spoke to Grandpa Ji about general family matters, “Elder, you have good fortune. Your grandson is outstanding and your granddaughter-in-law is also very good. Filial and virtuous, I get jealous by just watching. It would be good if my disappointing son could find such a virtuous and sensible wife.”

The innocent Sun Yi: “…” Just gossip if you want to, why pull me into the conversation.

Grandpa Ji was feeling happy inside by Mother Sun’s words. After all, his grandson and granddaughter-in-law were being praised. Even Grandpa Ji would feel vain but nothing would be exposed on his face, he still had a solemn expression. He moved his hand and replied, “They are not as good as you say. All of them have many shortcomings.”

“Which children don’t have any shortcomings nowadays. It’s difficult to find someone like your granddaughter-in-law. She is gentle, considerate, and diligent. I see her look after Xiao Ji and the two children alone really well and she doesn’t complain about being tired. Even parents wouldn’t be as considerate and attentive as her. Xiao Ji has a good eye.”

Mother Sun was not giving empty praises. She really thought Tang Tang was very good. Out of all the young ladies from her friends’ family, practically none of them knew how to cook. All of them were pampered princesses. She hadn’t seen someone as young as Tang Tang be so virtuous. Someone like her was difficult to find even if one was searching hard.

It would be good if her son could meet someone like that.

Naturally, Grandpa Ji could tell Mother Sun was being sincere in her praises. They weren’t words spoken out of politeness. He was feeling happy and angry inside. The anger was not towards Tang Tang and Ji Yan but someone else.

Even outsiders could tell it was Tang Tang who was looking after the family alone, but the parents’ shadow couldn’t even be seen! What sort of parents were they!

The elder stood up without any change in expression. He pretended that he had something to do and needed to leave for a moment. When he arrived at the hospital’s garden, he called someone to give him a violent scolding. The people passing by who heard the old man’s scolding couldn’t help but shiver. They curiously guessed who the unfortunate person was getting scolded so fiercely by the old man.

The family stayed at the ward till ten o’clock in the morning. Seeing it was time to return to cook lunch, Tang Tang packed everything away and planned to take the children back. As for Grandpa Ji, it would be good for the grandfather and grandson to interact alone and make up with each other.

“Grandpa, I’m going to return to cook lunch. Then I’ll trouble you to look after Ji Yan for a while, we’ll be back soon.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo and Tang Tang had already discussed this together. He swiftly pulled Nuo Nuo and waved goodbye to Grandpa Ji, “Bye-bye, great-grandpa. We’ll be back soon.”

The three of them quickly left without turning back.

Grandpa Ji who got left alone: “…” They were outrageous. They didn’t even ask for his opinion and ran off pretty quickly.


At this moment, the three people that ran off had already escaped to the hospital’s garden. After confirming Grandpa Ji didn’t catch up to them, the three of them finally stopped. They all looked at each other excitedly.

Ji Xiao Zhuo extended his chubby hands towards Tang Tang and Nuo Nuo, “Come, give me five!”

Both Tang Tang and Nuo Nuo simultaneously gave him a high five.

Ji Xiao Zhuo held onto Tang Tang and Nuo Nuo’s hands again. He walked while asking happily, “Mummy, great-grandpa and daddy will make up, right?”

“They will.” Tang Tang replied with certainty, “Great-grandpa loves your daddy a lot. They will make up soon.”

“That’s great.” Ji Xiao Zhuo grinned, “Then I can meet with great-grandpa openly and if daddy punishes me, I can complain to great grandpa and let great-grandpa teach daddy a lesson! Hehehe.”

Tang Tang, who just felt touched by the child’s good nature, was speechless. Bao Bao, what was your true reason for working so hard to get your great-grandpa to reconcile with your daddy?

It was frightening to think about it.

The three of them happily passed through the garden but their smiles disappeared when they came across a bench. Nuo Nuo subconsciously clenched onto Tang Tang’s clothes.

The people on the bench were Battalion Commander Wen, Nuo Nuo’s father, and Liu Zi Xuan who they had a conflict with not too long ago.

Battalion Commander Wen was wearing a patient’s gown. It appeared that he had also gotten injured and Liu Zi Xuan was currently getting some sunshine with him. The two of them were talking with smiles. It was very sweet but when they saw Tang Tang’s group, their smiles immediately disappeared.

Instantly, Liu Zi Xuan’s expression became unsightly.

Whereas Wen Zhang Yi was surprised to see Nuo Nuo standing behind Tang Tang, “Nuo Nuo? Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be at the nursery?” 

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