Chapter 7


Tang Tang placed a soup dumpling into Xiao Zhuo’s bowl, “Bao Bao, quickly try the soup dumpling mummy made. It’s hot, so remember to blow it before eating.”

The little one looked up at Tang Tang and quickly looked back down at the soup dumpling. He carefully bit a small mouthful before blowing the inside to cool it down. His chubby chin moved and he was like a cute hamster.

Tang Tang scooped a bowl of congee for Xiao Zhuo, but she made sure to cool it down to the right temperature first before placing the bowl in front of him.

Even though Xiao Zhuo was small, his appetite was rather big. He ate a large bowl of congee and five soup dumplings before he was full. Even Tang Tang, who was watching, was afraid that he had eaten too much as she looked at his stomach.

The little one’s face reddened. It was probably because he noticed that he had indeed ate too much. He held his stomach as he got down the chair. Then, he went towards the sofa to pick up his school bag. After that, he ran towards the door to put on his shoes.

Tang Tang knew that he was embarrassed. She shouted after him, “Bao Bao, mummy is coming with you. Don’t go by yourself, so wait for mummy, okay?”

The little guy paused for a second before he carried on putting on his shoes.

Tang Tang then said, “Bao Bao, mummy’s leg is hurt, so I can’t keep up with you. Walk slower and wait for mummy, ok? Otherwise, mummy might fall.”

After hearing this, Xiao Zhuo’s movements became visibly slower.

By the time he was done, Tang Tang had packed the snack and put on her shoes to chase after Xiao Zhuo, but she found out that he hadn’t left yet. He was waiting on the other side of the door. When he saw Tang Tang, he started walking towards the elevator.

Tang Tang immediately followed after Xiao Zhuo from behind. When they arrived in front of the elevator, Tang Tang became worried. She still didn’t know how to use the lifts! What should she do? In the end, she discovered that her worries weren’t even necessary, because the little guy was very clever. He knew how to do everything. She didn’t even need to do anything at all! Tang Tang felt a bit embarrassed as she felt that she was being looked after by the little one. She made a decision in her mind and became more determined to learn the life skills required to live in this world. She didn’t want to be worse than a child.

When they arrived at the bus stop downstairs, the school bus wasn’t there yet. Tang Tang passed the box of pastries to the little one, “Bao Bao, mummy made you some red bean cakes. Take it with you to the nursery and eat it when you’re hungry. Just remember to bring the box home later.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo glanced at Tang Tang with a complicated look. Then, he silently accepted the box. He held it firmly to himself. Soon the school bus arrived. Xiao Zhuo got on without looking back, but when he was seated, he quickly looked at Tang Tang through the glass window. 

Tang Tang saw his gaze and instantly waved at him, “Bye, Bao Bao! Mummy will come and pick you up at the nursery later.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo turned around to avoid her gaze, but his hands tightened around the box. He was holding it as if it was a precious treasure.

A chubby little girl, who was seated next to Xiao Zhuo and had a friendly relationship with him as they were from the same neighborhood, asked, “Ji Xiao Zhuo, was that your mummy?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo nodded.

“Wah! So you actually have a mummy, ah. I didn’t know that. I have never seen her take you to the nursery before.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo lowered his head; he looked at the box in his arms and emphasized, “I have a mummy!”

When the little girl saw the box that Ji Xiao Zhuo was holding, she quickly got interested and asked, “What are you holding? It smells very nice.”

The corners of Ji Xiao Zhuo’s lips began to twitch upwards, but he forcefully repressed them. Then, he said, “It’s red bean cakes that my mummy personally made for me to eat at the nursery. She’s afraid that I’ll get hungry.”

The little girl was promptly envious. She swallowed her saliva,lifted a finger, and said, “Can you give me one to try? Just one.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo covered the box and shook his head, “No. My mummy made it for me. If you want some, then get your mummy to make it for you.”

The little girl closed her lips in disappointment. She humphed at Xiao Zhuo, “Ji Xiao Zhuo, you’re so stingy. It’s only just some red bean cakes. I bet it’s not even good. I don’t even want to eat any of it.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo blinked. Then, he quietly stacked his school bag on top of the food box.

The little girl almost cried from anger.

Tang Tang was oblivious to what had occurred on the school bus. When Tang Tang arrived home, she washed all the dirty clothes. After that, she cleaned the flat. Because of Tang Tang’s leg injury, it took her a long time to clean everything. When she was finished, it was already noon. Tang Tang was so tired that she didn’t want to move. She only ate some fruits to satisfy her hunger. After that, Tang Tang watched some TV to learn more about this world.

Tang Tang focused all her attention on the TV. She only switched it off when it was time to pick up Xiao Zhuo from the nursery. When she left, she imitated all of Aunt Li’s actions and got in a green taxi. She couldn’t help but give herself a thumbs up in her mind as everything went smoothly. The first time she got in a taxi by herself was successful!

Tang Tang, you’re so amazing, ah.

When she arrived at the nursery, Tang Tang found out that she came too early since there weren’t many people waiting at the nursery’s entrance. She walked up to the fence and waited by the wall while she stared at the nursery. Tang Tang decided that when she gets back; she must learn how to read the time as soon as possible because she wanted to know what time it was in the future.

She didn’t know how much time has passed, but it was finally the end of the school hours. The teachers began to lead the children out. Tang Tang spotted the little one at first glance. He was tightly holding the box from this morning. Did he forget he could put the box in his school bag?

The little one took a look out of the fence. When he saw Tang Tang, he calmly turned around and earnestly queued up like it was something very important, and he would occasionally take quick glances at Tang Tang. When Tang Tang noticed his actions, she wanted to laugh. 

The teachers had met Tang Tang yesterday, so they let Xiao Zhuo leave with her. Before they left, one teacher said, “Xiao Zhuo’s mummy, the nursery will be closed for the holidays soon. We are going to hold an assembly before the holidays, and the children will perform on stage. Our nursery hopes all the parents would come watch and encourage the children. I don’t know if Xiao Zhuo’s mummy and daddy would be able to attend the assembly?” 

The teacher decided to ask because Xiao Zhuo’s parents didn’t attend the previous year. At that time, Xiao Zhuo said that his parents were busy, but the teacher hoped that his parents would be present this year.

Tang Tang didn’t know what an assembly was, but she understood the teacher’s meaning. The nursery was going to hold something like an event and invited all the children’s parents to attend. Of course, Tang Tang was going to go. If everyone else’s parents came and only Xiao Zhuo’s didn’t, how hurtful would that be to a child?

Attend. She definitely had to attend.

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Tang Tang nodded to the teacher, “Teacher, I will definitely attend, but Xiao Zhuo’s daddy is busy. I’m not sure if he would have time to go.”

The teacher smiled, “No problem. It’s great that you can come. It would be even better if Xiao Zhuo’s daddy could come as well.”


After she finished talking to the teacher, Tang Tang held Xiao Zhuo’s hand to walk home. The little one didn’t shake off her hand this time, but he still ignored her.

However, Tang Tang was already satisfied.

When they got home, Tang Tang discovered that the snack box from the morning was empty. All the red bean cakes were gone. So, she asked, “Bao Bao, did mummy’s red bean cakes taste good?”

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The little one’s bottom stuck out as he lied down on the sofa. He answered after taking some time. When he did, he sounded like he was reluctant to speak, “It’s alright.”

Tang Tang pursed her lips and hid her smile, “That’s fine. Then, should mummy make yam and red date cake for you tomorrow? It’s also very yummy.”

The little one carried on replying to her with a cold voice, “Anything.”

Tang Tang held in the impulse to pat on his chubby bottom. She walked closer to him to see what he was doing. He was staring at the tablet again. She knew that he was waiting for his daddy’s reply.

The little one definitely missed his father.

To distract him, Tang Tang said, “Bao Bao, I have learned how to use this to communicate now. Thank you for teaching me.”

The little guy finally looked up at her. He looked like a little strict teacher and asked, “Did you really learn how to use it?”

Tang Tang nodded earnestly, “It’s true. I have learned how to use it now.”

The little teacher gave her the tablet and solemnly said, “Just saying you can is not enough. Prove it.”

“Ah?” Tang Tang didn’t think that he would test her. Did she need to send a voice message to her husband now? No, no, she can’t. She wasn’t ready yet.

Seeing Tang Tang didn’t move, he spoke with his cheeks bulged, “Didn’t you say you have learned it? Show me. Send a message to daddy.”

When she saw the little one was serious, she couldn’t reject him. So, Tang Tang could only force her nervousness down. She breathed deeply and took the tablet, before touching the button while nervously saying, “Lor… husband, you … you need to look after yourself. Don’t worry about me and Bao Bao.”

She immediately let go of the button after speaking. She stared nervously at it since she wasn’t sure if she did it correctly or not.

Xiao Zhuo’s chubby fingers clicked on the voice message that was just sent. Then, Tang Tang’s voice was heard. “Lor… husband, you … you need to look after yourself. Don’t worry about me and Bao Bao.”

Tang Tang had a feeling of newness, and quickly asked, “Bao Bao, did mummy do it right?”

The little guy nodded reluctantly, “En, daddy should be able to hear it.”

When Tang Tang knew that Xiao Zhuo’s daddy could hear her message, her heart began to beat loudly. She wondered how he would respond. Maybe he would think that it was strange since she and the original owner were very different. Even the way they spoke was different. But, what could she do? She couldn’t imitate the original owner, how could she curse at her husband, especially when he was very good?

Not only could she not curse at him, but she must also treat Bao Bao’s daddy well in the future because he was earning money to raise her. Everything she would be using and living on was his, so how can she not treat him well? Also, as a wife, it was naturally her duty to look after her husband and children. Since she was now Bao Bao’s mother and Bao Bao’s daddy’s wife, she must look well after them.


Thousands of miles away, in the early morning hours, at a particular base, the lights of a certain office were still on. A tall figure was seated near a table as he looked down, engrossed in writing a report.

The door was opened. A man in his early thirties walked in and directly sat on a spare chair. He was wearing a military uniform. “Hey Brother Ji, you have just come back. Why are you in such a rush to write the report? Aren’t you tired after so many days? Even your eyes are bloodshot.”

Ji Yan didn’t bother to look up. He had no expression on his face, and there was no emotion in his voice either, “It’s nothing. I’ll sleep once I finish the report.”

“Brother Ji, how many days are you taking off this time? Are you going to visit Xiao Zhuo? The little one didn’t get any news from you for so many days. He must miss you a lot.”

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