Chapter 8


When Xiao Zhuo was mentioned, Ji Yan’s cold expression relaxed a little. There was even some warmth in his eyes. “I have applied for a five day leave this time. I have finished all my work for now, so I will be going back next week.”

Dong Li sighed, “Ah… you only get yo see your child every month or two, and the child’s mother is… She’s not good. Why don’t you bring your child here? Even though it’s not perfect, the nursery here is not bad. If you bring Xiao Zhuo here, then you can see him every day, and you won’t need to worry so much.”

Dong Li and Ji Yan were high school classmates. They entered the military together, and both of them worked in the special forces. So it could be said that they had passed many hardships together. They were like good brothers, and they could speak about everything directly to each other. Also, he was the only one who knew the truth about Ji Yan’s marriage and Ji Yan’s wife.

Ji Yan shook his head, “It’s not good to bring Xiao Zhuo here either. I would have to go on missions at any time any day, and if I’m away, there won’t be anyone to look after Xiao Zhuo.”

Dong Li agreed after some thought. It’s wasn’t a good idea to hire a nanny to live at the military housing base, and it wasn’t allowed either. He knew that Xiao Zhuo’s mother wasn’t reliable, so even if the child was brought here, there wouldn’t be anyone to look after the child.

It would be great if Xiao Zhuo’s mother was normal.

Dong Li sighed for his friend. He could help but mutter, “I really don’t understand why you are still married to her. I told you before to divorce her and look for a stepmother for Xiao Zhuo. After all, not all stepmothers are bad, even if they are, at least she would be better than Xiao Zhuo’s biological mother.

Ji Yan paused, but he didn’t reply and continued writing his report.

Dong Li knew Ji Yan didn’t like discussing this topic, so he didn’t say anything else. He bided Ji Yan goodnight and left the room to go to bed.

When Ji Yan finished the report, it was already two in the morning. He massaged his sore eyes and switched off the lights before going back to his room.

Ji Yan was the captain of his team, but his room was very simple. Everything was placed neatly, reflecting the military’s essence.

Ji Yan sat at his desk. He seemed to remember something, so he took out his phone and turned it on. His phone vibrated as it switched on. Ji Yan didn’t care for anything else and opened WeChat. He saw multiple messages from Xiao Zhuo. His expression softened unconsciously. He tapped the voice messages to listen to all of them.

“Daddy, why didn’t you video call me, ah? Are you busy?”

“Daddy, you didn’t video call me again. Are you out on a mission?”

“Daddy, are you not back from your mission? When are you coming back, ah?

“Daddy, you haven’t video called me for a while now. Where are you?”

The little one’s young voice came through the phone. Ji Yan softened. If someone asked what the marriage had given him and what he was grateful for, he would answer without hesitation – his child. He was grateful that she had given birth to Xiao Zhuo. So for Xiao Zhuo, he was willing to tolerate her. As long as she didn’t go beyond his bottom line, he promised to provide her with all the basic necessities required to live a comfortable life.

Ji Yan kept listening to the voice messages. When he reached the last one, an unexpected female voice was heard, “Lor… husband, you … you need to look after yourself. Don’t worry about me and Bao Bao.”

Tang Tang?

Ji Yan’s brows wrinkled. He stared at the tab of the last voice message. He was thinking about why she would send him a voice message and why her tone sound like this.

Ji Yan thought for a while and opened his call records. There were a couple of missed calls from Aunt Li. He originally wanted to call back, but he gave up when he looked at the time. Instead, he picked up some clothes and went to the bathroom.

When morning came, Ji Yan went for his morning training. After that, he guessed that the little one should be awake by now and opened WeChat to send a video call request.

“Daddy, daddy, you’re back!” When the request was accepted, the little one’s chubby face appeared on the screen. It looked like Xiao Zhuo wanted to go through the screen to his side.

A rare smile appeared on Ji Yan’s solemn face, “Xiao Zhuo, did you get up not too long ago?”

The little one nodded his little head, “I just woke up, daddy. You haven’t called me for a long time. Were you on a mission? Did you get any injuries? When are you coming back to see me?”

The little one’s questions quickly came one after the other. Ji Yan listened patiently,and his usual his self-conscience took a hit. He knew that he was not a good father and that he had let down Xiao Zhuo. Not only did he not find Xiao Zhuo a good mother, but he also couldn’t even live by Xiao Zhuo’s side. It was difficult just to visit his child. Ji Yan acknowledged that the little one was lonely, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Daddy just came back from a mission. I wasn’t hurt. Daddy will come and see you in a few days.”

When Xiao Zhuo heard him, his eyes brightened, and his lips lifted up, exposing his little white teeth, “Really, daddy? Then, I’ll wait for you to come back. You have to come back quickly.”

“Ok, daddy will come back quickly.” When Ji Yan finished, he asked, “Xiao Zhuo, did something happen to mummy recently?”

The little one nodded instantly. Then he took a quick glance at the door. After he confirmed that it was shut, he carefully told Ji Yan, “Daddy, Mummy got hit by a car before. Her leg was hurt, and there are many scratches on her face.”

Ji Yan’s lips were shut in a straight line. He did not speak.

Ji Xiao Zhuo glanced at the door again before saying, “There’s more, there’s more. Mummy said that she can’t remember anything. She doesn’t know how to do a lot of things, so she needs me to teach her.”

Amnesia? Ji Yan’s first reaction was distrust. He didn’t believe her. Is she trying to pull their legs? 

When Ji Xiao Zhuo saw the distrust on Ji Yan’s face, he quickly said, “Daddy, I think mummy really lost her memory. It’s true!”

“Oh? Why do you think so?”

“Because she’s different from the past. She didn’t care about me before, but how she makes food for me every day, and it’s very yummy. She would also make snacks for me to take to the nursery, and she would take me home when the nursery is over. She…” Up to this part, Xiao Zhuo became a bit awkward, plus he was also trying to hide his happiness, “She calls me Bao Bao, and sometimes she’ll call me precious and darling. Ah, it’s so annoying.”

Ji Yan was filled with suspicion. He was clear about Tang Tang’s attitude. She wasn’t even willing to spare a glance at Xiao Zhuo, so why was she suddenly doing so many things for Xiao Zhuo? What exactly happened?”

Ji Yan didn’t voice the questions in his heart, and instead, he asked, “What about Grandma Li? Where did she go? Why is mummy doing the cooking?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo replied, “Grandma Li went home. She’s looking after the little baby.”

Ji Yan had heard about Aunt Li’s daughter-in-law’s pregnancy. Maybe it was about that. Then, he immediately said, “It’s not early anymore. Quickly go and brush your teeth and eat breakfast before going to the nursery. Daddy will come and see you in a few days.”

“Okay. Bye bye, daddy.” The little one wasn’t willing, but he knew the call had to end, so he waved at Ji Yan and unwillingly ended the call.

Ji Yan exited WeChat. Then, he opened his contacts and called Aunt Li.


On the other hand, Tang Tang discovered that the little one was in a great mood this morning. To show his happiness, Xiao Zhuo was constantly swinging his legs while he ate at the table, and he would also smile every now and then.

“Bao Bao, did something good happen? Can you tell mummy about it?”

The little one stopped swinging his legs. He swallowed his food and put on a solemn expression, “Nothing much.”

Tang Tang didn’t believe him. She knew that he wasn’t willing to speak, so she used her secret trick, “Ah, come and tell mummy. Tell mummy, okay, my darling precious? Mummy really wants to know, ah!”

Xiao Zhuo glared at Tang Tang. He impatiently said, “Ok. Why are you being so irritating, ah? I’m going to be annoyed to death. I’ll tell you, okay? Daddy is coming back in a few days to see me.”

“Ah? Is your daddy coming back? Then… Then…” Tang Tang didn’t expect it would be this. She hadn’t met the person, but she could her heart beating loudly again.

After she saw Xiao Zhuo off and went back home, Tang Tang kept wondering what Bao Bao’s daddy looked like. Also, what was his personality like? What should she do when she sees him? According to what Aunt Li has told her, Bao Bao’s daddy doesn’t like the original owner, then does that mean that he doesn’t like her either? If he really doesn’t like her, then what should she do, ah?

Tang Tang’s mind was in a mess. In the end, she decided to work hard and treat Bao Bao’s daddy well. She resolved to fulfill her duty as his wife. She also thought that if he still doesn’t like her, then she can’t do anything about it, but at least she would treat them good. He wouldn’t kick her out because he didn’t like her, right?. 

Thinking up to that point, Tang Tang relaxed a little and started to think about what she should cook for Xiao Zhuo. However, when she opened the fridge, Tang Tang discovered that it was empty.

Aunt Li has already left for a couple of days. The originally full fridge was now empty. Tang Tang knew that she had to go out and buy food to refill it, but she didn’t know where she could go to buy the things. After thinking for a while, she could only go and ask her Bao Bao for help.

Once the nursery ended and Tang Tang went to pick Xiao Zhuo up, they didn’t go straight home. Instead, Tang Tang asked the little guy for help, “Bao Bao, there’s no ingredients left at home. Can you take me to buy some? Mummy doesn’t know how.”

By now, Ji Xiao Zhuo believed Tang Tang didn’t remember anything, so he wasn’t as shocked as before. Instead, he decided to walk in front and led the way, “Follow me. We’re going to the supermarket.”

Previously, Aunt Li frequently took Xiao Zhuo with her whenever she went to the supermarket, so he was familiar with the route. 

Tang Tang had seen a supermarket on the TV before. It was very big inside, and you could buy all sorts of things. At that time, she was in shock for a very long time, but she was also filled with anticipation, especially at this time, as the little guy was the one accompanying her. 

When they arrived at the supermarket, the little one went up to the shopping trolleys area with familiarity and took a coin out from his pocket. Then, he stood on his toes to put the coin inside the little hole on the shopping trolley. Suddenly the trolley was unlocked, and Tang Tang, who was watching, had her eyes lit up. There were almost stars in her eyes.

Her family’s precious was truly amazing.

Under Tang Tang’s praising eyes, the little one calmly pushed the trolley. He even waved his hand like a boss and called out to Tang Tang, who was behind him, “Let’s go!”

Tang Tang swiftly and compliantly followed the little boss.

Although the little boss had an imposing aura and manner, he was just too short. He was shorter than the shopping trolley, so he had to use a lot of strength to make it move. Tang Tang’s heart suffered from watching him. Normally, kids like him would sit on the seat in the trolley while the adults push it, just like how the male lead did on the TV.

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Tang Tang looked at her surroundings and discovered that the majority of kids were seated in the shopping trolleys. So Tang Tang asked, “Bao Bao, let mummy push it. You can sit in the trolley while mummy will push it.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo glanced at the other kids sitting in the trolley. Longing quickly flashed across his eyes, but he still shook his head in response, “I won’t sit. Only three years old would sit in the shopping trolleys.” He was almost four years old now. He was no longer three. Also… The little one glanced at Tang Tang’s injured leg discreetly. 

Tang Tang didn’t believe him. She instantly replied, “It doesn’t matter, ah. Even though Bao Bao is not three years old, you’re still a child. Come up and sit down.”

The little one shook his head again. He solemnly pushed the trolley again. He didn’t forget to complain, “You can’t even walk steadily on your own. I don’t want to get hurt if you were to push the trolley while I was sitting in it. Let’s go.”

Tang Tang understood now. The little one was worried about her.

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What a kind child. He was such a well-behaved child. She really didn’t understand why the original owner would treat him so badly.

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