Chapter 9


Honestly speaking, Tang Tang could still push the trolley even if she used one of her crutches, but the little one didn’t let her. Since she wasn’t willing to reject the little one’s kindness, she could only follow him from behind like a subordinate. It felt rather interesting.

Under the little boss’s lead, Tang Tang took a proper look at the supermarket. There were so many products that Tang Tang was getting dizzy from seeing it all. She was deeply moved as she thought that this world was truly amazing, and everyone who lived in this world was really lucky, ah. 

As she followed the little leader, Tang Tang went to the vegetable section and selected all the vegetables they needed. Throughout the entire process, Tang Tang simply copied what other people did, which went smoothly. However, when it was time to weigh the vegetables, she realized that the weighing machine was surrounded by people. The little one noticed and immediately pulled on Tang Tang’s pants to stop her and said, “Don’t move and wait for me here. I’ll go instead!” Then he grabbed the vegetables and ran to queue up. Even though his tiny body was surrounded by adults, Xiao Zhuo was not afraid. Instead, he was very calm.

When it was Xiao Zhuo’s turn, he went on his tiptoes to place the vegetables on the weighing machine and spoke to the staff, “Auntie, weigh the vegetables please.”

It was the first time for the supermarket’s worker to see such a young child buy things. The worker looked at Xiao Zhuo. He was so serious and cute, ah. The worker’s movements slowed down when weighing the vegetables.

Everyone in their surroundings also stared at the little one with starry eyes. A few girls took out their phones to take pictures of Xiao Zhuo while saying, “So cute. So cute. I really want to take him home.”

Tang Tang watched the scene not too far away. She was filled with pride. Her Bao Bao was really smart and amazing…

When Xiao Zhuo staggered back to Tang Tang’s side with the vegetables that had been weighed, Tang Tang bent down and hugged Xiao Zhuo. She kissed him on his forehead and said, “Bao Bao, you’re really amazing! Mummy admires you.”

The little one’s eyes widened. After two seconds, he quickly covered his forehead with his chubby arm. He was feeling shy and angry as he stared at Tang Tang, “You… You…” He couldn’t say anything at all. His face reddened, and in the end, he pushed the shopping trolley and ran, “Ai, I really can’t stand you. You’re too annoying, ah!”

Tang Tang simply smiled as she watched the little chubby boy push the shopping trolley with a lot of effort.

A young mother, who was in a similar age as Tang Tang, had been watching the entire scene. The young mother felt envious and said to Tang Tang, “That was your son, right? He’s so sensible. He cares about you, and he didn’t want you to push the trolley. He didn’t even say anything even though he’s sweating from pushing it. Unlike my son, who is not even willing to walk a step.”

The little boy who was sitting in the young mother’s shopping trolley didn’t know that his mother was complaining about him and carried on eating his ice cream. There was ice cream all over his mouth. 

Tang Tang couldn’t hold in her smile. She felt like the pride she was feeling would overflow soon. After saying goodbye to the young mother, she quickly chase after her little precious.

Apart from vegetables, Tang Tang also decided to get some fruits and snacks that the little one liked. In the end, the mother and son bought a big bag of food. Tang Tang could only hold her crutches in one hand and the shopping bag in the other. It was very difficult for her to walk.

When Xiao Zhuo noticed that Tang Tang had difficulties walking, he wrinkled his brows. Then, he ran up to Tang Tang and helped to lift up the bag. Xiao Zhuo wanted to lessen the weight so Tang Tang won’t struggle as much. But, because he was too small, he couldn’t walk properly like this, instead, he began to walk unsteadily and almost tripped.

Tang Tang quickly took hold of his hands, “Bao Bao, there’s no need for your help. Mummy can carry it. Mummy is strong.”

Xiao Zhuo didn’t believe what she said. After his hands were released, he tried to lift up the bag again while sighing, “Ah, I’m not strong enough yet. It would be great if daddy was here. Daddy is very strong.”

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Tang Tang quickly comforted him, “Don’t worry. Bao Bao is still too young. As long Bao Bao eats properly, you will grow up tall and strong.”

The little one silently nodded his head. He was determined to grow taller than daddy in the future.

By the time they got home, it was not early anymore, so Tang Tang went straight into the kitchen to prepare dinner and let Xiao Zhuo amuse himself.

Ji Xiao Zhuo was standing silently at the kitchen entrance as he watched Tang Tang cook. He suddenly remembered something and turned around to dash into his room to get the tablet. Then, he ran back and secretly took a picture of Tang Tang. Seeing that Tang Tang didn’t notice anything, he instantly ran back to his room and locked his door like he had stolen something. After that, he sent the picture to Ji Yan.

“Daddy, I went to the supermarket with mummy today. Mummy got lots of delicious food for me, and now Mummy is in the kitchen making nice food for me.” Xiao Zhuo’s tone had a hint of showing off.

Back at the accommodation, Ji Yan took a shower when he got back to his room. Then, he switched on his phone and saw the message from the little one. It was a picture of a woman wearing an apron as she cooked at the stove. The woman was as skinny as a skeleton, and she had a cast on her left leg. Her crutches was placed nearby. The woman looked like she was skilled in cooking.

Ji Yan felt that the woman in the picture was very unfamiliar to him. Whether it was her aura or actions, it didn’t match with the Tang Tang in his mind. In his memory, she was always in a drunken stupor or being hysterical,and always wished he would die quickly. However, the woman in the picture had a gentle aura, and  there was even a nice and calm feeling.

If the figure in the picture didn’t look exactly the same as Tang Tang, Ji Yan would have thought that the person was someone else.

Why was there such a big change? Was it because of the amnesia? If it wasn’t memory loss, there was no reason for her to pretend and act like this.

Ji Yan suppressed his suspicions and requested a video call to Xiao Zhuo. It only rang twice before it was accepted. A chubby round face appeared on the screen. When he saw Ji Yan, Xiao Zhuo instantly called out daddy excitedly.

Ji Yan smiled and asked, “Did you eat enough tonight?”

The little one had many things to say in front of his father. So, he instantly lifted two fingers and replied, “I had two bowls of rice tonight. I also had chicken wings, tofu, and… and…”

There was a limit to the little one’s memory, and he couldn’t remember it all at the moment. Ji Yan waited patiently. After a long time, the little one finally remembered.

“Oh, oh, there was soup as well. It was very tasty.”

“Is that so? Was it mummy who made everything?”

Xiao Zhuo nodded with force. Then, acting as if he was going to say a big secret, he whispered, “Daddy, mummy’s cooking is very tasty. It’s better than Grandma Li’s cooking. Also, the pastries that mummy makes are very good as well. Grandma Li doesn’t make those.” All his classmates at the nursery were jealous of him.

Seeing the little one talk so excitedly and noticing that almost all of his sentences had the word ‘mummy’ in them, Ji Yan was feeling complicated, “Xiao Zhuo, do you like the current mummy?”

The little one went silent. After a long time, he nodded awkwardly and replied quietly, “Daddy, I want mummy to always stay like this. I don’t want mummy to change back to what she was before.”

This time, Ji Yan went silent. He suddenly didn’t know what to say to his child, all because he doesn’t know what was going on with Tang Tang. If she was truly treating Xiao Zhuo well or if she was planning something.

He was really afraid that she was pretending to be nice to Xiao Zhuo for a few days before reverting to her previous self; and that she was giving hope to Xiao Zhuo and then crush it later. If it was like that, then Ji Yan definitely won’t let her off.

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The next day was the weekend, so Ji Xiao Zhuo didn’t need to go to the nursery. Tang Tang wanted to take Xiao Zhuo somewhere to play because she heard a few parents discussing where they were going to take their children to play for the weekend. Some talked about a theme park, and some mentioned an aquarium. Tang Tang didn’t really understand what they were talking about, but she did understand that they were all going to take their children somewhere to have fun. This made Tang Tang want to take Xiao Zhuo somewhere to play as well.

However, the suggestion was rejected by the little one. He looked at Tang Tang’s injured leg, “You can’t go and play with your leg hurt. Otherwise, it won’t heal quickly, and you will have to use the crutches constantly.” Some people might even call you disabled.

Tang Tang’s heart was melting. He was so young, but he was already so considerate. He was so cute! It was hard not to love him. In the beginning, Tang Tang thought that since she was his mother, it was her responsibility to look after him well. But as the days passed, she genuinely began to like the little one more and more. Tang Tang discovered that she truly wanted to treat him well from the bottom of her heart.

She was lucky that she had become Xiao Zhuo’s mother. Did God think she was too pitiful in her previous life, so he was making it up to her in this life?

Since she learned about this world through television, Tang Tang knew that this place was not her original world. She also knew that it was not another country far, far away, but thather original world doesn’t exist anymore. Her worldwas now considered as something that existed a few thousand years ago.

Tang Tang didn’t know why she was suddenly transported to the future. However, she had already decided to consider this unbelievable situation as compensation from God. Now, she felt that each day she lived was like a blessing. She also  liked her current life very much. Originally, she used to think that she would be alone for the rest of her life. But, now, she had a child and a husband, a family. Something that she had always yearned for, and now because she had this family, Tang Tang was willing to do anything to protect it. This family was everything to her.

Since the little one didn’t want to travel anywhere to play, Tang Tang took him to their local shopping center to play. She couldn’t let the little one stay at home all day.

The grounds of the shopping center were very big, and there were some amusements around, which was why many adults liked to take their children to play there. It was very lively.

Ji Xiao Zhuo had a little electric car. Apart from the size, it was the same as a real car, so it could be said Xiao Zhuo’s car looked very grand. He sat in his little car and drove it around the shopping center’s amusement area. Xiao Zhuo looked very cool, so he attracted many envious looks from other kids.

Since Tang Tang’s leg was injured, she sat on a bench while she watched Xiao Zhuo play.

There was a young mother seated beside her. The young mother was constantly taking pictures with her mobile of her children playing. Tang Tang knew, from television, that the object the young mother was holding was called a mobile phone. It was an amazing object. She learned that it could be used to talk to people, watch films, and take pictures. Tang Tang had heard from Xiao Zhuo that the original owner had a mobile phone, but Tang Tang couldn’t find it anywhere. It most likely got lost somewhere.

Originally Tang Tang was not too bothered about not having a mobile, but seeing the young mother taking pictures of the children made her feel jealous. If she had a mobile, she would be able to take pictures of Xiao Zhuo as well.

The young mother noticed Tang Tang was staring at her, so she smiled and asked, “Your child is also playing here?”

Tang Tang nodded and pointed towards Xiao Zhuo’s direction, “My child is the one driving the little car.”

“So he’s your child, ah. He looks very handsome! I guess he takes after his father.” Once she finished speaking, the young mother realized that she had said something inappropriate and quickly apologized, “I’m sorry. I don’t have another meaning.”

Tang Tang didn’t mind and waved her hand in response, “It’s nothing. I know that my appearance is not good.” To say it accurately, her appearance was ‘ugly’ even Tang Tang, herself, wouldn’t look at a mirror if she didn’t need to. The little one was good looking. He must definitely look like his father, and luckily he did otherwise he would be finished.

After the young mother saw that Tang Tang really didn’t mind, she thought Tang Tang’s personality was very good and brought up a random topic to chat. The conversation soon moved to their jobs, “I work at a bank. Where do you work?”

Tang Tang knew this era was different from her dynasty. In this time period, men and women could work to earn money, and most women here had a job The better the job, the more it made other people envious,and people who stayed at home to look after the children and do the housework all the time were sometimes looked down on by others. Her type was called a ‘housewife’.

Tang Tang was a full time housewife.

She shook her head and answered honestly, “I don’t have a job.”

The young mother understood Tang Tang’s meaning. So she was a housewife, ah. It was rare to see such a young mum be a full-time housewife. The young mother didn’t carry on asking about the topic.

The two of them carried on chatting about casual things. By the timeTang Tang turned her head to look for the little one, she couldn’t see him anywhere!

Tang Tang’s heart skipped a beat. She quickly grabbed her crutches and went towards the area where she last saw Xiao Zhuo. She quickly scanned around the area, but she couldn’t find him. Tang Tang panicked. She asked the people around, with a shaky voice, if they have seen Xiao Zhuo. However, all of them said that they haven’t noticed.

“Bao Bao…” Tang Tang’s hands and legs went weak. Her eyes reddened. She wasn’t willing to believe Xiao Zhuo had gone missing. She hobbled around while shouting for Xiao Zhuo as she looked for him. Tang Tang had fallen a couple of times because she was too rushed, but she just got up and carried on searching for Xiao Zhuo.

Seeing Tang Tang looking so worried, some of the other mothers came to comfort her while helping her look for her child.

While everyone was looking for Xiao Zhuo, he was currently behind a fake hill, which was not far from the play area. There, an old man with white hair was crouching in front of him. The old man had a dignified aura around him, but he was very kind in front of the child.

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