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Since their relationship status had been confirmed, Ji Xiao Zhuo insisted on holding Nuo Nuo’s hand as they went home despite knowing his ending won’t be good and Nuo Nuo advising against it. He didn’t plan to conceal this and go about it secretly. Like was like. What was the meaning of hiding it? As long as he wasn’t killed, he would get up again and become stronger.

Nuo Nuo couldn’t do anything about him. She could only let him lead her back.

“Nuo Nuo, I’m telling you now. When we get home and my mum asks you whether or not I forced you, you can’t nod or say yes. Otherwise, I’ll smack your bottom.”

He was being shameless again… Nuo Nuo nodded wordlessly.

“If my parents ask if you’re willing to date me, you can only agree. You can’t disagree, alright?”

Nuo Nuo nodded.

“Also, if my parents ask if you like anyone, you can only say me and not anyone else, ok?”

Nuo Nuo nodded again.

When Ji Xiao Zhuo finished his speech, he flung his head uncomfortably. He knew his actions were somewhat shameless, so he said uneasily, “I won’t act like this again. I will treat you even better from now on.”

Nuo Nuo made an “En” sound in response. Then she lowered her head and lifted the corner of her lips.  No one could see how delighted she was at the moment.

Silly Big Brother Zhuo, you didn’t force me. There is no one else in my heart either. I, Wen Nuo, will only like you in this lifetime but I don’t want to tell you this. Who told you to treat Wei Jia so well, and even let her touch your hand. You walk her home and even drink with her. You made me so jealous so I am punishing you.

Seeing Nuo Nuo keep her head down without speaking, Ji Xiao Zhuo felt even more uncomfortable. He kneaded her dry hands and asked, “Nuo Nuo, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Nuo Nuo looked up at him. After some time, she nodded and replied, “Yes, you can’t hold another girl’s hand, play basketball with them, drink alcohol or put your arm around their shoulder from now on. You need to maintain distance with them, otherwise… I won’t be happy with you.” She said the final sentence very quietly.

Ji Xiao Zhuo widened his eyes, “When have I ever acted like that with other girls? Don’t accuse me.”

Nuo Nuo pouted and declared faintly, “You did. When you play basketball with Wei Jia, you put your arms around each other’s shoulders. You drink with her and when she pulls you to karaoke, you let her.”

Suddenly, Ji Xiao Zhuo gained enlightenment. Then he pulled Nuo Nuo into his embrace and clasped her face in his hands, “Were you angry at me all this time because of those reasons? Was that why you didn’t play with me, accompany me, or wait for me, right?”

Nuo Nuo pursed her lips and didn’t speak. She agreed in silence.

Ji Xiao Zhuo clicked his tongue. He simply felt like laughing in anger. “I didn’t see Wei Jia as a girl from the beginning. In my mind, she’s the same as Hou Zi and the rest. That’s why I drink and go to karaoke with her. I really don’t have the slightest interest in her at all!!! If you weren’t happy, why didn’t you tell me? You just accused me wrongly for nothing!”

Nuo Nuo lowered her lashes. Her thick lashes cast a faint shadow under her eyes.

Upon seeing this, Ji Xiao Zhuo couldn’t get angry anymore. He put his forehead on hers and softened his tone, “Ok, ok, ok, sorry, it was my fault. I should have noticed these things. If I knew you would be unhappy, I definitely wouldn’t interact with her. I promise you that from now on I certainly won’t have any dealings with any other girl, alright?”

Nuo Nuo twiddled her fingers uneasily. She felt sweet inside. Joy finally appeared in her eyes.

Seeing the familiar Nuo Nuo has returned, Ji Xiao Zhuo finally sighed in relief. He bent down to her delicate small ear and ruthlessly bit on it. “You bad girl! You accused me over groundless reasons and ignored me for so long! Do you know your crime?!”

Nuo Nuo’s face turned red from the bite. Biting her lips, Nuo Nuo looked at him and smiled softly. She looked coquettishly at him asking for forgiveness.

Naturally, Ji Xiao Zhuo softened from her smile but he still fiercely said, “Don’t think I will forgive you if you smile. You’ll still be punished!”

Nuo Nuo nodded to accept the punishment.

“Alright, your punishment is to watch me play basketball and be my cheerleader from now on. Can you do it?”

Nuo Nuo smiled as she stood straight and saluted him charmingly.

Satisfied, Ji Xiao Zhuo happily led his new girlfriend home.


Seeing both children have returned, Tang Tang put down the embroidery she was working on and waved at them, “Come and eat. You’re both hungry, right?”

Nuo Nuo struggled to take her hand back but Ji Xiao Zhuo clenched onto it tighter. He pulled her along till they were in front of Tang Tang. He stood respectful and said, “Mum, I want to introduce you to someone.”

“Ah?” Tang Tang didn’t understand. She took a glance behind the children and didn’t see anyone else. “You brought a friend home? Where are they?”

Seeing his precious mother who was still as soft and adorable as ten years ago, Ji Xiao Zhuo did not feel nervous at all. His mum wasn’t a problem, it was his dad that was the issue. So he smiled in front of Tang Tang and said, “Mum, I’m introducing you to the girl beside me. She is my girlfriend, and your future daughter-in-law, Wen Nuo.”

With a red face, Wen Nuo lowered her head. She didn’t dare to look at Tang Tang.

Tang Tang stared at them, in shock, with her eyes wide open. For a moment, she couldn’t say anything.

Ji Xiao Zhuo explained seriously, “Mum, I like Nuo Nuo. I’m not playing around nor am I mixing up familial love with romantic love. I seriously like Nuo Nuo. I will take care of her for life. I hope you and dad will support us.”

He had said everything but Tang Tang simply had nothing to say. She mumbled hesitantly, “Let’s … let’s wait for your father to return and we’ll discuss this again.” Honestly in her world, it was very normal to get married at thirteen or fourteen. After getting rid of the shock, she felt there wasn’t a problem for two children to date but things were different here. She thought Ji Yan would probably be furious. She guessed her family’s Xiao Zhuo will be in trouble.

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Tang Tang stood up and took Nuo Nuo’s hand before pulling her along to the kitchen, “Nuo Nuo, come and help auntie in the kitchen, ok?”

Nuo Nuo knew she had something to say and immediately went with her obediently. Ji Xiao Zhuo was tactful and didn’t follow them.

In the kitchen, Tang Tang asked, “Nuo Nuo, tell auntie truthfully, did Xiao Zhuo force you? If you have any grievances, you can tell auntie. I will stand up for you, so you don’t need to be scared of your brother, Xiao Zhuo.”

Nuo Nuo shook her head and pulled on Tang Tang’s hand, “Auntie, Brother Xiao Zhuo didn’t force me. I really like him too. I have always liked him.”

Tang Tang blanked. She looked at Nuo Nuo in surprise.

Nuo Nuo went into Tang Tang’s embrace and spilt the secret that she has always kept in her heart, “Auntie, from the moment Brother Xiao Zhuo reached his hand out and took me home, my world completely changed because of him. Without him, I wouldn’t know if there would be any meaning for me to be in this world. Auntie, I originally thought I would have to watch Brother Zhuo marry someone else and have children one day. But I am a fortunate person, aren’t I?”

Tang Tang had never heard Nuo Nuo speak so much before and she never knew Nuo Nuo held such strong feelings for Xiao Zhuo in her heart. Tang Tang always thought Nuo Nuo was still a child who didn’t understand love but she had now discovered that Nuo Nuo was actually more mature than Ji Xiao Zhuo. She understood things in her mind, but she just didn’t say anything.

It wasn’t that Nuo Nuo didn’t understand. Instead, she understood too much.

Originally, Tang Tang was worried Nuo Nuo got tricked into it by Ji Xiao Zhuo because Nuo Nuo didn’t understand love. She was also afraid that Nuo Nuo would come to regret it when she understood. But it seemed Tang Tang could relax now.

“Good child, it’s fine as long as you’re willing. Auntie hopes both of you will be happy.”

The rim of Nuo Nuo’s eyes turned red. “Thank you, auntie. Meeting your family is the luckiest moment of my life, auntie. I must have saved the galaxy in my previous life.”

Tang Tang smiled from her silly words, “Silly child.”

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Tang Tang was easy to talk to but Ji Yan was not the same. When he received the news, he immediately rushed back home. The first thing he did was to get Tang Tang to go out for an hour with Nuo Nuo.

When the two females left, Ji Yan didn’t say another word and got Ji Xiao Zhuo to kneel. Then Ji Yan took off his belt and ruthlessly started to whip him.

Ji Xiao Zhuo suffered it without making a noise. The clothes on his back had been ruined from the whipping. Red bloodstains covered his entire back. The sight was ghastly.

Ji Yan had never hit Ji Xiao Zhuo so ruthlessly before. It wasn’t that he didn’t feel sorry for him but he had to hit him. Ji Yan thought of Nuo Nuo as his biological daughter ages ago. He did not allow any boys to have ideas about his daughter including Ji Xiao Zhuo. Now, this brat had swindled Nuo Nuo at such a young age. He couldn’t just teach him a lesson, he had to teach him ruthlessly.”

This lesson went on for half an hour before it stopped. Ji Xiao Zhuo was dripping with sweat as he kneeled on the ground and breathed roughly.

Ji Yan moved his sight away and slowly put his belt back on. Then he finally said his first sentence, “Do you truly like Nuo Nuo?”

“En, I do.”

“Can you guarantee it will be for life?”

“I can! I swear I will treat her well for life and definitely won’t go back on my words.”

Ji Yan sat on the sofa before lighting up a cigarette. Then he threw one to Ji Xiao Zhuo. Taking the cigarette, Ji Xiao Zhuo knew this matter had ended. He slowly climbed up and put the cigarette in between his lips. Then he picked up a lighter and lit the cigarette.

Ji Yan puffed out a ring of smoke, “I won’t stop you, but you should know what you can and cannot do. Before Nuo Nuo is of age, you cannot touch her, understand?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo nodded, “I understand, dad. Relax, if I bully Nuo Nuo then you can just beat me to death.”

Ji Yan moved his lips. This stinking brat was quite amazing. The others were right, this brat was stronger than him in the aspect of looking for a wife. He only got enlightened when he met Tang Tang at thirty while the brat decided on a wife in his teens, even more so the girl he grew up with. But at least he had an eye for it. Compared to other girls, Ji Yan was satisfied with a daughter-in-law like Nuo Nuo. At least, Ji Xiao Zhuo didn’t find an unruly wife.

After getting tacit approval regarding his relationship with Nuo Nuo, Ji Xiao Zhuo introduced Nuo Nuo as his wife instead of a little sister to others.

This change shocked everyone. After learning the ins and outs, they had to give Ji Xiao Zhuo a thumbs up. He did pick someone very close by.

But even though their relationship had changed, there wasn’t much difference in how they interacted. Ji Xiao Zhuo knew what was appropriate in his mind. He certainly wouldn’t touch Nuo Nuo inappropriately at this time. So apart from holding hands and the occasional kisses, he didn’t do anything else. Even Nuo Nuo was astonished by his discipline. Of course, he didn’t mention about the inappropriate dreams he had of her.

They dated from junior high to senior high school. Practically, the entire school was aware of their relationship but all the teachers decided to turn a blind eye including the headteacher. The reason was simple. Apart from Ji Xiao Zhuo’s disciplined actions, it was mainly because of their grades. Good students always get preferential treatment. The prestige of their school relied on Ji Xiao Zhuo and Nuo Nuo. Even the headteacher didn’t say much about it so never mind about the rest of the teachers.

When the final examination was over, Ji Xiao Zhuo and Nuo Nuo had the closest score to full marks and achieved first and second place. Because of those two geniuses, their school had reached the peak. The headteacher smiled so widely that it almost became crooked.

Since their grades were settled, they had to apply for a university. Because Ji Xiao Zhuo came from a military family, without a doubt, he chose the country’s best military school – National Defense University. It was Nuo Nuo’s choice that shocked people the most. Everyone assumed she would choose the national university’s most popular course as her major. They didn’t expect her to choose to go to a science and engineering university and her chosen course was applied science and technical skills. A course where there were practically no females.

It was the first school directly under the military weapon’s department. It was a major tailored to forge a stronger military. How would it not be surprising that a girl like Nuo Nuo would choose such a major? Even the head teacher had talked with Nuo Nuo, advising her to rethink her choice.

However, Nuo Nuo was determined and did not give in. That was her interest, as well as her form of protecting the one she loved. Her brother Xiao Zhuo would be protecting the country, and she would protect him in her own way. Together, they would protect their country.

After filling in their university choices, what came soon after was the various large and small gatherings. Class 1 was no exception. On the day of the class gathering, Ji Xiao Zhuo and Nuo Nuo, the number one couple in school, naturally became the focus of the class. There was definitely no way to escape from drinking.

But with Ji Xiao Zhuo around, the classmates naturally didn’t dare to go up to Nuo Nuo, thus they offered alcohol only to him. Ji Xiao Zhuo didn’t refuse those who came to him, not only did he drink his own share, but also drank Nuo Nuo’s share. After the gathering, Nuo Nuo didn’t have any drinks, whereas Ji Xiao Zhuo drank a lot.

The class also arranged to go karaoke. Everyone hurriedly moved from the restaurant to the KTV, but Ji Xiao Zhuo did not follow. He took Nuo Nuo’s hand and went to the river bank. They sat down by the river bank, before Ji Xiao Zhuo pulled Nuo Nuo into his embrace. Hugging her tightly, the two looked at the surface of the river together. Not long later, he asked hoarsely, “Nuo Nuo, do you remember this place?”

Nuo Nuo smiled while in his embrace, “This is the place we confessed.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo smiled too, “At that time, I only just found out about my feelings for you, and I was really afraid that someone else might snatch you away, so I had to act first and force you to agree to be my girlfriend. I didn’t even let you tell mom and dad that I forced you into it, else I’d spank your bottom.”

Nuo Nuo put her arms around his neck and buried her head as she snickered. Brother Xiao Zhuo really was a fool that time.

“Huh? How dare you laugh, you little liar!” Ji Xiao Zhuo patted the girl’s little bottom, “You obviously liked me, but you made me misunderstand thinking that you have someone else you liked. It really scared me, so tell me, aren’t you a bad girl?”

Nuo Nuo knew she was in the wrong, so she raised her head and gave him two kisses on his chin as an apology.

“Did you think kissing me on the chin is enough? Am I that easy?” Ji Xiao Zhuo gently grabbed Nuo Nuo’s chin and placed his mouth against hers. His tongue stirred inside hers, causing her to be weak all over, but he refused to let her go. They got more into the moment as he pressed her face closer to his, almost as if he’d want her to melt into him.

Nuo Nuo didn’t struggle, and panted comfortably beside him.

She knew he was feeling unhappy. He was unhappy because he had received an admission notice, telling him to report to school in two days. The military academy was different from ordinary schools, and they do not get the luxury to leave the school compounds often. For the two who had always been together, it would be the first time in their eighteen years of life living in separation.

It wasn’t just him, even she was feeling the same. Whenever she thought that, she would feel flustered. If she could, how she wished she could be with him.

When he tasted some iron in Nuo Nuo’s mouth, Ji Xiao Zhuo finally let her go. He buried her head in his embrace again and did not speak. After all his emotioned had calmed down, he helped her up and they went home together without saying a word.

Nuo Nuo leaned her head against his back and comforted him softly, “Brother Xiao Zhuo… I will go and find you whenever I’ve the time, okay? So don’t be sad anymore.”

“En,” Ji Xiao Zhuo kissed her on her forehead. Reluctantly, he said to her, “I won’t be able to send you to school. Those boys who want your WeChat and bring you back to their dormitory, promise me that you’ll reject them, okay?”

Nuo Nuo smiled and nodded obediently.

“There’ll be more boys than girls in your school, and all boys are wolves. You’ve to remember to tell them that you have a boyfriend. Otherwise, they’ll pounce at you like hungry wolves.”

Nuo Nuo knew that he was worried about her and was afraid that she would be taken away by others. At the same time, she found it funny yet sweet. She raised her head and kissed him as a promise, “I will. I will tell them that I have a boyfriend. I’ll tell them that my boyfriend’s very tall, handsome, and strong. He loves me very much, but most importantly, I love him too, and I’ll only love him for the rest of my life.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo was taken aback by Nuo Nuo’s sweet words. He would really love to kiss the little fairy again, but if he did, he was afraid he couldn’t hold himself back. He could only sigh helplessly and endure the rampaging beast within him. 

Nuo Nuo could clearly see his thoughts in his eyes. She knew he wanted her, and he had been yearning for her for years.

Biting the bottom of her lips shyly, Nuo Nuo spotted a hotel not far away. Although embarrassed, she mustered her courage to whisper into his ear, “Brother Zhuo, I don’t want to go back tonight. Shall we go to that hotel for a night?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo stopped in his tracks, almost as if struck by lightning, “Nuo Nuo, do you know what you’re saying?”

Nuo Nuo buried her face in his neck, “I just turned eighteen last month. I’m already a grown up.” I can be a woman.

A grown up… the meaning was obvious. Ji Xiao Zhuo’s heart pounded violently, “Dear, you said it yourself, don’t go regretting it now.”

Nuo Nuo blushed and smiled silently.

Foolish brother, why would I regret? I’ve always been your woman since a long time ago.

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