Chapter 260: They Are Strangers

Mi Nuo originally wants to speak up for Zhang Chao Wen, but she sees how cold Si Zheng Ting’s face is, she quickly changes her tune, “W-What should I do, Mr. Si?”

Zhang Chao Wen’s legs turn soft as he shudders violently.  Ignoring his face, he quickly begs for mercy, “I was wrong, Mr. Si!  I was wrong!  Please forgive me this one time!”

His face looks even more pitiful than a dog’s.

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That only serves to intensifies Si Zheng Ting’s fury.  After a moment, he narrows his eyes before turning to Mi Nuo, “The salary has been distributed yesterday?”

Mi Nuo nods, “Yes, Mr. Si.”

“Good, less trouble that way.” He turns to Zhang Chao Wen, “Just now, you talked about blacklisting?”  His low voice is full of anger.

Zhang Chao Wen waves his hand, “N-No, Mr. Si.  Please listen to me, I…….”

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Si Zheng Ting cuts him off, “I agree with your idea.”


He agrees to punishing Zhuang Nai Nai? 

Before Zhang Chao Wen managed to think his words through, Si Zheng Ting suddenly says, “Don’t bother coming to work tomorrow.”

Only then does Zhang Chao Wen realized that Mr. Si has been talking about him.

Zhang Chao Wen panics.  He has worked in this sector for a very long time.  He will be able to find other work if he is to leave Di Hao, but how can he survive if they blacklist him?

His legs turn soft and he crumples on the floor. 

The office becomes quiet again. 

Si Zheng Ting sweeps his eyes over everyone inside the office before resting on Zhuang Nai Nai.  Although his face appears cold, his eyes are full of sorrow and pity.

She looks calm, without a single trace of joy over being given her justice.  He suddenly wants to laugh at himself.

He can pretend to have helped her out of self-righteousness, but he knows that he only did all this out of his own feelings.

“Everyone can get off work,” he says lowly before turning around and walking away.

People originally thought that Mr. Si did all these because he has something going on with Zhuang Nai Nai, but, after seeing how indifferent he is to her, they feel like they are thinking too much.  Mr. Si is not treating Zhuang Nai Nai more special than the rest.  Maybe, Mr. Si is really angry because Zhang Chao Wen has been bullying newcomers.

Su Mei sighs in relief before turning to Zhuang Nai Nai, “Nai Nai, you and Mr. Si……  This is just a coincidence?”


Zhuang Nai Nai’s head is very muddled right now that she cannot even register what has just happened.  She shakes her head, “I don’t feel very well.  I need to leave first.”

She unconsciously follows that tall back profile.

Si Zheng Ting enters his private elevator while she uses the employee’s elevator.  Both of them reach the parking lot at almost the same time.


The private elevator arrives first.  Si Zheng Ting walks out with a dark face, not saying a single word.

He purses his lips as he makes his way to his car.  He gets on the car and quietly waits for her there.  When she does not come, he impatiently calls her phone.  His call remains unanswered.

After waiting a while longer, he turns on the ignition and drives away.

Just as he turns around the corner, he spots something off.  He sees a figure that has collapsed near the elevator.  Her face is white and even from that distance, he can tell that the person is Zhuang Nai Nai.

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