Chapter 261: She is Ill?

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The look in his eyes changes.  Although there are chances that she has fainted due to low sugar level, he cannot stop himself from panicking.

What is wrong with her?

Is she……

His face turns deathly pale as a thought crosses his mind.  He feels like he cannot breathe. 

At the same time, he suddenly hears Ji Chen and his bodyguards’ panicking voices: “Careful, Mr. Si!”

Only then does he realized that the car that he is driving is speeding directly towards a pillar.  His car is going at a really fast rate, he really does not have enough time to brake.

He quickly hits the brake as he turns the steering wheel sideway.  The friction between his tyres and the ground causes some spark before the car slams straight into the pillar.

For a moment, the air is covered in dust.  The ground shakes a little from the collision.

Ji Chen stares wide-eyed at what has just happened before rushing towards the Maybach despite the challenge that the rising dusts provides him.

One side of the Maybach’s front has been badly crushed from the collision.  A good part of the pillar has been chipped as well.

That Maybach has been especially crafted for Mr. Si, with enhanced anti-shock measure, so Mr. Si is probably…..

Ji Chen runs towards that car anxiously, “Sir!”

From the window, Ji Chen can see Si Zheng Ting’s head bumping against the dashboard.  Si Zheng Ting lifts his head up and covers his forehead with his palm, frowning from the pain.

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“Sir!” Ji Chen yells for him again.

Si Zheng Ting’s blurry vision gradually becomes clearer.  As though finally registering everything, Si Zheng Ting opens the car door and staggeringly rushes towards the elevator.

Ji Chen: ……………..

He watches Si Zheng Ting from where he stand blankly.  Again, he is starting to see the position of Madam inside Mr. Si’s heart.  He has followed Mr. Si for so many years, this is the first time he has ever seen him acting this way.

Despite the dizziness, Si Zheng Ting forces himself to stay calm.  Even though he cannot even walk properly, nothing can stop him from going to her.

From afar, Zhuang Nai Nai’s face appears abnormally pale, as though she does not have a single drop of blood inside her veins.

Her lips are purple and her eyes are tightly shut.  Her pretty face looks very lifeless, to the point where it is scary.

The moment Si Zheng Ting get to her, he lifts her up and finds her skin burning.

He freezes in his movement.  He checks her forehead with the back of his hand and is stumped to find her forehead scorching hot.  He really wants to give himself a good slap.  Why didn’t he notice that she was sick earlier on?

Si Zheng Ting carries her up and just as he is about to walk away, the elevator dings open.  Zhang Chao Wen rushes out.  He really needs to beg Mr. Si to spare him this one time.

His mistake wasn’t even that big, why did Mr. Si treat him that way? 

So, after wiping himself with paper towel, he rushes to the parking lot.  When he sees Mr. Si, his face breaks into a relieved smile. 

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