Chapter 262: She is Mrs. Si!

Zhang Chao Wen rushes towards Si Zheng Ting, “Please wait, Mr. Si!  Please wait!”

He blocks Si Zheng Ting’s way.  Since he is nervous and desperate, he does not see anything else but his own predicament, “Please, Mr. Si!  I beg you…….”

Si Zheng Ting nervously carries Zhuang Nai Nai.  He really wish he can transport her to the hospital right at this moment.  When Zhang Chao Wen blocks his way, he blows up and kicks Zhang Chao Wen in the chest. 

By the time Zhang Chao Wen raises his head again, Si Zheng Ting has already carried Zhuang Nai Nai into one of the bodyguards’ car.  The car moves very quickly, leaving only a wave of dust in his face.

Since this concerns his livelihood, Zhang Chao Wen turns his attention to Ji Chen.  He blocks Ji Chen persistently.

Ji Chen, who is anxious to follow Si Zheng Ting looks at Zhang Chao Wen impatiently.

Zhang Chao Wen starts crying, “Assistant Ji!  Assistant Ji!  I simply oppressed a new worker, why is Mr. Si so harsh on me?  Mr. Si cannot treat me like this!  I have worked for Di Hao for so many years!”

Seeing Zhang Chao Wen still stumbling in the dark, Ji Chen decides to tell him the truth, “Do you know who that so-called new worker is?”

Who?  Zhuang Nai Nai-ah!

Zhang Chao Wen looks at him in confusion.

Ji Chen frowns before pushing Zhang Chao Wen away, “Listen to this carefully, the so-called new worker that you have been bullying is Di Hao Group’s Empress, Mr. Si’s wife!”

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After saying that, Ji Chen signals Huang Peidong to stay here to take care of the accident site before getting on the car and rushing after Si Zheng Ting.

Zhang Chao Wen remains in his spot, a look of fear plastered on his face.

What did Assistant Ji say?  Zhuang Nai Nai is Mr. Si’s wife?

For real?

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Ji Chen sits on the ground, stunned.


The driver is already driving as fast as he can, but since it is close to 8 pm, there are a lot of cars in the city.  The traffic is moving really slowly.

Si Zheng Ting who is sitting on the back-seat looks at the woman he is carrying anxiously.  He checks her forehead again.  The amount of heat he feels on the back of his hand is enough to scorch his heart.

Just how high is her temperature right now?

Si Zheng Ting looks out of the window nervously.

After moving slowly, the traffic comes to a complete stop.

People start getting off their cars to see what is going on at the moment.

Si Zheng Ting frowns.

“Sir, there seems to be a car accident in front,” says the driver carefully.

An accident?

Si Zheng Ting punches the leather seat in frustration.  He becomes restless when he sees how red Zhuang Nai Nai’s face has become.  He looks out of the window again.  The traffic is not moving at all.  They will not be able to reach the hospital within one and a half hour.

He takes out his phone and search for the nearest hospital.  The nearest hospital is 5km away.

Without any hesitation, he wraps Zhuang Nai Nai with his coat and carries her out of the car. 

The driver is shocked to the core, “Sir, let me carry her instead……”

Before he even finished speaking, Si Zheng Ting glances at him sharply, like a hungry wolf protecting it’s meal.

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