Chapter 263: She is Overworked?

Si Zheng Ting purses his lips as he runs, carrying her through the street.

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The night in Beijing is very bright.

Some of the impatient drivers who have gotten off their cars to see what is causing the congestion look at them in shock when Si Zheng Ting passes them.

He runs very fast, and at the same time, tries his best to make the journey less bumpy for her. 

Si Zheng Ting manages to reach the hospital within 20 minutes.

He enters the compound with a dark face, causing the doctors and nurses in the emergency room to think that his wife is suffering from a terminal disease.  A group of staffs rushes Zhuang Nai Nai into the emergency room.  They run a blood test and a couple other tests before concluding that she fainted due to high fever and low blood sugar level.

Nurses walk in and out of the room while Si Zheng Ting waits quietly on one of the seats in the corridor with his head lowered.

In the end, after hearing the diagnosis, Si Zheng Ting trains his blurry eyes on the doctor, “Is it serious?”

Only then does the doctor realized that his face is covered in blood.  The doctor looks at him in shock, “What is wrong with you?”

Si Zheng Ting’s vision turns black before he collapses on the ground.


The hospital’s VIP ward,

Only allowed on

Zhuang Nai Nai is lying on the patient’s bed, her eyes closed.

Her hair is swept neatly on the pillow, framing her pale face.  She looks as though she is going to disappear any time soon.

Si Zheng Ting is sitting on a couch a distance away from her bed.  His head is wrapped with a white bandage.  He simply sits there, staring at her.

The door creaks open and a doctor and a nurse walk in.

After checking on Zhuang Nai Nai, the doctor respectfully turns to Si Zheng Ting, “Mr. Si.”

“How is she doing?” asks Si Zheng Ting coldly.

“Mr. Si, Mrs. Si is not in a dangerous situation right now.  If we are to compare, your injury is much worse.  You need to rest more, you……….”

Si Zheng Ting sweeps his eyes over her before cutting off the doctor, “If she is doing fine, why isn’t she awake yet?”

It has been one day and one night and Zhuang Nai Nai still hasn’t shown any signs of waking up.

The doctor knows that it is pointless to make any excuse, so he simply says, “Mrs. Si seems to have overworked herself these past few years.  She also does not take good care of her health.  She is too tired and her body is trying to recover, that is why she is still asleep.  I think, we better let her rest.”

Si Zheng Ting is momentarily stunned when he hears that; overworked?

She was clearly very healthy, 5 years back.  In fact, she was the healthiest student in their class back then.

During the release of the result of their PE test back then, he remembers her saying, “You bunch of rich kids….. Although you lot exercise too, you work too hard during school, you lot are bound to have a lot of hidden illnesses…..”

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