Chapter 264: What Should I Do With You, Zhuang Nai Nai?

After she saw his result, she sighed in relief.

Si Zheng Ting turned towards her, “Where is your result?”

Zhuang Nai Nai tipped her chin haughtily.

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Even now, Si Zheng Ting could see her raising her chin arrogantly while her ponytail bounced behind her, “My mom raised me so well, how can there be any problem?  Let me tell you this, my mom said I remind her of a cow!”  She mimicked the sound of a cow mooing.

That Zhuang Nai Nai is the same Zhuang Nai Nai lying on the patient’s bed due to overexertion?

Now that he thinks about it, she was particularly light when he carried her earlier.

Si Zheng Ting clenches his fist; just how hard has life been for her since then?

He does not noticed when the doctor left, but by the time his head is back inside the room, there are only the two of them left.  The room is so quiet that he can hear the sound of her breathing.

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He gets up and slowly walks towards the bed.

He looks at her hands; her fingers are so thin that they look like they can break anytime soon.

She has been smiling all the time after they meet again, leaving a bitter taste in his mouth.  She made him feels like she is not as affected by their breakup as he is.  In his heart, he wanted her to suffer over the breakup too; only that would be fair.

Now that he knows that her life has not been easy, his heart does not feel consoled at all.  In fact, his heart hurts even more.

What has happened to her to the point where she has become this way?

He slowly bends down to get closer to her.

His face is abnormally heavy as his eyes are filled with anger that is stemmed from the love and pity he has for her.  Different kinds of emotions fill his head, muddling his sight.

He fixes the blanket on her body before caressing her cheek softly.

The careful way he caresses her is like a collector touching a precious object that has no replacement.  In his touch, there are heartache and helplessness.

Yes, helplessness.  He does not know how to face her.

Love her?  He feels very unwilling to, especially when he remembers the way she abandoned him back then.  He was in so much pain and she did not even think twice before choosing the money over him.

Hate her?  How can he, when she is looking so fragile and sick at the moment?  Thinking about the hardship that she has faced, he cannot bring himself to hate her.

He is cold and distant in nature.  All the love and hatred that he has in this lifetime are trained only on her.

He fists the hand that he caressed her with, tightly.  He stares at her for a moment before loosening his fist.  He grabs her hand tightly, as though he does not plan on letting go for the rest of his life.

He looks down at her, confused.  His voice carries endless amount of grievance as he says, “Zhuang Nai Nai, what should I do with you?”


Ji Chen is standing in front of the ward.  From the glass window, he can see Mr. Si burying his face against Mrs. Si’s palm.  He looks so desolate and helpless.

He lowers his head and looks at the file in his hand; it contains all the info about Mrs. Si’s life for these past five years.  He sighs before lifting his hand and knocking on the door.

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