Chapter 58: Mr. Si is Back


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Zhuang Nai Nai smacks her lips before shaking her head.

People says that a person’s bed is the best reflection of their heart.

Now that she’s seen it herself, it is true that one might know a person and his habit but not his heart.  Si Zheng Ting looks so masculine, who would have thought that his heart would be so delicate?

Zhuang Nai Nai continues wandering inside the room.

This is just a room yet it is already over 200 square meters big.  When she first saw Gu Residence, she thought it was luxurious.  But Si Zheng Ting’s house over here is just on a whole another level.  The difference between them is like heaven and earth.

When she enters the bathroom, she becomes excited beyond believe.  There is a jet tub!

Her eyes light up.  She looks at the window; there is no sign of entry out there at all.  Maybe Si Zheng Ting will not return home tonight.  She runs back into the bathroom and fill the tub with warm water.  Then, she dives in like a little fish.

Huh?  There are rose petals prepared next to the bath tub!

What a first class treatment!

Her entire body feels so relaxed at being enveloped by warm water.  So comfortable!

Someone who is that comfortable is bound to overlook things.

As Si Zheng Ting steps into the manor, the housekeeper welcomes him.

The housekeeper is a fifty-something middle-aged man.  He looks kind and nice, “The madam has eaten dinner and is now waiting for you in your bedroom.”

Si Zheng Ting takes off his coat and hands it over to a middle-aged maid.  He loosens his tie, pausing for a while before asking, “What did she eat?”

The housekeeper is taken aback for a moment before saying, “She ate two bowls of rice, a couple of roasted meats, two chicken wings, half a fish and then a bowl of duck soup.”

Hearing that report, Si Zheng Ting’s eyes largen a little.  The girl still likes meats and dislikes vegetables.  5 years have passed and she has gotten even better at eating.

Imagining her feasting happily while he waits in the car outside causes him to scoff.

Only allowed on

He walks upstairs.

The housekeeper continues following him, “Sir, the bed that you asked for has been shipped overnight.  We have changed your bed but still uses your old bedsheets.  The madam will never know that the bed has been especially bought for her….”

Si Zheng Ting stops in his steps before speaking coldly, “You speak too much, Uncle Li.”

The housekeeper immediately shuts his mouth.  He glances at Si Zheng Ting for a moment before clearing his throat, “Sir, since tonight is your wedding night, I have forbade everyone else from going to the second floor.  You can freely….. Hmm.  One more thing, I have put a couple of things inside the second drawer in your room.”

Si Zheng Ting’s ears turn red as he gives the housekeeper a warning look.

The housekeeper lowers his head and puts his two hands in front of him, looking so solemn.  “This is the order of the old madam.”

Si Zheng Ting massage his temple before continuing walking upstairs.


As Zhuang Nai Nai is busy getting pampered by the jet tub, she can hear the sound of the door of the bedroom clicking.

She swiftly opens her eyes; someone is here?

She panics as she stands up.

She left her clothes outside before going to bath.  There are only towels here.

If she remembers correctly, the housekeeper told her that there are pajamas inside the bathroom cabinet.




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